Nintendo Wii: Disney Is Working On Epic Mickey 2

Disney are apparently hard at work on the well received Epic Mickey game which came out late last year on Wii. Several peices of artwork found on a Disney online marketing survey seemingly confirm the game’s existence. The game is currently being developed for Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The game will feature a two-player co-op mode where players control Mickey Mouse, with his paint and thinner mechanics from the first game, and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, who will use electricity to fend off enemies, as well as fly like a helicopter.


  1. also on xbox 360 and PS3?! thats bullshit! the first epic mickey was a Wii EXCLUSIVE. goddammit, i hate this.

    1. Is it really that bad? Sure the Wii is a great system but the only reason games are still coming out for it is A; it’s cheap to develop for and B: Skyward Sword is pretty much the only reason it’s still on life support. I’m only going to get SS, Pandora’s Tower and The Last Story then I think that’s the end of it for me

        1. +1

          Also, there’s Xenoblade which is a fantastic game. Right there we have at least 6 games that are worth getting. 2 of them are JRPGs, 2 action adventure and 2 multiplayer.

          Seriously that’s a ton of fun great games. Saying the Wii is on life support because of SS is a little redundant considering a line up like this. Yes its nearing the end of its life cycle, but it’s sitting in a mansion with servants living the last days of its life in luxury going out comfortably and in style.

          Plus all those games should give you months of gaming unless you’re 14 and do nothing but play games.

      1. That’s probably because Nintendo’s trying to get the WiiU prepped and ready for launch. Which is why I’m baffled that Junction Point isn’t considering developing the game for that system instead.

      2. Oh yeah, it’s skyward sword that’s keeping it going, not the fact that it sold ay better than the PS3 and 360. Yeah. It’s totally not that.

    2. You should realize the HD console version will most likely be on Wii U as well, it’s just still unannounced.

      1. It’s a sequel?!!

        ‘Disney are apparently hard at work on the well received Epic Mickey game which came out late last year on Wii.’

        Not too familiar with sarcasm then?

        1. proudimagineer, nice fail. The correct way to position that question mark is after the quotes, unless it’s part of the original quote which it is not. You say somebody is wrong and correct them with a wrong example. Therefore you fail twice. You are a double failure. :)

          1. Wow. You just blew my mind. I have always been taught that, regardless of what the quote is, the punctuation goes inside. Haha I guess you learn something new every day [:

    1. It’s a cartoon game, how do they ever look realisticly hd. The only difference you’ll see is sharper crisper resolutions.

      1. They might add more things for the 360 and PS3 and leave the Wii out, and have another developer make the Wii version, and i hate it when they do that. Thats what i meant when i said the Wii version will look crappy you guys get annoyed to easily, and i wasn’t talking about the graphics. I’ll buy it for Wii since i have the first one it, i don’t like buy sequels on different console, but if the Wii version is downgraded then i will buy the 360 version,

        1. True they might add some more things but I think its unlikely. And I’m not annoyed, I’m just saying, there’s not much watering down you can do to a game that’s gonna look the same on all consoles(that’s if they do wat you just said)

        2. Even though I’m a huge wii fan I have to agree with you. Too often there are titled that are developed on the wii that are just worse than the 360/ps3 counterparts, and not just graphically.
          But regardless every nintendo fan is still probably going to buy it, so I don’t think they care :P

    2. How i’m i a troll? the Wii isn’t the only Nintendo console idiot, i come here for Wii U and 3DS news .The Wii is the only Nintendo console i like taking the piss out of. Anonymous i notice you call people trolls when they say something you don’t like, so that make you a ignorant fanboy.

      1. I don’t think you’re a troll Joseph. It seems these days if you offer any opinion that goes against someone else’s, you are automatically labeled a troll.

  2. @Sickr
    You mentioned there were pictures supporting this. I haven’t found any. Perhaps I’m doing this wrong, but could you possibly post the pictures, so I can see if it was fan art or actual sequel art?
    No problem if you can’t! XD

  3. i dont really care that the Epic Mickey is coming out for other systems…. i mean its not really that big of a deal. but being a big fan of nintendo like my entire life i did kinda enjoy it being a wii exclusive… that being said its still not the end of the world.

  4. No thanks, the first one was badly received by the consumers, it won’t sell good. Especially since it sounds like it will be similar to the first.

  5. This is GREAT and unexpected! As a diehard Disney fan, I loved Epic Mickey and all of it’s content! So many hidden nods to Disney history – Film, animation even older Disney video games.. I cannot wait to see where it takes us next!

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