Nintendo 3DS: Sony Says PlayStation Vita Pricing Hasn’t Been Influenced By Nintendo 3DS

Sony’s global studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has told gaming publication Edge that Sony’s $249 price tag for its forthcoming PlayStation Vita was not a reaction to the affordable price tag Nintendo set for the Nintendo 3DS.

“$250 or €250 has always been our target price to hit for PS Vita, since the beginning of the development of the platform in 2008.”

“We did not price PS Vita to match 3DS. Consumers have to see the value to shell out their hard-earned money, so each product must have the right price to meet the consumers’ perception of the value proposition of each product. We believe €250 – €300 for the 3G/WiFit model – is the right price for PS Vita.”


  1. No matter what they say, they obviously made it that cheep to compete with 3DS. And this price drop will lower PSVITA sales among casual players.

    1. You think the Vita is for casuals? Not with the line-up they have. It’s for us hardcore gamers.

      1. Lol, yeah, right, I’ll bet you’ll be quite the hardcore gamer when you’ll go through Uncharted touching glowing spots on the screen with which you’ll be unable to die in any possible way!

      2. Honestly, I don’t see how the touchpad in back can be used for much. Maybe for mini games or stuff like that but it seems like it would get in the way for other games.

      3. I know it’s for hardcore gamers. My point was that casual gamers are more attracted to 3DS, but they knew in order to steal any consumers from 3DS they needed to price it the same as 3DS. I doubt they were worried about any hardcore gamers. In other words, I know PSVITA is hardcore, my point is that now there is no hope for VITA stealing any casual gamers from 3DS ;)

              1. was that directed at me? because, I don’t see your point if it is. I don’t troll, I defend. HUUUGE difference there. Plus, you’ll always see that my responses are always backed up by facts, a quality that many Sony trolls lack.

          1. Ya, those two words mean nothing… except to try and single new-gamers and veteran gamers. For some reason people want to prove to others that they’ve been playing video games for a while, so they call themselves hardcore; when is the last time you’ve seen someone call themselves “casual”?

            1. lol like one person i know calls their self casual, he is on youtube, he calls his self farmhouse but thats about it. these days everybody wants to be “hardcore” just like people want to be rich!

    2. Oh how I wish Sickr would stop making Sony related news posts. They’re usually just a bunch of propoganda to cause fan wars. *Sigh* Whatever you won’t believe me. You trust Sickr more than you would me. *Sigh* If people are still commenting here I’ll probably get a few people agreeing who will actually make my comment look worse rather than better. Alas…alas…

      1. haha i noticed that too. Probably a typo by sickr, but knowing Sony, you just never know what they’re gonna rip-off next… (insert all-caps Sony defendant rage comment below)

        1. Nintendo copied 3D from movies, the analogue nub from the PSP (it’s not an analogue stick, it’s a nub) the PS1 was the first console with 2 analogue sticks so Nintendo copied that as well. Nintendo copied AR from sony, a Patent filed by sony shows that sony patented the technology used by the Wii U in 2009, the DS copied touch screen with stick from PDA’s, the list goes on and on. Companies copy from each other all the time, Nintendo’s guilty of it but you’re too blind to see it.

          1. your such an idiot, augmented reality doesn’t belong to anyone, everything ur saying is so idiotic, almost all consoles have 2 analog sticks, the analog “nub” is just a shortened analog stick, ur just being picky about what you say, none of those thing are very big

            1. So how does his logic hold up? That sony copied WiFi from nintendo? How does that even work? Also, people that think that Nintendo owns the touchscreen and cameras. You only disagree with what I say because it proves how Every company uses ideas previously incorporated but you believe everything sony does steals from nintendo.

              1. ok dude, if you HONESTLY, truly want me to bring up the entire list of things that Sony “copied” from Nintendo, then trust me, I will. But simply saying that Nintendo “copied” Sony for having 2 analog sticks is highly unrelevant. But if we’re gonna play the “copycat” game, then basically every button, control pad, and shoulder button on the PS3 controller is in “some way” “copying” what Nintendo did first. I’m just saying this because you started this, but if you wanna argue, go ahead and try.

