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Nintendo 3DS: First 3DS Circle Pad Attachment Reviews From The Tokyo Game Show

Numerous gaming websites have gone hands-on with the recently announced second Circle Pad attachment for the Nintendo 3DS. Whilst the publications all say it’s rather big and bulky, the device is apparently quite comfortable to hold. Here’s some opinions:

“It feels as big as it looks in pictures and it’s very light…
I’ve heard people compare it to the Game Gear, and I don’t think that’s accurate – it’s much more ergonomic and comfortable to hold.

“Despite feeling hollow, the attachment isn’t wobbly in the least, so it doesn’t rattle when you play with it, and the shoulder buttons are comfortable to reach and well built. Basically, it feels like one bigger unit rather than two pieces stuck together.”

– 1Up

“It is surprisingly light in the hand,” said their reporter. “I thought it would be heavier, but it’s not.”

As for the Circle Pad itself, Kotaku’s reviewer had this to say: “Using the second slide pad was easier and less awkward than I thought… The response on the pad was the same as the original 3DS slide pad.”

However, they weren’t as positive about the R button. “Where things go wrong is the R button. I felt as though I had to reach up, going from the ZR button. The left side was worse, because it doesn’t have an add on button. Rather, it uses the 3DS’s left shoulder button. So I had to reach up and back.”

– Kotaku

The Circle Pad itself is identical to the already existing Circle Pad on the left side of the 3DS. More interestingly, the attachment also adds triggers and bolsters already existing shoulder buttons, giving the entire console more of an actual controller feel.

“No doubt about it, the Slidepad is bulky and, for sure, kind of silly looking, but it also makes the portable feel more substantial in terms of control.”

– Joystiq



  1. I think the cradle works. I have gigantic hands and my major gripe with the 3DS was that it felt too small. I had no comfortable way of holding on to it.
    This is fantastic.
    Any news on if yhe ABXY buttons are going to work while in dual stick mode? I think they’d have to but I heard several people say no.


    1. Right, with something like this out there bound to make a new 3DS with the second slide built in. they did that for the motion plus so most likely they will do it for the 3DS


  2. I’m glad that it feels and looks more like a normal console controller. However, the shoulder buttons sound like they’re a bit on the clumsy side…


  3. Of course it’s gonna be comfortable. Nintendo does test things and plus with the situation they’re in they probably test them extra


    1. the only 2 things i don’t like about this add-on is that it covers the game slot so you have to take off the add-on every time you want to play a different game and that they didn’t make the shoulder button on the left side.

      i just really hope they do the same thing they did with the wii motes when they came out with the motion plus add-on’s, and make remake it built in


  4. ok now that we have a second analog for 3ds where is all the hardcore fps games for 3D metroid battlefield call of duty rainbow 6 come on now some one has to agree with me


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