Nintendo 3DS: Sony Doesn’t Believe That The Nintendo 3DS And PlayStation Vita Will Be Competing Directly

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan president Hiroshi Kawano has told Reuters that he doesn’t believe that the Nintendo 3DS and the PlayStation Vita will be competing directly against each other as the two products are extremely different, with different looks and a different price point.

Kawano said that internally Sony does not believe that 3DS and Vita will be competing directly. The two products are extremely different, he said, with different looks and a different price point. While he expects that there will be people who have just a Vita or people who have just a 3DS, he does not expect people buying a new portable to compare the two.


    1. I hate sickr, he just can’t stick to news about Nintendo and then he bashes other companies. That’s not good journalism in the slightest.

        1. But you know what’ll happen on the article. You know these articles that generate arguments get you the most hits.

          1. Sounds like using a brain.
            There doesn’t have to be bashing, there is only bashing is someone says something to entice bashing. Like you did, you said something to entice bashing, so your feeding the thing your complaining about. So ima bash you for it? That seems excessive.
            This is new relating to nintendo, its a comment about nintendo, in relation to nintendo hardware. This post, is about a nintendo product and was posted on a nintendo site, i fail to see where sickr went wrong.

            1. I fail to see how this is is suppose to indirectly start Sony hating? How, it only helps Sony by segregating Nintendo consumers from them. Your reading this and getting the wrong assumption. And I’ve also seen plenty of posts on here that you might say are “against” Nintendo, so there’s no Sony hating on this site ;)

              1. It’ funny though isn’t it? I saw this link on Twitter and said to myself “Oh look, another article where Sony will be hated on.” I get here and guess what – an argument. Every. Single. Time. IT is kinda funny to see people protecting these companies with their life – Like I’ve said before, it’s like they see them as their Mother or something weird like that. <_<

                Also to clarify, I've seen posts against Sony AND against Nintendo on this site, so yes (like most websites) there is hating going on here. Unfortunately.

          2. Just because sony related news creates arguments, it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t post it….And he’s not bashing sony at all, you can’t blame him for the reactions of his readers…

        1. Jio, geez, calm down, ok? If anything, this post is probably to ease the tension between Sony and Nintendo fanboys since it’s stating that both systems are great and are not even competing directly, but then there are those like you just waiting to attack the second you see the name Sony on this website. I’m glad sickr posted this, it’s good for the fanboys to read so they can see that Sony isn’t always as bad as they think.

      1. Seriously. Sickr posted what Sony said… If YOU think Sony is being stupid, don’t blame Sickr, and din’t blame us.

        If you think what Sony said makes sense, stop F**king complaining. Didn’t you see the comment, “A sensible person at Sony…” ?! Looks like not all N-fans saw this comment as negative.

        You must live a bitter life.

    2. The only unsensible people from Sony I’ve ever seen commentary from are Jack Tretton and some nameless coffee stain guy. Everything else they said pertaining to 3D was sensible.

      Also about sickr posting Sony related things I still wish he would stop, but whatever at least it has something to do with nintendo this time.(unlike the previous 2 but I digress) I also think that the time when he posted that propoganda (Sony thinks the only way to enjoy 3D is with glasses(they hadn’t said anything like that btw)) is because he himself didn’t read the article on Eurogamer and instead just copied the propoganda from another website. Sickr has proven himself to be less…devious than I thought he was considering he’s actually defending himself. That is to say he actually cares what people think about him. Or he’s just trying to put down the accusations that he’s trying to start fanwars before they get out of hand…

      @Spriggax: I’m surprised people haven’t gone into a fanwar over this considering they did when Sony said 3D will only get better. There’s no way sickr knew that the fanboys would be civil about this(even now there’s a mini fan war down there.) and there’s no way they’ll get over their bashing paranoia because they realized this one time that not everything Sony says is bashing. As you can see below they are convinced that everything else was bashing this news post is no different from the others in the way it was written and I personally won’t give sickr any credit for posting something “good for the fanboys to read” .

