Nintendo 3DS: Sony Believes That The Best In 3D Is Still Yet To Come

Sony’s Mick Hocking, who manages Sony London Studios recently took the opportunity to chat with Industry Gamers about where the 3D market is headed. Hocking believes that it’s still early days for 3D and that the best is yet to come. What do you think?

“Looking at the future of 3D, I think we’ve really only just begun to realize its potential as a creative medium. With the combination of 3D and motion control gaming with PlayStation Move, I think titles like Resistance 3 are just scratching the surface of what’s possible.”


  1. FIRST!! I reaken 3D will become better. The Image on the 3DS brakes up often, and 3D TVs can still get better and cheeper through time. the 3DS revolutionized Glasses free 3D, because of upcoming phones.

      1. Well not so much if your looking right on the 3DS, but using the Gyro feature on Starfox you need the 3D off.

          1. it’s literally impossible to fix that problem with the 3DS unless you want to wear wierd glasses out in public instead. in order to do what you’re saying, have 3D from any angle, they’d have to use holographic technology, which is predicted to be released to the public in 2017

            1. I’ve always thought of holographic tech in my imaginations i never knew its predicted in 2017, I thought it would come in possibly 2027.

            2. In fact, i know how a 3D hologram will work but not inside. What it should be is a small cube and when you turn it on, it will show 3D holigram above it good idea. It may also be portable so you can use it in a car and buy it in shops and carry in one hand. Thats how Future Tv need to work.

              1. All you’d need is two holographic projecto on the opposite wall from your TV. They would have to be put up high and you would have to stay out of their “projecting range”, but it could be made possible.

            3. No you wouldn’t need holographic technology. You’d simply need to add more sweet spots.(at least 32) I suppose that wouldn’t be “any” angle but enough to avoid breaking the effect. Btw it’s not holographic technology but stereoscopic TV’s with more sweet spots predicted to be released around that time.

            4. No you would simply need to add more sweet spots. Also stereoscopic TV’s are predicted for 2017. I doubt holographic technology will be cheap enough for the public by 2017.

              1. Actually that can’t work. The screens pixels are set to be seen in each eye at a certain angle, you can’t move the pixels. That would be absolutely insane to accomplish, if it’s even possible!

                1. Oh and it looks like I was wrong about the 2017 thing it will take that long to get it ready and who knows how long before it’s ready for the public.

                  “To make naturally viewed glasses-free 3DTV, for instance in a living room where several people can watch TV from various angles, it needs at least 32 viewing spots.
                  “We believe that creating a prototype for lab-grade glasses-free 3DTV, broadcasting system and display will take about five years.
                  “For mass commercialisation to become possible manufacturing costs must come down and TV broadcasters will have to upgrade infrastructure, which includes securing transmission band.
                  “Attempts to put glasses-free 3DTV to market within the next 10 years will be difficult.”

  2. Sony are just saying that because they’ll probably copy Nintendo(again) and do “PSP Vista 3D”.They’ll say it’s glasses less 3D too.Why can’t Sony stop copying Nintendo?

    1. PSP “”””””””Vista”””””? LOL. thats PSP VITA. youve combined microsoft and sony. sony and nintendo copy each other. thats business…

      1. ^ Companies copy each other all the time. For some reason, Nintendo fanboys in particular can’t understand it. If a company has an idea, you copy it. Look at Modern Warfare, first successful FPS in modern times and now every single game is now set in modern times. You seem to be the only sensible person on this site now.

        1. Nice to see that there are people who actually understand it.
          And to be honest, Sony is just doing right with “copying” Nintendo, because like that they can see the mistakes Nintendo made and just do it better (: Nintendo seems to always rush things. That makes them to be first with some things but also leads to the new features not be perfected. That’s why Sony is right, 3D is just getting started.

          1. but then you cant blame Nintendo if there are mistakes if they are the first to try it and create something new. Yes the 3DS was rushed for competitive reasons but at the same time when was the last time Sony created something innovative rather than always waiting for another company’s new idea. It’s a smart business move, but Nintendo deserves merit. new tech always grows with time.

            1. I’d rather waiting a bit longer than getting something early but not “satisfying” enough. I loved almost everything Nintendo has done till now, but lately they’re not doing the smartest moves. And for me, it’s not important who is having an idea first, but implementing it well enough. I wouldn’t even mind IF Sony was doing nothing but “copying” other company’s ideas (which is not true I guess, they are having innovative ideas, maybe not really visible ones on video game platforms but on a lot of other things they are doing), since they are doing a more than just awesome job on things they create. Nintendo could have done a lot better on the 3DS, we all know that they are actually capable of much more. But I just don’t understand why they didn’t try a bit better. This sounds like I completely hate the 3DS, I surely do not. I own one myself, and I love it. But it is a fact that they could have done it better.

              1. True that, I believe the same thing. The 3DS could have been a whole lot better. I know they’re trying not to make systems cost expensive but take a look at ps vita. Very high tech but only cost 250 so yes it can be done. It’s just a company decision. Nintendo should be looking at the times and what everyone wants. A true gamer will pay for A quality products even if price is high.

                1. But the VITA is costing $250 because Sony can sell things at a loss, unlike Nintendo. Nintendo can’t sell something that’s equal to the VITA in strength (as a handheld) without it costing about $100 more or without removing some features.

                2. The Vita is not out yet! God damn, it might seem better now, and it might end up being better then the 3DS, but the portable is not on the market yet. People treat the Vita like it’s been out for years, tearing up the video game market, but none of you, except for some lucky ducks who got to go to a gaming convention, have even played it! Yes, it looks nice now, but there is a damn good chance that there will be some huge issue with it. No one can predict what, but it’s certainly possible. Oh, and PS Vita, DOES NOT have more games confirmed then 3DS. Only a handful of vita games have gameplay videos, and everything else dev’s “said” they were going to make. At the 3DS announcement, there was nearly 100 games confirmed for the 3DS, PS Vita, about 40. Everybody needs to get their heads out of their ass, and wait to see how the Vita does when it launches in March. /Rant Over/

                  1. dude calm down, I’m a die hard nintendo fan too but that does’nt mean i’m gonna blindly support everything without reason. I only said the 3DS could have been better. I did’nt say “oh vita’s gonna kick 3DS ass”, I’d rather get a PS3 than the vita to be honest.

