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Nintendo Wii: 2011 Is A Golden Year For Animal Crossing Fans!

Nintendo Europe has announced that every month this year you can get your hands on an exclusive new item of Golden Series furniture for Animal Crossing: Let’s Go To The City on Wii. Items in the Golden Series cannot be bought so you’ll need to speak to Postman Pete between September 1st and 29th to start receiving these exlusive items.

All you have to do to get your hands on the golden screen is make sure you bump into your friendly postman, Pete, between September 1st and 29th. Speaking to Pete between this period is the only way to get the golden screen, so keep a look out for your neighbourhood postman!

Update: Turns out this isn’t a new campaign. Nintendo has basically started it up again this month. Thanks to those who let me know!

41 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: 2011 Is A Golden Year For Animal Crossing Fans!”

          1. Can’t date, marry, and have a slave baby in Animal Crossing as far as I’m aware. Ergo, Harvest Moon > Animal Crossing.


      The author *is* incorrectly capitalizing some words (‘a’, ‘from’, and ‘is’ should remain lowercase); but the majority of the words are supposed to look exactly how they’re written above. Even being partially correct, however, you really don’t have a right to complain. Your first sentence is a fragment, you left out the apostrophe in the conjunction ‘it is’, and you forgot to capitalize the first letter of each sentence.

      If you’re going to be a jerk about grammar, try not to be such a hypocrite.

      1. No, the troll that always brought it up got Banned finally. This guy was just making him look moar stoopid by pointing out all of his own grammatical error since he was being such a douche about it…

  1. Hella old news. I wont let myself get addicted to that game again though. Not even getting the one for the 3DS. That game devours souls…

  2. Man I didn’t get into this game until just last year. I was literally addicted to it. I think I WILL definitely get this one.

  3. Do they sell for a lot at nooks shop? BtW sickr I didn’t know you can ban people that’s cool but can’t they just switch email adresses and go back to being annoying?

  4. Btw who the hell cares about grammer we can read what sickr writes be grateful that sickr gives out news on nintendo. I find every article extremely significant!

        1. Dude, did I ever say Havest Moon is better then Animal Crossing? I just said that sony fanboy thing because for instance; pyro2000x (biggest sony cock-rider on youtube) bashes nintendo games while he never even plays them and I thought angry birds was overrated but once I got a smartphone and downloaded it, I found it to be pretty fun actually. So you can’t bash on a product until you actually experienced it.

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  6. this is probably due to the fact that they made AC:City Folk/AC:Let’s Go To The City one of the Nintendo Select games for $20. But I am hoping to refill my friend roster back up! I am going to ask my Euro friends to send me these items so I can be awesome and unique, like the other thousands of Americans who receive the items from their Euro friends(mates)!

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