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Nintendo Wii: The Newly Revamped Wii Console Is The Same Size As Current Wii Console

The Official Nintendo Magazine is reporting that the newly designed Wii console which will be released later this year is exactly the same size as the current console. The redesigned Wii sits on its side rather than vertically and lacks Gamecube compatibility.

63 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: The Newly Revamped Wii Console Is The Same Size As Current Wii Console”

  1. I have no idea why they are even bothering! Why not just buy a regular wii? Unless this is just so Nintendo can keep production costs down by doing away with a feature that most ‘casual’ gamers won’t use.

    1. I assume they’re cutting costs wherever they can. so it should be a lot cheaper. Expect the price to be very low compared to the standard model.

      1. – Cheaper for Nintendo to make
        – Cheaper for consumers to buy
        – Natural transition into the Wii U, which does not support anything GCN
        – Newer image prolongs the Wii’s life
        – A new option as a replacement console

        Those are five points. The redesign is not “pointless.”

  2. its to save manufacturing cost and prolong the life of the wii they did this towards the end of the gamecube life by removing component port

  3. Actually I can think of 2 reasons for them releasing this. 1. They got really High. 2. They will release remakes/ports of some Gamecube games

    1. No, they’ll be releasing Gamecube games as virtual console games on the Wii U.
      This console seems pretty useless to buy unless you are poor or if you just don’t have GC games. It still isn’t a bigger flop than the Gameboy Micro, though.

  4. People, stop being a bunch of whiney idiots. This “NuWii” isn’t targeted for you. It’s not meant to get current Wii Owners to buy a new Wii, it’s meant to be a cheaper alternative to the current model as sales figures have slumped considerably in the last year. This way, those who don’t own a Wii yet and at this point don’t care about backwards compatibility with the GameCube, as let’s face it, if you didn’t own a Wii at this point it’s unlikely you ever owned a GameCube and it’s controllers/games, will be able to get themselves a cheaper Wii than is currently available.

    Sure Nintendo could just offer a price drop on the current hardware, but if that’s just going to cause them to lose money, why do that when they can cheapen the console price for those who have yet to buy a Wii. Grow up people.

    1. The voice of reason never sounded better.

      Seriously people get your facts straight before you begin belligerently spouting ignorance out here. You’re giving us Ninty fans a bad look!

    2. This is what I have been thinking in my head whenever I see people complaining about the new Wii. It is not meant to replace the current Wii, it was made to sell to people who don’t have a Wii already.

    3. Thank you for knocking some sense into these whining idiots. Everything you said makes sense. For those complaining, SHUT UP and don’t buy the redesigned Wii.

        1. then you have seen nothing. stupid people complain even though they have a Wii already :P but i thought it was going to be smaller tbh

  5. any idea what its going to cost us? And if there are any improvements made? Or is it just the design? Cause that would suck!

  6. Why are people on this site so dumb?
    They’re not forcing you to buy anything. You guys aren’t the only people in the world. Some casuals who don’t own a Wii would probably go for this as its production costs will be cheaper, therefore a cheaper price. No hardcore Nintendo fan would buy this… Why? because it’s not aimed at them!

  7. I really hope this model’s price is within the 100 dollar range, although I could see it being around 120-130 dollars. If so, I might buy one as a safety precaution.

      1. And, with the Wii U around the corner, why is it needed? You don’t have to buy every available model either.

    1. Lol I know right.

      “Nintendo’s so dumb for doing this! Blah blah.
      What is with Nintendo these days?” Blah blah
      wats teh point of dis new console anywas? Where’s muh gamecube?
      OMG I ALREADY HAVE A WII!! screw you nimtendo”

  8. also, i think this product is for me more than useless cause i’m a very happy traditional wii owner :)…… HOWEVER: this product is meant to affect potential customers who don’t even have a console or something that way. i think its a good possibility. i like the idea very much regarding to the online games like mario kart or similar. we will have much more gamers online then in the last time and have more chances to face REAL opponents and let the hackers drown in the crowd. And Nintendo is going to conquer the market worldwide for his own, so from this point of view: thumbs up

  9. Everyone shut it there cutting the production cost to make it more afforda ble to people who don’t play videogames sorta like the dsi but a way higher price minus gba games but with a camera its kinda similar I hope people can open there eyes and see what its purpouse is the only reason I wanted it is because I thought it would be smaLler than my other wii and then I would take my gamesaves from an sd card to the other wii if that is possible but now I see no reason to due to the similar size

  10. Guys, NES 2 and SNES 2.
    They’ve been doing this forever.
    Stop getting so butt hurt.
    It’s for people who don’t have one yet and don’t really care about the Gamecube.
    If you don’t want it, DON’T BUY IT!

  11. I already have a Wii, so this is not for me, but people must be really stupid if they think this is for current wii owners. Sitting on its side (without the extra plastic) and removing gc compatibility will keep costs down to make it even cheaper this holiday season. It’s for people who want one that don’t already own one. Most people who would want to play gc games on their wii’s would already own one, so they took it away.

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  14. Whoa whoa what?! Can the original wii play game cube games? I had no idea, I might go buy some cheap gc ga,es now, I’ve always anted to try some out :D would I need a different controller?

  15. The weird thing that I don’t like about this new Wii is why would they make it sit horizontal? I only place my Wii horizontal when I’m playing brawl or a gamecube game so I don’t knock the Wii down by tugging on the remote and scratching the disk. The Wii looks nicer vertical imo and now that it’s gone fully wireless (no gc controller support) it should enforce that look more.

  16. MASSIVE LOGIC FAIL HERE. New Wii version without gamecube chip etc = Different manufacturing process and mainboard and layout etc = COSTS. There is actually no point in doing this. Saving 10bucks on every wii by removing the gamecube stuff will not have any possitive effect for nintendo untill maybe mid 2012. Well whatever. The only thing i imagine would be that they do this so they dont have to do much more to get wii games working on wiiu they could simply use the gpu/cpu all in 1 die CHIP and put it into the WiiU in case of Wiis lying around and noone buying them etc

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