Nintendo 3DS: Sony Quizzed About Why Monster Hunter Is On Nintendo 3DS And Not PlayStation Vita

Clearly the announcement that the Nintendo 3DS would be getting Monster Hunter Tri G and Monster Hunter 4 didn’t go down too well with Sony given it’s one of the biggest franchises in Japan. Here’s Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios response as to why the game isn’t appearing on Sony systems:

“I don’t know. You will have to ask Capcom”


    1. It ranks up there, but I still think the award to best answer goes to Miyamoto from the E3 Nintendo Roundtable.

      When asked what the status of the Vitality Sensor was, before his translator had a chance to translate it, in English, he replied, “Next Question” :)

        1. i dont know it seemed like a good idea if your heart rated is going fast the game gets easier is your calm it gets harder the game difficulty was tailored to you

  1. i think its because of the 3D of 3DS. this should attract more to play MH on 3DS. but its just me. i like SONY alot too. i own a DSiXL and a PSP3000. havent decided yet when to buy 3DS. but ill surely buy both 3DS and PSVITA(if it would be released) and if ill earn the money.hahaha :)

    1. I disagree, if that was it they would just make both, not everyone will have a 3DS/buy a 3DS just to play Monster Hunter. It’s probs something else

      1. lol yeah thats why MH is one of the biggest franchises in japan, and it sells real well in europe and the states. one of the biggest things with alot of gamers that held back on getting the 3ds was because they were waiting to see who got MH first. nintendo beat sony to it, dont ever underestimate the following MH has, itll make you eat your words lol

        1. If mh4 is exclusive to 3ds it will def move alot of hardware….if mh wasn’t exclusive to psp in sure there psp sales would look alot different…if 3ds gets pokemon and monster hunter tge 3ds will sell over 100 million easy

  2. Disgusting, Sony Prez is baffled and confused. It would be ironic to get other titles that Sony usual gets and they get left out. But I can dream can I

    1. Where does it say they are throwing there toys around about it? A question was asked, they answered it briefly and calmly.

      1. I agree, i’m no fan of sony’s but I can’t see what complaint they’ve made. They simply answered a question. “I don’t know. You will have to asks Capcom” just shows they don’t know, and you will have to ask Capcom. Nothing else, if you read anything else from that you’re looking too deep (Especially because it’s probs translated from Japanese so you can’t look at the choice of words). tbh I don’t see the point of this article.

  3. Probably my first positive comment for Sony… At least they were honest! (and didn’t feed us a line of crap).

  4. All of you wont be laughing long, I was a huge nintendo fan but I will never buy anything nintendo after the 3ds I have gone through 3 now (1 from bad hinges, 2 from dead pixels). Also, why the hell would you release MH3 and MH4 in the same time frame. You all know you are just getting the same game with a different story line. Finally, chances are you’ll see MH on the Vita (which was produced with the foresight to have dual analogs from the start… not by using a stupid add on designed to turn a portable gaming device into a netbook sized device)

    1. In the same time frame? MH3G comes out this december in Japan. MH 4 is still in development. I’m sure they will release MH 4 on the Vita as well, but we don’t know yet. As for the add-on comment, it still smaller than the Vita on its own, you know. And the whole thing about the same game with a different storyline, it happens all the time in games, and this is bigger in Japan. It’s practically what made the PSP more popular over there aside from the Japan-only RPG’s. If it’s the same game, then why are you so mad about it? Why do you even want it on Vita? Your troll comment is a joke.

    2. how can you go through 3 of them. What were you doing??? and who said both monster hunters will be in the same time frame. If you payed attention to the MH 4 trailer, it said a new MH project BEGINS.

  5. You all mad. That was just a simple answer. “SONY IS MAD. SONY SUCKS LOLOLOLOLOO NINTENDO 4EVER”. No, man. Wake up. They may be like “fuck, they got it” but it aint the tone of this answear at least. It just sounds like a “Stop bitchin me, Nintendo fag, go ask Capcom.”

  6. LOL at you people here! CHILL! its just a GAME just ENJOY it! STOP COMPLAINING! and for the ONE complaining with the DEAD PIXELS. YOU are RESPONSIBLE of YOUR CONSOLE. i have my nintendo console for 1 year now. nothing negative happens. HANDLE it WITH CARE. –PS IM A SONYNTENDO FAN. dont call me a SONY or NINTENDO faggot.

    1. Sony didn’t say anything. Seems as though you have fanboy-syndrome.

      Making up thoughts in your head lol.

  7. I’m pretty sure Third Portable will still show up on the PSVita, if not, then Monster Hunter 4 will be on it. I doubt Sony is going to give up one of the main multiplayer franchises so easily. I know that Phantasy Star Portable is going to be on the Vita, and not on the WiiU or 3DS, so I’ll just get that in place of MH. I actually like both Tri and MHFU, each have their pros and cons and I actually hope they put 4 on the WiiU and 3G on the 3DS, then make them backwards compatible. The WiiU also is backwards compatible with the Wiimotes, and hopefully the Classic Controller. I can’t imagine myself using the WiiU controller to play MH4, yuck.

  8. How is Sony “Pissed”? A man was asked a question and he answered “I don’t know. You will have to ask Capcom” Stop being ignorant people. Making up stuff to start a little online battle. Really?

  9. The amount of fanboy in here is pathetic.

    Oh well I’ll enjoy my choice of 100 different launch titles for the vita

    You guys go enjoy all 2 games on the 3DS and all 100 games that your waiting for release. (that keep getting pushed back)

      1. Actually it’s 100 games.

        Spanning the launch of the vita (from Japan release until US release) so by the time it releases in the US it will have 100 games.