                  2. You call 40 games a “handful.” what? Most people can probably only afford about 5 games anyway.

                    Secondly, nintendo may have had 100 confirmed games but none of them came out at launch. The ps vita launch titles look much stronger. Just saying…

          1. If companies couldn’t copy ideas, the first company that invented the phone wouldn’t let other companies make phones. Imagine a world where only ONE company makes TV, because it was their idea, or ONE company provides internet, because it was their idea.

              1. No it wouldn’t. The first company that invents the computer, keeps releasing the EXACT SAME model, everybody on earth has the same model computer because companies can’t copy ideas. How would that make the world better?

                    1. So what you’re saying is it’s OK if a company takes an idea but implements it in a different way??

          2. Copying is how technology improves you fool, Nintendo wasn’t the first video game company so does that make them copies?

            1. It’s not the big things! Name something that Sony invented video game’s that revolutionized the gaming World, even the gimmicks! why copy a company’s gimmicks? that’s the point that was let across, not what you just said.

              1. The PS1 was the mainstream console with Dual analogue sticks, and standardized rumble feature. It popularized using CD’s (Dreamcast and Philips CDi did it first, but not popular). Sony was the first to launch a handheld with an analogue stick, console quality graphics, online play etc.

                1. The PS1 took the Analogue feature from the 64! PS1 came out and didn’t have any Analogue sticks at first, they seen that 64 had it…..okay we will just give the Playstation 2 sticks instead of 1 and Graphics doesn’t give you good game play, that’s why Nintendo never conformed to it, it’s the games that give you the game play.

                  1. The N64 had ONE analogue stick and copied that idea from arcades and the Atari 500 (first console with an analogue stick). Just stop trying to troll. Every company copies, even Nintendo, nintendo didn’t invent the analogue stick, they didn’t invent motion gaming, they didn’t invent 3D, they didn’t invent etc…

                    1. Nintendo invented motion gaming with a controller,they invented glasses less 3D and 3D handheld consoles.They invented a lot.They always try to use their own ideas unlike other companies.

                    2. I never said 64 invented the joy stick, 64 revolutionized it on console!!! and from a system that was discontinued anyways.

                    3. No,they were the first to invent it.There wasn’t a glasses less 3D handheld console before.There wasn’t a handheld console with a touchscreen before the DS either.

              2. Jio, Aaron, and Sean, all of you are being stupid for argueing about a stupid topic. If you want to play the “who copied who” game, then how about EVERY console EVER invented copied the Brown Box (first real console ever invented), therefore Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Atari, Sega, etc etc copied the Brown Box. You see how STUPID that sounds!? That’s basically how you guys sound.

                1. Hey hey hey, I’m on you’re side. I’m using sarcasm when i say “x copied y” to prove how stupid it sounds. Aaron and Sean are my least favorite people on this website, I come here for Nintendo news, and I have to put up with all the trolls because I own a PS3, getting a PS vita, but I had a 3DS (was stolen) and getting a Wii U.

                2. its the gimmicks that I, and Aaron agree on not what everyone else thinks gimmicks are a something 1 company makes why take that? like the move lol

        1. I see what you’re saying, and the 3DS is just a DS if you take away the 3D. You’re an idiot, the 3DS and PS vita are not new versions, the PS Vita is NOTHING like the PSP

          1. For example: Legend of Zelda – phantom hourglass/Spirit Tracks (DS) Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time (3DS)
            Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (PSP) Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (PSV)

            3DS is a bigger change from the DS. PSP to the Vita i do see a change but it’s by a very little margin. So @Sullivan – Agreed!

            1. It’s only better step because the DS was so freaking weak, the 3DS just barley beats the PSP. The Vita is a bigger change from the PSP than the 3DS from the DS.

              1. Graphic quality? PSP and PSV look identical. I have a PSP! i watch videos on the vita’s differences not much. and yeah im not saying 3DS is more powerful then the Vita, cause the Vita will be, Sony’s games just suck ass.

                1. You don’t know how much I lol’d at this comment. You clearly do not know anything about technical specifications and I doubt you’ve ever played a sony game. I have to read your comment again, it’s just too funny.

            2. The 3DS adds 3D, some multiplayer (friend codes suck) Nintendo channel, sliiightly updated graphics, gyroscope, and AR.

              The PS Vita adds, Two touchscreens, true HD on a handheld (720p I believe) Online Play, cross play with PS3, ultra horsepower (4 cores), two analogue sticks, gyroscope, AR, two cameras, Skype, Facebook, Android apps, New memory storage, New game cartridges with 20 GB, indie developer support, Wifi + 3G, Cross game chat, Near, trophy support with PSN sync, and more unrevealed features.

              You’re right, just another PSP…

              1. PlayStaions online feature sucks donkey balls, less you are one of the teenagers that have no life that yell scream and cry cause you got killed by a noob.
                Vita touch screen with dirty nasty finger prints on it, you can take that feature off, but yet, it’s even a bigger psp with 10% better graphics ways to re sell something.

                  1. your going to start talking shit cause he disrespected another system on mynintendonews lol you are the kid yeah grow a pair and learn how to spell Plastaios….. are you kidding me, puto

                    1. I spelled it the way he spelled it, tell him to learn how to spell and stop using insults like “donkey balls.” Learn to read the entire conversation puto.

                  1. Sorry i am agreeing with Arron MGS4 well, where is it at it looks the same you can say its has that and does but if it looks the same forget about it eventually things are going to get so high you wont be able to see it anymore.

              2. someone could just get an iPhone and get all that for less, except worse games and 1 touchscreen, for cheaper. You can’t really have all of that and call it a “gaming” system if it doesn’t even focus on the gaming part. It sounds more like an Ipod Touch to me rather than another psp.

                    1. You need glasses, and the Metal Gear Solid series is one of the most critically acclaimed ever. Play it when it MGS 3 comes on the 3DS, you’ll see what I mean.

                    2. Metal gear? i might have played it or was that another game that looked like the same game for playstation

                    3. Hey lets not have any opinions, cause people might start crying, and resort insulting you.

                    4. @Sullivan

                      Lol, you goat MGS4 does not look like a PSP game, MGS4 is one of the most highest rated of all time. MGS3D looks like a PSP game.

    2. Hello idiot, there is nothing there to copy, Nintendo did not invent Autostereoscopic 3D, it was invented by Auguste Berthier in 1896, in fact that screen is made by sharp and sold to Nintendo. Screen manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Sony, Hitachi all have glasses free screens. FYI it has been in the market since 2009 from Fuji FinePix REAL 3D that has been available since 2009 as well as many products like digital photo frame from Viewsonic, Aiptek in 2010. So fuck off with your Sony copied Nintendo. Let me guess they copied the move with the wii mote, so why was the move patented by Sony in 2000 ? Be quiet if you dont know what you are talking about.

