Nintendo 3DS: Apparently The iPhone 5 Will Officially Kill The Nintendo 3DS

Oh man, despite Nintendo announcing that one of the biggest franchises ever in Japan will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS and Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 will be coming later this year, Slash Gear believes that Apple’s iPhone 5 will ‘officially kill’ the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo: consumers do not and will not care about the 3DS. And the iPhone 5, which will likely come with improved components to help deliver even better gameplay to owners, will make that abundantly clear.

The 3DS is failing right now, more than any other reason, because of smartphones and tablets offering compelling gaming experiences. And when the iPhone 5 launches in the next several weeks, you can expect it to officially kill off the 3DS.

Sorry, Nintendo, but if smartphones and tablets already on store shelves are killing the 3DS, the iPhone 5 might just be enough to put the final nail in the device’s coffin.


        1. I’ll make it three. If I wanted those cheap ass mini experiences that sell so well one the iphone I’d just buy Mario Party or Wii Party. I want to play actual quality games with high replay value and tight controls where I actually have buttons. 3DS all the way.

          1. This is a joke. the iPhone doesn’t even have many games! it has minigames, with no story, and no long term fun. and that other guy was right, actual buttons are very nice :)

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      1. Agreed. Apple-bashing not necessary here. Those who know me, know I will drop the F-Bomb gratuitously on a post. (even to Nintendo when they piss me off)

        All I can say, is the opinion of this Apple Fan-boy made me laugh. Kill the 3DS? OMFG, really? Seriously. I am still laughing my ass off. :))))

        A few weeks after the iPhone 5 launches, and the 3DS is alive and kicking – you will all be laughing just as hard.

        As for Joseph, who has been posting to this article – go easy on him. Some people don’t know what “gaming” is. They’ve been force-fed cheap, disposable games so long, they don’t know what they are missing. (and probably don’t have the attention span for a real video game.)

          1. I don’t think he’s “wrong” just opinionated about this. I can sum it up in a couple of sentences.

            Iphone games are quick & on the go type of games. Of course there is a market for this.

            3DS/Vita (and prior iterations & Game Gear) are on the go games as well, but meant to have more depth.

            There is no “and” between these markets. Yes the iPhone & IOS games can sell (and/or outsell) 3DS games since there is the market for it. It does not mean that these games/devices are better, it means there is a larger audience and install base.

            The market for Vita/3DS is more narrow to us core gamers. Offers quality and depth games.

            I don’t think either will go away as long as there is market, which there is. Everyone wants to pick reasons for the 3DS’ slow start. Nintendo acknowledged it was likely price and games. Let’s see how “dead” the 3DS is after this holiday.

            1. He was wrong. iPhone’s have ALWAYS had superior graphics, Internet connection, and online stability than any Nintendo handheld.

              It never ended any hand-held, and it never will… Unless Apple gets serious about competing in the game-market, and develops their own handheld… Then Nintendo can worry. (because Apple makes some DAMN good hardware – but it’s not designed for the true gamer yet.)

              1. Maybe in your experience it has had a better internet connection. I played Mariokart DS online for hours on end without any lag or disconnection. My iPod has trouble connecting to my Wi-Fi at home and on the road. I’ve been disconnected on the iPod and had slow connections as well. The only problem I had with the DS/DSi was connecting to a protected network since it was not supported. The 3DS resolved this issue.

                I don’t see him stating it was the end of Nintendo, it was just the appealing factor of the iPhone and their games and their prices. I’ve stated that neither will go anywhere.

          1. How many iPhone games can you log more than 50 hours playing? Not to pass time, but because there are places to visit, people to talk to, a world to explore, a plot to unravel, (complete with Plot twists), characters to develop, items to find / build. Do you feel like you’re actually visiting another place? As if reading a good book?

            iPhone games are “single serving games” (yeah, fightclub

        1. Apple is shit. Let us just face it, they are overexpensive, they make fuckloads of money off of those dumkopf people who think they are getting a good deal, and they failed trying to make a videogame system.

          They are idiot dumkoph retards.

    1. I agree but apple didn’t say this. The guy is an idiot, it’s doing very well now after the price drop and Christmas it will kill.


    2. 3DS games cost $40, the average iOS game is $1, you can get 1 3DS for $40 or you can get 40 iOS games for $1 each which would you rather have? (You guys will still say 1 game for $40 because that how you guys are. ugh!)

          1. ive spent 100s of dollars back in the day on iphone games. where are they all now? i deleted them because they are all pretty boring, and i needed more space for music. ipods/phones are for music and texting, game systems are for gaming.

