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Nintendo: Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Is Apparently Sitting On An ‘Ejection Seat’

01Net, the publication which previously leaked key Wii U and PlayStation Vita information is now reporting that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata “is now in very delicate position, if not on an ejection seat.”

If we are to believe our source, the chairman of the board, Satoru Iwata, is now in very delicate position, if not on an ejection seat. Iwata is generally appreciated by the staff of the company, many employees worried about his fate. Also according to our source, the fact that he publicly assumed responsibility for a difficult start to the 3DS and voluntarily cut his salary in half may not be enough to save his place in the medium term.

104 thoughts on “Nintendo: Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Is Apparently Sitting On An ‘Ejection Seat’”

      1. (Sorry for the english :p)

        Seriously ? I don’t think you know Iwata….This guy is awesome, He started in HAL, devellopping kirby, he did smash brothers, and stuff, at some point he got employed by nintendo,
        But when Hal started devellopping SMBM, he just leaved nintendo to help his former company finish the game

        Plus, when you see him play at conference (mario kart in the tgs, or even when he played the wii in 2006 I think), he’s real, he’s a true gamer (Listen to his 2005 keynote at gdc…) I’d love to see more ceo like him seriously !

        People don’t realize what Nintendo did the Wii…It wasn’t just for getting more money from the casual, they succed bringing a whole new audience to the industry, and know completetly casual gamers who started with the wii fit, or nintendogs, started to play more “hardcore” game on their plaftorm. Video games player are just always angry, nintendo just expanded our commununity, and with the WiiU they’er doing what they planned : Have the casual be exposed to a lot of hardcore games on their platform, so why don’t they try it ?

        I maybe totally wrong, and I know I must sound like a total nintendo fanboy, but I trully speaking as an Indie dev here, Nintendo cares about the people who play their games, that’s all that matter.

        He said once, and I just love this quote “On my buisness card I’m a Ceo, on my head i’m a game developer, but in my heart, I’m a gamer !” And that awesome.

          1. he can be a HUGE dick A LOT, TWO times has he said there was gonna be a new SSB game without Sakurais consent, they are both equally bad, in 2005 when Sakurai wasnt sure he was gonna make another SSB Iwata came out at E3 2005 and was all like “ITS COMING OUT. IN 2007. WITH WIFI BATTLES!!!!!” so thats basically making Sakurai work harder, and in 2011 before it even starts development (it still havnt) he said that they are making not one, but TWO SSB games…and Sakurai was fucking pissed XDDD he snapped at Iwata im surprised he didnt get fired.

              1. dude, he said at the presentation that himself and sakurai had had a talk about which platform they wanted to bring a new smash bros to, U or 3DS, and sakurai stated both. sakurai wasn’t mad at all, don’t know where you got that idea from.

          2. Sakurai was the director for Smash Bros and Kirby, as well as their creator. Iwata was a close friend of his and he helped him make the game when he the two were a part of HAL.

  1. poor fella,hope he doesnt gets kicked out.
    at least cuttin his salary was a way to say: yeah i f*cked up,
    and i assume the guilt..
    so that was a nice gesture.

    Go Ninty!!

  2. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!! Iwata is the same reason Nintendo is not respected as it used to be in 1990 and 2001, I hope he gets fired…I really hope and put a more harcore and competent president for nintendo and take the competition out that would be more than epic…but well it’s nintendo so probably Shigeru will take over…

      1. Let Miyamoto stay in his current posiion and focus on giving us great games. Let some other beaurecrat hndle running the company. That having been said, if he botches the WiiU launch that will be him.

    1. Wow Miyamoto being the Chairman of Nintendo, thats so obvious why haven’t they done that yet! OH THATS RIGHT! Cause Miyamoto is a Game Designer, not a business man besides Miyamoto has enough control in his position as it is

    2. You’re a complete asshole. How can you wish that about anyone? He deserves his spot; he’s the reason Nintendo took off as the leading video game developer in the early 2000’s and no one should forget that.