    1. so if it has motion censors , its classified as copied? dude all sony did was jump on board, company’s do it all the time. iphone came out, then ppl started making new smartphones. ipad came out then ppl started making new tablets. its better “copying” then being left in the dark.

      1. They first bashed Wii’s motion controller saying how its a gimmick. Then they freaking copied it, Sony are hypocrites.

        1. Very true, I won’t say they copied the motion control in product, but the idea itself. Rumble pak, Analog, Motion Controls, maybe even bring the 3d in handhelds; some of these ideas were even considered gimmicks, BUT WATCH WHEN IT WORKS.

          1. Hey fool, lets see
            Rumble feature was released in a redesigned Dual Shock controller in April 1997
            Rumble Pak from Nintendo was released in April 1997

            Motion controls has been done by Atari since 1981 Le Stick and guess what move was patented by Sony in 2000

            Analog sticks has been done by the likes of Atari, Mattel and the Vectrex had analog sticks, Sony decided to use two now everyone uses 2. Nintendo did not invent Analog sticks.

            Bringing 3D to the handheld, really? i guess the Fuji Finepix 3D camera didnt exist since 2009 which had glasses free 3D screen? You cannot copy something that wasnt invented by someone. Sharp made that screen thats on the 3DS and Sony also makes glasses free 3D screens that they put on their camcorders. You pretty much have no clue as almost all Nintendo fanboys who claim Nintendo invented everything.

  3. personally, i think 3D will be dead by 2015. its way oversatured and no one likes it. the movies are the best example. for a movie like, thor, green lantern, or captain america. no one wanted to see it in 3D, why? cuz first of all, price. no one likes that extra $3-4, what games do have though is the lack of a higher price tag for 3D games (PS3/3DS).

    sony is right here. the best 3D is when its no longer around.

          1. 3d is an extra, but it’s definitely a positive like HD, maybe it’s here to stay. I can’t go back to t.v. without HD. Once everyone gets used to 3d without glasses on t.v., I don’t think people would want to go back to 2d either.

      1. Lol. 2D wont die. I still enjoy 2D games on the DS (I play DS on my 3DS).

        3D platform games are great also, and 3D Display is when you see depth in games. 2D wont be dead as there are fans still. 3D will carry on.

        Note: 2D Wont be dead but 3D display will take Over

          1. Oh. Sorry i get confused about what 3D people talk about. Stereoscopic 3D is when you get 3D coming out of the screen or into the screen. 3D platform is diffrent. Confusion :|

    1. 3D has been out since the 1950’s all these 3D techs we have now should’ve been done ages ago, thats why 3D hasn’t taken off yet and i don’t think it ever will.

          1. If most people thought 3D was rubbish,it would’ve dissapeared by now.
            The only reason why smartphones are popular is because for some reason people seem to think Mobile phones are important.They’re not.
            Touchscreens are rubbish unless it’s done like a DS/3DS where you use a stylus.
            Motion controls are only good when it’s Wii motion controls.

            1. @Sean

              Your definetly a Nintendo fanboy so i’m not going to bother replying to your comments. DS/3DS isn’t even multitouch and the Wii isn’t even 1:1 unless you have a Wii motion plus which should’ve been built in the Wii in the first place, and no one even uses it… so how are they best motion control and touchscreen?

              1. 3d is not as big as smartphones, touchscreens etc. But some of those smartphones are adopting 3d and so are laptops, just sayin’.

            2. You moron

              Capacitive screens are better and more versatile than resistive screens and they are getting more responsive by the year. You realize there are capacitive styluses for capacitive screens right? Wii motion control is so lagging, its not even funny. Wanna know why? well because Sony patented the move tech in 2000 so Nintendo couldn’t use a camera based tracking which is more accurate than Infrared based tracking. Lol foolish fanboy thingk Nintendos implementation is better even when it is worst. Lmao why am i not surprised

    2. uhh its because its ultra new. when the iphone just came out it was more expensive but soon this technology will get cheaper and cheaper until they come out with “4d”(have to make it technological 4d or virtual because in reality wee cant have 3d) by the year 2020 you will see that 3d may replace 2d

      1. 4D?That’d only work with a home console.If you’ve ever been to a 4D cinema at a theme park,you’ll know 4D is where the chairs move,there’s a 3D movie and things feel like they’re coming out of the screen.You wouldn’t be able to carry a moving chair about!

    1. Sony has had 3D gaming on the PS3 for a while now…I don’t think they’re jealous. But if you’re joking then lol

      1. They clearly are jealous or they wouldn’t say these things. They know that the 3DS was a huge revolution and are kicking themselves for not getting in there first.

        1. I can’t tell if sarcasm, but if not, they’ve been saying about how amazing 3D is for years, making 3D TV’s and playstation 3 in 3D for a year now. On the 3DS thing, even nintendo thinks the 3D on the 3DS is unsuccessful, rumor is, they’re removing 3D on the next 3DS version.

            1. It’s a rumor from the same guys that predicted the Wii U and 3DS long before the official announcements. Look it up

              1. *facepalm*
                No, Jio, Nintendo is NOT going to get rid of the 3D on their next DS system. Rumor is that they’re not going to ADVERTISE it as much, but why would they take it out completely? That would make the backwards compatibility with 3DS games worthless. Stop trying to scare people.

              2. I don’t think there going to take the 3d out….it’s already optional I think they will just leave it that way

  4. Lol Sony, you’re so innovative. Not only did you steal the Wii’s motion control, but now you’re looking to steal Nintendo’s 3D function. The creativity is endless.

    1. Sony’s had 3D in the PS3 for a while. Does Nintendo own 3D? the PS3 had 3D since before the 3DS was announced.

        1. and nowhere in the interview does it say they did. They do however, have a Playstation TV with a splitscreen function that gives each player the entire screen (they don’t see the other players screen, displayed to different glasses)

        2. Nintendo did not invent glasses free 3D, it was invented in 1896 and has been available from SE with Vectrex 1983. Sony thought about adding 3D to VITA but they chose not to. They even have a glasses free 3D OLED screen that might go in the next VITA. Its like saying Nintendo invented LCD screens, lol anyone can, Sony has been pushing 3D and their camcorders have glasses free 3D screens. Jeez get your head outa ass and think before you type.

        1. Vectrex 1982

          SubRoc-3D 1982

          So you see Nintendo isnt the first to do glasses free 3D screen. Know your facts before you comment on something you have no clue about.

