Nintendo 3DS: Check Out This Sexy Nintendo 3DS Redesign

One of the posters over at Neogaf has decided to create what he expects the Nintendo 3DS redesign to look like. Of course we don’t know if we’re actually going to be getting a redesign, but all signs seem to point that way. Personally I’d be quite content if this is how it looked, what do you think?



      1. It’s an improvement, isn’t it? A bigger screen plus the awesome analog stick from the 3ds plus an added one for maybe camera control. I kinda like it. It would at least be an improvement with the second stick without looking like that clunky attachment they already made.

        1. A bigger screen would be BOSS! I’d probably trade up if the redesign looked similar. Only thing is, I may not be able to transfer my Ambassador games.

    1. It’s so, it can have home console-like games.

      Fak the dual stick, I dont a want portable console that’s trying to imitate home consoles. Devs want it so they can port their last gen shit, or do a dumb-down ports of their new shit.
      If i want to play a “core” shooter, i’d rather play it on a pc or console. Give me unique portable games like what DS had.
      but i like the mock up, big screen and matte.

  1. Nice, but uncool. I got the 3DS a month after release and if there’s a redesign that soon I’ll be quite upset.

  2. Why would you be content with that? It’s basically a DSi XL with analogue sliders and a home button. Would be a massive step backwards in my opinion.

    1. I was really referring to the size of the screen and the placement of the smaller Circle Pad on the right. Obviously it’s just a quick mock-up.

      1. I commented about this earlier, but if it had a bigger screen, there should be more pixels too, rather than just spreading the pixels out and having the images not look sharp.

        1. Ofc. Larger screen but less pixels? That would destroy the beauty of it, it wouldn’t really be HD anymore because we could see the pixels -_-
          I think its a pretty good mock up.

          1. Well, take the DSi, for example. It had a larger screen size than the DS, but the same amount of pixels, making the images look grainy.

  3. Before anyone says something about this being what it should have been in the first place, piss off. It’s ridiculous that people automatically expect a system to be perfect like they have with the 3DS. It’s been out for five months, no need to get your panties in a bunch so soon.

  4. i think it looks really good but it would really suck to need to buy the redesign i don`t have 1,000.000 dollars nintendo

  5. Having that second analog towards the center a bit more compared to the addon would make this into the perfect 3DS system. I could also see them do bigger screens as well.

  6. If they want Super Mario Sunshine on there, they will need to work out double click bumpers!!!
    That was an AWESOME game… kinda makes me want to play Super Mario 64 again!

  7. Let’s not get carried away..this is way too drastic of a change. I mean look at the size of those screens! Current 3ds games would be extremely stretched! Especially considering how small the touch screen is at the moment.

  8. I would buy it! I would also change it so those scratches don’t appear on the top screen. And also include 2 “L” and 2 “R” buttons. Also, I feel the official redesign will have the two circle pads be inline with each other, similar to the Wii U controller.

  9. PersonaLly I would be really anouyed!! I have been playingon the 3DS since before it even came in japan and I have loved every minute with it the way it is!! They should leave the design alone!!

  10. I don’t like the idea of a redesign for the 3DS just after the price cut… That will a back stab for all the 3DS users that bought their system with the original price…

  11. I don’t like it honestly. It looks like a DSi XL and while I don’t hate it (I actually like it), it doesn’t look like it’s the next gen console…

  12. I don’t understand why the second analog addition can’t clip on to the empty space where the pad is like in the pic. Do we really need a second set of shoulder pads? Does the PS Vita even have four shoulder buttons?

  13. It seems comfortable and it’s very pretty. It also has a bigger screen, but I don’t like the camera position and is very similar dsi XL. But with a few tweaks…

  14. The design looks okay (I kind of have to agree that it looks like a sloppy photoshop of a DSiXL with 3DS add-ons). However, if they announce a redesign this soon after launch I’m going to be rather ticked off at Nintendo. A redesign now would just be a huge slap in the face to everyone that already has one, especially those that bought their 3DS after the price cut: “Oh, hey, you spent the money to buy a 3DS, now a MONTH LATER we’re announcing a new one!! Got ya good, didn’t we?” I hope they’re not stupid enough to do that; they’d lose a shit-ton of customer support.

  15. If there were to be a bigger screen, I would want the same pixel ratio per inch, and more pixels alltogether because the images on the 3DS are much sharper than the DSi, and I don’t want a DS where you can distinguish the pixels without paying attention to them. This is why I like the iPhone 4’s screen. Just my preference.

  16. hm i like the DSi XL design way better then the 3DS so i would be happy with this. he forgot to add the 3D cameras and i think the analog controls should be leveled with each other (meaning: turning the ones on the right upsidedown.)

  17. They have already announced the attachment to the 3ds that is be to released with monster hunter for the 3ds. It was in a japanese magazine. They posted about it on

    1. DUDE, WTF are you typing about? A copy of sony’s……PSV? Where?
      1. its a mock up not real
      2. its a Dsi XL with two analog sliders and a home button.