      @Jio: If you want people to take you seriously don’t use insults otherwise they’ll automatically assume you’re untrustworthy(wrong). Of course you don’t have to follow my advice and I don’t really expect you to but whatever.

      @Mike: I agree it’s excessive to entice bashing by bashing something that entices bashing. However if you’re completely civil people ignore you. They can’t find anything to say against you but they also want to stick to their same views. If you post insults people berate you. There’s really no winning but I post anyway because I enjoy stating my views like this even if people ignore them or try to berate them. You should also know with a certainty that if the word Sony is mentioned here there will be bashing. True there doesn’t have to be bashing but there will be. That word entices bashing therefore I don’t want it mentioned when it doesn’t need to be.

      @sickr:(in response to a post down below.) I don’t consider the typical “sony sucks” comments or the back and forth arguments that typically take place in Sony related news posts “good discussion” but of course whether it’s “good” or not is just a matter of opinion.

      To clarify I dislike these specific articles not the person writing them.(or the other articles on the website.) More specifically I hate the fan wars and if you’re one of those people who say “if you don’t like it ignore it” ignore this comment.

      tl;dr version: I hate fan wars and the word Sony starts them.

        1. Thanks man your comments get my highest respect as well which is why I’m relieved to know you’re not completely gone from commenting. I can understand if you’re not planning on commenting much in the future though…

        2. Didn’t want to get too optimistic but I notice you were posting down below too(hadn’t seen you post for awhile) hope this means you’re back.

          1. Haha! Thanks. :]

            Technically, I never left. I’ve been reading every single post here and most of the comments on them (I subscribe to, so I receive an email every time a new post is made and I can read the post from there. If it’s a post that interests me further, I’ll click through and read the comments to see what the general buzz is in the community). I guess I haven’t been commenting myself much as of late, but I assure you, I’ve definitely been lurking. ^_^

            Some people may see certain comments of mine and peg me as a “Sony fanboy” right off the bat, but I obviously wouldn’t be subscribed to several Nintendo sites were that the case, right? :P

            In any case, I have no plans to stop reading this site at the moment. I’m not gonna let certain comments from some people keep me from enjoying surfing one of my favorite Nintendo blogs. My commenting pattern is sporadic though. Sometimes I’ll feel compelled to comment on something, sometimes I won’t. So don’t feel like I left completely and permanently or anything, it’s just that sometimes I don’t feel like commenting. Typically someone else already displayed an opinion that matched my own so commenting would simply be reiterating that which has already been said — which I find redundant — thus, I may not comment for that reason as well. :)

            Oh, yeah! I just remembered something; I came across a 404 page recently that made me think of you; I thought you might like it — just for fun. Enjoy the soothing music and the lovely Tenma Tsukamoto floating aimlessly through pink space:

            1. Whoa… the three commentary superpowers all in one comment post… (sickr, Symbol de Au, and Healy HQ)
              a very rare happening indeed, since all three don’t comment very often.

            2. Yeah I figured that whole Sony fanboy thing had something to do with it. In any case I stared at that for like 5 minutes…it’s kind of mesmerizing.

              @Spriggax: Cool I’m a super power now. =]

              1. well I consider you three to be the so called “superpowers” of the comments on this site, since you guys are like the most mature, and when you do comment, you always make comments that intelligent people can’t really argue with. Except for Healy; I know how much he likes arguing. ;)

                1. Whoa…so I like, have super powers now? Oh, boy! *straps on a cape and puts underwear on over my pants* Because I am (as you stated (sort of (in a figurative way))) the “master of debating” here on MyNintendoNews, just call me… THE MASTER-BATER! Muahahahahaa! You hear THAT, evildoers? Where the beginnings of debates rise from the binary depths of the World Wide Web, I — the Master-Bater — will be there to answer the call…of JUSTICE! :B

                  In all seriousness though, I really do appreciate the sentiments. Never really thought of myself as a “superpower” commenter; my comments may sometimes be longer than the average, but deep down I am the same as everyone else here: a person who loves to play video games. :)

                  Now if you’ll excuse me, I must get going. The call of JUSTICE won’t answer itself! TO THE GAMER-MOBILE!