    2. lol.
      Sony made a 274597495637857 times better job on motion control than Nintendo. Why ? Because they waited and didn’t rush things just to be “first”.

      1. The motion control on the psmove honestly is worse to me. It took about 10 minutes just to configure it all. :/

        1. True, I hate calibration on the Move and Kinect. I also hate the Wii Motion calibrations. I’ve moved the table and i need to go to the table to Calibrate. I hope the Wii U gyros are not like that!

      2. Not trying to be negative, but nintendo does have a problem with rushing. They even admitted they rushed the 3DS out the door to beat the PS Vita, this is why it had faults and didn’t include the second analogue stick.

        1. Exactly.
          Nintendo is capable of much more, but it seems like Nintendo’s moves are lately not done to please and satisfy its supporters but to make money. That’s what it looks like to me, at least. That’s kinda sad. I hope Nintendo will turn back to its old, precious and beloved self soon.

      3. Really? Because they had the idea of motion control even before the Wii came out? Give me a break. They saw a good idea, stole it to a T, and then overpriced it as an add-on to an overpriced console.

        1. GUYS: normally I’m always on Nintendo’s side, but really? Sony wasn’t saying anything insulting or show-offy at all!! All they said was “3D will get bigger in the future” I don’t find that having to do with the 3DS or even Nintendo at all! Stop fighting! God, you guys should know by now that sickr only puts these posts up to watch fans of each side bash eachother! And if he sees that it’s working, he’ll just put more up. So just stop the pointless argueing, and you probably won’t see many posts like this anymore.

        2. Move was patented by Sony in 2000 and has been in production since then. Sony doesn’t rush to release something, they make sure it works well before they release. cant say the same for Nintendo tho, they always want to be first to launch.

  5. I believe the 3D is still evolving on 3DS too. I’ve noticed it’s starting to get better in some videos and games. Like it’s not just depth anymore, there was one video where a golf ball was coming at the screen and it looked like it was coming out, I backed my head away.

          1. Ok and I think your still the same person. There’s 2 different aspects of 3D. There’s Depth and there’s the popping out of the screen 3D like the movies or the Ipad 3D app, Thank you kindly. I know what i’m talking about

  6. Without question, Nintendo has the most experience in researching and creating new games consoles, as they are the longest running competitor in the business.
    Nintendo can be beaten by sales, but never by skill and experience.

    1. no, your kinda wrong. “Nintendo has the most experience in researching” any company can do that, especially big company’s like microsoft and sony. the reason psvita didnt had 3d was because sony new that it was going to fuck up motion gameplay, you see my friend nintendo were too ahead of themselves, that’s why they’re adding the second analog thingy. this leads me to my other point, Nintendo are not the best anymore, they’ve changed, peopled have grown up.

      1. They were never the best, they just knew how to brand and sell their product better than sega that is why sega didnt do as much as they could have but Sega had some of the best consoles ever created. Sony came in the game and did better than Nintendo with their first try and second try. PS3 was a very expensive tech and the cheapest almost always sells well so people chose the cheap alternative, doesnt mean Wii is better than PS3.

  7. WHAT DOES HAVE TO DO WITH NINTENDO? Is this site so low brow that they have to take something POSITIVE that sony said so Nintendo fanboys could rage? They’re not talking about the 3DS here, Playstation’s had 3D for a while.

    1. ^This. agreed theirs no point on posting this shyt on a nintendo site. all it does is make the dumb-fuck of a Nintendo fanboy say irrelevent and biased shyt like “oh.. well Sony copied first” or “well Sony just jealous”…sigh.

      1. Seriously, (now normally I’d never agree with Jio), but sickr just posts this stuff so he can watch fanboys from both sides bash eachother endlessly. It’s like some sick game of his. But what Sony said had NOTHING to do with Nintendo, or even video games, whatsoever! But as soon as half the idiots on this website see the name “Sony”, one half goes “copiers they suck they copy nintendo and are total noobs to the game industry” and the other half goes “VITA FT-fricken-W PWNS 3DS”
        I’m really tired of it.

        1. Sorry guys but I doubt anyone will ever listen to you. trying to get people to stop posting in these threads is the same as trying to get people to stop bashing Sony or Nintendo in general. Almost impossible on both counts. Everyone is right in their own mind and you’re probably not going to change that fact. I suppose it doesn’t hurt to try(although it’s not likely for you to change people’s minds you’ve still got a slim chance I suppose.) but if you begin to get frustrated it’ll be better for you to just quit. No sense getting frustrated over stubborn people. Also no offense but you two(spriggax and Jio) also have a pretty stubborn streak.

  8. Sony have always been past their best since the 80’s when their tech was top of the line.
    Nowadays everyone looks at them like some kinda joke, which they are.

    Nintendo (whilst not perfect) AT LEAST attempt to keep the market fresh with innovation, or new uses for unexploited tech. Kinect & Move are MS & Sony being dragged into the 21st century by Nintendo.

    As for 3D, for certain movies like drama it’s not appropriate, but for spectacle it certainly adds a LOT to the enjoyment of the film, and home cinema 3D bizarrely seems far more enjoyable than DARK cinema. No idea why, but either way, i’ll be getting everything on 3D BD as it’s only usually £2 difference in a lot of cases.

    3D on 3DS could really come into it’s own if we get a 3D Netflix in the UK, but EU is always last consideration with this stuff sadly. So true demand will not be reflected for some time.

    Sony “bandwaggoning” again with 3D will only further the success of 3DS, as 3DS furthers the appeal of 3D BD, and no doubt Sony’s 3D TV’s etc. Let’s just all enjoy it whilst it’s here, cos it’s clear the boring pessimists who THINK they know what they’re talking about, want to spoil it for the rest of us, attempting to claim their opinion is “majority” when in fact it’s not.

    3D combi-packs serve everyone’s needs.

    1. Why do you hate it when people say “nintendo is doomed” yet you do the same thing and say “sony is a joke” I believe they’re doing just as well as nintendo. They have a Playstation tablet, A really innovative Playstation TV, and they’re working on virtual reality devices.

      1. I think the tablet is fail, not really trying to troll. It’s just my opinion, the xperia play did’nt really take off either. It does’nt make sense to be coming out with multiple devices that can do gaming. If the sony phone was’nt about mostly gaming, it probably would held up in the market.

