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Nintendo 3DS: Check To See If You’re Eligible For The Twenty Free Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console Games

Nintendo of America has just launched the Nintendo Ambassador page. The page allows you to see if you’re eligible for the twenty free Virtual Console games. Anyone who purchased a Nintendo 3DS before August 12th and accessed the Nintendo 3DS eShop should automatically be eligible for the twenty free Virtual Console games.

Update: Do NOT include the last number (the one in the square box) when entering your Nintendo 3DS serial number.

121 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Check To See If You’re Eligible For The Twenty Free Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console Games”

      1. I just got off the phone with Nintendo support. When putting in your 3DS serial number to check to see if you’re eligible for the free games from the ambassador program, do NOT include the last number (the one in the box). It will tell you that you are not eligible to receive the free games if you include all the numbers. They said they are working on fixing this right away.

    1. That’s good because I bought mine the day it came out and made sure I went to the e-shop like it told me it was coming up not eligible.

    1. I’m all set also. Can’t wait until September 1st. Once I get my hands on the original LOZ, I’ll be to busy to bitch and moan. ;)

      I’m (seriously) excited to have a portable version of LOZ.

  1. I entered my serial number, but it shows this:


    Information is not available for this serial number. We are not able to confirm your eligibility for the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program.

    What should I do?

  2. It doesn’t work if you put the number from the box at the end, even though it tells you to do so. That’s what my case is and many many other people’s situation is.

  3. The last number in the box should not be included when checking eligibility! If left out you will get the correct notification!

    1. But they even say “Be sure to include the last number in the box.” Plus, even without the last number I’m still getting Undetermined.

      1. Isnt CW for the Americas (or Canada, at least…) So you might be confirming that other people are Ambassadors ( mine starts with CW)

  4. This is a bull!!! I bought my system on day 1. Even got a eligible for ambassador message in eshop. I go to the nintendo website and now i’m not???? wtf?

  5. WTF? It says I’m not eligible?! I freaking pre-ordered the 3DS MONTHS before release, registered it on Club Nintendo the day of release, connected to the eShop several times and bought several games from it, and was updated to the latest firmware before the deadline! I followed all the directions, and signed into the eShop, and looked at the notification on the “News” section of the eShop telling me I was an ambassador every day just in case — just to make ABSOLUTELY SURE I was in, no matter what.

    Nintendo customer service shall be hearing from me. I have proof on my Club Nintendo account that I qualify for this…

    1. Okay, tried it without the number in the box (even though Nintendo’s site specifically says to include that number) and it says I am indeed a 3DS ambassador.

      Try without the boxed number everybody. Nintendo screwed up when they wrote to include that number in the box.

        1. Yeah, too bad it only lasted a few minutes. :P

          In any case, Nintendo has since rectified the problem. Just for kicks, I tried it again, this time inputting the full serial number, including the number in the box. No problems. Says I am a 3DS Ambassador. Sweet. :)

  6. That’s odd, I got mine around the launch date, but it said I’m not eligible. Not to mention I shop that store every week. Did the site bugged out?

  7. Wait, are those for US only? Because it says the codes start with CW and mine starts with CEF, and I got it in Europe.

        1. I had exactly the same problem, got it in Europe too :p The (Dutch) Nintendo site says that the European equivalent isn’t there yet though

        2. sadly i dont think there is one, i wanted 2 check mine (starting with CEF) and it didnt work on the american site… (y did i go there ?) i hope one comes soon… if not i hope im eligible in 4 days (PLEASE OH PLEASE!!!! i baught it on day of release and preordered in febuary!!!) ive baught a massive amount from the eShop and im getting bored… (waiting for this and the adventure update on minecraft)

  8. WHAT?!?!?! I Says im Not Ambassador WHAT?!?!?! I Connect to the eShop like 5 Times Before August 11 and 12 >:( and I Bough the 3DS at its Original Price!!!!!! its not FAIR!!!!! :(