  1. Seriously, stop posting shit about what Sony thinks. Nobody who visits this site gives a shit about Sony or their freaked-up views.

      1. stop being pricks i think its hilarious to read lies like sony didn’t price the vita at 249.99$ lol such bs i laughed (to clarify obviously my opinion they waited to announce vita price till after 3ds price was announced)

            1. They didn’t. They dropped it out of desperation for sales. The sales in North America were horrendously low.

            2. Maybe they did but I seem to feel that the above statement was just a way of saying yea Nintendo took one of our best games so let’s let bygones be bygones and enjoy some quality games.

        1. i can tell when someone says something like this, theyve never played nintendo games. i will agree that many nintendo games are made to look appealing to EVERYONE. mario, kirby, yoshi, and zelda are all great examples. but those are some of my favorite video game franchises (ZELDA!!!) because they can be very different and innovative than any important franchise on playstation. dont get me wrong, im no hater, im a fanboy for every system and have every system, (although my xbox is feelin kinda week since my fav franchise needs a REAL sequel (crackdown)) i loved uncharted 2s epic moments and its story (something nintendo games are light on but i dont mind) and i love god of war, infamous, resistance, etc. i am excited for vita, but will probably wait for a price drop and more games. who knows, i might go sony fanboy and want a vita, or go super nintendo fanboy and buy another 3ds when a revised edition comes out?

          1. Casual and Hardcore–> a real gamer’s 2 most hated words.
            Seriously, why segregate the gaming community? It’ll just cause anger and problems. Nintendo 3DS is not for “just casuals”, with games like Ocarina of Time 3D, Resident Evil Revelations, Monster Hunter G, Kid Icarus; Uprising, and many more yet to come, I’d hardly call any of those games casual. Yes, I named four games, I could list a many more, I don’t feel I have to because hopefully most on this website are smart enough not to argue about me listing only 4 games. If they are then, good, they can bite me.

            1. Amen. I hate how people say a game is either Casual or Hardcore. I may not be much of a gamer but I just get so annoyed when people consider games either “hardcore” or “casual” and just turn the blind eye to any “casual” games despite the fact that they might be missing out on incredibly good games. One of my friends is like this. He considers all first party Nintendo games casual (who knows why…), including Legend of Zelda and Metriod, and won’t even try them.

    1. Nintendo has a decent amount of hardcore games, I think. Just as Sony has supported plenty of casual games on their consoles and handelds.

      1. Yes because I you check the playstation forums you can see a sort of “post an idea for a console” and have people vote it up or vote it down.

        Most of the top ones pertain to social media.

        And a lot of the ideas suggested in said area have been implemented.

        1. Yeah, because a lot of people like it that means it’s a good thing. Move past your primitive logic if you want to make a valid point.

          1. Yes because having things like an Internet browser, Facebook, and playstation home on my ps3 actually ruin my experience.

            You realize how stupid you sound?

            It’s not like when you turn on the vita it forces you to sign up for twitter.

            1. So basically, Winscar, you’re saying Sony has no backbone? Apologies to the fanboys, but if Sony puts up a post saying what would make a good console and then put the best ideas into the console, not only does that blow out their creativity, but it also shows that they’re not willing to be daring and implement something no one else would have thought of. If they would stand up and put in what THEY thought would be successful, instead listening to online voters’ opinions, well… You could atleast give them credit for whatever they came up with.

              1. Sony was the first to incorperate an Internet browser into a console. They were first to have Facebook integration, they gambled with home, an entire social network.

                But the way that nintendo fan said it like having all those things on a console (handheld or not) are detrimental to gaming. Well they aren’t.

                And IMO I really don’t care who makes what first, I’ll go with which one is best for me.

