Nintendo Wii: New Dragon Quest Game To Be Revealed To The World On September 5th

Square Enix has announced that it plans to show off a new Dragon Quest game in Japan on September 5th. Most people believe the game will be Dragon Quest X which is exclusive to the Wii. Square Enix has yet to show off any footage from Dragon Quest X so it would be the perfect time to showcase the game to the public.

Official Stream


  1. Never played any Dragon Quest game. Guys, on a scale of 1 to 10 how epic/great are the games most of the time?

    1. If you like Final Fantasy games, they’d be pretty Epic.

      DQ1: Epic ranking: 2 (poor, hard to make it through, original NES version)
      DQ2: 6, it’s nice having some help
      DQ3: one of my personal favorites, 9
      DQ4: 8
      DQ5: 8
      DQ6: 8
      DQ7: never played, they didn’t remake it yet
      DQ8: never played, they didn’t remake it yet
      DQ9: 10, pure awesomeness.

      The side series are hit or miss, I didn’t like DQM, but I’m not a pokemon fan. Rocket slime I loved, and the DQW (wars) was pretty pathetic as well. I also didn’t care for the Masked Queen and mirror tower either.

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