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Nintendo Wii U: Zelda For Wii U Will Take Full Advantage Of The Console’s Power

Eiji Aonuma the producer behind the Legend of Zelda series has told Game Informer that the Zelda Wii U demo was just a rough idea and that the actual game will look significantly better. Would you prefer the realistic Zelda shown in the trailer or another cell shaded adventure?

 “The demo that we showed at E3 was really just more of a rough idea of if all we were to do was to take a Zelda game and put it in HD, this is what it might look like.

“We’re much more interested in looking at the power of the Wii U system and seeing how we can take advantage of that power to do things that we haven’t been able to do in a Zelda game before….

“One of our goals with [Skyward Sword] is to be the first step in illustrating for people how the Zelda series can change and evolve.”

73 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Zelda For Wii U Will Take Full Advantage Of The Console’s Power”

    1. come on you guys the Wii U has to be more powerful than we all think an openGL compearable to DX11 and a power7 proseser if true we have only seean maby 10% of it at best at 50% more than PS3 and Xbox360 sorey but any hoow areus must be wrong how ever i may be wrong bu i don’t think so

      1. I don’t hate wind wakeer but move on i love all the zellda games but i wan’t to see what thay can doo with the graphics don’t want to see the entirly same thing over and over agin change is a good

    1. I found Wind Waker to have a very good and unique style, It was just right for the power of the GameCube while still looking great. But I do think the DS games were a degraded Wind Waker style. It’s mostly about how the style of the game is executed for the system, another Wind Waker-styled game is more likely to be for the 3DS because the 3DS’s processing power is all that it needs.

  1. Let me devour Skyward Sword first, then we can discuss Zelda HD WiiU =P Do not steel the magic of something Ive been waiting for to long!

  2. Would love to see tge E3 demo made into a real game! The whole cartoon like look games are good to but, i think, they should only make these for the handhelds. So I hope Nintendo makes this demo into a game!

  3. the graphic style used in skyward swort is just about right for me – between too realistic (TP) and too comic (WW) [wind waker had better graphics than TP, though]

  4. Ok so the Zelda Wii U demo was already the best looking real time demo for a console. Now you tell me this. I do believe the Wii U will be next gen when it comes to graphics and will rival whatever Sony and Microsoft has up their sleeve.

  5. dont get me wrong, skyward sword looks AMAZING, and i just got wind waker and it is pretty fun, but please nintendo, dont show us a brand new, modern view on zelda and give us another wind waker. im not hating on wind waker but i really want that super realistic hd zelda

    1. Hell yes! I cannot wait to see what the system can achieve graphically and game-play wise.
      I’m absolutely certain it won’t be “on par” with the other systems.

  6. I don’t understand? I thought you guys HATED good graphics, but now that it’s on the next nintendo console you care? I was talking to a guy on this website and he literally said “sony likes graphics too much, they want kids to play realistic simulators and good graphics so they go in real life and kill people”

    1. That guy you were talking to, is an idiot. Nintendo fans love graphics as much as everyone else, but we don’t consider it to be the be all, end all of a good game. Gameplay is much more important to us.

    2. No one said we hate graphics. We hate it when people treat graphics as the deciding point of a games playability. Everyone likes eye-candy, but it’s not everything.

      If the next Nintendo console can pump out excellent graphics, then let it be. Plus for us.
      If it can’t, it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s still fun.

    3. Well glad to see not everybody is as stupid as that guy. Looking forward to the Wii U, not getting a 3DS though, I’ll have a PS vita and a Wii U

    1. I would absolutely love a new metroid prime on the wiiu. Metroid Prime on the gamecube still looks very good imo.

      Mario would also be very cool. I would imagine the next Mario to have really good lighting and effects but still keep that cartoonish look I’ve always loved. I really hope they can somehow combine the world of Super Mario World 3 with something like the N64(Not like the Mario 3DS coming out. That’s cool but It’s more linear. I’m talking about hub world and everything)

  7. Nintendo, you are now capable of HD, as much as I like toon Link and all, it think that if dont take advantage and produce a HD zelda even if its just a Twilight Princess remake then that will be a big hardware mistake making HD to make and shell shaded version of Zelda, such a waste.

    1. I noted a while back that I think that toon link should stick to the handheld, and the realistic link should stick to the home console. Just my opinion of course, but I would welcome a real link on the handheld to, just not so much the other way around.