      The term “hardcore” pisses me off more than you can imagine. Have you ever played Mario Galaxy 2? Donkey Kong Country Returns? These games and more are *genuine* entertainment. Gamers like you are the bane of the industry because you can’t appreciate anything that isn’t in HD. So many developers for XBox and PS3 say they love Nintendo and are big Mario/Zelda/whatever fans. It’s too bad that those dev’s loyal followers can’t have a similar mentality — you don’t have to love Nintendo, but respect their space in the industry. If you don’t like it, leave it be and move on to something else. Nintendo has made a few decisions in the past year that but them in a bad light, but they deserve nowhere newr the amount of bad press they’re getting.

  3. I want Hiroshi Yamauchi back to be president of Nintendo. Iwata may have done well with the DS and Wii for the casuals but I have lost interest in Nintendo as a whole. I will still be getting though Kirby and Zelda for the Wii though.

    1. I find it hard to believe some of the people on this site are true Ninty fans with the way they seem to pen Iwata as ruining Ninty in some way and bringing little to the company.

      DS and Wii effectively changed gaming as we know it! Some of the best games I’ve ever played have come out for the DS and the Wii! If there was no Iwata maybe there wouldn’t have been the DS and Wii as we see it today. There’s no denying that the DS and Wii have truly set a new milestone in gaming and interactivity. Yes there was a huge number of casual games and that filled the Wii and DS library, however there were so many (and more recent games just released and soon to be) great true so called ‘hardcore’ games.

      Too many people take the DS, Wii consoles and game, what they’ve done to gaming for granted. Stop focusing on the so called casual games!

      Really where do we draw the line between hardcore and casual anyways? What entails a viable hardcore game; the level of difficulty, ESRB rating, length and replayability? I feel like many people or ‘elitists’ abuse the term hardcore in order to seperate themselves from so called casual players and games without really having a basis for entails a hardcore game.

      Well w/e, I hope Ninty and Iwata see through this all. In fact I feel they will, and knowing NIntey, they’ll have learned from this and set up the WiiU for a stellar release!

    1. Generally, America gets games that Europe and Australia don’t. Just because a few games MAY not get localized in North America, doesn’t mean the NOA president is doing a bad job. That’s a shitty way to judge the president of a company

      1. Not anymore the roles in this case have been reversed. Every site has had somekind of article about it. So I guess North America simply now feels how Europe etc felt pre Gamecube.

        1. Am I the only person that wishes all games could be released in any country? I mean seriously, it’s not about who felt bad about what. We should quit debating about games and fight to get them everywhere. For instance, Australia doesn’t even get Mortal Kombat 2011. I don’t believe that’s right and I want to fight it even though I live here in North America. It’s not about who get what games, it’s about how we get the games to everybody.

          1. I think everyone feels that way all software should be released everywhere. I get how a company may be concerned how a particular title might do in a region but if they created systems that aren’t locked and created software where the consumer could simply choose their language even if it was just for subtitles it wouldn’t be an issue. I wouldn’t mind importing a game from another region as long as I could read it.

      2. He releases all Casual and Party games in the U.S. And the COD wanna-be/ terrible arcade-based shooters. Aside from Nintendo’s main line-up, Reggie (And to be fair, Nintendo of America) blocks most decent games.

        1. As far as i’m concerned, decent games are never hardcore!
          Screw Gears of War, Screw Call of Duty, Screw Grand Theft Auto, get more family games on every console now!!

      1. Reggie is like the “BIG DADDY” of video gaming. Plus, I personally find his voice very soothing. I like him, because he doesn’t try to be cool, he just is in his own matter.

  4. I remember hearing Iwata say that as long he is president, then nintendo will never sell their ips to any other company. If he was to leave, what would stop a new president from selling them?

