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Nintendo Wii: Microsoft Is Adamant Xbox 360 Will Beat Wii And PlayStation 3 This Christmas

Robin Burrowes, Xbox LIVE marketing manager for EMEA, has told MCV that its certain that Xbox 360 will be the best-selling games console this Christmas. Maybe they didn’t realize Nintendo is bringing out a revamped Wii and a reduced price point to coincide with the Christmas period.

“We have done that historically, where we do a number of bundles and deals. Those sort of bundles and deals will be part of how we get to that No.1 position.

“We are also pretty bullish about getting to that No.1 position on the strength of our blockbuster games, with things we are launching like Gears and Forza.“

103 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Microsoft Is Adamant Xbox 360 Will Beat Wii And PlayStation 3 This Christmas”

  1. *shrugs*
    With Skyward Sword coming out this holiday, I kinda doubt it.

    Zelda is a much bigger series than “Gears and Forza”.

    1. upcoming Xbox 360 games:
      Deus Ex, Bodycount,BloodRayne Betrayal,Warhammer 40,000,Dead Island, Rise of Nightmares, Gears of War 3
      , Rage, Dark Souls, Forza Motorsport 4, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, Batman: Arkham City, Battlefield 3, Silent Hill: Downpour, Sonic Generations , The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim , Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection , Assassin’s Creed: Revelations , Saints Row: The Third , Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

      upcoming Wii games
      Rune Factory Tides of Destiny
      The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

      and the winner is… Nintendo =P

          1. Why don’t we go with games that can’t be played on the wii instead of exclusives, that way the list is accurate.

            1. No it’d be better to go by exclusives cause it doesn;t mean jack if PS3 will have the games too. SO between SS and Kirby RTDL and Gears and Forza who’ll win is the TRUE question, imo of course.

              1. Eh Sony has nintendo and Microsoft beat tbh. Their lineup from now until dec 31st is far superior to ms and nintendo.

      1. sorry dude im a BIG FAN of the BIG N but you have to admit from Batman to Gears and Halo and even Sonic!!! Microsoft has a beat for the holiday line-up all we have for is Zelda and Kirby and some other games and a price cut with a new revamped Wii console that some people will buy because many ppl already have Wii’s in there house

      2. @alex lol its funny cuz most of the games you listed are on the ps3, pc, onlive and i think mw3 is coming to wii so all thats left is halo, gears, and forza xD

  2. i can’t stand Microsoft anymore. It seems like the only genre their system is used for is the shooters. I’m actually gonna turn mine in before Christmas cause the games that will actually come out on the system that i would want would go to ps3 or maybe even Wii as well. xD

    1. Gotta agree with you on the whole shooters thing. Gotta remember though, Xbox was practically born with FPS thanks the Halo, which was awesome when it came out. If you have an Xbox now, that’s probably why you have one.

      1. what gets me is that micro$oft seem to think they are king shit because of their crappy shooters, but they still want to buy out all the good platforming developers… like say RAREWARE. i think they would be able to sell to a much bigger market if they just used the companies they bought to do what they do best (Kinect sports, really???). they cant just eliminate competition, they need to cater for everyone as well. i certainly wont be buying an xbox this xmas….

        1. Their crappy shooters makes a crap load of money though. More money then Nintendy (that’s just the Xbox division, Window$ and Offi¢e and computer hardware make SHIT loads.) I’m not saying xBox console is best console (PS3 guy, I dont use my Wii much, after getting all characters in Brawl. Waiting for Kirby later this year.) But you shouldn’t say Microsoft is FPS crap, all about the money.

          1. Actually only a couple shooters make alot of money cod, gears and halo but other than that the other shooters are lucky to sell 2 million combined with ps3

            1. Just that the ps3 shooters are actually good and don’t just have the same thing over and over. Oh and aren’t noob friendly. That’s why they don’t sell good. Cause good players rule and bad players get crushed. Not on call of duty lol.

              Did you know almost every Xbox live account has played call o duty online?