                1. SO every game company (sony, microsoft, sega) ripped off nintendo? Your just as bad as apple saying samsung ripped THEM off just because their phones look alike

                  1. you say the analog “nub” on the 3ds was copied from the psp yet your ignorance surprises, have you heard of NES max controller, that has an analog “nub”oh and the analog stick, ill tell you the history
                    PS1 is released (controller has no analog sticks)
                    N64 is released (controller has an analog stick)
                    1 year later the PS1 controller has 2 analog stick

        2. A typo? Wouldn’t he have just copied and pasted? Not to mention the t is far away from both the i and the m on a keyboard thus the chances of accidently pressing it are low. I want to see the source myself so that I’ll know whether or not it was typed the same in the original.

  2. So I’ll assume the fact you’re releasing Vita is the ONLY reason there was crazy applause when you announced that price point @ E3 2011 then? :P

      1. There was applause, but now look at the hypocrisy. You say you don’t troll, you defend, he didn’t say anything bad, but you felt insecure about how bad the 3ds is doing so you resort to making up lies. The ps vita has won countless awards at game shows while the 3ds had none.

  3. This gadget is greater and runs better games than any smartphones which they sell $500+, and we’ll believe it’s worth $249 ? (-_-‘)
    I’m tired of Sony’s hypocrisy. “Nonono, we’ve been working on Move since 2003, we swear!!!”

    1. Smart phones are 500$ without contracts but are usually dirt cheap with one.

      Hence why the 3G model has to be cheap, an if the 3G model is cheap, then the wifi model has to be cheaper, since it has less tech.

      And if I remember correctly the psp go was 250$ when it came out….. Or was that the original psp…..

      1. Tell that to apple with their rumored cloud iphone coming out. Rumors are pointing at 400$ for it and it has less then half the tech of a normal iphone.

  4. Sure. Reason why you launched the PS3 at $600.

    Yeahhh, rrrright SONY! I believe you.

    “Consumers have to see the value to shell out their hard-earned money, so each product must have the right price to meet the consumers’ perception of the value proposition of each product.”

    LOL! @SONY

    1. When the PS3 was released Blu-Ray was new and most Blu-Ray players cost thousands. The PS3 was the cheapest Blu-Ray player and now it’s the dominant format. But I’m only explaining this to a troll that lacks logic so I’ll stop trying to reason with you.

      1. “But I’m only explaining this to a troll that lacks logic so I’ll stop trying to reason with you.”

        A troll ? DAMN *- you know nothing of me. PLEASE. I’m just voicing my opinion. This explanation from SONY is bullshit IMHO…
        Plus, don’t act like the PS3 wasn’t super expensive at launch (Bluray player or not, who cares- the system was too expensive).

        That’s Wikipedia for you:
        “The PS3 was given the number-eight spot on PC World magazine’s list of “The Top 21 Tech Screwups of 2006”, where it was criticized for being “Late, Expensive and Incompatible”

        Yes. You read well; EXPENSIVE.

        Now calm down, because I’m a PS3 owner, I hate fanboys so STFU with your troll theories. Thank you.

          1. No problem you’re welcome, one of the things I hate the most in life are: fanboys.
            Like… the ones who think Nintendo invented motion gaming, when SONY already had it in the early 2000’s (Richard Marks anyone???),
            or like the ones who need to bash the 3DS because “Vita” has superior hardware.
            So to be called a troll or fanboy is the biggest insult ever to me :)
            YES Bluray was luxury, the problem is that most people didn’t care (DVD upscaling was enough for them) and the PS3 was too expensive as a game system.
            That didn’t prevent me to buy it and enjoy Heavenly Sword & Lair (which I can’t play anymore today; I can’t believe how it sucks LOL but it was amazing to me back in 2007)
            I’m sorry, I’m still laughing about their explanation. I love SONY but their representatives always sound like LIARS to me. Their mouthes are full of lies, plus they are always bashing other companies, so who cares if people bash on them as well. BTW It’s SONY. They’re grownups, they are a HUGE corporation with LOADS of money so don’t feel bad for them. The Vita will be amazing and will sell big time IMHO (even more than PS3) I’m looking forward to ModNation Racers on it (my fav’ PS3 game), but I’ll be playing Nintendo exclusives on my 3DS. Just like I did with my PSP & NDS. Cheers…

