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Nintendo 3DS: Capcom Release Gorgeous New Resident Evil Revelations Trailer for Nintendo 3DS

Capcom has released a new trailer for the frankly sublime looking Resident Evil Revelations on Nintendo 3DS. The game isn’t coming out til next year but expect to hear plenty more about it at next weeks Tokyo Game Show. Enjoy!

41 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Capcom Release Gorgeous New Resident Evil Revelations Trailer for Nintendo 3DS”

  1. Looks like Jill is back in business, but seriously Capcom.. Why did you have to make the unknown survivor have giant boobs and an odd haircut? She looks like an anime character.. You were doing so well with making the women look realistic.. I am disappointed..

  2. I’m a bit embarrassed for you Capcom, I’ve only recently got into the RE series and was always impressed with how well you did with keeping women covered up and still be sexy, especially Claire. But that woman at the start of the trailer? It’s like you decided to do the complete opposite! Hopefully she dies early on, not that she could see where she was going with that hair, no wonder she fell over all the time.

  3. well it seems capcom is recovering nicely from the whole megaman legends 3 outrage. im definantly looking forward to mh 3g. if all goes fairly well with this re game this might be considered a potential pickup for me as long is it isn’t a mercenaries style game which i doubt it woud be. im not complaining about the mercenaries games but i found them better as a minigame rather than a independant title.

  4. The 3DS is a lot like the PS3, priced high and with no good games. However once the price drops, the amazing games start to show up and eventually it’ll have great exclusives and sell more.

      1. Seriously? When I read “3DS Price Cuts sells 260% more” all over the internet? What slow down? Like Zelda is finished within 30 hrs? Just keep on gaming, finishing games ;)

    1. 3DS is getting some good games now. Star Fox 64 3DS Is now released and i’ve got it and enjoying it. I liked DOA and SSF4 but those were the only games i got into. Have not got LOZ OC but it’s got 30 hours of gameplay and is brilliant.

      The 3DS games lack features in many of its games :( thats the only 3DS down fall.

      And also stupid British Tabloids mainly the Sun telling lies about the 3DS and lowering their sales. Heres a quote i found on the Sun website article. ‘It will knock IQ points out of your head and convince you that English was nonsensical Gibberish’ Stupid its not true and i’ve used the 3DS for 6 months and this is so FAKE! The sun is the best selling paper in the UK thats full of lies. Blame the Sun for 3DS sales in the UK. Make The Sun start hating on the Vita now D:<!

  5. …well, this is the first time ill say something negative about this game, and yes its about that girl… she is hot, but not RE hot, its sluty hot… and i dont like sluty hot in my RE… anyway, thats a minor problem, not a deal breaker….

    1. Dead or alive Dimensions also had Jiggling lady parts in 3D when you shake the 3DS :O. Resident Evil is not the first to have lady parts in 3D.

      1. That’s hilarious. They honestly used the accelerometer to make boobs jiggle?

        I don’t buy games for :lady parts”, nor do I consider them some sort of bonus feature. I’m entirely indifferent to whichever cup size Capcom settles for with their female characters. Incidentally, this new gal is one of the only RE characters with a relatively large chest size. Hopefully it’s not her only defining feature, but I’d hesitate to call Capcom perverted because they made one of their characters a little busty.

        Not that you implied any of that, I’m just depositing my two cents into the opinion piggy bank.

  6. How does the first chick expect to see anything with her shitty haircut? And this may just be me being an avid porn watcher and Jiraiya level perv, but that stuff dripping out of the monster’s mouth doesn’t look like saliva to me. lol.

  7. I really am looking forward to this game, but all of the trailers and gameplay footage only show one type of monster. I hope there’s more variety, on the level of RE4, and it isn’t just a 1 location, 1 monster, short, rip-off game.

    I’m holding out hope since it’s still early in development and has plenty of time left until release.

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  9. LOL I laugh at how everyone is complaining about how “slutty” the mysterious girl looks not realizing that in your petty effort to stand out from the masses that crave women in sexy outfits you sound even more superficial and prejudiced than them (I can’t believe that these are the same kind of people that whines when others instantly catalogs them as “geeks” without getting to really know them). I mean, you don’t even know her personality, motivations, back-story and purpose in the plot yet according to you guys she’s already the worst that has ever happened to Resident Evil LOL F*cking hypocrites.

    1. Sir, I’m sorry, but you have spent to much time playing with your 3ds and now you’re starting to get the virtual world blurred with the real world, and sooner or later, you’re going to go throwing banana peels out your window, breaking other peoples pots and cutting their gardens looking for Rupees, your going to start jumping on turtles, hiding in cardboard boxes, yelling at random people: “DO A BARREL ROLL!!” This girl doesn’t exist beyond your screen. As much as that would normally work on a girl in real life (noting on how you said that about a girl in a game, you probably ripped off an eHow site), it won’t work with her because… SHE CAN’T HEAR YOU. Sorry to put it bluntly, but I’m just trying to save you same heartache. Thank you.

    1. It seems so. It seems she died in the trailer. It’s True Sexy-Women mainly dies in every horror film, and it’s always the Protagonist or some other main character.

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  11. This game looks beautiful, and who knows, maybe this “Rachael” chick will get a new outfit and a new haircut when the game comes out in 2012, they still have time to improve.

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