    2. I agree with almost everything you said there, but I don’t think that the whole Kinect should be frowned upon. Sure it’s Microsoft attempting to “master” motion control, but it in itself was innovative, you are the controller, so that’s new. Not trying to defend Xbox’s case here though…

        1. Yea, same here. Kinect is innovative, original, and works pretty well. Granted, it IS mostly for casual players and kids, but I don’t see anything wrong with that, as long as it’s fun.

        2. Kinect was not that original. Heard of the Eye toy that sony made before the kinect.

          Eye toy is a add on for the PS2 which it sences your movement and you need no controler.

          Kinect is newer and is an add on for the Xbox 360 which sences your movement and you need no controler.

          Seriously, Kinect is a future copy of the Eye toy. Sony first made a sensor which sences your movement and needs no controller.

          Microsoft copy’s Sony, Sony copies Nintendo.

    3. Hi fool, 3D only became relevant to you and every Nintendo fanboy because Nintendo jumped on the bandwagon not the other way around. The first successful release of glasses free 3D portable product was by Fuji with the Fuji Finepix Real 3D digital camera in 2009. 3DS will not affect the sales of 3D BD, 3D TVs will affect the sales of 3D BD because the more people buy 3D TVs the more they are inclined the buy 3D movies. View Sonic in 2010 released one of the first Digital Photo Frame with an 8inch glasses free 3D screens. That screen on the 3DS is made by Sharp, other manufactures have 3D screens like Samsung, LG, Hitachi etc. Sony makes the 3D screens they add on their camcorders and they also have a 5inch OLED glasses free 3D screen they wanted to add on VITA but chose not to and are waiting till the tech gets better. Move was patented by Sony in 2000 ( ) and took them almost 10 years to perfect if not they would have released it with PS3 or a year after PS3. Sony has been doing motion control since PS2. Look ( ) another patent filed by Sony in 2009 of a tablet like device you can use to control a game console. Wanna think of innovation, you think of Sony.

  9. Look up Freddie’s Future of Motion Control
    If that isn’t where we are heading, I will be a said said person.

  10. Wow sony. Unstead of worrying about motion controls and 3d, how about you focus on the games first because so far socom4, killzone 3, and resistence 3 have been review score fails.

    1. Killzone 3, Resistance 3 have had great review scores but if that’s not your taste wait for Uncharted 3, Twisted Metal, Journey, The Last Guardian, Agent, Final Fantasy Versus. Those are the ones I can think off the top of my head, but it seems Sony is set in the video game department.

        1. I think they were working on the ICO/SOC collection. They have to be doing something in their offices, they can’t just be sitting there can they?

  11. Oh okay Sony , Sir Hocking if you are so sharp as to know the future of 3D why didn’t you guys come out with PS3D?
    Lets not forget Sony has shut off their PlayStation Network for a long long time due to hackers. I think that Sir Hocking has his foot in his mouth if he is trying to take shots at Nintendo ^^
    Good day to those morons in Sony.

    1. The PS3 is in 3D, it’s been in 3D for a year, fail… Also, hackers were just angry because of the idiot Geohot who got in trouble for hacking. But now they have the former head of homeland security as head of their network, so they’re safe.

        1. They only add 3D to a game if it will improve the experience. They aren’t like movie producers and just add a scene of 3D to charge more money.

          Oh wait nintendo doing that with the 3DS.

            1. Alright, Winscar, play 5 minutes of Star Fox 64 3D and say that again. The 3D is beautiful on that game, and like Super said, optional too. I had the 3D on full blast the entire time i was playing it.

            2. I never play my 3DS with 3D any more, in fact i never really have the 3D on.

              The main reason i bought the 3DS was for the Graphics and street pass and AR and its games.

  12. its pretty irritating going to the comment section and looking for a interesting comment to reply on, but all you see is ppl saying sony copied nintendo. who gives a rats ass who copied who, company’s do that ALL THE TIME. as long as good games are coming in I’m good, and in my book sony’s got some good ones: Resistance 3, Uncharted 3, Twisted Metal, The Last Guardian, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (plus third party: skyrim, battlefield, assasins creed, etc). good luck with skyward swords my friends.

    1. Hey buddy, i love how u retracted to all your statements here by admitting they copied, when all replies you have done, defending that sony didn’t copy, if your going to debate stick with 1 idea.

      Also, sly cooper, is not that great, it will go to toon hell with crash bandicoot and spyro soon enough, and as for 3rd parties, all those look better on pc than on ps3, absolutely all of them. (because ps3 versions are 360 ports, so saaaad)

      and as for the skyward sword remark? hell yea we will have fun with it, its the last official Nintendo game for the wii before the wii-u comes out.

      Ok, now talking about the article:
      3D has amazing potential, Sony definitely has the best 3D in the business atm, the only issue with it it costs waaaay to much for the masses to get it, so i guess that sony will stop working on expensive advancements on making 3D better, and instead make it cost effective for it to become popular, THEN they will pump out new stuff, that would make 3D better, and make it so people don’t need a second loan.

      1. 1. i did admit that they copied but i said no one cares, except for you guys.
        2.if sly cooper is going to toon hell than let, i will enjoy it while it last.
        3. i do agree that the third-party look better on pc, but am i willing to build a new one for 800-1000? no.
        4. yea thats what i meant, have fun.
        5. so thats your opinion on the article , good. but if you saw my other comments you probably new that this ARTICLE has nothing to do with this SITE.

    2. I don’t agree with the whole people consorting to the copy idea, and Sony has their own game line up that is always true. I just think Sony has no right to shoot at Nintendo with their idealism of 3D when it seems Sony has a foot in their mouth about other things with their own systems.

        1. It seems like people lost their way with the debate here and ran off with a different idea. I don’t think I saw this before in my life XP but you put up some really good points.
          It would be interesting to see Sony interact with 3D on the PS Vita.

    3. I agree with you, but of what I’ve read, is that a lot of people are more or less calling Sony hypocrites because they called the Wii a gimmick, and after four to five years of success, they are now using motion control for their games. So what they are saying now is that Sony is calling 3d a gimmick now, but in four to five years of 3ds success, they’ll be using the same “gimmick” in their games.

  13. Lol @nintendo fanboy idiots. Microsoft copies off of Sony’s PLAYSTATION EYE motion gaming to make the kinect. The playstation eye, which of course came out BEFORE THE WII, way back in the ps2 era.

    So Sony did motion gaming first among the big 3 consoles.

    Unless the others did first. Was thier motion gaming on the gamecube?

    And why are we arguin this anyway?