            1. I thought I was the only one that bought one at launch lol. At least when nobody was playing online I got to pick the good PSN ID’s since almost none were taken. I agree, the 3DS and PS VITA are completely different and people can’t understand that.

      2. That’s always been Sony’s selling point. The PS@ was a cheap DVD player that’s why it sold so well initially. Now they do the same with the PS# and Blu Ray.

        Sony’s always like, “Hey, I have a cheap DVD player for ya, btw, it play video games too.” And everybody’s all ” Wow! 2 for 1? I can’t pass that up” Now all Sony has to do is sit back and let the money roll in.

      3. That’s always been Sony’s marketing stratergy. The PS2 was a cheap DVD player that’s why it sold so well initially. They did it again with the PS3 and Blu Ray. Sony’s always like “Hey guys! I’ve got a cheap DVD player for ya, btw, it also plays video games!” And everybody’s like “Oh shit, son! 2 for 1? No way I can pass this one up.”

        DVD player first, game console second. And that’s how thw the PS2 became the best selling game console of all time. The DVD player came first, the good games came after.

        1. So basically Sony’s telling all their fans that they’re not gonna lower the price, they just want their customers to work harder and earn them.

      4. i got a blu-ray player not long after the ps3 came out, it was $200, stop exaggerating to make your point. and obviously you are a troll without any logic.

        1. Did you get it from a shady man wearing a trenchcoat in a parking lot? You’re only saying that because you know I’m right or you don’t remember how expensive blu-ray players were.

    2. I think they might be telling the truth. Despite what some people may think the people at Sony aren’t total idiots. They would take into account the fact that the PS3 didn’t sell well priced at 600$. I’m sure they wouldn’t expect a handheld priced at 350-400$(or higher) to sell well so they decided on a price they thought would sell.

  5. Haven’t Sony realised yet that people aren’t going to buy a overpriced PSP with 2 touchscreens?People would only even think about buying a expensive handheld if it had 3D capabilities.

    1. That’s a ridiculous comment see as most people I know don’t even use the 3D due to its flaws. Also if your comment were the case why did 3DS completely flop at its release price point? I have yet to have a person tell me that the vita is over priced for what it offers.

      1. The 3DS had a hard time in the beginning because of a lack of launch games. It’s seen increases since the price cut, but remember: the eShop is now open, OoT 3D has been released, and some of the best new 3DS games are right around the corner. I’d say the original price point of the 3DS had little to do with the sales, then or now.

        1. it had everything to do with the crappy launch line up and to the point about the psvita ya the price is reasonable to its capabilities but who wants a ps3 in there hand just get a ps3…nintendo knows, handheld needs to do something that a home console cant what sony has shown with what there doing with the touch is pretty basic they have no idea with to do with it

          1. @Vex: #1 Welcome to the Internet son, the home of stupid comments
            #2 The 3D works perfect for most people who keep their heads still
            #3 That’s because no one talks about the Vita. At all.

            1. 1. your comment is the perfect example of a stupid comment
              2. yeah, the 3D on the 3DS is pretty good
              3. Everyone talks about the PS Vita, you just don’t want to admit it. Even nintendo websites comment on the PS Vita, a poll of Japanese gamers taken in July says a VAST majority want a PS Vita over the Wii U and 3DS…Combined… Nobody talks about the 3DS actually…

              1. Ok, Jio, since you’re apparently going to respond to every single comment I make, then that makes all of your comments stupid. And honestly, no, no one in my school even knows what a PS Vita is, and yes, they play video games. Just because a poll that could have been made up by you in 5 seconds says that Japanese people want them…..well, there you go. You got me. Amazing job.

