Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Announces Monster Hunter 4, Mario Tennis, Fire Emblem And More

Nintendo announced a batch of titles at its 3DS press conference. The big game was a brand new entry into the popular Monster Hunter franchise which is being referred to as Monster Hunter 4.

Nintendo also announced a new Mario Tennis title for 3DS along with a new Fire Emblem game. Nintendo also announced that Monster Hunter Tri G will be released December 10th in Japan. The bad news is that Kid Icarus has been delayed until 2012 in Japan.


  1. Yeeeeeeeesssssss! Monster Hunter and Fire Emblem were exciting announcements. Can’t wait to see more information on them.

    1. Well, there are already quite a few remakes on the 3DS. Let’s let them inject some variety into the library, and then they can add a few remakes.

  2. Wait… Monster Hunter Tri G AND the new circle pad attachment both scheduled for a Dec. 10th release? Do I see a bundle incoming? =)

  3. Dude I’m sooo psyched for that monster hunter 4, I was streaming the conference wondering if that was a movie or something

  4. The Monster Hunter 4 trailer looked awesome! I’m just happy that the portable monster hunters are finally on a Nintendo handheld. And a new Fire Emblem? /drool :D””

  5. I got the most excited from Fire Embalm… Not that pumped for Monster Hunter though, I might pick it up, not I might not. I was disappointed, I was looking for a MM 3d trailer

  6. I love Sega Superstars Tennis, but I’ve never tried Mario Tennis before. I’m sure they’re rather similar, they tend to be don’t they? So maybe I’ll pick this up if there’s download play so I can play with my boyfriend. I don’t wanna buy two cards like I’m planning to with Mario Kart.

  7. Monster Hunter IV? Fire Emblem?!! This is great news! If those two make it stateside in the 1st quarter of 2012 or very least 2nd quarter it would be awesome news.

    ..seeing “in Japan” always knocks it down to good news.

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