  5. Ohh the shenanigans. WTF up w/these bullshit. Who’s their source? foreign intern? delivery boy/girl? Some nintendo lunch lady?
    Fire the guy who helped triple Nintendo’s war chess.
    Fire him ‘cuz of low hardware sales? plz everyone and their grandma has a ds and a wii. 3ds failed?? sales are still picking up, 600K in 2 weeks is a massive pwnage.

      1. :D
        I wouldn’t say that. But although I’m an apple fan since I was born I still refuse seeing iPods as a gaming platform.

        1. …. God damn it….. ipod sucks ipad sucks just play my music and fuck off.
          Seriously i just turned my 3gs back on for the first time in a while and i don’t know how i used that phone for 2 years, piece of crap…

    1. Apple and their bullshit IOS 99 cent family dollar bargain bin “games” as they call them can go to hell. The only reason Apple wants Nintendo to get with them is nothing more than them admitting that they have no fucking clue how to make real games.

    2. …wow, really? Fuck that- how would selling out and not making their own consoles “save the company”? I realize that companies who develop games for Apple make a lot of money from game sales, but Nintendo’s money comes from games AND consoles.

    3. Nintendo doesn’t need saving, and if it did, destroying the value of their games by marketing them on mobile devices would not be the way to go.

  6. Iwata helped take Nintendo from the dark days of the Gamecube and bring the company back into competition with the DS and Wii. Id hope that the rough start the 3DS had doesn’t foil him.

  7. For fucks shake, why is now every second news some rumor based on the 01net site.
    They got 2 OBVIOUS rumors true and what now, they are Gods? They had at least 1000 falls rumors posted.

    They are just some overconfident idiots who think they can post what every they want because they got, OH MY GOD, 2 fucking rumors right.

    Is this a “girls gossip” or a news site?

  8. If Iwata didn’t become the president of Nintendo, Nintendo might have stopped making consoles, like Sega. In my opinion, Iwata saved Nintendo as if the Wii hadn’t had come, Nintendo might’ve been in 3rd place again.

  9. That would be sad. It’s interesting to think who would be the next CEO and what he would do but this 01net is full of crap and I’m not believing until I see it.

  10. gimme animal crossing and then fire him. i wish the 3ds had more sweet spots, better graphics, better games atm. i wish for a lot of things… but if hes the reason im not happy with my purchase then go ahead. fire him

    1. You’re the reason you’re not happy with you’re purchase, and the graphics and games aren’t his fault either. It takes a long time to create a game, look at Skyward Sword; Started in 2008, not finished until November of 2011

      1. well i AM unhappy. my 3ds is collecting dust and i’m starting to forget why i bought one in the first place. hopefully when games come out in christmas all of this will change

        1. If good graphics are all that matter to yoy why are playing a nintendo device? Nintendo has never been about graphics but, about ingenuity and fun. Evrybody knew the starting line up was gonna suck but those of us that still bought it did it in full support of nintendo, well most of us anyway.

          1. i bought the 3ds at launch and i care about gameplay and graphics. i’ve seen games that have awful graphics on the 3ds like super monkey ball and i have seen games that have superb graphics like resident evil. i haven’t played my 3ds in so long that i think i forgot how good the system really is. i think we all forgot, but by christmas everything will change

          2. Uhhh, yeah, SNES, N64, GameCube…those were about graphics dude. Each having better graphics than their competitors.

          3. The Nintendo 64 and Gamecube were both graphical powerhouses compared to their competition. Hell, Gamecube was even 3D capable, it just wasn’t ever used.

            Graphics are not going to be the future of games and everyone (developers) is starting to catch on to that. It’s an area of diminishing returns; it costs a lot more to put thing in HD, but people don’t necessarily buy games just because they look pretty (see: Wii software — though there are some GORGEOUS games on Wii, don’t get me wrong).

            It’s funny to see the industry get flipped on its head. Wii challenges the status quo and sells like hot cakes. Microsoft adds Kinect and it flies off store shelves. “Hardcore” gamers think it’s a passing “gimmick” but the true bread and butter of the game industry – the so-called “casual” gamers (read: gamers who buy what looks fun, not what looks ‘mature’) are welcoming these changes with open arms.