                1. i agree, i find ps3’s internet browser much better than the wiis, and with that, blu ray, downloadable movies, the awesome sony exclusives and of course the third party titles the wii doesnt have, the ps3 is the ultimate entertainment system. i still prefer nintendo games though. i also love the pretty non-existant xbox references, although it sells so well, it really seems like the least necessary game system to have. obviously i have one, but i can barely play halo anymore because im so used to aiming down my sights, gears games are getting repettetive to me, and my favorite game crackdown got a pretty bad sequel. the only reason ive been using my 360 was getting zombie maps for black ops a month earlier.

              2. Lawlz, everything that sony puts into the vita and other systems is successful. There is no way having an internet browser, facebook, playstation home, and apps will fail. Those things are driving mobile devices such as smartphones especially the iphone. Who could imagine an iphone without apps? They bring in what is basically endless revenue to the company. It makes fiscal sense because they make money and it makes logical sense to include it because its what consumers want and what they have come to expect from practically all mobile devices.

              3. i would put playstation home and 3d on the ds, although the second more drastic and seemingly more innovative, both innovative risks taken by both companies. i also pretty rarely use either of them. i use 3d more than home obviously because its just by the flick of a button, your still playing the same thing, but ps home could be considered a game on its own, if someone was really dedicated to it i guess.

      1. I see many non-casual games for 3DS. Maybe with the DS it was different because it was lacking in hardware but I see many big third party game devs interested in the 3DS.

    2. Thanks for the reminder, I forgot graphics make games hardcore. You know, not the quality of game or the length, or the genre.

      So Monster hunter went from being hardcore to casual? Yeah okay, you win.

      1. 1 game does not make a console hardcore.

        Hardcore games are ones you can play for hours on end, they don’t need the best graphics, but they are no means hard on the eyes.

        Nintendo is about 90% casual and 10% hardcore.

        Sony is the opposite.

        1. are you considering hours on end replayability, online, or really long games? if all of them, i will say nintendo is weakest in the online category, but i can play the same zelda game MANY times over again. the only playstation game ive played as many times as ive played twilight princess was metal gear solid 4. nuff said. those are my top 2 games right there, but back to the point. i cant remember how long mgs4 was, but im pretty sure its the longest ps3 exclusive ive ever played (through one playthrough). games like zelda can take a LONG time if you are not using any help and figuring everything out for yourself, and with all the giant side quests (especially having to get all the golden bugs in twilight princess, so i could afford to fix the bridge, and have that baby open up a shop, so i could buy the armor (wow what a mouthfull!)) and i still havent beat super mario galaxy 2 because i only play a small handfull of levels at once, and those prankster comets are awsome. anyways i feel like im rambling, but besides killing eachother online, nintendo has the biggest, fullest, longest, most replayable single player games.

          1. I’m talking a game you can put 1000 hours into playing and still pick it up a year later and do another 500 or so.

            As much as I hate the game, call of duty is one of them. People have 50 days worth of hours invested into call of duty out of 1 year.

            Chances are you won’t play 1000 hours worth of 1 Zelda game.

            The reason why the nintendo is more casual is that games such as Zelda aren’t what sells the consoles, games like wii sports and wii fit did, and they are not hardcore games.

            1. although the dare i say “gimmick” of the wii and wii sports/resort were what sold the wii, zelda is definately a console seller because all the zelda fans who held out on getting a wii because they had twilight princess on the gamecube would need a wii for skyward sword. i do, 100% agree with you that online games like cod are what you get countless hours out of. this is where nintendo is very week, and needs much improvement. i just hate it when people associate “hardcore” with guns killing and gore.

            2. But 1000 hours of repetitive gameplay shouldn’t make a game hardcore. You can argue that you can play Wii Sports for 1000 hours. It’s the same game each time you start over. So if you play 1000 hours of COD, that’s playing a single match 2000-3000 times. The outcome varies and never the same. The mode isn’t always the same either, same as Wii Sports. The players aren’t exactly the same either, as when you play Wii Sports with different friends, or even by yourself. The Campaign part of COD could be hardcore, but I doubt many owners of COD put 1000 hours into the campaign, more like 30 to unlock/finish majority of the content, the rest is repetitive online matches. I think that games like Halo, COD, GoW, are more casual than you think. People can pick up and play online matches all the time, but not everyone goes through the campaign mode. Zelda you can play all adventure, no multiplayer. I’ve gone back and beaten OOT several times, even the original ones on the NES numerous times. The NES ones go much quicker when you know where to go, but the first initial play through exceeded many hours.