      2. halo was the only shooter i have ever played besides golden eye on N64. that and final fantasy XIII and blue dragon were the only other games on Xbox i even played. not many games i like on the system. :/

  3. Xbox needs to give up. Their game library is just a cluster of third party mindless shooters. Even sony can top that. And skyward sword is a better selling point then another gears game.

    1. Microsoft is to stubborn and to wealthy to give up. Even if they lose money in the gaming market, they will stay.

      They can afford to lose money to keep their presence in the gaming market. They’ve got $$$$$

      Nintendo and Sony – they need to keep up the profits if they want to survive. I see Sony reverting to software only first. (someday)

  4. Well considering how slow the Wii’s software releases have been this year, I don’t blame them for thinking that. I think what they really should fear is the WiiU next year.

    But who knows, maybe Skyward Sword will surprise me and actually beat the both them single-handed.

  5. Like that’s gonna happen. With a price cut, and great games like Skyward Sword and Kirby’s Return to Dreamland….

  6. I’m more likely to believe the PS3 will outsell the rest this holiday. It’s lower price point makes it a great buy. The reason why I think the Wii won’t outsell the PS3, and possibly even the 360, is because there’s twice as many Wiis out there as there are either of the other two. I mean at this point they’re probably too few people left who want a Wii that don’t already own one!

    1. Well I’m one of th few people who don’t have a wii. I was going to buy one but I heard about then Project Cafe (now WiiU) and held off on buying one. Maybe if the the new Wii model was avalable in the States I’d pick one up. I really want to play Kirby and Zelda along with Mario Galaxy and all the other great games but I guess I’ll be picking them up when I get my WiiU next year. I’ve waited this long, what’s another year?

      1. You got to love Backwards Compatibility with the Wii U, right? The question is, how would games like MPT (Metroid Prime Trilogy) work with the tablet only or would those kind of games be limited to the TV & Tablet?

        You have great patience, my friend. ;-)

      2. I agree, but for worldwide sales and not the US. I think x360 will take the US, but probably not by a lot. It’s also very possible that 3ds will outsell the home consoles. Agree with you on Wii and add the fact that since more and more people are realizing there will be a “nextWii”.

  7. Considering that both the Wii and 3DS got price cuts along with skyward sword (to go farther, the PS3 getting a price cut) the 360 basically is screwed come holidays

  8. It seems most likely that the PS3 will be No.1 as far as I’m concerned. The only disadvantages to owning a PS3 over an Xbox are the price, the absence of certain excellent titles and hardware (Halo, Fable, Kinect etc.) and the fact that the consumer is protected from hardware failure for two fewer years. The PS3 compensates for the two former disadvantages as it does have a Blu-ray player and some excellent exclusives of its own. The PS3’s Blu-ray player is obviously an attractive feature and was definitely one of the most prominent factors in my decision to buy one instead of an Xbox.

    If the Wii does sell, Skyward Sword won’t really have much to do with it. The people who buy it will be buying it because it’s cheaper now and they want to play Wii Fit. If you know what Zelda is there’s a good chance you already have a Wii.

  9. The problem with this is, the Xbox has been out for quite some time. Sales don’t continue strong for everything because It’s not like people are going to want another Xbox just for shits and giggles. Sure, the sales might go up, but they don’t have a chance of beating Nintendo with their lineup for the holiday season.

  10. microsoft is cool and they don’t fail. people need to learn that nintendo isn’t the only gaming company out there. if they do good than good for them. the only company in my eyes that is truly “evil” is sony. I enjoy mario and halo. i don’t give a crap to anybody that disagrees with me. in fact, i sold my wii for an xbox 360 and i couldn’t be anymore happier.

      1. It is good to have multiple systems. However, I don’t follow that advice, though….

        My Wii actually had data corruption twice (I think), so I had to get it repaired. Lost my save files (so I lost my place in Paper Mario, SSBB, and anything that cannot be saved onto an SD card [that’s why I loved the GCN’s memory cards])…. But I still have it. ^_^

        I look forward to the Wii U. If the Vita has games that interest me, I MIGHT buy it. But I sort of doubt it. FPS’s usually don’t turn me on [except for the Metroid Prime series]. I know that there is more than FPS’s, but I pretty much only see SF x Tekken as a Vita game that I would like that I know off of the top of my head (though Dissidia looks cool [they better have backwards compatibility]).