            1. I agree. Im haven’t been buying any iOS games in a long awhile. Theyre just boring and not even worth the dollar imo. You get what you pay for. It’s either you pay $1 for 5 min play or $40 for 40 hrs+. It’s obvious which is better. Not to mention there are 3DS games in the $30 or lower sometimes. 3DS it only getting stronger as time goes by.

      1. not sure if trolling, or just stupid.

        3DS games offer hours and hours of exciting fun and entertainment. iOS games are mundane and distract for a few minutes, if not less. ever heard the saying “you get what you pay for?”

        1. Oh look the famous Anonymous calling people “trolls” again. A consumer would definetly choose a 1$ game over a $40 game, and i’m 100% sure i’ll would have more fun with games. Oh and would you stop replying to my comments i getting pissed off of you calling me a troll on every artical.

          1. If you actually have more fun with a $1 piece of terd AppStore game then you sir must be a soccer mom O_o. While you’re over there doing math, consider this. Firstly, if 1 person buys Mario Kart, that’s 40 x 1 = 40. 40 people have to buy crappy $1 iPhone game to get to 40. 40 x 2 = 80 greater than 80 x 1 = 80…

            First thing you’re gonna say is “BUT ANGRY BIRDS SOLD LOTS OF COPIES!” As an example, so did Pokemon… And Pokemon cost around $32. Angry Birds

            And secondly, don’t say “consumers” like you know all of us because clearly, you don’t -_-

            Really not understanding why people think Apple and Video Games are even in the same category. That’s like saying Minesweeper is in the same league as Minecraft O_o

            1. I said i will have more fun with 40 games than 1 games read goddammit. I would’ve ,mentioned Angry Birds if needed to by now. Nintendo fans aren’t the only consumers, it’s all to do with Statistics, and Apple doesn’t makes the games.

              1. nope jail broke my sisters i phone 4 so i can get every ting for free …………. i ended up playing sonic adventure 2 on game cube in five mins

                1. I personally don’t like Angry Birds. There are so many games out there with the same gameplay. Throw something at a building and make it fall down. “Crush the Castle” is pratically the same thing without you flinging birds. It’s over franchised with all the T-shirts and plushies. Angry Birds isn’t going to last much longer in my opinion. It’s something I would play to pass time in a long line, not just to whip out to play a game. Again, this is all my opinion, so I don’t want to hear “You don’t know me”

          2. Lol Joseph, I happened to see your comment. I think you’re refering to me actually, our fight on the blog about Vita’s price. Just so you know: I’m not the only Anonymous here. This is my first comment on the page. You don’t give a name, you’re called Anonymous.
            Oh, and just for the fun, almost forgot: you’re such a troll!

          3. You are an Idiot for thinking someone would buy a $1 game… EVERY PERSON WHO OWNS A portable, home console will rather pay 40 buck for a game that could last instead of just buying one that can distract you for like 5 minutes… IDIOT PHONES are for text, web, calling not for gaming Don’t compare they two because they are WAY DIFFERENT!

      2. did you take into account an iPhone is about 400$? cheaper if u want to get chained by a 2 year agreement, then u might only pay like 150$ PLUS at LEAST 40$ a month for data? I can buy a game a evry month for the next to years.

        1. ^Win.

          Assuming that the average person will not be due for a contract upgrade at the time of release, we can assume the iPhone will be $400, (to keep the math simple, I’m avoiding taxes), the cost of the 3DS is $170. That’s a $230 difference, which equals 6+ games (if your timing is right, you can do the buy 1 get 1 (or buy 1 get one 50% and can have more than 6 games, also throw in the optional virtual console games at an average of $5). That’s just to match the cost of the device.

          Now, using your example of $1 average, add on $40 for data (a month), $17 activation, so we’ll make that another $40 (10-23 games [since it is an average after all]. That’s another 2-8 3DS games (again depends on a sale, also counting in virtual console games (average $5)).

          As another person responded mentioned, it’s $40 a month, or a single 3DS game. So you are paying $40 + any purchases of games (and also should include other apps). If you are not buying 3DS games, this $40 can be saved for future purchases, where with the iPhone, you are automatically charged, then in addition any purchases you make.

          Now we can factor in the time. The average playtime on a phone is more likely to be 5-30 minutes (since lets face it, you need battery for calls, texts, and typically just a short boredom time waster). On the 3DS, you can play 30-300 minutes depending on how charged it is and your settings, etc. You also don’t get sick of the game during that time and more likely to pick it up again, where the iPhone games get repetitive and

          1. It’s actually more than 40. That’s just data alone. You have to pay for the phone plan too which ranges from 60 to over 100. So data plus plan bit added taxes. Believe me I had sprint and I got the everything unlimited plan for 70. Thinkin I would pay at least 80 total with taxes. I was wrong, I was paying 110 every month. I canceled my contract.