                1. Elementary school kids don’t know anything about games, when I showed my roommate my 3ds he thought I was playing a special DSi, nobody knows what a 3ds it’s and it’s already out, everyone knows about the vita. If you want proof, google japanese ps vita wii u poll and you’ll see how little people care about the 3ds

                  1. hey, Jio, i say boy, do you live in a mad house? you seem to be trolling EVERYTHING nintendo related, if you hate nintendo that much then leave

                    you say nobody knows what a 3DS is yet i have a total of more than 71 street pass hits, you sir are insane

    2. Yeah I have to agree with the other guy here, that’s a pretty dumb thing to say. the 3DS didn’t sell well after the launch because of it’s price point even with 3D. It only started to sell after the Price Drop. For what it offers, the Vita is a pretty damn good price, I don’t intend to buy one because simply, I have a 3DS, PS3 and an iPhone 4, it makes the Vita redundant for me really. But I wouldn’t rule out getting one if the games get better in the future. Nintendo will always have the advantage when it comes to games… or they did until recently taking their sweet ass time to get good games out for the 3DS they are.

    3. @Sean Bassett

      That was definetly a fanboy comment. 3D has taken off yet and it most likely never will, most people see the 3DS as a DS with 3D. The Vita has great graphics and as you guys know people now only care about graphics.

      1. It has taken off.Ever since the 3DS game lineup became better,according to what I read on the internet,3DS sales improved.And anyway,it’s clearly stated in the advert that the 3DS is not a Nintendo DS,it’s a Nintendo 3DS.They are two completely different thing so to say it’s a “DS with 3D” is foolish.Does a DS have streetpass?No.Does a DS have spotpass?No.And it certainly doesn’t have gyroscope or 3D capabilities.

          1. That’s what the Playstation though.Just a PSP with 2 touchscreens.There’s nothing else to it.The 3DS is different,though.It has a lot of features that the DS doesn’t have.

            1. the 3DS has the exact same design, and only slightly better graphics. The PS Vita is nothing like the PSP. You fail at trolling.

              1. Lol! And you’re a pro demagogue. Waitwaitwait! Lemme try!
                “the Vita has the exact same design, and only slightliy better graphics. The 3DS is nothing like the DS. You fail at trolling.”
                lol!!! WOW!!! It also fits in perfectly!!!!! XD

              2. How am I trolling?You’re the one who’s trolling.This is a Nintendo news site,not a Sony news site.

                3DS may be the same design,yes,but it’s different.Yes,it didn’t have any games that truly stood out at launch but it’s not the games that count,it’s how unique and fun it is and the 3DS is both of those.It’s NOT the same as a DS.It’s different.The 3DS has 3D capabilities,a circle pad,gyroscope,streetpass,spotpass,nintendo video,nintendo e shop,mii creator,nintendo 3D camera,AR games etc.Basically,it has a lot of features the DS doesn’t have.The PSP Vita,meanwhile,is the same as the PSP only with 2 touchscreens.That’s all it has.

                1. PS Vita has TWO analogue STICKS not pads, advanced gyroscope, social media, N.E.A.R, 2 touchscreens, 2 cameras, a multitouch OLED screen, basically what the 3DS has but better.

                  1. WOW,people are so going to care about 2 analogue sticks(being sarcastic).
                    Since when did PSP Vita have gyroscope?What a lie.
                    NEAR-sony copying Nintendo because they can’t come up with own ideas.
                    OLED is just a fancy name for some kind of touchscreen noone’s heard of.
                    3DS does everything better and is the next generation handheld.