  11. if there were more games aside from zelda and kirby coming out. i’d say the wii would win, but due to the lack of games *COUGH* RAINFALL *COUGH*. the xbox wins.

    fuck the PS3

    1. finally, someone understands…
      people are so blinded by being fanboys that they don’t understand.
      NINTENDO DOESN’T HAVE THAT MANY GAMES OUT. in the future they will but for now… microsoft is better.

      1. Sony doesn’t allow discussions about other systems/games on their forums. The only time the moderators allow it is when the members conduct the discussion in a proper manner. Comments like “lol nintendo sucks” don’t get tolerated and in most cases the thread is deleted and if not the post will get deleted.

        How do I know? I have 3 of the 4 Sony forum moderators on my Psn friend list, as well as a few game developers (you see Sony devs like to get to know their community)

        1. Ahhh thanks for educating me, aren’t there sites for Sony and micro fans much like this that aren’t controlled by the company?

    1. I'm a girl? o.o... yeah I changed my name :P

      There’s a lot of Erikism too… let us not judge these people… for they are not judging us…or are they???? I do not know v.v

  12. I’m giving it to Sony for this one guys. Normally I’d say wii but I mean they got 2 games for this year and that’s it, Sony has several exclusives as well as ps3/360 games that the wii doesn’t have.

    I mean I’m going to get skyward sword. That’s it from nintendo for me. On the otherhand there are a dozen ps3 games I’m going to purchase too. In fact if I didn’t just spend 50$ to upgrade my ps3 to 500 GB I would have traded my 80 GB in and bought the new 320 GB with infamous 2 for free. (Gamestop has a get 50$ extra for trading in a ps3, couple that with the -50 from gamescom and I coulda gone for -100$ if I bought it when I upgraded.)

  13. Suuure.
    When the 360 gets a Blu-Ray tell me. Or When it gets Kirby, Mario, Zelda and all those games.
    Then Microsoft can talk.
    Only cuz they getting GoW3??
    Na dont think so.
    Rather pikk a wii than a 360.
    I had a wii and it was awesome.
    I also had a 360……
    It was HELL. Only lasted for 3 months….

    1. the only games i have for xbox is halo and 2 kinect games. compared to xbox, i have like over 20 nintendo games. still, i can agree that 2 games from nintendo isn’t enought to crush their competitors. the same reason the price drop happend. nintendo got cocky and thought that they didn’t need to produce games for awhile because “3d” is enough.

      1. if you’re gonna hate on a system because it doesn’t have blu-ray, then you aren’t a real gamer. Who cares if a video game console plays movies or not? They’re VIDEO GAME consoles, not a frickin’ DVD player.

        1. I think it’s better if a game console is multipurpose AKA DVD player.It means you aren’t just limited to playing video games and works out cheaper than buying a DVD player/bluray player/whatever.The main reason my family got a PS3 was for the bluray capabilities.

  14. Microsoft is too cocky, whether it does or does not happen.
    They’ll get more sales on the Xbox if they offer free online multiplayer, gamerpics, and possibly avatar items. I like playing on the Xbox but I think paying for all of those is ridiculous. The only things you don’t pay for are updates and demos.

  15. Didn’t they say that last year? If I recall correctly, the Wii sold a ridiculous amount of units just in December. This year is Zela’s year, plus a new price drop and I’m sure they will introduce more Nintendo Select games before the end of the year to pick up sales. Maybe Smash Bros or something.

  16. my vote is for video games in general to win this holiday season i mean everywhere you look there is at last 1 game that will appeal to any type of gamer all across the platform board.

  17. I would have to agree with them being at least on par with Wii sales, maybe JUST selling more than Nintendo, what with Assassin’s Creed Revelations coming out close to Skyward Sword. Kirby is fun, but not a massive money maker. Aside from that, there really aren’t any games for the Wii coming out during the holiday season (correct me if I’m wrong).

