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Nintendo: Call Of Duty Will Be Dead In 2-3 Years According To EA

EA has taken rather an aggressive stance when it comes to promoting their games these days with EA corporate communications man Jeff Brown really taking the fight to Activision. Brown firmly believes that Activision’s immensely popular Call of Duty franchise will be dead in two to three years time, which presumably means Battlefield will roam free.

 “Welcome to the big leagues Eric — I know you’re new in the job but someone should have told you this is a competitive industry.

“You’ve got every reason to be nervous.  Last year Activision had a 90 share in the shooter category.  This year, Battlefield 3 is going to take you down to 60 or 70.  At that rate, you’ll be out of the category in 2-3 years.  If you don’t believe me, go to the store and try to buy a copy of Guitar Hero or Tony Hawk.”


98 thoughts on “Nintendo: Call Of Duty Will Be Dead In 2-3 Years According To EA”

  1. COD has been dead for about 4 years now…. And so have almost all first person shooters… and that’s mainly because of companies like EA ranking in on the success of them instead of doing their own thing

    1. Did you miss something? Black Ops sold better than any other CoD game. Just because the game wasn’t very good, doesn’t mean it’s dead.

  2. Once FPS games start dying down by a lot (but not completely. Gaming needs variety, you know), I feel that the gaming pool will be a lot less shallow and people will start to appreciate Nintendo games more again.

    1. Yea, because Nintendo has been putting out great titles lately. Nintendo used to rule the world of gaming. Super Smash, ocarina of time, and Pokemon were some of the greatest games ever, and are still widely played. Now Nintendo’s target audience wears diapers, little kids and AARP members.

      1. Ok. This was a fair comment, (above).

        Still, I agree that Nintendo (should it survive) will be more appreciated once lock-and-load blast FPS fall to the back seat.

        Nintendo is creative, innovative, and manifests the stargazer in all of us. The epically failed at the 3DS launch, but bringing 3D gaming to mainstream took balls. (even if they botched the software lineup.)

        The end of FPS may help Nintendo, but who knows…

      2. Perhaps Nintendo isn’t doing so hot at this particular moment, with only a couple good Wii games remaining that aren’t even out yet and the 3DS’s main good games being remakes. In the near future, better things shall come, such as the couple good Wii games remaining, good original 3DS games, and the limitless potential that the Wii U has.

        If FPSes died down at the same time most of that good stuff comes out (which is what, this holiday season? I can’t remember), then people would be more likely to come to appreciate Nintendo the way people did back when games were loved chiefly for their gameplay, characters, and music rather than just their graphics or the ability to brutally kill people or scream cuss words at strangers over the internet.

        1. Unfortunately, Nintendo will probably always hold that label as the kiddie company and “hardcore” gamers will always diss Nintendo. Although, it’s not like that really matters much anyways. I bet you that people will love the Wii for years to come for far longer then PS3 or 360. People don’t enjoy Playstation and Saturn nearly as much as the N64 nowadays. Hell, at 16 years old me and my friends sometimes sit down for an old school Smash Bros 64 match every once in a while.

        2. Well said. If there is any indication to how much Nintendo continues to innovate and bring classic and original games to fans both old and new, just look at the evolution of their consoles and many of their games. Compare that to companies that choose to stave away from originality and ingenuity like Sony who have basically used the same controller for their past 3 consoles.

          Video games are about interaction. Graphical art styles, stories and what not play a significant role in games of course, however these days it seems that many consumers care less for the novel interactive experiences like Super Paper Mario or Red Steel 2 opting instead for brand shooters or anything that plays like a shooter and has a guy in a space suit and allows them to play online.

          When halo brought about xbox live and online shooters, it also created the myriad of young adolescents and players who frequently abuse their anonymity to verbally abuse anyone they get angry at and refer to anyone with the N-word. They give a bad name for us gamers these days and I can only imagine what kind of kids these are who play CoD daily raging at people never touching a Nintendo console because their friends and others say its for ‘kids’. I really can’t wait for this holiday season with all the new 3DS titles. Will be glad to see the sales sky rocket. That’ll show everyone who doubted Nintendo.

          1. You are so correct, this should be posted in golden quotes on all gaming sites.

            It’s truly ironic though, how most of the people saying Nintendo is for “kids” are about the age of 8-13 and can’t spell at a level that would pass 1st grade.

            Let’s hope for a world where people stop bitching about other consoles and we can all play whatever the hell we want without scrutiny.

    2. Then Nintendo comes out with COD rip off saying they invented the First Person Shooter in about 10 years, but replaces that main characters with super mario ones, and guns with walky talkies = TOTAL DISASTER.
      Then people will start to think this over time and claim that nintendo invented the FPS instead of ID Software. And the cycle continues as nintendo replaces every popular game with the same old character with the same old gameplay from the 1980’s.