                    1. I can’t even comprehend the amount of stupidity in your comment…everyone’s heard of OLED, it’s 720p and multitouch while conserving battery and being bright. NEAR was being developed far before Nintendo even announced the 3DS, PS VITA has gyroscope and because it’s 50x more powerful than the 3DS the AR cameras can process the surroundings without AR cards. AR cards are used because the 3DS isn’t powerful and can’t compute the distance between the device and the surface but the PS Vita can do that on the fly and the gyroscope is state of the art. PS VITA plays PS1 games, PSP games, and PS Vita games. If two analogue sticks weren’t a big deal then why does every console have them? Even the 3DS is getting a second attachable analogue stick. You sir, do not know anything.

                  2. Who cares…
                    People can’t play Mario on Vita.
                    Just like people won’t be able to play Uncharted on 3DS…
                    Both world wins.
                    Nintendo & Sony are completely different things/ flavours, who cares if you buy one or the other, or if one is more technically advanced than the other. it’s about GAMES. Just enjoy your videogames…

                2. its not the games that matter but what you can do with it? are you fucking kidding me?? dude GTFO and go play with yourself, your making yourself look like a retard

                  1. If you’re console is more multipurpose,it’s better because you can do more things on it.The 3DS is a lot more multipurpose than PSP Vita and 3D therefore better.Nintendo always do original ideas too so are therefore miles better than sony.

            2. The Vita can do everything the 3DS can do except the 3D. The Vita can Cross-game chat, the friggin PS3 cannot do that. The Vita is more of a Next gen handheld than the 3DS. You guy need to accpet the 3DS just cannot be compared to the Vita, Nintendo ain’t going to murder you in your sleep if you say that.

              1. It can’t do gyroscope,streetpass,spotpass,nintendo video,nintendo 3DS camera,mii creator etc.It can’t do most of the things 3DS can do.Playstation Vita is a epic fail.3DS is the next generation handheld,NOT vita.

                1. NEAR is like streetpass and spotpass combined, it’ll have android apps so much more than just youtube, 2 camera’s, like I said in the above comment. 3DS is last gen, PS Vita is next gen.

                  1. your all idiots, just stop fighting, sean, you are making nintendo look bad, and jiro, your making sony look even worse than it already does, both have features the others don’t, yes, i agree the 3ds is better, but that is just because they have more stuff i like, the vita is great if you like features over fun games, just STOP FIGHTING!!!

                    1. You’re the one fighting, you purposely put “features over fun games” because you knew you would start another fan war. The PS Vita already has more games announced than the entire 3DS lineup for this and next year and it’s not even released yet. The PS Vita has features and amazing games while the 3DS has ports… The PS vita has ports as well but I want all nintendo fanboys to stop saying Sony has no games because they can’t afford a PS3.

                2. It can do Gyroscope, it can do something like streepass and spotpass, Nintendo video is rubbish. You can download videos over the internet on the Vita… heck you can do that on the PSP. It has a camera, Mii’s are pointless Nintendo doesn’t do anything with the. Your to arrogant, if the 3DS was still priced at 250 when the Vita is release it would’ve kicked it ass. The 3DS is in the same generation as the PSP not Vita. What a idiotic bum licking fanboy.

                  1. Wow, from this final insult, we all can tell you’re also an “idiotic bum licking fanboy”, to speak the same language.
                    But, unlike the guy you called an “idiotic bum licking fanboy”, I’m highly questioning the reason of your presence on this blog…
                    Would that make you a “worse idiotic bum licking fanboy” ? You go on others’ fanboys websites to act like a jerk, cuz simply being happy with your Sony shit on a deserved sony-shit-website ain’t enough? I think so… (And that applies to Jio too)

                    1. I don’t know about him, but I go on here because I own a 3DS and am getting a Wii U. I just hate how this website doesn’t mind it’s own business, constantly bashing Sony instead of staying in Nintendo territory.

                    2. Oh piss off annonymous your just some kid who calls everyone fanboy. I’m on this blog to see 3DS and Wii U news because i own a 3DS and planning on getting a Wii. I don’t have a favourite company, so if i Sony fanboy bashes the 3DS then i defend the 3DS, if a Nintendo fanboy bashes the Vita i would defend the Vita. Use your brain. The first comment saw in this website was you calling someone a fanboy, your a childish sad little bastard.

