Nintendo DS: Get A New Mewtwo For Pokemon Black & White On Nintendo DS

Nintendo has announced that Mewtwo will be available for download for Pokemon Black & White via WiFi in Japan from September 26 through October 31. There isn’t too much information about the new version of Mewtwo except that it has the “Pressure” ability. Let’s hope that Nintendo America and Nintendo Europe announce something soon.


      1. also the problem with this is they dont send enough of the games to other places that would love to buy these games…like the Marianas Islands,or the philipines

      1. it doesn’t matter, have you played heart gold? you can trade in-game pokemon and end up with japanese/german pokemon

      1. With the addition of the Dream World, Legendary Pokemon can have special alternate abilities. A lot of people probably expect an event Mewtwo to have the special ability, but it won’t.

        1. ill bet u that victini is gay, put it in the nursery with the finest gardevoir and it wont even touch it! what a fag! (p.s. no disrespect to gays)

  1. Its much in the same way why they dont release games on same day either, just Nintendo for you, they like to drag things

    1. I’m brazilian too and we don’t have many events…
      I HATE THIS!!!
      Why we don’t have all the events like Japan!?!?
      I’m a pokemon fan for years and I NEVER liked the fact of those FUCKIN’ EVENTS are Japan-only!!!
      I agree with you, guy!

      1. I’m Saudi and I’ve had NO events, okay? Don’t whine. Also, nowhere does it say that this is Japan only, or any of the past events, for that matter.

  2. Pardon my French, but why the *Huckleberry Hound* does Japan get a new Pokemon each Month and UK/USA gets NOTHING. I beat the game months ago, I’ve restarted my file to give me something to do, which btw screwed up my Pokemon Global Link account (Can’t connect to dream world now! Or delete my old Game Sync ID, so don’t restart, kids!)

    I’m seriously annoyed about this, how hard can it be to submit the same Pokemon at roughly the same time in each region? I’ve got nothing left to do with my game except add the Event Pokemon to my PokeDex and train them up.

    I’m waiting, Nintendo… >:(

  3. Newsflash, Sickr, this is three day old news from Serebii, the site that talked also about the new Pokemon game.

  4. i have a mewtwo from HG its iight. but i dont use legendary pokemon sooooo im G (for great) and i will pown all of you wining punks :)
    CKSally is the name
    5414 9800 4859 is the friend code
    4vs4 i have 6 great pokemon but i play tourny style

  5. The event is out as of now, and it has a stronger version of psyshock, called psyblast or something, shadow ball, electro ball, and one other special move that I dont remember. It is available in the US until around march 19

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