Nintendo Wii U: Silent Hill Producer Talks Wii U And Nintendo 3DS

Silent Hill senior associate producer Tomm Hulett recently sat down with Siliconera to discuss the Silent Hill franchise. During the interview Hulet expressed his love for the Nintendo 3DS and stated that ‘we could really do something cool there’. Wii U is also another possible candidate for a new Silent Hill title due to its innovative touch screen controller.

Since Silent Hill already has a game coming to Vita, are you planning on a 3DS or Wii U game?

3DS, I love. I’m actually really happy with the console. We could do something cool there. Downpour is in 3D, it has that option. Hopefully, if people like that we can explore it more on 3DS. Wii U, I haven’t had a chance to check out yet. I was driving to LA during the press conference and I couldn’t see it at Nintendo’s booth. I heard some things about it. I was in charge of Shattered Memories which was designed for the Wii. I thought we did really cool stuff with motion control, so I’m sure there are some cool things we can do a touch screen in front of you and you can take it with you. Hopefully, in the future I will get a chance to see it and we can come up with some cool stuff for Silent Hill.


  1. I hope all the attention from developers isn’t just a bunch of talk, and that they’re genuinely interested in producing for 3DS and Wii U

    1. Me too. I still remember all that big talk when the Wii was unveiled. Remember that? Third parties were like, “Man, with these new controls, there’s just so much potential here!” But then third parties ended up mostly ignoring it in favor of cross-platform 360/PS3 releases. Third parties had better follow through with their talk this time on the Wii U, or I’ll NEVER take anything they say seriously again from that point onwards. :/

      1. couldn’t agree more. unlike the wii, the wii U has a controller that can give developers plenty of ideas and concepts to build it around. many of the 3rd party wii games are instantly forgettable and the console is more family orientated.

        the wii U seems to cater more towards actual gamers, moreso than casual gamers, although it appears that it will bridge the gap between the 2. the Wii was under-powered; also the wii-mote meant more non-traditional games were produced for casual gamers. the Wii U looks to address this issue.

        they have the hardware and the controller- now developers really have to put in the effort. wii U has the potential to be great; no ifs, no buts from the likes of capcom, SEGA, SNK to name but many. there are virtually no excuses this time round from them.

        just put out the software for this, and wii U owners will have more faith in them.

  2. Sweeeeettt.
    They should make the game 2D for better graphics and do 3D pre-rendered cuts scenes.

  3. i’ve never played a silent hill game in my life but i’ve alaays heard good things from the series i might just give it a try

  4. I would love a new Silent Hill game for the 3DS and Wii U. And while you’re at it Nintendo, get Silicon Knights working on a new Eternal Darkness for the Wii U. That game was fucking trippy and good.

  5. ¡Oh, yeah, please! This would be great. I really love the Silent Hill series, and if they really make one for the N3DS, I’d buy it right away. Just imagine the monsters and the environment of the town in 3D… It’d be awesome.


    Seriously, I'm both a Nintendo fan boy and a Silent Hill fan boy, so when Shattered Memories came out, I was all over that. If there's a 3DS or Wii U one, I'll definitely buy it.

  7. Dear Tomm… you wanna try ‘something cool’?
    Do something on 3DS.

    Just leave Silent Hill alone because you CLEARLY don’t have a clue what you’re doing.

    Good day. Hope you learn from this.

  8. i,m on mu 3DS and it,s omost mom,s day and my mom lovr,s that game so it would be great if they make the game in 3d : 3

  9. All nintendo has to do is mature and make better marketing decision.The wiiu was to be a mature system compared to the wii…I bought the wiiu for its so call rated M collections but Nintendo been slacking off especially Nintendo of America

  10. Other companies do market for Nintendo do to fact graphics aren’t much of a major leap..If you pay companies not to market for their competitors it’s easier then to capitalize on the market.I’ve played all systems and it’s not much of a big difference except for the memory on the Wii U behalf..What would be smart if Nintendo brings a wiiu with more memory….

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