                  2. Nintendo video is fantastic for a freebie.
                    Streetpass and spotpass rule
                    Miis rule.
                    I bet these 2 PSP cameras don’t do 3D though.
                    3DS is in a generation of it’s own.
                    And in a reply to previous comment,”NEAR”sounds like a cheap streetpass rip off

                    1. No, Near allows you to chat and do cross party chat. you don’t need friend codes to play online with the vita, it’s regular online, basically something impossible for Nintendo.

                    2. @jio Do I need to chat with a handheld?No.Who cares about chatting to people you pick up on a game console?(for some reason it wouldn’t let me reply to your comment)

                    3. Why do you need 3D on a handheld? Why do you need Streetpass? Why do you need Spotpass? Why do you need friend codes? ect.

                  3. Wow Joseph. Haha, seriously man….. you’re pushing yourself too hard.
                    OK, let’s put the facts as they are: my first comment was saying that the VITA is a nicer gadget than any smartphone. 2nd: You’re the first one from me to be called fanboy. So I don’t know what you’re talking about, but anyway, consider this as a privilege, lil’ boy!
                    And if I understood correctly, finally, you’re the kind of guy who’s gonna say Black whenever I say white, and White whenever I say black. Cool. Must be fun hanging out with you. Seems you’re a nice person! Got any fixed opinion, like when someone will think the same thing, you won’t think differently just for the fun of it? Except saying “yeah, when you’re a jerk!” cuz that would def be quite free, easy and gay, and I except something higher, intellectually speaking, from a guy like you.

                    1. …This is your last resort? so you’re saying that every company that uses gyroscope is copying nintendo? Every company with a touchscreen is copying nintendo? THE MOVIE THEATERS COPIED NINTENDO WITH 3D! You’re logic doesn’t even make sense.

                    2. Yep Sony is copying of companies ideas, Nintendo invents ideas, yeah they invented Motion controls, touchscreen, Gyroscope ect


                      Technology would never evolve if companies don’t copy each other.

                    3. Sean, shut up! you’re making us Nintendo fans look like crap!!!
                      Now Jio and Joseph, let’s get things straight. Graphics? Wow, yea, because those are all it takes to sell a handheld these days, those iTouches proved that. (sarcasm) 3D? It’s not that big of a deal, but i’d say it’s neater than a touchpad on the back of the system. 3G? For all the money you’d be paying for that, you could buy a PS3 and a game for it. Gyroscope? Camera? Augmented-Reality? Both systems have those. One is a lot cheaper. Who needs Spotpass?Streetpass?Friend-Codes? Well, who needs multi-touch when you have a full set of controls? Who needs a touchpad on the BACK of the console when you already have one on the front? Who needs to pay an extra fifty dollars for 3G? And, “Miis are stupid Nintendo does nothing with them” Atleast you can MAKE personal avatars. But seriously, when you start insulting Miis, that’s really gettin desperate. Sure Vita’s got snazzy grafics, a better online, and a second analogue stick. But seriously now, with all the first party games coming out this coming year, the price drop, the new colors, and a year’s head start on the market, I can almost garentee you that the Vita will end up just like the Go. Has all the awesome, cool, do-everything features, but has an outrageous price and is overshadowed by something people want much more. And also, the 3DS can download videos. Netflix, idiot.

                    4. @spriggax, How will the PS Vita end up like the PSP GO when the pre-orders already outsell the PSP GO by a lot? The PSP GO cost A LOT more than the PSP but did less which is why it sold less. The PS VITA costs 250, but does more than the 3DS, and has a strong first and third party lineup. The key word is third party, something Nintendo has neglected *cough* developers canceling games because the system is doing poorly, while even indie developers are making PS Vita games because it only costs $3000 to develop for the Vita while it costs $7000 to develop for the 3DS.

