Nintendo Wii: Pornographic Drawings Found Inside Used Wii Game

A mother was left in shock after her six-year-old boy purchased a copy of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games and found pornographic drawings inside the used video game. The game was purchased at US retail chain Gamestop.

“They were extremely inappropriate. It was very sexual in nature and I was not prepared to answer the questions of what was going on in the picture.”

Traci Turner said she contacted GameStop to report the matter but the customer service representative thanked her and then hung up. Turner expected them to have more of a reaction and actually apologize, which they didn’t.

“It was kind of shocking because I expected them to have more of a reaction like I did. Like, ‘Oh my gosh, can you bring it to us. I apologize.’”




    1. saying sorry admits guilt, thank you is the proper responce. lest you want to bear blame. gamestop nor the rep wants that burden. plus there is not enough time to check every booklet that comes into the store. also by gamestop standerds they are not paying for the book or the box for they are only buying the game. hence why they will make a case for it when you don’t bring one in. former gamestop employee.

      1. It’s almost like an employee from gamestop put the pics in there because everytime I trade in a game they always open up the case and inspect the inside

    1. Isn’t that standard protocol for GameStop? This person was probably promoted.
      My guess is if she called the actual GameStop store where she bought the game, they probably hung up on her because one of their own employees did it. But who knows and who cares? And how well drawn does a picture have to be, to be considered porn? I don’t think I could draw that well.

  1. >Dad plays some Wii
    >Decides to watch some porn afterwards
    >Leaves in Wii case
    >Mom sees
    >Blames on Gamestop

        1. What do you mean you don’t agree with me?! Do you know who your dealing with?! *smashes button* *Australia explodes*

  2. I’m pretty sure something else happened there, surely they open the case to check the CD is in there and works, so surely they would have noticed it?
    And why would they say “Oh my gosh can you bring it to us?”
    Why would they want it? Just throw it away and ignore it, it shouldn’t have happened but what dyou expect them to do about it?

    1. Someone could have his it under the instruction booklet, or inside it. In any case you’re right they wouldn’t want it brought to them but they could’ve at least said sorry.

  3. Oh my god, very badly drawn cartoon-sex! We’re all gonna die!
    But the Packaging says “its rated E FOR EVERYONE!!!” :D (source video = lol)
    imho it only shows how good Gamestop “checks” their used games.

  4. So it was some badly drawn porn, big deal. Even a 13 year old could have done that.

    What I think it’s amuzing though, is that it happened in CUMMING, Ga.

  5. I wanna do this now. Lol. Except I’m going to put a real picture in the case. It’ll be in the instruction manual so they wont see it.

  6. Strange, every gamestop I’ve ever been to keeps the games and cases separate on the shelf until you purchase, although it could happen, I’ve had a dumbass sell me the display case and never give me the game or manual.

  7. Gamestop = assholes.

    Everytime I go to my local gamestop the employees just sound like they can’t wait for you to leave…

    1. Then you haven’t met me. I try to make everyone feel welcome.

  8. this wouldnt happen. gamestop takes the booklets out of their games (as proven by the deus ex incident) and always opens the case and puts the disc in right in front of the customer.

  9. Actually that picture was apart of the game. Mario and Sonic performing the 100m sack toss on each other.

    Get over it, lady. Your boy’s got to grow up some time. Some alot faster than others.

  10. these are the risk you take when youre cheap ass wont support a game company and opts to buy use products lol im happy it happen on a used game though, imagen a weiner on a brand new copy of LoZ:SS XD

  11. Gamestop is such a joke… bastards. The employees were probably the ones who stuck the drawing in the game case… and why the balls didn’t they check the game when it was traded in?! They probably just tossed it in a drawer somewhere and forgot about it. That’s just rude (and crude) customer service, no matter where you work.

  12. Lol hillarious, the damage has been done, its pointless to te gamestop. Your child already saw it. And has a responsible mother she should check the games throughly as well.

    1. She did now it gonna have porno lol i watched porn 2day aswell. Mmm asian girls back 2 the point u cant killl her to check EVERY game just 2 see if it got porn.

      1. Back in my day you got useless stuff like a poster, a membership to some sort game club, or “points” to buy more useless stuff when you got a game…now you get fapping material.

      2. im anonymous the one about the asian girls Mmm just want to clarify one point i meant to say she DIDNT KNOE IT WAS GONNA HAVE PORN.

  13. Gamestop again?
    The last time I heard of them was when a kid found pr0n pics on a DSi lol

    Sorry for the poor english :c

  14. I wonder if it was a gamestop employee that did it. I mean, they usually check the discs before they mark them. Then again, sooner or later they are going to teach the kid anatomy at school, so this is like an early start.

  15. You guys don’t know the full story, so maybe it wasn’t Gamestop’s laziness. Maybe the forgot to check just that ONE, and they got unlucky. I mean, they have to go through 100’s of games a day just to find the usual- an instruction manual (if they have one) other random ads/club nintendo papers, and a slightly scratched up or more game.

    Yet again, I would’ve fired the worker who just said “Thanks” and hung up. I mean, I would also expect a little reaction. Yet again, I would’ve also brought it to the store.

  16. She could be… lying for some weird publicity of some kind??? Stuff like this can get some publicity… I mean… 1. Pornographic drawing is not a big deal… it’s hardly going to warp his mind and fuck him up for life and become a serial killer…. 2. I doubt and game store looked through every page of a manual to make sure its okay… so it was most likely in the manual left by the previous owner… if that’s the case what 6 year old reads the manual?.. if it wasn’t in the manual and in the case itself or it was put their by the employee then that’s there fault… but doesn’t mean you bitch about it to…whoever originally took this statement… Americans >.> Making mountains out of mole hills once again

    1. And the only person in the wrong is this lady…. HOW DARE YOU BUY FROM GAMESTOP

    1. What??? draw pictures of sexually oriented content… Leonardo Da Vinci is already dead sadly v.v

    2. And you are sick for wanting people to be shot. Maybe it was an accident? Maybe it was intentional? Doesn’t give you the right to say “Off with their heads” for something stupid. That kid will look at porn either way, maybe he is! We don’t know.

  17. Maybe the kid drew the porn ?
    And then opened up the case later and made out it was there before, whilst acting innocent?
    After all kids seem to be experiencing this “stuff” quite early these days
    Just a thought…
    Anywayz LOL

  18. Gamestop not checking their games aside,
    Violence is okay, sex isn’t. Makes no damn sense…

  19. Wait… why is a 6 year old playing video games in the first place? Don’t get me wrong, I love video games and I’ve been playing them since I was little (probably 8. 7 at the longest) but 6 years old seems alittle young… But i guess it’s just lazy parenting.

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