  11. Iwata openly admitted that it’s his fault that the 3ds didn’t do so well , that puts him in a giant place of respect for me. He didn’t blame other people; “It’s Reggie’s fault!” or the games; “It’s all the lame third party games fault!”, no, he blamed himself; “It’s my fault!” So in the end, if he were to make another big mistake, he would take the blame again right? That’s a good thing, it’s honesty. Most days now seems that everything is a lie (Such as this rumor) and you have way to many people pointing fingers at each other when the blame could very easily have been the president themselves. Iwata is an amazing person, maybe not the Hero of Nintendo, but he ranks up there pretty high. Remember what he had said: “That as long I am president, then Nintendo will never sell their ips to any other company” (or something like that). What if someone is as creative and innovative as Iwata. Company starts doing poorly, BOOM! Sells ips to other companies, and then no more Nintendo that we all love. They’ll become a third party developer quicker than you can say “Here We Go!” Sure we’ll get the people who say: “About fucking time.” But remember Nintendo as a large fan base, heck even those who say “About fucking time” will miss the company because then they’ll have nothing to complain about. We need Iwata, or if Iwata gets fired, then he needs to start training a successor. (Going a little of topic, sorry -_- ) Something that I’ve noticed is it seems like all those die hard Playstation/Xbox fans played Nintendo once upon a time. That time must have been when they were younger, like seven/six years old. The reason why they “forsake” Nintendo is to them it’s a little kids company. But inside, they still wish they could play Nintendo, it’s like a virus, it just eats at you. Once a Nintendo gamer, always a Nintendo gamer.

  12. I wouldn’t really like to see him go. He’s led his company to some of their most prosperous times in a decade. The 3DS is just a misstep, something I’m sure they’re looking to correct and get right when the Wii U launches. I’d rather Reggie go than him, and there’s no reason Reggie should go either.

    All he’s got to do, essentially, is turn the 3DS around, which may just happen, and make sure the Wii U is a hit product. If he can do that, he should be fine.

    1. ^This. The DS was in the same problem as the 3DS, until 6 months later (
      I think) Kirby: Canvas Curse came out and it became clear that the DS will be successful, with many reviews praising it. Maybe later the 3DS will find it’s Canvas Curse, showing how 3D can enhance gameplay.

    2. I’ve never understood this 3DS not selling so much. Its selling just like the DS when it first started.All because it didn’t live up to nintendo’s hype doesn’t mean it failed

  13. IMO, its a bit obvious that they came up with this lie (rumor) by the recent resignation of Steve Jobs. And then they thought, “Hey, since the 3DS was doing pretty badly, maybe Satoru will lose his job, too.”

  14. Again with that website? Anyways, if Iwata steps down as CEO, then it would be because of investors and stuff. Remember, investor want Nintendo to produce games for other systems other than their own. It would be really tragic if Iwata went away. Before he was into business, he was a game designer, so he understood better the the gamers and the developers inside the company. The Wii didn’t have much third party support, but that’s because they didn’t bother with it because their games didn’t sell 25 million copies like Nintendo games. Nintendo did their job in supporting the Wii, and we got a bunch of games for it. The 3DS didn’t sell as well as it was intended because of many reasons, one of them being Nintendo hoping to get third party games shine, but they all sucked for the most part. Now they are forced to bring their games closer to each other in terms of release dates, and we know there is a demand for the 3DS.

    If anything, it’s thanks to Iwata that the company has made the most profit in years. With no support from third parties, they’re now cutting prices on their own games for people who haven’t played them and may be cutting prices for the Wii even further. 3 wonderful new IP’s were created under his watch that are coming to Europe and hopefully to the US. He practically showed the world that Nintendo is about innovation, and that’s why the Wii and DS became so damn popular. I like him more than the previous president who would just insult developers if they didn’t develop for Nintendo systems. My respects to Iwata. He’s a true leader with his design knowledge instead of just being a bag of PR crap.