                    5. *facepalm*
                      Oh, wow, Jio again. Why am I not surprised?
                      But wait a minute here. Did you say first AND third party? or just third? because, how many games have been completely developed by Sony? This is irrelevant, but I’m just pointing out something you said. Yes, it’s got a strong third party line-up, but many could just get the same, even a much better experience by getting a game of the same series for the PS3, which is now at the same price.

                    6. ‘ every company that uses gyroscope is copying nintendo?’-yes,because they do.
                      “Every company with a touchscreen is copying nintendo?”Yes,because they do.
                      Oh,and movie screens and game consoles are completely different things.Nintendo are the first to introduce stereoscopic 3D to the gaming world,whilst film companies are first to introduce it to movie world.

  6. One thing I don’t quite get about the PS Vita is why it doesn’t have L2+R2 buttons. It’s not like they were worried about making it slim with those two obnoxious analog sticks. They kinda threw the whole, “slimline handheld” model out the window when they stuck them on there. Don’t get me wrong, I WISH the 3DS had a second Circle Pad, but most people who aren’t huge giantanormous nerdlings just carry a handheld in their pocket, those joysticks will be digging into your leg the whole time.

    I know the Circle Pad is strictly speaking a Nintendo thing but the PSP had a similar thing instead of an analog stick, why not have two better versions of that?

    Which brings me back to my original statement, why are there no L2+R2 buttons on the Vita? They clearly weren’t worried about keeping it slimline and expected everyone to carry it around in geek-cases, so… what’s up with that?

    1. The joysticks would probably get ruined from being in your pocket or another tight space, usually where portable systems are kept. Maybe if they offer some sort of protection, I may get one eventually.

    2. they probably think the front/back touchpad will act as the L2+R2, just check the uncharted or resistance demos, they use the touch screen for actions that usually need L2 or R2.
      but i agree with you

    3. IIRC, you can twist the analog sticks to lock them(How many people are going to forget to do that?), and you could use the back panel for L2 and R2. Why does 3DS need a second Cpad anyway? IT HAS A TOUCH SCREEN AND A GYROSCOPE. GHET OVAR IT!.

  7. I’m buying vita! Though I wish sony was not a douche licking company (hehehe lick…) Like really they bash nintendo products and copy them (EXAMPLE: copied wii after bashing it!!) Though I am a nintendo freak I’m taking my chances with the 3G model because if call of duty is a launchg title which I hear it is I’m gonna buy it! Also don’t bash me for wanting vita I want to be able to play some games that wouldn’t make it on a 3DS and I like how vita is shiny he he he!

  8. I’m buying vita! Though I wish sony was not a douche licking company (hehehe lick…) Like really they bash nintendo products and copy them (EXAMPLE: copied wii after bashing it!!) Though I am a nintendo freak I’m taking my chances with the 3G model because if call of duty is a launchg title which I hear it is I’m gonna buy it! Also don’t bash me for wanting vita I want to be able to play some games that wouldn’t make it on a 3DS and I like how vita is shiny hehehe!

  9. Nintendo FTW! Oh shit double post Sorry! Also I know this bitch xbox fanboy and he said every wii game sucks wtf is with people there is smash bros super mario galaxy epic yarn cityfolk metroid other m wii play mario kart wii wii sports resort twlight princess and a lot more he must be retarded!

  10. I like sony but I know that is BS.

    Im still gonna get it though and that is for sure. We will have to wait and see if it sells better then the 3DS though. I think 3DS would of done well at $249 if it had all the games comin out in December/November at launch plus if Pokemon B/W was made for it too.

    1. So? Every cell phone with a touch screen copied the DS? The DS then, copied the touch screen from PDA’s. if your logic is valid then nintendo copied 3D from movie theaters and should be brought to court.

      1. there are some things that just can’t be copied, they belong to everyone, like 3d, touch screens, and A.R, so just stop using those as examples. i hate sony and love nintendo, but that doesn’t cloud my logic, so it shouldn’t cloud yours either.