            1. True, but I was referencing the gaming portion of the phone.

              They really screw you with the taxes and fees on phones. I got the minimal plan at AT&T and it’s $50.

              I was regarding the additional costs of an iPhone, and not the typical assumed phone costs with minutes. Since the iPhone requires data it is an additional monthly expense.

      3. Quantity =/= Quality.
        Just because you can get 40 games instead of 1 doesn’t mean that those forty games are going to be of the same level of quality as the single game. Though, if you’re willing to find 40 iGames that are equal to, or even greater than, the top 3DS games in therms of quality (i.e., graphics, story, gameplay, re-playability, and enjoyment), then I’ll agree with you. Until then….
        Quantity =/= Quality.

      4. It’s funny how this argument is used towards the 3DS a lot. Let’s not forget that the 3DS has an online store as well. There are lots of good value downloadable titles available either from the DSi’s catalogue, GB/GBC Virtual Console, 3D Classics or even original content (as well as the Ambassador Program games). I have owned a 3DS since July, and while I have not purchased a single retail 3DS game, I have thoroughly enjoyed playing a variety of titles on my 3DS.

            1. True. The DSi shop REALLY fucking sucked. As for the November update?… When it occurs, and it’s what we are told it will be, I will graciously take back what I said. :). For now, it sucks.

              1. I don’t think the update is supposed to improve the shop.. is it? I thought it was an update to get the 3D video.

                The eShop is not that bad, the DSi shop was indeed horrible. What don’t you like about it? The navigation is okay (which could be improved), but I like how you can see ratings.

          1. i know it sucks, but give it time, i dont know if you have an xbox360 or ps3 but when the xbox market place and the PS network started they where pretty lame too also the wii ware. so give it time :)

              1. There are a lot of great WiiWare/DSiWare games. Shantae, Cave Story, Flow, etc.are all great games. You do use them for games, right? As long as you can actually buy something off the service, you shouldn’t care about anything else.

        1. Yeah but consumers don’t buy handhelds if they have a iPhone or an Andriod, because to me handheld gaming is to past time, or if your away from your console not to sit playing for 3 hours, why i’m i going to play my 3DS/Vita on my couch with i could just turn on my Wii or 360? If you don’t have a console then thats different. When people travel the only handheld they most likely take is their iPhone, because people don’t like taking two handheld devices. Back when the DS, PSP, GBA ect was released their were no smartphones, so their weren’t anything to worry about.

          1. For me are handhelds > home systems ( in terms of gaming iOS hasnt reached the level quite yet) most of the time. But thanks for sharing your point of view.

          2. I’ve had every version on the iPhone and I’ll be gettin iPhone 5 at launch. I’ve played many games on them but in no way do they compete with the 3ds. Personally I think iOS games suck, have no depth and controlling is a god damn nightmare. I take my 3ds and play it everywhere. Even when sitting on my couch when I have my wii, ps3 and 360 sitting right there in front of me. There’s no rules that the 3ds

            1. Hit publish by accident. Lol
              There’s no rules that the 3ds can only be played while traveling. Sometimes it just depends on the mood your in. iPhone games can never beat a good hardcore nintendo game. Honestly I don’t even think you can compare the two.

          3. You cannot make generalities like that. I can sit on my couch and play my 3DS. Have you heard of people sitting at home with the TV on or a movie playing? Can’t play a home console with that on. Also the 3DS/Vita can be played in a bedroom quite easily as well.

            I have an iPod Touch (which lets face it; it’s basically an iPhone without the monthly 3G plan and does not make phone calls). I only play these games for incredibly short periods of time (like in the bathroom) or waiting in a store while my wife is shopping around (or she’s in the bathroom).

            I’ll admit, my 3DS time will likely decrease with the Wii U since I could play that instead while the TV/Movie is on. But I still carry it with daily, and I can still play it on the train (if I’m not reading).

              1. Thanks, that’s an accurate presentation of how I use the device.

                It’s an easy grab for checking Facebook quickly (and other sites), and also just a quick time waster (games) in those situations. I really don’t use the iPod much for gaming. I use it for music (walking from train to work), a quick internet check at home (when not near the computer), and gaming in those situations mentioned. I get more enjoyable experience playing the 3DS for gaming. I’m saddened by my minimal 3DS titles, but I know it will change. I got the DS Phat early as well and only had Super Mario 64. But I lived and expanded the collection over time – same that the 3DS is going through.

              1. You did say “when people travel”. I take my 3DS to work, on vacation, almost everywhere/every time I go somewhere. The only time I don’t take it is if it’s raining excessively, or if it needs to charge (and I failed to charge it the previous night). I didn’t take it to Mexico, since well it’s Mexico and I didn’t want to be to flashy or careless with it.