  8. I thought that the Wii U tech demo looked like the perfect direction to take the series in. I hope when Aonuma says that it was really just a rough idea that the real idea they come up with isn’t substantially less realistic.

  9. I want both.

    Realistic older link who travels back in time becoming a young teen or kid done wind waker style. Then going back in forth to both worlds till they are combined and toon link is in the future and realistic link is walking around the cel shaded world and all somehow needs to be put right.

  10. so it will finally look like a painting? Surprise me Nintendo. But in a good way…
    I hope the artwork is not gonna be as generic as twilight or that wiiu demo
    can’t get it why everybody want’s to look everithing pseudorealistic
    there’s still a long way out of the uncanny valley

  11. I refuse to play Fisher Price Zelda games… Nintendo, at least try an attempt at a photo-realistic Zelda game… it’s never been done before. (and no, TP was not photo realistic)

    1. Photo-realistic games weren’t possible and still aren’t possible on consoles, right now. PC’s…perhaps but anything else doesn’t have a chance. Ntm, games like OoT and MM and TP DID try to have a detailed, some-what realistic world but it was limited by hardware and technology.

      1. Battlefield 3, Skyrim, MW3, Red Dead Redemption, those games are what one may call ‘photo-realistic’. That is what I’m referring to here. Besides, the technology is available now.

        1. That still doesn’t make much sense. Photo-realistic is photo-realistic. I know what you are trying to say but just stick with realistic.

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  13. I’d like a Zelda game like the demo. It wasn’t super realistic looking, but rather, it looked more like CG (computer generated graphics), which I like. A realistic looking would be like Modern Warfare, Battlefield 3, Elder Scroll, etc; we’ve got enough of those. I want Zelda to look more fantasy-like. I also wouldn’t mind another toon Link. Seriously, Wind Waker still has some of the most fluid animations I’ve seen in any video game today! Also, with all that power, there are more things to do than just graphics such as the amount of stuff you do at once on screen and how complex areas can be. A lot of games that want to look super realistic end up looking too grey, so I don’t want that.

  14. I would love a new realstic game but a would also love to see a remake or a game that is like wonder waker.. imagine seing link in a really nice hd screen, it would be magic!

  15. WOW I’ve just imagined a Metroid Wii U title for launch. That would sell the Wii U for all hardcore gamers!!! I can imagine the Retro game designers working right now secretly, underground, with the hapiness that they are the only ones right now that know exactly how amazing this is going to be… and they are working for years in this game, silently…
    this will be WOOOWWW.

    I’m excited for the Wii U.

    1. Ditto. This is exactly how I feel. I applaud Nintendo for giving Zelda different art styles, but I want at least ONE realistic Zelda in HD.

  16. I would really like a Zelda with realistic and HD graphics, the cell shaded style is actually great but I want more realistic graphics.

  17. Thats great! and NIntendo don’t forget the Screen on the Controller. Zelda will be brilliant in HD, I don’t mind if it’s a Cartoon or realistic or a hybrid.

      1. You know game developers. They sometime forget the most important things. Nintendo wont do it though. Sometimes game developers forget important things

  18. of course wii u will have awsome graphics, we will be in 2012 so it bloody well should have better than anything on the other consoles.

  19. I think that Nintendo should maintain it’s current division from handheld to console. 3DS will get a new adventure with Toon Link, while Wii U gamers explore a whole new world with Adult Link. I’d say this will work great unless Nintendo has a really good idea that can only happen on one of the two systems.

  20. Definitely realistic. How can you think that the Wii U demo didn’t look awesome? When you’ve got all that power, why would you produce a game that looks like it could have been done on the old Wii?!

    1. Looks can be deceiving; as I’m sure most Zelda fans have heard by now, the Winder Waker was a lot more graphically taxing on the GameCube than Twilight Princess was. I do agree that it would be just plain hateful to show us a demo this excellent-looking and then turn around and give us something else.

      Not that it hasn’t been done before…

  21. Okay it looks like the majority of people want a realistic looking Zelda in HD. So Nintendo should make that game first to keep it’s fans happy and then make a cel-shaded game to appeal to the other side of fans. All in all, do not make any of the games less than epic despite the art style.

  22. i want a okami wii U not a ported game like okami wii edition, and yes!! nintendo haven’t failed us yet!! i hope i can buy a wii u on lauch i swear it was supposed to be april 2012 that they release it not june!!! in the mean time still loving my 3DS (btw i typed this comment on it) hope they include a flash plugin update! for videos ^_^

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