    1. Jajaja Ok I By Mistake enter the Number in the Box and It Now Says Im and Ambassador! iTHANKS NINTENDO LOVE YOU GUYS!!! :D

  9. If its only for America,i’m breathing a sigh of relief as i bought the 3ds on its launch day and so looking forward to the free games:)

  10. Oh thank you sickr! I was about to send Nintendo a very angry email about how I know I connected to the eShop plenty of times before August 11, and how I bought games and programs before August 11, and I got the news article on my eShop thing saying that: You are a 3ds Ambassador! But when I followed their instructions, it said I was inelgible, I was going to leave Nintendo… For good. Then I saw you’re update, and now I don’t have to betray Nintendo. Thank you.

  11. Eligibility:

    Information is not available for this serial number. We are not able to confirm your eligibility for the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program.

    I’ve tried with the CW, without the CW, with the last digit, without… Same result every time.

  12. i enter the code correctly (without the last number in the box) and it says that i’m undetermined, but i enter the eshop plenty of times before the price drop

  13. it wouldnt work for me and i tried about ten times but when i opened the eshop on my 3ds then tried to do ti it worked :D

  14. Sorry someone has to confirm this isn’t Europe,i tried with the letters CEF and with and without the last number and it says the same message undetermined,i’ll be pretty pissed off as i’ve had the ambassador showed up on the eshop before the price cut and bought my 3ds at launch.

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    1. Same here, I just put mine in and I got a confirmation without any problems. Hmm, weird. But that’s how it’s supposed to work, right? :P

  16. YAY I’m a Nintendo 3ds Ambassador,if you’re from Europe start CW and add the 9 digit numbers including the last number and it should work,i almost gave up on Nintendo PHEW!!!!

  17. Mine is an EU console, bought from a Midnight launch of the 3DS. My serial code Starts with “CEF”blah blah. Which DIDN’T work. I then tried it with the “CW” and the rest of my digits (Excluding the boxed one) and it says it’s worked fine, I think CEF and CW is the region specific consoles.

  18. BUt I included all digits(even the last one in the square) and it still said im an Ambassador. I guess its fixed now. I did it both way (with or without the last digit) and yet i got the same answer.

  19. Well its likely I’m one I was given the message and the next day it disapeared on the 12th so it should work or I’m gonna kick fuckin satorus ass

  20. I am undetermined even though Ive had the 3DS since launch, got loads of friends on it, used the eShop loads of times and bought loads of games. Typical Nintendo, release a tool to settle people minds and just cause even more confusion.

  21. Well, I bought Link’s Awakening before the 11th, so I know I’ll be eligable without checking when the Europeon site eventually shows up. This whole thing is just generally worrying people I think…

  22. Wow, so many people crying about this. Calm down. With or without the last number, mine still says Undetermined. Remember this is the north american site, yeah some of them have worked from other regions, but to be honest I don’t think they should have. It’s a big mess at the moment.

    Nintendo always sort this stuff out in the end. If you legitimatly bought and connected your 3DS before the deadline, Ninety will make you an ambassador, one way or another. Don’t worry about it.

  23. i entered my 3ds number twice. once with the number in the box and once without it and it says im an ambassador for both:)

  24. But mine starts with CS, not CW….Anyway, whether I put CS or CW, it comes out undetermined. :l Didn’t include the box number, either…

  25. i used the nintendo 3ds tool, it also shows im an ambassador after i change CEH to CW in my serials… is this okay?! or what?! somebody enlighten us:-p

  26. When I try to enter my code it says I must have 3 letters in my code and the rest numbers.. it won’t let me hit submit unless I have 3 letters in my code.. Yet my serial number doesn’t have 3 letters in it. Could someone please help me; am I on wrong site?? I just want my free games. ;_;

  27. quite confused. got mine on christmas, but the owner who had it got it on the launch day. really confused because i might not get it still, even though it has been months since the ambassador pograme was here

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