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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS Is Still Sitting Pretty At The Top Of The Japanese Charts For A Third Week

The Nintendo 3DS continues to sit at the top of the Japanese hardware chart for the third consecutive week. Nintendo managed to sell a respectable 60,781 units putting it ahead of Sony’s PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. However, there does appear to a drop in sales for the 3DS as it managed to sell 196,077 units two weeks ago when the price drop came into effect.

LW TW Platform Weekly Sales Last Week
1 1 3DS 60,781 105,639
3 2 PS3 33,141 40,901
2 3 PSP 31,330 29,666
4 4 Wii 11,342 18,256
5 5 DS 5,729 8,031
6 6 PS2 1,580 1,789
7 7 360 1,393 1,427

49 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS Is Still Sitting Pretty At The Top Of The Japanese Charts For A Third Week”

    1. Yeah, the PSP Go is just too small to be comfortable. I’ve never really known someone who has had a small system like Go or the Gameboy Micro.

        1. I have a micro. It’s useful in homeroom (:P), and it has removable skins which I thought was pretty cool. Eh, personal preference I guess. I don’t think the micro has any form of connectivity though which sucks.

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  2. Whatcha Talkin Bout Willis?

    Just wondering why the U.S. doesn’t have those kinda stats. I for one would like to see how many 3DS’s we’re sold after the price cut here.

    1. It’s being discontinued so they’re not pissed… by the end of the year it should be pretty much all gone and sell as much as as the PSP Go, if not less (or at all).

  3. You Really Don’t Have To Capitalize Every Word Like This.

    also, its sad the japanese would rather buy an outdated piece of crap like the PS2 over the Xbox 360.

        1. well i dont exactly agree with cory, is a matter of opinion. and @calvinnj sales dont say much about how good a system is. the psp sold a good 70 million, but you dont see ppl with it much.

          1. Because the psp kinda…. Sucks…. because sony thought they Don’t need to implement any portable features into a portable and just focused on graphics….
            Plus there was no support

            1. yea thats kinda harsh, it still had some great games. and I quote “just focused on graphics ” , well technology only moves forward my friend.

      1. I’d argue the PS3 has far greater utility than the 360 and thus, is the superior console in my opinion. For online gaming though, I’ll have to say the 360 wins by far, it’s closer now than the first year or so that the PS3 was out.

    1. Raymond, I’ve already stated in a previous comment thread that you’ll be banned if you keep repeating the same thing over and over in comment threads and on Twitter. I’ve explained that it’s a headline. It’s For Emphasis. End of.

      1. is it a problem if i correct you guys? no? then ok:

        1. lets start with the obvious, I am not a troll, just because i made a question that has the word psvita in it doesnt make it an offensive term to your cult of the nintendo fanboys.

        2. second, ps vita doesnt suck its actually a good portable, 3ds and psvita are in diffrent league because of there prices, so dont feel like i said something bad of your precious handheld.

        3. third, “nintendo is fun, psvita is only graphics” thats probably the most stereotypical thing i herd, good visuals enhance gameplay, and theres lots of good fun games on plastation. to name a few uncharted, little big planet…but who cares you might say they all copied from nintendo.

        4. nintendo doesnt dominate eveything, they where actually in a crysis some months ago and possibly right now too.

        5. i now i might have some small grammer problems (lower case “i” and some spelling) but you guys really have difficulties typing.

        try to learn some.

          1. ugh I’m a nintendo fan and fanboys like these make nintendo look bad. he’s not a troll for wondering how vita sales will go. Can’t we just enjoy video games?

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