  3. Personally I would just like devs to stop making so many shooter and more other games like rpgs action adventures and racing but that would probably never happen. The current market trends show that all most people want is shooters. And as much as I want COD to die it probably never will.

  4. While I agree that I don’t see a future for CoD much long after CoD9, taking SUCH an aggressive stance EA really isn’t a good thing. I LOVE Battlefield, but I do NOT want it to become the next CoD. I just want BF to do it’s own thing, and if and when CoD dies, I don’t want BF to become the next big hit, cause then every FPS developer is gonna try to “match” them. I want this “showdown” between MW3 and BF3 to be the only showdown. Plus, not to mention, people will start to hate BF A LOT more just because it’s the “king”.

    1. But Rock Band wasn’t milked dry and neither was Skate. Even if Battlefield “wins this shooter war” it probably still won’t become just like Call of Duty.

    1. Black Ops sold better than the previous games. Sure, they didn’t improve anything, but the market is still there.

  5. Wow… that was VERY cocky, but honestly I kinda agree with that statement… but EA just lost 50 reverence points from me, though this isn’t nearly as bad as capcoms thing was this year.

  6. I don’t really get how this news is in any way relevant to Nintendo when Nintendo isn’t even mentioned in it. That being said, it’s still pretty entertaining to see such a bold spirit from EA. Let’s hope Battlefield really does blow the crap out of everything, cuz it looks like it deserves to.

    1. The reason I published it is because firstly Call of Duty is on Wii and secondly Battlefield is coming to Wii U. Also, it’s an entertaining article :-)

  7. I really disagree with this post… There are new COD players often for example myself a couple months back and I’m hooked. After this many games I really doubt it will be going anywhere anytime soon. I agree EA are one of my all time favorite game makers creating many of my favorites such as Sims, Black and White, Theme park world and rock band but they should know by now that something that’s lasted as long as this is here to stay… Just like many other big one time hits like World of Warcraft.
    Very disappointing EA…. In the last year or so… you’ve turned into cocky money grabbing commercial sellers (Notice my refrain from swearing? :P Yeah I’m awesome like that xD)…. I liked the old EA…. Where it was about the game not the amount of sales :\

  8. It’s more about over-saturation of CoD games than the lack of competition; though Battlefield will definitely help CoD fade faster.

  9. Halo FTW. Since it actually has an ongoing story. All the games are basically the same with CoD, but Halo actually has differences.

    But anyway, the Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk examples weren’t very good since they went down because people just weren’t interested, not because there were a bunch of competitors against it.

    1. CoD does have a storyline, CoD 1,2,3 were all about world war II, MW,MW2 & MW3 are about modern day war & Black Ops is about Cold war.

    2. and they weren’t interested because they were milked dry. Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk use to be absolutely huge

  10. i hope EA sports dies soon. they’re the same crap ass game every year. worse than call of duty honestly.

    also, i think this may be call of duty’s last big hurrah bcuz infinity ward lost their good people.

    battlefield 3 FTW

  11. I’m not a fan of FPS games, but the FPS genre is currently way too popular to cause a game to die.

    I’m not sure about Tony Hawk, but the music and rhythm genre is fickle as hell. DJ Hero was very well received by critics, but never sold that well. FPS games seem to have massive selling power and I think that the only thing which will stop CoD from selling is if the genre itself begins to die, which from the sound of things would effect EA negatively as well.

    I like variety in gaming, but if people are happy playing games like CoD, all the best to them honestly.

      1. The music and rhythm genre didn’t “die” though, interest just moved to a different set of games.

        Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s dancing games were big, then they died out a little and around 2005 guitar and band simulation became popular for a little while, then they died out and in the past few years dancing games have become popular again. Just look at Just Dance if you don’t believe me.

        As I said, the genre is just very fickle.

  12. Well, Battlefield is supposed to appeal to a different demographic. Most Battlefield fans will be very disappointed when the lone wolf, ignorant KDR freaks from CoD switch over to Battlefield. It will ruin the fairly mature community that the series has.

    Anyway, right now, FPS is an industry fad. I’m personally not completely opposed to the genre, but something has to stick out for me to play one.

  13. I don’t really like BF nor COD, but I hate how EA are trolling over Activision, this is really a vicious marketing campain

  14. EA are really starting to pee me off. They act as if battlefield is going to damage cod sales but sorry guys all that will happen is more people will buy battlefield 3 as well as mw3. Its like saying that fifa or madden will fail because they are getting stale. Sorry but as long as there are the kind of people who can buy a repackaged version of the same crap each year cod has nothing to worry about. COD serves a purpose. It keeps all the mindless drones and shouty 12 year old in the corner so the real gamers can have fun.