        1. If you want to carry on believing that, then you’re setting yourself up for a disappointment, the fact is the list of 74 contained multiple working titles with no release date suggested, as such it’s highly unlikely that the likes of “No title (working title!) – dungeon RPG (Aquaplus)” (and that’s a direct quote from Sony’s list) will be released within the next six months.

          Furthermore, no games console has ever launched with 100 games, even those with staggered launches like the Vita. You are dreaming.

        2. Yeah, 25 average games (including licensed games), 25 remakes/ports (and the 3DS got back slashed a lot for that), and 50 mini/PSN games. That was an exaggeration, but you get my point. Also, a lot of those games are coming out on the ps3. People are more likely to pick up the ps3 version instead. Also, almost all of those games were japan-oriented games. For them to release japanese games on the west, it would take them a lot of time. I saw a few titles that picked my attention on Vita, but they will be on the PS3 as well, so I don’t need to bother with that system.

      1. Now that I think about it, why are you even on this site if you’re sounding like you don’t even like Nintendo?

        1. I have no problem with nintendo, just think the fanboys are the most retarded in the gaming industry.

          Sony was asked a question and answered it, how does that translate into “Sony is mad” and “Sony is pathetic” as is displayed in all the comments?

          1. I really think more than half of these guys are just trolls but some of them are acting as if Sony is super anally frustrated by not having MH3 or 4 on Vita. By the By, I doubt Sony would actually launch 100 titles. Called Market flooding.

          2. Fanboys are also extremely annoying, When i say to a group of people, PS3 or X box 360; It’s a massive fanboy wars, “PS3!” “NO XBOX!”

            I am a fan of Nintendo and i like sony to, I never start wars saying that this is better then that. Anyone who trys to say X box/PS Vita is better fanboy wars on a nintendo Blog, Please leave this blog is full of Nintendo fanboys.

    1. I agreed with you in the amount of fanboys here, but you, my friend, have the wrong information: there’s no such thing like 100 titles for launch in Vita, there will be only 26 games for launch, and 100 in development, apparently, to release in march of 2012.

      1. 100 Games for launch is impossible, 26 is alot. I’d say some games will be delayed however like with the 3DS.

  10. To Sony. You have exclusives for your games like Heavy Rain. X box has no monster hunter G.

    Sony needs to stop complaining about not having exclusives in their consoles because they have God of war and heavy rain. Capcom is making G a Nintendo exclusive, so why not ask Capcom to make some exclusives for the Vita.

    This is a 3DS exclusive and ask Capcom if you find a problem about Nintendo exclusives, Sony. :)

  11. All I see is fanboy this, fanboy that. Everyone is pathetic for even using that term. It’s like a spam email all over this site and other sites. So what Nintendo fans are excited to have a game over Sony, who cares let’em be. I guarantee if it was the other way around, it would be the same exact thing. “Yeaaaa, take that Nintendo Fags”……get my drift.

  12. That was an excellent answer from Sony. I expected legal jargon or something, not something as plain as simple as “We don’t know.” I’ve been curious about the Monster Hunter series for a while but it wasn’t enough to make me run and purchase a PSP, so I will definitely pick up the game.

  13. I don’t even personally own a Sony system, and I have a Wii and a 3DS. Sadly, I still see that the majority of you are twelve year old fanboys who automatically shun everything that is not Nintendo. I personally welcome any game on any console, and am happy that MH is coming to the 3DS. I also hope that fans of the series who own a Vita will be able to play it as well. I don’t see why you don’t as well. Seriously people, grow up.

  14. Capcom would be dumb not to release MH4 on Vita & hey MH3 is already on Vita day one “the PSP version” which they said they will release a patch for it to take advantage of the second analog stick,

  15. This is amazing! PSP was mainstream only because of monster hunter, and if it’s now a nintendo exclusive the psVita will have a much harder time competeing with the 3DS. Yay for nintendo!

  16. Quite amazing indeed, Monster Hunter Tri : G do not bring up any questions as it was already on the Wii but I was a bit surprised when they’ve announced Monster Hunter 4 on the Nintendo 3DS as well.

  17. Because while Sony/Microsoft fanboys are brainwashed that Nintendo is bombing and they’re near the end, this couldn’t be less true, and the game companies (most of them) know this.

  18. NINTENDO: dammit the ps vita will be released soon we need to make our move we are screwed….. ;(

    NINTENDO: hey capcom how about we bribe you to make MH exclusive to our 3ds?

    CAPCOM: no thanks we dont do bribes and we are not interested in 3ds and what will our fans think of us?

    NINTENDO: come on this is the business its ok, we will shower you with money

    CAPCOM: hmmm.. but you dont have second analog and rear touch so the gameplay will be much better on ps vita.

    NINTENDO: we will put it right away, a second circle pad and rear circle pad how about it and will put two extra L & R button pretty please >_<

    CAPCOM: ok -_-

    NINTENDO: take all the $$ ^_^

    NINTENDO: now we can give sony a big punch on the face!

    1. Sony: hey we can’t let nintendo have re4 it’s destined for goty. Capcom: mikami would get pissed. Sony:were going to make some bank if you release it. Capcom: ok. *mikami leaves since he hates sony*. Capcom: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU……. Sony: hey we both made money so who cares if the creator of resident evil leaves? *re5 launches*. *monster hunter 4 exclusive to the 3ds*. Sony: Heya- Capcom: Shut the fuck up.

  19. I find this absolutely hilarious. Sony is now shitting themselves over the millions of units the 3DS is gonna sell thanks to MH4.

  20. stfu bitchazz sony fags da only good games for sony are god of war,cod,and any ea sports game the only game i play for ps3 is cod and for the wii mostly all of them

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