        1. Unlike you I love sony AND nintendo, I’m saying these things because nintendo fanboys refuse to look at logic. Tell that to Nintendo fanboys who say that Sony copied everything from nintendo, even know their argument has no merit.

      2. Nintendo did not invent many of the things that Fanboys claim they “created”, but they certainly were innovative in the way they were able to use them in creative ways for gaming, as well as bringing some of these features into the mainstream. You’re being just as ridiculous of a fanboy, troll, whatever you want to call it as the other ridiculous people on this page.

  11. I don’t care about Sony products, especially not about PSV, but this makes me very angry.

    $250 or €250

    God dammit, why? WHY, you greedy bastards!?! €250 = $348 and not $250!!!!! Fuck you!

  12. Too much fanboy rage in the comments, it’s unbelievable…
    What about Vita & 3DS just being different worlds/ flavours?
    Apple & oranges…
    You won’t be able to play the next Mario’s or Zelda’s on Playstation Vita, just like you can’t play Uncharted or Killzone on Nintendo 3DS.
    So what? Who cares if one can do 3D and the other not, or if the one has better graphic card. Buy the system for the games you like the most, or the two of them (best of two worlds!) but PLEASE stop the meaningless fan rage.
    It’s not about who has the biggest. It’s about GAMES.

    My 2 humble cents.

      1. i don’t like trolls, i don’t call people trolls, but in saying that someone is being a troll, how do you think that makes you sound. if you don’t want people to troll, then you shouldn’t troll.

        1. and p.s, nintendo will always have better first party games than anyone else, that is why they will always come out on top. it also has more than 1 or 2 games that aren’t shooter or racing or something like that.

          1. Nintendo first party games: Mario, Zelda, Pikmen….

            Sony first party games: Resistance, Killzone, inFAMOUS, Twisted metal, Gran Turismo, Demons Souls, Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted, Motorstorm, ect.

            1. Wow, 3 IPs? That’s all you could name for nintendo? Don’t be so modest. I could enjoy games from 1 ninty IP more than half those Sony ones combined.

            2. What? I don’t want to be a part of this fanboy war mess going on here but Nintendo has waaaaay more IPs than what you listed…

              Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Pokemon, DK, Kirby, Pikmin, Star Fox, Fire Emblem, Golden Sun, Earthbound, Kid Icarus, Pikmin etc.

              1. Well sorry, my last Nintendo console was the Gamecube. I jumped the sinking ship when Iwata became the lead and stopped caring about Hardcore gamers. Nintendo was like sony back then, making powerful consoles for core gamers and getting low sales, now they make casual crap with high sales.

                1. casual crap with high sales with loads of very creative games, as well as crap which has revolutionized gaming forever, whether you like it, or the direction it created or not.

  13. This was one of the funniest flame wars of read in a damn long time lol. Thanks for entertaining me ridiculous Nintentards, Sonytards, Microtards, Segatards, “NOn-FaNBoY D:”tards, or whatever you are, you all sound like a bunch of idiots, or you probably are. ;D

    1. Look, you aren’t gonna get respected here by calling everyone here something-tard. You obviously aren’t asking for respect, but if you wanna act like a 10-year old and insult all us people, go ahead and earn yourself the opposite.

  14. soooo… in order for people to buy something it has to be expensive? thats what i got out of that sony, and no, making something expensive makes people less likely to buy it.

    1. No they said in order for people to buy something they have to think it’s worth it’s price. In other words they decided to give it a 250$ price tag because more people will think it’s worth 250$ than will think it’s worth over 300$.

  15. I read these with added crying. “I never wanted to be competing with you! *sniff* Your price drop didn’t matter anyway *sniff* because my thing has nothing to do with your thing!”

  16. Look,I’m a big Sony fan, but for all you sony supporters bashing all the nintendo fanboys on this page, you might want to look at the name of the website. We’re on a nintendo news website last time I checked. If you go to a microsoft news website there will be tons of microsoft fanboys. You cant bash nintendo on a nintendo website and not expect to get cussed out.

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