  15. People give the guy too much hate. He cut half of his own salary to accept responsibility. Sure, he’s made mistakes. But it’s not like he’s as bad as, say, Jack Tretton. He deserves another chance.

    1. Exactly! Jack Tretton is aweful! He would never give a shit about the fans, like Kaz Hirai. Nintendo does a lot for the fans. When the 3DS got that price cut to ensure enormous future sales, and Satoru Iwata announced the ambassadors program, people still bitched! Oh, 20 games I played 10 years ago… GOD! Some people are awful! you get over $120 in games.. FREE!

  16. Well, without Iwata, there would be not Mother 2 or Mother 3, so I support him. I don’t know, Nintendo has had good and bad moments with Iwata around, so I don’t think we can pin the blame on him.

  17. “Also according to our source, the fact that he publicly assumed responsibility for a difficult start to the 3DS and voluntarily cut his salary in half may not be enough to save his place in the medium term.”
    No, that just means he’s a nice guy.

  18. I don’t give a shit what o1net say, after the whole “3ds2012” thing made me not believe them with ANYTHING.

  19. I doubt it, Wii and DS did great and 3DS is now taking the correct way. If nintendo stopn making consoles, I will stop playing games. We saw how banjo went to microsoft and died there, I don’t want to see what happens with mario, zelda or even kirby for that matter. Only one that could survive there is metroid and star fox for being shooters. Wii U needs to promise an wesome nintendo launch title and then it will suceed! The strategy of getting casuals is no longer working as pilotwings resort and nintendogs on 3DS demonstrate.

  20. I hope this doesnt happen. Iwata is very good. I still don’t believe 01 because they said the 3ds remake would have three analog sticks. I doubt and hope all of this is a lie

  21. Iwata has been pretty good overall for Nintendo. He should stay. The previous president of Nintendo was the screw-up…he made so many mistakes during the last decade of his reign, and those are why Nintendo was so different after the transition from SNES to N64. The old president is why so many other companies went running from Nintendo. Miyamoto is o.k., but he’s getting too old and, more importantly, too bossy with the other developers who work under him. He needs a strong kick in the ass. The only one who needs to be promptly shot, I mean fired and replaced, is Reggie the retard.

    1. No, not Reggie, should be IF anyone needs to be fired, it should Reggie. I think it was Reggie who allowed us to get the OoT Soundtrack right? Instead having a limited number of soundtracks, we had a limited number of days, all those who got it within those days and registered got the OoT Soundtrack. Keep Reggie. He made one bad decision, like Iwata. Plus, he may fix the decision, we may find Xenoblade Chronicles in North America.

  22. They (01net) need to stop these bogus -let’s-make-Nintendo-look-bad- rumors. Iwata isn’t going to step down as president of Nintendo. Nintendo isn’t going to suddenly keel over due to slow 3DS sales. The 3DS won’t have 2 analog sticks. (Where the hell would it connect? The power port?) The 3DS won’t be getting a “new” revision with no 3D and a name change.
    The Wii U isn’t coming out in June (E3 2012), or September (TGS 2012).
    It’ll come out when Nintendo [f—ing] says it will!

    Ahhhhh…. finished.
    – Wildman –

  23. I don’t trust this site anymore. Why would he get fired for the 3DS instead of the Gameboy micro?
    Anyone who knows about the Gameboy micro knows it was a complete fluke, I never knew one person who owned one. Plus, the 3DS was a huge hit in Japan, so why not as much in America?

  24. Does it really matter who runs the company as long as they are making good games and consoles and selling them at a reasonable price? Nintendo is based on the one thing that microsoft and sony don’t have, Innovation.

  25. As long as the designers Miyamoto and Iwata, as well as their musician Koji Kondo stay in the company. And to any behind the scenes unmentioned programmers. Keep up the good work and thanks for your part in all the good Zelda games.

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