    The article is about 3D. Which is just barely started. He’s right. Stuff like glasses free 3D and the new ps 3DTV are advancements, but so much more can be done in the way of innovation.

    1. Ok im sorry, i don’t think you understand, that was not motion gaming as the Wii/ PlayStation-move, that was motion recognition threw the use of cameras as the kinect does now.(there was no gyroscope, no infared) so comparing that tech to the Wii and saying the Wii copied it, that’s like saying a steam engine is the same as a v8, they both “move” but the technology is TOTALY different.

      1. Did I say the wii copied off of ps3? Ummm no. I said Microsoft did. Nintendo fanboys here said Microsoft copied off of nintendo. I corrected them.

        1. “The playstation eye, which of course came out BEFORE THE WII, way back in the ps2 era”
          ‘So Sony did motion gaming first among the big 3 consoles.”

          those comment implied, that wii copied ps2, if that’s not what u said, im sorry, but its what i heard. sorry for confusion.

          1. Umm… the Wii requires a controller thats motion. The Kinect copied the Eye toy actually.

            The only reason i don’t like Eye Toy or Kinect, is because it’s stupid waving your self around and it’s full of casual dancing games. Plus you can’t play FPS’s which are one of my fave genre. below are the possible insperations

            Kinect = Eye Toy

            PS Move = Wii Controllers

            Wii Controllers = The motion Gun on Duck Hunt NES

            1. Wait? Am I saying Nintendo copied their own inventions? if thats so, Nintendo are the most original company out of Sony and microsoft!

            2. Dude PS move is amazing for FPS’s. The move differs from the wiimote in one way. You can do several things with the move that you can’t do with a dualshock 3, whereas you can do anything with a wiimote that you can with a controller.

              1. I Said the Eye toy and Kinect are bad for FPS’s. I love the PS move FPS’s! Sorry if you got mistaken then.

                Note: PS move is brilliant for FPS’s. Eye and kinect are bad for FPS’s

              2. I Said the eye and Kinect were bad for FPS’s, not the Move. Move is brilliant on FPS’s.

                Note: PS Move is so good on FPS’s, I’ve seen it before. Kinect and Eye are useless for fps’s.

                1. Wait? i forgot to put email first then published, and it did not come up. I put my email in 2nd time and both came in. They both mean the same and are both my comments.

          2. No worries man. Its just everyone believes nintendo did everything first. Truth is they really haven’t. I mean even glasses free 3D has been around for about 5 years it just never was put to practical use until nintendo put it in the 3DS.

            1. Nope. Nintendo made glasses free 3D first. They made it with the Game boy advance first, but it was never put into production. They did the Nintendo Gamecube next, which is an attachable screen. It was also never put into production due to the cost.

              Nintendo made glasses free 3D about 10 years ago. But both was never in made production.

      2. Hi dumbo, there was the Le Stick for Atari in 1981. Move was patented by Sony in 2000 and was in production since then. As with everything Sony, they release at their own time not trying to rush. Wii Mote is less responsive than move and thats a fact. Nintendo could not do a camera based tracking with Wii mote because Sony already patented that back in 2000. Get you head out your ass and do some research on the internet to see how each controller worsk. Dont you think Nintendo would have sued sony if they thought Sony was copying them? Move is created like a wand while Wii mote is a rectangle. The basic design of move was in the patent application filed by Sony in 2000 if you bother to go through the patent.

    1. Yes that Sonys move was patented in 2000 so implying that a tech patented in 2000 is a copy if a device released in 2004 is well stupid. Look a tablet like controller patented by Sony in 2009 Let me guess they also ripped off Wii U controller. lmao you fanboys are idiots, if you bother to do some research you would know every device released by Sony is patented years before release and if they copied, why isn’t Nintendo suing? i mean after all they are “copying” Nintendo’s idea.

  14. WOW I left a comment to a dumbass a wile back. “saying Sony fan hated the idea, when I was right this whole time.

    ME: Go back and look when Sony came out with their version of the wii mote thingy ma jig or what ever you wanna call it, it was highly defended by Playstation fans

    HealyHQ: Are you freakin’ kidding me?! Every god damned Sony fan on the planet was berating Sony for the damn thing! NOBODY liked the Move controller. EVERYONE KNEW it was just a Wii rip-off, and all the Sony fanboys on SCEA’s website was complaining about it! I don’t know where you’re getting THAT idea from. Maybe you should stop visiting shit sites like IGN and go straight to the source, eh? Everyone knows IGN commenters are stupid as hell anyway. You should know better than to take any of THEM seriously.

    No, Sony fanboys hated the Move. Why do you think it sold so damn poorly, huh? NOBODY WANTED IT.

    Loser! everyone here is defending to copy Nintendo. Sony will, NEVER be grate at what they do, there games suck ass! and if you disagree.. you are just a lowlife that will never be successful in life, cause all Sony FanBoy’s have no life cause they live off their rich mommy and daddy, that pays their bill for their existence to live, while the only only contact they make with the real world is online, playing “Call of Duty” in their stinky ass room that they never come out of.

    BTW, Nintendo is beyond a Genius level, that’s why Sony needs to copy them, cause the developers for Sony are Hispanic that work hard! that’s “TRUE” but no brains.

    1. “Sony will, NEVER be grate at what they do, there games suck ass!”

      12 year old, confirmed. I’m telling your mother.

      1. @Aaron. Sony is so cool though, I mean like how they get their ideas from Nintendo, is just so highly intelligent, Damn! boy now thats real talent, they are motherfucking geniuses, just so creative on Sony’s part, it is going to take a lot to contend with that they got a big heart and some big balls, its as if they don’t make their systems and products expensive enough, its just so damn cheap. I cant wait until the ps4 comes out with their Triangle,square,x,o buttons on the tablet controller idea they got from Nintendo……..(SARCASM*) lol lets just agree to disagree.

            1. @Aaron @Jio @Voice @ Sullivan @Carlos @Airbuz – Exactly, they just can’t think of anything on their own can they. Everything Nintendo does, evolves the gaming industry, Sony on the other hand made high graphical tech. that only nerds care about, graphics don’t make gameplay any better. Sony’s future is going to exceed to, life like simulation, the question is “WHY” would anyone want that? but yet I would be right all along! “Sony Fan Boy’s” with their worthless life to play something, in that type of fashion. For instance, violent games, I love them don’t get me wrong’ but it’s the Sony boy’s that make it hard on everyone else to play them, young white boy’s acting what the see and play in their games. Got to be sick in the head, to play a life simulated game, killing people. Sony is just like their fans.. Mentally Retarded!

