Nintendo 3DS: Sounds As Though Monster Hunter 4 Is Exclusive To Nintendo 3DS

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan president Hiroshi Kawano has told Reuters that there are no plans for a new Monster Hunter game on PlayStation which pretty much means that Monster Hunter 4 will be exclusive to Nintendo 3DS.

“At present, there is no talk of a new Monster Hunter coming to PlayStation.”


      1. id rather they release this for 3ds, gain some more 3ds sales, and then in a couple of years, a new monster hunter for vita. ive never played monster hunter but it does interest me very much, and monster hunter 4 looks pretty epic.

        1. You’re acting like Sony should have no exclusives. Gee, give them something. >_> I’d be thrilled if the MHs came out on Vita as well. More people to enjoy it the better.

      1. Nintendo Fans didn’t decide this. Sony doesn’t have MH because it didn’t make sense to the developer… For whatever reason. Not out fault.

    1. Yep and that’s the main reason why Sony fans are scared. First there was the doom articles and it’s not selling and no games. Now nintendo has laid a raw egg on their face and the love it lol. From the announcement of games to the new attachment nintendo knows gaming. I’m betting nintendo was more willing to work with Capcom on this title. While the vita is looking even more boring to me. I don’t even like most of the games coming to vita. I didn’t even like them on the ps3. Why oh why can Sony not make arcade action games that require skill? Power and eye candy is great but I could just watch a movie for that.

      Best game so far is an uncharted game really?

  1. I think the vita still has potential with there 3g stuff, but i think for way too many people it will cost too much (since i heard at&t is in charge of it). so ill stick with my 3ds for a bit till i choose to buy a vita swell, depends on what final fantasy does on it and other things.

  2. I don’t totally buy this, as the quote leaves open the possibility that a PlayStation appearance could happen later on, and there’s quite a ways to go before MH4 is released.

    1. I agree. I am positive there will be a Monster Hunter game on the Vita at some point. Not to mention, why would Capcom tell anyone if there WAS going to be a Monster Hunter game on the Vita at this time? The Vita hasn’t released yet, and won’t for a good while, so that wouldn’t make any business sense. What they will most likely do is make a Monster Hunter 4 G for the Vita, adding better graphics and a few extras on top to sweeten the deal. This would make all the die-hard Monster Hunter fans (like myself) buy it, even though we may already have the 3DS version, JUST to get those few extra features. See, this IS Capcom we’re talking about here. They’re the kind of company who releases Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and only a few months later announce ULTIMATE Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is in development with new characters and such. This is TOTALLY something Capcom would do. :| Personally, I’m gonna wait it out for a little while and see what they plan to do on the Vita (I’ll pick up Monster Hunter Tri G on the 3DS to hold me off until then). When the Vita was first announced in Japan, Capcom was there and showed off a Monster Hunter demo on the Vita to show “how easy it was to develop for” or something. I’m confident the Vita will be getting a Monster Hunter game as well, but they don’t want to tell anyone until they all go out and buy the 3DS versions, since they know die-hard fans will ultimately buy both the 3DS and the Vita versions anyway. Pretty much the same way Nintendo knows that the die-hard fans will buy both one of the first two versions of a main Pokemon game, as well as the third iteration of that generation. I’m guilty of it myself…every single time. (I’m a sucker for Pokemon, what can I say? Haha!)

  3. I just straight up dont understand the Japanese investors. Do they pay any attention to the industry that they have stock in other than at press conferences? Dont they understand what Monster Hunter did for the PSP, and how big a deal this is for Nintendo? I honestly thought that stocks would shoot up with the Monster Hunter announcement, and their drop was a huge surprise to me.

  4. Watched the trailer, it looks more like Run from monster than Monster Hunter. I dunno, I’ll need to see more. Like a few others, I never played the series.

    1. im pretty sure they did that for an epic feel, to show the monster’s moves and animations, and to show off the new additions like climbing on the wall (pretty sure thats new, not a big monster hunter player (“yet” ;)))
      lol 3 parenthesis and all of them necessary.

      1. Yeah, the “concept trailer” (CONCEPT being the keyword here) was specifically to show off features that the series has NEVER had before, including the platforming sections, the wall climbing sections, and the ability to jump onto the Rathalos in mid-flight and attack it while mounted. All of these features are new to the series, so that’s why they were showing it off. Only someone who’s a fan of the series would notice these things. ;)

  5. Horray!!!

    Investors are dumb! They want nintendo games on smartphones. They are blind. They don’t see want Mh3rd Mande to psp in Japan. Tsc tsc…

  6. Yeah Monster Hunter!!! This will be a must buy for me. It was by far my favorite trailer. Can we start an operation to try and get this game and MH3tG released in the west?

      1. That’s not true, Frontier will probably never come to the west, Dos never came to the west, Portable the third will probably never come to the west, and even the ones that did come to the west, either took a few months to a few years… trust me, I’ve been playing these for 7-8 years now, and I’ve always followed them closely, and there’s tons of disappointment and sorrow for the west in this amazing market :'(

  7. NINTENDO: dammit the ps vita will be released soon we need to make our move we are screwed….. ;(

    NINTENDO: hey capcom how about we bribe you to make MH exclusive to our 3ds?

    CAPCOM: no thanks we dont do bribes and we are not interested in 3ds and what will our fans think of us?

    NINTENDO: come on this is the business its ok, we will shower you with money

    CAPCOM: hmmm.. but you dont have second analog and rear touch so the gameplay will be much better on ps vita.

    NINTENDO: we will put it right away, a second circle pad and rear circle pad how about it and will put two extra L & R button pretty please >_<

    CAPCOM: ok -_-

    NINTENDO: take all the $$ ^_^

    NINTENDO: now we can give sony a big punch on the face!

  8. ps vita and nintendo 3DS are two must have in my personal opinion, i´ve always like nintendo better since i was a little kid so u can say im a nintendo fanboy till death , but im one of a few fanboys that admit that sony has good games and cool graphics on their systems too, but this time Nintendo got exclusivity with MH3G n´ MH4 so nintendo fans enjoy, thou Ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 is a must have! and it will be only on ps vita , both have cool games , i planning getting both of them (^^)

      1. I love new gaming generations. So many good things come from them.
        Wii U will come out, Sony and Microsoft will surely follow with their consoles. Great games will be rolling out everywhere! It’s gonna be so good!

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