        2. Wow, Winscar…. are you listening to yourself? Seriously? 1 game. One hardcore game. Monster Hunter is the only game you could give credit to for being “hardcore.” How many people on this site do you think actually like that word? “Hardcore”? Everytime you say that, you’re just segregating the gaming community. And really, how can game series such as Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong, Super Smash Bros, Pikmin, Fire Emblem, F-Zero, Advance Wars, etc. be called casual? All of them first party Nintendo game series. Now would you say any of these are for “casual” players? Because I know I speak for nearly all of the educated people on this site when I say I sure wouldn’t. And I’m not even counting the 3rd party games, and yes, there are many. I can name those too, if you wish.

          1. And yet all those games weren’t what moved consoles. As I said earlier, about 10% of nintendo is hardcore (10% is ALOT of games) but their are ALOT of casual games that flood the stream.

            I saw the list of top 12 wii games by sales. 5 of the top 8 games are casual games. And those 5 games outsold the other 7 on the list.

            I mean wii fit equaled sales with super Mario galaxy 1,2 an Mario party 8 (numbers 9-11)

            Where as Sony has very few casual games and a large amount of hardcore games.

            That’s where the 2 companies differ.

            Also forgot another sony first: first to have 256 player multiplayer gameplay (and hope to improve it to 514 player matches with Dust 514)

            First to have cross platform gameplay.

            First MMO on a console.

            Seriously just because the ideas are different doesn’t mean that one is better than the other. (nintendo innovations and Sony innovations)

            1. Alot of tose games were also bundled so no matter what reason you bought tge console you still got wii sports which counts as a game sold…super Mario galaxy wasn’t a bundled game and yet it still got more sales then ps3s highest selling game which is gt5 Both hardcore games IMO…although gt5 is a little easier than galaxy

            2. um… yes the casual wii games sold many consoles because they were bundled with the wii and used the motion controls they way nintendo advertised the wii. i originally bought a wii just because i thought the idea of motion controls were really awesome, and at first i had a lot of fun with wii sports. but i sold my wii pretty soon after that due to there being a small amount of games i wanted for it. i wouldnt have re-bought a wii if it werent for a number of those games, and i will never buy another console at launch again until it has enough games to satisfy me, or a game (much like your definition of hardcore) that has online and certain time trial things and what not that make the game never ending.
              p.s. i like your definition of hardcore best, but the only hardcore i know is in porn.

            3. A lot of those top sellers are geared towards particular audiences, like females (Wii Fit, Mario Party 8) and people that bought the Wii to only have a few games. Where is this 90-10 range coming in? By the monstrous amount of garbage that gets streamed out? Have you played all of those games to know they are minimal games? I’m certain there has to be some games that are under rated, or perhaps misleading. How can it be assumed that the amount of garbage is dumped into the casual crowd?

              I consider “hardcore” to be the solo 1-1 experience with a game, not the hours of multiplayer (although now-a-days you can play online alone). There is generally a campaign that lasts countless amounts of hours. As I just posted moments ago, I think COD, Gears of War, Halo and the like are more casual than hardcore. Generally, more players put the hours into multiplayer than campaign, and once multiplayer (playing with 1+ people) hours exceed campaign hours, I consider to be more casual. Games without campaigns (or relatively short) are casual by nature.

              I’m sick of hearing how COD is more hardcore than Smash brothers or Mariokart. All 3 of these games are casual in the sense you can start and stop instantly, and replay the same scenario/conditions 1000s of times with differing results each time. I think when it comes down to pure hardcore adventure/RPG games, that the titles on Nintendo have generally done better than the 360/PS3. The ratio dumping in the crap should not dilute the quality/quantity and make a system less hardcore.