      1. Don’t listen to him, he’s a racist idiot. He says Sony fans are low-lifes that never come out of their rooms, but he’s in his room, bookmarking this webpage so he can come troll. He has no friends because at elementary school nobody wants to be around a racist fanboy who spends his entire day on his computer.

              1. So racism is a debate now? I’m not going to stand around and have him call me brainless because I’m Mexican.

                1. so am i but i live in america im not butt hurt about it he wasn’t calling you or me brainless it was his own opinion don’t like it? don’t reply to it, even though i did but im not going to start shit with him other then that i think all that he is saying is true.

          1. I hate racists and where i live has many racists. I hate racists! Why is a racist on this forum. I’m offended :(

              1. Wait? Why are you thinking I’m sarcastic? I’m serious, the place I live in has some racists but not lots, It’s mainly a racist organization where i am. I hate racists :(

                BTW: i am offended by Aaron’s comment on sony fanboys and sony racism. I own a ps3 and My room does not stink and i do play black ops about 4 hours a week

                  1. I’m not a Nigger, ALRIGHT, I don’t have a boy friend or girl friend ether. I play black ops in the living room for only 4 hours a week, and i play games around 10 hours a week. I mainly play on the Wii and 3DS but only PS3 for games like black ops and just cause 2. The comment you did was complete stupid and offensive :(

                    YOU don’t even know me eather, so stop complaining and offending!

              2. Just to let you know everything I read, I think you are the troll, not @Aaron, he is just defending Nintendo on a (NINTENDO) page. Now if this was a Sony page, it would be a different story. How do you know @Aaron is racist? it was a racist thing he said but that was just a comment as I look below @Sullivan, calling someone a Nigger when you do not know if they even are, makes you look like a racist fool. @Carlos, I think we are the only Latins that are Nintendo fans on this forum, if your hispanic and are a Nintendo fan. is really rare.

                1. I’m hispanic and my first system was an N64. I come on this site because I like nintendo but sometimes I just feel the need to defend sony when people bash them. My second system was a Playstation 1.

    2. Also, I’m hispanic and what you say is stupid and racist. You need to be banned from this website, you make nintendo fans look like racist idiots.

    3. Umm. I own a PS3 and not a fanboy and i like the Move, the only downer about it is that Nintendo made it first. By the way, I play Call of duty around 5 hours a week on my PS3 and my room does not stick and i always saved up to buy a game. What your saying is Racist and Idiotic D’:

    1. Why is sony commenting a lot on Nintendo recently? And why do we care about what Sony talks about? Sony always talk random about the bad points of nintendo.

      1. This had nothing to do with NIntendo, they didn’t even mention Nintendo. Their are other 3D devices than the 3DS.

  15. I’ll say they’re right on this. Until we have holographic projections, there is always room for improvements.

  16. Hhhhmmmmmmm @ these comments…..makes you wonder how life would be if we all had lives, boyfriends, or girlfriends to occupy our time instead of debating over video game interests. When a person argues their opinion like it’s fact, and the other follows suit, you both look retarded. Your opinion is RIGHT to YOU and only YOU, duh. Clap, clap to Sickr for providing by-standers with some entertainment. :)

      1. Agreed. I have a Life but I’m bored and don’t like where i live and don’t fell like living full. I’m a gamer but I care about other things, i have a life :)

          1. If I wasn’t a gamer I wouldn’t be here. That wasn’t the point on my post. My point is there is so much more to life than arguing your belief system down someone’s throat. Like what YOU like and let people like what THEY like.

              1. Some people are just bored, so they’ll do whatever provides them with something to do. (Whether its arguing over consoles, or posting articles that will make people argue over consoles.)

    1. Why you so worried about what people think? if it don’t hurt your feelings then you wouldn’t talk about, now would you?? and what your read about that subject wasn’t pointed at gamers in general.

      1. I’m a gamer too and I game to have fun. If games are supposed to be fun then why do people get so tense about what others like. I don’t get it. Just play what you play and let others do the same. Seriously.

        1. All this Sony vs Nintendo fan animosity is taking the fun out of gaming. It’s incredibly exhausting and I’m tired of seeing it on the websites I like to frequent. know I probably shouldn’t care, but it bothers me. Then again I’m from a different gaming generation when the stupid things that matter today, apparently, didn’t matter. As a part of the gaming community, I feel as though I have a right to express how I feel…I don’t like feeling torn in a subject that brings me personal joy…gaming. Are you having fun playing what you play? If the answer is yes, then good. Do that and stop being a jerk trying to put your opinions on others. A debate is one thing…douchebaggery and trolling on the other hand, is another. This isn’t aimed at you btw. Just my opinion.

  17. My quick response to Sony: Of course the best is yet to come. It’s just that the best in 3D is going to be on the 3DS or a future coming Nintendo console, not the PS3 with its glasses requiring 3D functionality.

    Give it time, the 3DS is still new, and obviously companies haven’t came up with even a thousandth of the possibilities that 3D can bring.

  18. So I guess Sony is saying that 3D isn’t good enough right now and instead of trying to improve it, they’ll sit and watch other companies, and pick it up again when it’s been much improved.

    Sure, sony, nothing wrong with that.

    1. 3D Is still improving through time. Remember those Green and red glasses in the 50s? remember those no color glasses in 2007? Remember no glasses in 2010/2011?

  19. The 3DS is the only system I use in 3D, my PS3 is NOT in 3D, though it could be with the right TV and cords I’m sure. It just doesn’t interest me all too much really. 3D is dying in theaters, so really, what makes Sony think that it’s a huge thing? The 3DS, even with the 3D gimmick, didn’t sell. Those new phones probably won’t do too well. 3D isn’t really a huge thing anymore, so unless they do something HUGE to change how we view movies, I don’t think we need to worry about anything new catching on.

  20. who gives a fuck what sony think… they aren’t gonna do shit about 3d, except copy nintendo and other companies

      1. And nintendo had their first 3D game on the NES. then made glasses free 3D with the gamecube in 2000/2001 and was never made in production because of price. And in 2002 the Game boy advance SP was glasses free 3D but it was dropped due to bad graphics.