  18. Oh screw this; I was just about to order a Red 3DS online and now they’re announcing a redesign? I’d rather wait until the damn Vita comes out and get that at this point. Foul move Nintendo, I disapprove >:(

  19. The apparent fan has absolutely no idea how awkward that would be to hold, does he? He just went for it, to try and put oil onto the re-design rumour’s flames.

  20. it looks likea good design but the right analog need to be higher like the left one and the abxybuttons need to be inline with each other

    No I do not want a new product of the 3DS
    NO I do not want the price drop to go down anymore after I had purchased the unit.
    Nintendo needs to stop :P

  22. Where’s the 3D depth slider? And it looks like a DSiXL… I prefer the shiny black of the 3DS :P

  23. I would expect them to switch the control pad and the buttons on the right side. Then it would be the same as a Wii U.

  24. Why is everyone thinking that this is real? CAUSE ITS NOT IT’S A GOSH DARN MOCK UP, A FAKE IMAGE, PHOTOSHOPPED, Christ on a bike, lets wait till Nintendo announces what it’ll look like if a redesign happens within this year, ok?

  25. It’s amazing how a lot of you guys read the headline and then immediately become illiterate. There IS a body of text under that headline, just in case you had no clue. This is a PHOTOSHOPPED IMAGE. So shut up already. It’s simply the creator’s attempt to fabricate what he/she thinks a 3DS redesign would look like. I’ll be truthful and say that this PS job is terrible. At least they tried :/

  26. Both screens should be the same size, like the XL. XL sized 3DS would be great!!!!

    The 3D slider was originally in an obvious place since it was a new idea.
    BUT, no one ever changes it once they’ve set it, just make it a touch screen slider in the game or system prefs.

    “set it and forget it”.

  27. Honestly the main reason I like the 3DS is because it doesn’t have much pixelation. My XL has MASSIVE pixelation so terrible I wish I never bought it. You guys can’t be serious.

  28. This is not so bad. Except the top screen being scratched by the botom screen.
    And something like this will come around march april next year. Look at the DS. Every year a new DS came out .. So knowing Nintendo we’ll be able to buy a new model of the 3DS next year.

  29. i like the second circle pad, it’ll make fps great for the 3ds but, ill be fine with the attachement, as long as they have an option setting for controlls so games dont require it.

  30. I don’t like the parts from the DSi series. When Nintendo changed what it looks like, especially along the edges, I was glad. The idea of a new 3DS that looks like a DSi XL isn’t appealing.

    1. ok do people not realize that this is a photo-shopped picture? i mean it even says it in the description! i amazes me how little people actually read these days

  31. I really hope they prolong the release of a remodel, because people will be REALLY pissed if they buy it, then Nintendo drops another model. They should just stick to their add-on, package it with a game people will want to buy, and then leave it at that for a while.

      1. Thanks, I also think the 3DS doesn’t needs a redesign right now, it’s already great the way it is.

        of course it could be better, but everything can be better if you look at all it’s flaws.

        1. I don’t think it does either.I like it the way it is.Not bovered about how it only has 1 circle pad.I think if the 2nd one is used for every 3DS game after the attachment comes out,they should give 3DS Ambassadors free 2nd circle pad attachments.But it certainly doesn’t need to be redesigned.

  32. IMO, it’s stupid and really uncomfortable to have one of the analog pads placed lower than the other one. Go try placing your right thumb on the free space below the YXAB-buttons while holding the analog pad and then move both of your thumbs. It really does not feel comfortable at all.. For me, at least.
    Plus, I don’t think a redesign of the 3DS is needed just because of the analog pad.. The new attachment-analog-pad, which will be released soon enough, is just fine. And they wouldn’t be able to sell enough of the redesign anyway, Nintendo had huge problems selling the first one in the first place, as everyone knows. Everyone who wants/wanted a 3DS already bought one after the price drop, nobody would buy a 2nd version of it right now, maybe one or two years later. But right now, it’s just way too early for a new, redesigned 3DS. Nintendo would make another big loss with it. That’s what I think, at least.

  33. If a 3DS redesign happens,I reckon everyone who already has a 3DS like me should get a free redesigned 3DS.It’d be unfair if we had to either pay for a attachment or a redesigned 3DS to be able to play future 3DS games.

  34. If this ends up happening just after the Wii U release. It’s Game Over to my Collection of recent Nintendo consoles! How am I ment to buy a 3DS redesign strait after the Wii U? Nintendo, Make sure you focus on your Wii U if your struggling Nintendo.

    The redesign would just be to squashed together with the controls, Which is one reason why i don’t like the Second analog stick thats coming out.

    1. I have that same picture from the airport! It’s cool how it says “Welcome to Japan” in English, but in Japanese it says “Welcome Back”.

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