              1. The reason all that crap exists is due to the cheap developing cost, wide range of audience, and the install base.

                Is the PS2 casual then with all the garbage that was created?

                Since Nintendo has typically been more kid friendly, it tends to attract those games. But as a gamer I don’t label the console hardcore, I label the gamer hardcore. Which in my comments, yes the Wii has a casual crowd (meaning majority of owners own a higher percent of the casual games (see top 12 listing)), but no that does not make the the Wii casual (there are gamers like me that have games like Legend of Zelda, Mario Galaxy, etc; and have less casual games) . There is a clear difference between the 2, the system does not get the label, it is the owner of the system.

                I’m sure there are those that bought a 360 for Kinect, by nature, this should be a casual label, so how is the 360 not a casual system then? It’s not, just those that own it.

            4. I could go out and buy a 360 and kinect, and get games like Just Dance and Kinect Sports, etc. So by your console labeling, that would make me “hardcore” because I have 360.

              I do admit the Wii has a larger casual crowd, but that does not make all Wii owners casual, which is the point I’m trying to make. Solo Wii owners can be casual, hardcore, or some type of mix. Just the same as solo PS3 or 360 owners (with or without Move/Kinect). When you look at multi-console owners, it’s by the games they have. A hardcore gamer can have 2 or all 3 when the games they play fit the hardcore definition, same as a casual gamer can have 2 or all 3 systems and just have the casual games.

    3. @Legend so I’m not a hardcore gamer, mm , ok, thanks for letting me know this Mr master of Gaming.

      1. Winscar, you forgot one thing; Sony’s SYSTEMS have a lot of “core” games. (notice I left out the hard) but Sony doesn’t. How many best sellers can you name that the actual Sony company developed and made by themself? And no, I’m not counting 3rd party developers that they’ve bought up.

  2. Yeah, it’s surprising to hear a Sony statement that isn’t just like “The 3DS is nothing compared to the Vita. It’ll win the war of the handhelds easily SONY YEAH!! NINTENDO SUCK!!” but I still kind of disagree with this. Surely they will be competing? I only knew one person who had both a PSP and DS, and can’t see many people wanting to have both a Vita and 3DS. Things might be different in Japan though…

    1. Well, I own DS and PSP and I’ll definetely need to have both new handhelds… it’s not a matter of the system, but the game lineup and both, Vita and 3DS, are going to have games I absolutely need to have!

      1. ya thats the way everyone should feel, and im glad that there seems to be a bit more competition between 3ds and vita (although this article tells otherwise) because the more competition, the more games!

  3. OK. so finally someone who is just trying to make a somewhat un-biased statement about the two systems. this is how everybody should see each gaming device. as being different in their own way. :)

  4. I never truly felt that the DS and the PSP were in direct competition with each other for the same reasons. I own both they both provide a different library of games that rarely crossed with each other.

    I feel that it will be the same for the 3DS and Vita, probably a bit less so but still.

  5. If people are like me at all I don’t compare the two I have a 3ds and I might get a vita I could careless about specs…although the vita has more power than the 3ds I think they both have really good graphics for a handheld…the only thing I care about is the games and both devises look like there going to be getting alot if exclusives…I’ll probably get a vita just because I’m tired of dry spells in between games although I have that problem now and that’s with owning a wii, ps3 and 3ds

    1. There was a report on Joystiq stating that the Vita battery life is 3-5 hours, another comparable statistic.

      1. Seriously? 3-5 hours? Dang…. given the fact that people are outraged by 3DS’s 10-15 hour battery life (on lowest light setting), I can nearly already hear the rage for Vita. Then again, that might just be because I’m on a Nintendo News site. ;)

        1. Yes but you have to take into account the specs, 4 cores, advanced CPU, advanced rendering and near PS3 graphics, ect.