  15. Damn, EA is going hard. I agree COD is dying and I hope the fps genre will die down a bit too. EA, don’t think just cuz Cod dies off, BF will replace it

  16. why u guys are acting like EA did something bad, cod deserves to die already. i stoped playing after mw2, when 7 yrs olds started calling ppl noobish and gay. hopefully bf3 would have a good online system.

    1. Well here’s the thing if CoD dies guess what games their fans shall switch to….BF meaning those annoying 7 yr olds will be on BF. I don’t know about you but I’d rather CoD lives so they can stay on CoD while the rest of us can enjoy the BF series

  17. Only reason I love call of duty is because it gives me easy targets in MAG (best fps there is tbh)

    And soon to be best FPS is Dust 514.

    But those will never be on a nintendo console, so I can understand why no one has mentioned them.

  18. well since mw3 is the last of the modern warfare ones, they will just make some stupid future/sci-fi COD that no one wants. and then death.

  19. Hahaha I love companies with balls. I mean seriously, who gives a fuck? I don’t give any fucks. Let the companies compete.

  20. i dont have cod but but im not a fan boy

    (ima a sonic and guiltygear/blazblue fanboy) but i play cod from time to time i dont think it will die it just wont be unique. poeple will still buy jsut that there wont be new diffenerces not many new modes but i cud be wrong they cud think of loads ideas or just flop.

  21. I’ve always favored Battlefield over COD. Battlefield2: Bad Company is my all time fav and I’ve already preordered the 3rd. I hope COD dies because the games aren’t getting any better. At least EA makes each Battlefield better and more enriched than the last.

  22. I highly doubt CoD will be dead in 2-3 years. I give it till the end of 2012, at most. There are a ton of other FPS that are loads better. CoD is only now getting it right (sort of) and I doubt they’ll be able to improve in time to save the series.

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  24. I’ve waited for this day for A LONG TIME! It would be really awesome if the next metroid game had a first person shooter style gameplay, telling the story of samus’s time with the galactic federation. also included would be the improved online multiplayer :D

  25. I was a fan of the CoD series from Black Ops to MW2…and I thoroughly agree that this series will be done and over with soon.
    I don’t care though…I have Black Ops and thats the only CoD game I’ll ever need. And hey…I always have the massive pile of Wii games to go through when those inevitably wear out.

  26. I personally dont care if people call Nintendo a “kiddie” company, as long as they earn lots of money. I dont know about you guys buy I love my Wii and all the awesome games it got. By that I ofc dont mean all games…but the NINTENDO games. Im 18 years now and I love Nintendo more than anything…(even more than my girlfriend…acually ten times over^^)

  27. however you look at it; at the end of the day they’er both still first person shooters; ea get over your stupid game (yes i said stupid want to fight about it!) and most importantly get over yourself; fps games these days are like people on this earth theres a shit load of them out there!

  28. Well said,EA.I hope COD is dead in 2-3 years.Call Of Duty is crap.I mean,seriously,you die then come back to life again?What the hell?In real life,I doubt you’d get shot,die then come back from the dead.And,there’s no reason given for shooting the people.Plus,I don’t like shooting games anyway because they’re pointless.I prefer the traditional games like Mario and Sonic.

    1. It could have a significant impact on game development for the WiiU. I think it’s very relevant.

      Also, Sickr is the best source of Nintendo News EVAR. ;)

  29. Good, and then Battlefield can die off, and Halo will rule the world, with an ongoing story that is actually interesting. I can’t stand those ultra-realistic FPS games anyway; Halo is so much better. It just sucks that its community is horrible.

      1. Nah, I want Halo to stick around. It’s been a while since the series had a true sequel, I’m interested to see what 343i does with it when they bring Master Chief back. All the other FPS games, though, I’ve just never been able to get into. Story is boring, graphics are nice but all bland and gray/brown, too much flashy nonsense going on… not my style of game.

        I would also like to see the Final Fantasy series come back. I know it didn’t actually go anywhere, but the quality of them sure as hell did.

        1. I’ve never played Halo but I probably never will mainly because them kind of games seem pointless and there’s never any reason for shooting the people in the first place.

          1. There is when those “people” are actually an alien race that seeks to take over your planet, find an ancient artifact left over by very old civilization, and use it to “take a great journey” which actually ends up being a false prophecy and the real purpose is to eliminate all sentient beings in the universe (which the alien race is reluctant to believe and continues believing it is a divine religious object use to send them to a better place). It’s actually a lot deeper than most people probably realize.

            1. Sounds good for a shooting game.Usually,these shooting games have no reason whatsover for why you’re shooting people or aliens or zombies or whatever you’re shooting(eg:COD Black ops).

  30. EA finally says something smart for once. Seriously, I’m convinced at this point the only reason Call of Duty keeps selling is because of loser jocks and inbred hillbillies. (And the fact that a few guys I know on YouTube is both rednecks AND CoD fanboys doesn’t help matters either)

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