  18. Microsoft: Halo, Gears of War, Forza, etc.
    Nintendo, Mario, Kirby, Zelda, Starfox, Super Smash Bros, Pikmin, Donkey Kong, Metroid, etc etc.
    Sony: uuuhh…. um… help me out here guys…. umm…. LittleBig Planet? (narrowly dodges beer bottle thrown by an invisible force from across the room)

    1. SONY: Little big planet, infamous, killzone, crash bandicoot, uncharted, heavy rain, metal gear solid main series,twisted metal, socom, 3D games, gran turismo, resistance, sly cooper, spyro, mlb the show( most real baseball series ever). And much much more…. all AAA titles. So give some credit where its due. Or you’ve probably never had a playstation growing up. Sonys sales are picking up with a vengance. More and more devs are picking up on the way it works… especially with steam partnering for pc/console gameplay. If you like your wii or your xbox then that’s fine. Just focus on what you like. But its really sad that you won’t be experiencing these top rated games without giving them a chance. Sounds pretty biased if you ask me.

      1. bandicoot, cooper, and spyro are all dead. (spyro on that system atleast)
        3D games? there’s a much cheaper way to get those, you know… and without any of those humiliating glasses. and all the others up there are either shooters or racing games (which are basically all the same), with the exception of mlb, littlebigplanet, and infamous. and i’ll go ahead and let you try to point out some pro’s of those last 3 there.

  19. I would be perfectly fine if the Xbox out sold everything during the holidays but its just the fact that they think that they will be able to easily beat the Wii and PS3 without a discount that makes me upset. The XBox isn’t really that spectacular compared to the PS3 and Wii. (In my opinion)

  20. A racing game and a mediocre 3rd person shooter? I don’t even understand the success of Gears of War. Especially because Space Marine is like Gears on steroids.

  21. haha stupid microsoft. although looking at the results it looks like Microsoft might beat out nintendo but definitely not Sony. the ps3 is at it’s best right now and now with the recent price drop with all the exclusives coming out this fall it’s hardly possible that Microsoft will outsell Sony.

  22. i believe it. i mean not only does the xbox have the now extremely popular kinect, it also has a bunch of cool new systems coming out like the starwars and gears of war systems. im no fanboy but i think that the 360 has a very strong chance of pulling it off.

  23. Its all about what “you” like. If you like the nintendo games it is the better console. If you like the xbox then you are partial to them. Personally I like mario and zelda. Can’t get that anywhere else so I stay with nintendo. Xbox and Playstaion get boring after awhile for me.

  24. I think what people are missing is the fact that not all people have any of the consoles. Some people are always behind due to financial or just slow to adapt new technology. So there will be people buying systems this Christmas. There are parents who will be just now buying consoles for their children. It is going to depend on what they like and what they want. If you look at the worldwide sales then all of the consoles are selling right now. Even PS2’s are still getting sold. You never really know. It doesn’t matter to me who will win cause I have the systems I want.

    1. I’ve enjoyed playing GOW and Halo at a friends house, but once the “wow” factor for the amazing graphics wears off, I get bored by the gameplay. Same FPS, different game names and box titles.

      I’d go crazy without my Nintendo fix.

  25. Microsoft is right on this one. I mean the majority of people who bought the Wii are kids and while they’re playing Mario and Zelda their friends might be playing black ops or gears. So of course they’re gonna beg their parents for a xbox when christmas starts approaching. And with a $199 price tag, it’ll seem like a great deal for parents.

        1. Nope, Nintendo is number one with their Wii’s that sold about 87.5 million units, then it was Xbox that sold 55 million units and PS3 as the third one, selling 51.8 million units…but hey it seems that PS3 is getting closer and closer to x box 360 so who knows ;)

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  27. I wouldn’t be surprised if The 360 and the PS3 did better than the Wii this holiday, simply because aside from TLoZ:SS and KRTD, Nintendo pretty much has there focus on their handheld arena. But then again, these are two big Nintendo titles. KRTD is the first Traditional Kirby Side-Scroller on a console since Crystal Shards, which was originally released on the N64. So It’ll be interesting to see how thid unfolds.

  28. Does he mean in America or the world?
    Because the Xbox doesn’t sell well in Japan and the Wii is getting a redesign in Europe.

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