          1. Yea but also remember that it will also be running online too so if you aren’t going to use it online that much then turn off that stuff will reduce battery use (like my iPhone lasting 3 days if all I use it for are calls and texts vs using it online all the time like I am right now, which will only last about 4-5 hours.)

        2. Are you kidding?! :O I’ve NEVER gotten 10-15 hours out of the 3DS, even with wireless turned off and at the lowest brightness setting. o_o Are you using one of those extended batteries or something?

          Nintendo themselves said that the 3DS at the lowest settings would get 3-5 hours playing 3DS games and 5-8 hours using DS games, and this is about right as far as my experience goes as well.

          I don’t know what you’re doing to get over 10 hours out of the 3DS, but you must be some kind of wizard or something if that’s true. XD

  6. The PSone, the N64 and the Saturn were completely different but the also competed directly with each other. So we can only see how this ends up when the two are long on the market.

  7. Trust me as soon as all the hardcore games (yes there will be a lot if you look at what 3rd party companys are now makeing) and first party titles are released when 3ds is boosting in sales vita will want a fight.

  8. I’ll be looking forward to owning a PS Vita! I just bought a 3DS and its pretty amazing. I won’t own both to compare, I’ll own both to PLAY!

  9. Shoot, the entire game industry is competing with Apple at this point, a war I would hate for Apple to win.
    Also, didn’t Sony say the PSP wasn’t competing with the DS when they were new? Look how that turned out.

      1. Of course there’s that aspect but they are phones and music players two, the 3DS and Vita are the only two game dedicated portables around now.

  10. well is true different everything gaming price n fans well good answer not like other people like they no vita is better than 3ds but this is a good answer for both

    1. This IS Nintendo related news. I really don’t have the time for this, if you’re not happy with the content on the site then please go somewhere else.

      1. Because the Vita, combined with the PS3, is likely to be more of a match for the Wii u rather than for the 3DS. Think about it. One of the main selling points of the Vita isn’t even the Vita itself; it’s the Vita when combined with the PS3. There is no reason for the Vita to compete with the 3DS; they’re both very different systems, not to mention that aside from the Vita, Sony doesn’t have anything else coming out that would compete with the Wii u. Given how the Vita and the PS3 combination would ideally equal the “streaming” function of the Wii u, plus the fact that the US release of the Vita will be in 2012, around the same time the Wii u will ideally release, it’s very likely the Vita has been positioned to be more of a competitor for the Wii u instead.

        1. Sony’s hard at work with the PS4 right now…. it’s supposed to be shown off at E3 2012 and released in 2014. That would be more of a competitor to the Wii U than the Vita.

          1. sony also said in a press conference some months ago that the PS4 wont be that more powerfull than the PS3 and that the PS4 is going to be focused mostly on a casual audience mainly for kids and women. they also recently said to not expect any major graphical update with the system.

  11. We need to figure out the definition of “hardcore” before people claim Sony is hardcore and Nintendo is casual. Does the amount of blood and violence deem a game hardcore? How about if there are guns and explosives in the game? Is it online functionality? What about how long the game is? Who the main character is? What kind of story it tells? Graphics? What genre it is? How hard the game is? ESRB rating? Who developed it? If there is penetration…oh wait, that’s porn. My point is, in my opinion (for what it’s worth) the individual is the deciding factor of whether a game is hardcore or casual.

    1. the only hardcore i know is penetration. the rest is just videogames. whether long or hard, fun or slow, its all the persons opinion of what they like.
      wow, i forgot which one i was talking about… oh yeah, no matter how you have sex, wait, no i think i was talking about gaming. god its all so similar!

  12. While it is a different price point, Sony isn’t fooling anyone when they say the $250 wasn’t an echo of the 3DS. I’M the one bashing people when I say that Sony is stupid and can’t come up with any original ideas, not even PRICES. But now that that 3DS is just as good if not better than the PS Vita at a cheaper price, 3DS wins.

