Nintendo 3DS: Half Life Developer Valve Doesn’t Want To Make Handheld Games For Nintendo 3DS

Valve, the development team behind the Half Life and Portal franchise, isn’t interested in making Nintendo 3DS games or games for any portable systems according to Valve writer Chet Faliszek.

“We’re about people sitting on their couches or at their desks.”

“We haven’t forayed into that [handheld] space,”

“It’s just not a space our engine has been looked at or optimized for.”


        1. Valve doesn’t make “Crappy fps” they make some of the best games of all time, which happen to be fps

        2. Have you ever played Metroid Prime at all? Fps games aren’t crappy, although some can be, just like any other genre. It’s just like saying you don’t want puzzle, action, horror, or fighting games on the console. It’s not catered toward you, everyone has their own tastes in game genres.

              1. Portal and Half-Life are what they got going on. I’m not gonna miss any of those on the 3DS anyway. That’s why they invented the PC.

        3. This is why “hardcore” third party games don’t sell well on Nintendo systems, because the “hardcore” Nintendo fans only care about Nintendo games.

          1. Not always. I consider myself a “hardcore” Nintendo fan, and I care about games like Final Fantasy, Megaman, Dragon Quest, Sonic the Hedgehog, Street Fighter, and the like. Heck, why do you think that I have Exdeath as my main Logo for posting on articles (used to be Dan Hibiki).

            Wait a moment. Are you THAT Joseph from the Wii U Blog?

        4. Thank you for your ignorance, good sir.
          Portal, Half Life, L4D and Team Fortress aren’t anything bad, now if you could just leave the sphere of stupid…

      1. The thing with Valve is since they have Steam, they only make games for “fun”. They don’t focus on profit. So if they developed on the 3DS, then they would aim for enjoyment rather than getting a quick buck (which they always do).

  1. Actually he said “We’re about people sitting on their couches or at their desks.”
    I play with my Nintendo 3DS on my couch and also at my desk…
    Sir you just got Trolled…

    1. Well, they probably still like the wiiu concept so they probably don’t wanna get on Nintendo’s bad side.

    2. Lol I remember that. “the ps3 sucks”

      Some time later:
      “guys I was wrong, the ps3 is amazing”

      That’s probably cause steam works on ps3 so well.

      1. Yeah that’s why Valve products are actually on the PS3. Plus I don’t think the really want to develop motion control for the Wii.

    1. No it wouldn’t. I don’t blame them, a company like them doesn’t want to have to get rid of quality and graphics to make their games playable on a handheld, they’d rather stick to home consoles which give them what they need.

  2. What?! Valve turned down iPhone development? When will the analysts proclaim doom and irrelevancy and make several stories about their stock price in a row?!

  3. Makes sense. PC is their veteran audience, and making a portable game would kind of be a waste of the time.

  4. Valve never want to program for new consoles if they present a slight challenge. Remember how they dissed ps3 and said they didn’t want to program for that! But in the end they did. So there’s still hope for 3ds.
    I wonder if Microsoft will ever make an xbox handheld??!

  5. If they don’t want to make portable games then whatever, that’s their thing. But on the grounds that their engine isn’t optimized for it? They are stubborn as hell with that outdated Source engine they’ve beat into the ground. It’s tech from before 2004. It’s time to update, Valve.

    I suspect they know this, though, and are waiting to reveal Half-Life 3 and a new engine at the same time. That’s my hypothesis and I’m sticking to it!

  6. Makes sense. He is pretty…rotund, after all.

    I’m just kidding; it seems that much like how Nintendo wants to stick to their guns about the 3DS and the Wii u and pretty much anything integral to the essence of Nintendo, Valve also wants to remain with their position about PC-type games. Investors should take note that not every decision publishers/developers make has to freakin do with money all the time. It’s because of that money-oriented reasoning that’s why having different beliefs, tastes, or identities are coming second to just having profits through conforming to one money-making machine. If there’s anything to blame regarding any potential death of gaming, it’s the money. I don’t really see a Valve game as a good fit on the 3DS anyway, even though it might seem kinda cool too. I’ll still respect Valve for sticking to its guns though.

  7. Well, I agree with them not putting it on. Even though it would be cool, and I’d probably buy it, I just think Valve should stick to PC and sometimes consoles. They don’t like working with consoles, even though it works. I would love to see a Valve game on the WiiU though. But that’s just my two cents.

  8. It’s because Nintendo is still viewed as ‘kids gaming’ to so many people. Same reason Sony won’t leave them alone, even though they steal their ideas. It’s the same with Valve it seems. It’s the gamer elitist crap. They make hard, rough, games so they feel all grown up, and above Mario and Kirby, and all the kids games.

    I’m sure they played some Nintendo systems growing up though, and obviously enjoyed it enough to still like games today….whatever

    1. If Valve does not port portal 3 on Wii U, then look at all those war and fighting games on Wii u, Ninja gaiden, Battlefield 3, Ghost recon online. and Wii u is easy to develop for. Portal 3 is going to happen with in the next few years.

      Theres no excuse Valve if you don’t port portal 3 onto Wii u it’s NOT kiddie!

  9. Wait guys what if someone else than valve port it on 3ds . Look for exemple smea has port portal for nds and NVDIA has made hl2 and portal for Android on their products

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