  21. Everybody calm the hell down

    Sony isn’t even pointing fingers at Nintendo and hell I agree with them, the best in 3D is either still yet to come or it’ll just pass and be forgotten.
    I don’t get why Sony news is on myNINTENDOnews tho

    1. Thank you! I get so sick of the dramatics on this site sometimes. I’m a HUGE Nintendo fan, but the Nintendo fan boys and girls are in full force for no reason. Sony fan boys and girls frequent this site, for whatever reason, only to make matters worse. I come here because it was different from the ignorance of IGN, even though the MyIGN community is pretty dope and level headed. This site (used to) give me all of the news I wanted to see AND intelligent comments to boot. The recent shape of this site is appalling. I’m not blaming sickr or any one in particular, but the atmosphere here is definitely changing for the worst.

      1. indeed, i see no bashing here.. the guy is referring to the fate of 3D in general
        it is nice to see gentler comments coming from Sony..

        *remembers Jack Tretton’s ‘no self-respecting 20-year old plays Nintendo DS’

  22. copying others is okay as long as you don’t bash the first one who introduced it..
    Nintendo always takes the lead (okay it’s my opinion) and if there’s failure then they get bashed heavily by the others who will then introduce their ‘own’, ‘new’ and ‘improved’ whatever it is..

    go on! you can copy each other and improve from others’ fault but please remove the bashing or be gentler in your comments

    btw no, i don’t see any bashing in this particular article..

      1. I’m glad that the article started with ‘Sony’s Mick Hocking…’ and not ‘Sony’s M. Hocking…’

  23. we’re here for nintendo news not sony news, so please stop posting this shit because otherwise, we’ll just move to a different nintendo-only site, which is what i thought this site was. -.-

    1. I recommend nintendo3DSblog. They do mostly 3DS news but I like the articles and the author does videos doing weekly recaps.

    2. And for all nintendo news theres also Nintendo Everything that covers all nintendo consoles. and lots of new screenshots and trailers all the time.

  24. I agree with Sony. I really don’t think we’ve seen the best of 3D yet, and the truly amazing stuff is yet to come.

    But hell, it won’t be Sony that’s delivering it.

  25. Please can all the Sonytards leave….Nintendo rules and I dont want to hear anything else.
    This is a Nintendo forum…where Nintendo fanboys are.

    1. I come here to read Nintendo news but I own every console so I defend sony whenever Sickr starts another flame war.

  26. WHY are you complaining about Sony Vs Nintendo? Sony never talked about Nintendo and just said about the 3D. 3D was invented back in the 50s and look now.

    This is a nintendo blog so its full of Nintendo fanboys! Any sony fanboys please leave this blog and go to a Sony one. I own both PS3 and Wii and 3DS and i like them all and im not siding one argument on.

    Leave Sony fanboys before you start another Console war. :)

  27. You fools. Move was patented by Sony in 2000 ( ) with the wand design shape if you bother to go through the patent. Saying a product that is patented in 2000 is a rip off of a product released in 2004 is Ludicrous at best. Why isnt Nintendo suing if Sony is copying them? lmao. Atari released the first motion control device called the Le Stick in 1981. Look ( a patent filed by Sony of a tablet like device you can use to control a console back in 2009 and i guess when they release it you Fanboys will say they copied Nintendo. If you bother to do some research you would know Sony patents every product years before they release it, it takes time to perfect these things. Take move for instance, there is no arguing it is more accurate, responsive and move pretty close to 1 to 1 with the player than Wiimote. Vextrex and Sub Roc 3D were the first consoles to use glasses free 3D back in 1982 and still, saying Someone is copying 3D screen is like saying someone is copying 2D screen, doest make any sense does it? Sony make glasses free 3D screens they use on their camcorders and well as Samsung, LG and sharp owns that glasses free 3D screen Nintendo uses for their camcorder. In 2009, Fuji released the Fine Pix 3D digital camera with glasses free 3D screen, just because it wasn’t relevant to you then doesn’t mean it never existed. You can bet Sony has every intention of adding an OLED glasses free 3D screen on the next VITA because they also have the screen and have been showing it at CES since 2010 and they have spent millions pushing 3D. Do you get it now? phones have glasses free 3D screens and have had it since 2009 in japan, it is not a new tech just because the only product you know that has it is 3DS.
    1. Wanna arugue touch screen? Phones had it before DS, Tiger electronics released the portable console in 1997 which had touch screen, Sega planned on released the second gen game gear with touch screen but canceled it.
    2. Analog stick? Atari had analog stick since 1982, Vectrex had analog stick since 1982, Sony decided to make it 2 which is good thinking but not innovation.
    3. Rumble? Dualshock had rumble in April 1997, the N64 rumble pack came out same month April 1997
    4. Motion control? The Atari Le Stick in 1981, move was patented in 2000
    5. Camera based body tracking? Sony PS2 Eyetoy has been doing it
    6. Dpad? was done by Mattel in 1979 with Mattel Intellivission which was capable of 16 directional input, Nintendo device they need just 4 (up, down, left right) not innovation but smart thinking.

    Theres nothing Nintendo, Sony etx has done thats original, it is all based on knowledge from past Video game makers like Atari, Coleco, Magnavox, Phllips, Sega. Of course they have tweaked it and made it their own but hardly new.

    1. Theres also other things. Move may have been influenced and maybe ripped off.

      Now can people tell the difference between rip off and influence!

      PS move was influenced by Le stick. And Kinect is a Eye toy rip off alright?!

      1. Kinect is not a rip off, it is an improvement of the camera based motion control tech and influenced by Eyetoy. The tech Kinect uses today was gonna be used in the eyetoy back in PS2 days but was too expensive and is still too expensive if you look at the price of kinect ($100). Everything is influenced in 1 way or another by a previous tech. Some might use different methods to do it but it is still influenced by it.

  28. I don’t get why everyone here is comparing the 3DS to what Sony is talking about (or why this article was even posted on the website tbh). They haven’t once mentioned the 3DS or Nintendo, and they’re talking about 3D on their own systems and how it’s still improving. There’s no need for commenters to flame at them and accuse them of copying nintendo or anything. Nintendo claimed to have been thinking about 3D for ages, which they probably did, but everyone know’s 3D is becoming common now with 3D Tv’s and more 3D movies, Sony deciding to make stereoscopic 3D games doesn’t mean they’re copying nintendo, and even if they were, why does that matter?
    I understand in some circumstances copying is lazy and just shows a lack of innovation, or makes a company look like it’s lagging behind, maybe like the PS Move. But in things like this, it’s ridiculous to get annoyed that they’re using 3D when nintendo is…

  29. Excellent blog you’ve got here.. It’s difficult to find high-quality writing like yours these days. I honestly appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!

  30. I quite like reading through a post that can make people think. Also, thanks for permitting me to comment!

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