    1. That would leave Microsoft fucked, and there would just be one gaming giant out there, making no competition, thus no reason to make better games. Although if they teamed up for a side project LIKE THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO DO BEFORE PS AND N64 WERE RELEASED, it could be a game changer (no pun intended).

      1. Remember in the 1980’s, when the NES and SNES were dominating? Due to their near-monopoly they had on the gaming world at the time, they extremely limited 3rd party games on their consoles, and made developers sign papers giving Nintendo the right to change whatever they wanted about the game, or even cancel it if they didn’t think it would do well. Granted, that was under a different CEO, but if there’s anything to learn from gaming’s past, it’s that compitition brings out the best in gaming. Plus, I’d honestly hate to see Sony characters in Smash Bros.

  13. sigh, the comment section went from “i agree with mr. kawano” to ” nintendo casual, sony harcore”. come on guys, take this fanboy shyt somewhere else.

    At Nintendo Fanboys: graphics do matter. visuals improve gameplay, just like sound does too. it adds to what the game is about and adds to the feeling of the game.

    At Sony Fanboys: nintendo does have hardcore games, back before the plastation even existed. the snes was making some of the most entertaining games that you could play for days with a can of soda on your side, chrono trigger, super metroid, ff3, zelda lttp, etc.. sure the games probably got a little casual because of the wii and ds, but that didnt mean that once in a while an epic first-party game would come out.

  14. Well, they both play dedicated games, so they will be in direct competition. However, from the way things are looking, the Vita will have an uphill battle against… the ps3! That’s because most of the Vita games that were announced are either on Ps3 or will come to the PS3 (like FF X HD *cough*port*cough*). That’s the way I see it right now.

    1. And they have the cross gameplay too.

      You can play FFX on the ps3 an press a button to switch it to vita, an can continue playing the game on the go.

      And the D on my iPhone REALLY doesn’t want to work without me pressing it really hard.

  15. Okay the Vita has a bad battery life as well and was cut back in power. Yeah there won’t be any similarities between the two huh sony? I wish they would just come up with something new and leave Nintendo’s ideas alone. I seriously thought they had something with the rumored PSPhone.

    1. How was the Vita cut in power? I seriously hope you’re not talking about the already-debunked-by-Sony-numerous-times-now ‘rumor’ about them cutting the RAM in half. The specs have been released for a while, bro (on the official Sony site even), and the RAM was never touched. ;)

    2. Here are the specs, for reference:

      Most important part:
      CPU — ARM® Cortex™-A9 core (4 core)
      GPU — SGX543MP4+
      SysRAM — 512MB
      VRAM — 128MB

      For the record, it has a greater combined RAM value than the PS3. It even has TWICE as much system RAM as the PS3, which is why the Vita has confirmed Cross-Game Chat (via Vita Party) and the PS3 doesn’t. :)

  16. I agree with that statement to an extent, but I do think the next NIntendo portable will be more to capture hardcore and casual gamers alike, just like Wii U. So there may not be strong competition yet, buy Nintendo is ready to go for the gold. And I might add, Nintendo could easily take over the market, they just need 3rd party support.

  17. i think its funny how everyone just starts flame wars about which one is better even though most of you end your rage paragraph saying that they’re two different things. you guys are just feeding the trolls

  18. In a way, the two aren’t competition. The average person interested in the 3DS seems to mainly be a Nintendo fan while the average person interested in the Vita seems to be a Sony fan. And Nintendo and Sony fans are so opposite each other, that one can’t seem to speak on the other without a vehement tone of disapproval. So when it comes to someone being given an ultimatum on which handheld they’ll purchase, the winner may just be the company the gamer was more fond of.

    1. Umm… Please don’t spam on this blog it’s not for advertising ALRIGHT!

      Sickr can something be done to spammers, I don’t even trust the thing he’s trying to Advertise!

      This is a comments for the Nintendo news, Not advertising

  19. Sony believes its Vita will compet against the Wii u, but 3DS and vita should be compared and competted.

    The PS vitas feature of using it as a PS3 controller is a Wii u RIP OFF! D:

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