                I know you might not watch movies or TV a lot, but there are other uses for it that does not necessarily mean travel.

                Also the phrase “why would I want to play on my couch” could be a general statement made about others like “Why would [anyone] want to play on [their] couch”. Obviously it will be different for everyone and their particular scenarios.

                I also carry 3 devices (4 if you count the one in my backpack). While it does seem like an inconvience, I’ve adjusted to it fine. I carry my phone, iPod touch, 3DS, (and in my backpack – galaxy tablet). Each device has a purpose. iPod touch for music/gaming on the go (as described), galaxy for mobile internet / reading. I don’t want an iPhone since that will be another $40 a month for secondary mobile internet.

              2. you know dude, I know that you’re only talking for what you do with your devices, but you use very general terms, like saying that handhelds are past time, I feel like you are just talking because I have a point of view, but you don’t know how to explain it and you are being misunderstood.
                anyway, of course handheld gaming is great, and even if its a very old thing, I really love to play GBC or GBA while I’m waiting for something, it’s not only the DS or 3DS, for me all the handhelds are still alive, cuz they bring me more fun that the smarthphone games do, I could take my iPhone and play while I’m waiting for something, waiting for the bath or anything, but when I’m done with that I will stop playing and go LOLing around, but instead, with the 3DS I could say, “oh god im so bored” and take the 3DS and play Zelda from the beginning until the water temple, and I won’t get bored of it, and for the number of devices that I carry, LOL who cares, I could have the iPhone, 3DS, GBA and maybe a PSP jaja, it depends of my mood that day xP, and if my backpack is not full of useless stuff.

                1. I think you mixed in my response with Josephs. I referred to my devices and backpack use. I’ve been defending the 3DS where Joseph is defending the iPhone.

          4. So your thoughts and actions are now representative of a larger demographic? Tens of millions of people buy dedicated handheld gaming devices like DS, PSP, 3DS, and eventually Vita because they like to play real games outside of their home. I’m in my 20’s, and the 3DS is the first handheld console I’ve ever bought. So by your logic I should believe that everyone like me will do the same. That’s not how the market or the world works.

          5. i understand your point of view and is very valid, but your not taking account ages, off-course a business guy is more like to have an iphone/android , but imagine a 6-14 years old asking to his dad for an iphone -_- . i take the risk saying that we gamers like more to play in a console or handheld than a smartphone.
            now its true that if i am in my house i turn on my 360 not my 3ds, but if i am in a 4 hour flight, y prefer 4 hours on ocarina of time 3ds than 4 hour of angry birds-cut the rope-fieldrunners

          6. I’m not disagreeing to be an asshole, but I seriously quite playing my Consoles when I got my 3DS. I even watch “The Office” via Netflix on my 3DS.

            My life is portable. I carry wifi in my pocket, I use a netbook to reduce weight, and I do most of my gaming on my handheld. That’s why I need more than a $1 – $10 APP to keep me engaged. On the 3DS, I get a console experience that is portable. (granted, it was a 3D paper-weight for 3 months due to Nintendo’s shitty launch.) – but now, after finally playing some decent games… I love my 3DS.

          7. Oh my god. Quit talking about your gaming lifestyle as if it applies to everyone else. You may use handheld gaming as a time passer, but it’s whole different deal for others. I’ve seen people clock hours on games like Pokemon and MK. Games like OoT 3D do not exist simply to ‘pass time’. It’s a quality title designed to be savoured, unlike most of the garbage on the app store. As long as the core gamer exists, so will the 3DS.

      5. I have over 250 iOS games, and to put it frankly the only ones that are as good as any 3DS games out there are Ace Attorney and GTA: Chinatown Wars. Both DS ports, if you’ve noticed, for $5 and $10, respectively. Face it, games made to be sold at $1 don’t exactly look any better when you combine 40 of them.

        I’ll be honest; if you had a choice of 40 games ONCE, you’d get a lot of fun out of them on the App Store. But once you get past the twenty or so high-caliber games on the service, the rest aren’t worth the cash, to put it frankly. Games from companies like Crescent Moon games, Gamevil (who eventually ports its iOS games onto Nintendo platforms, so just wait for those ports if you really want to), Chillingo, Firemint, (sometimes) Capcom, (much more frequently than Capcom) SEGA, all offer great games on the App Store. But like I said earlier, once you get past their 20 or so great games it’s just not worth paying money for more. I haven’t bought a game in months, and that’s because I’ve tried hundreds of games (more so than the 250 I mentioned above because I deleted a bunch of games) and they can’t make good games. 40 crappy games is still worse than a $40 AVERAGE game, like Nintendogs. And 40 good $1 games (I doubt you can find that many on the entire service) are still worse than 1 GREAT game, depending on the game. After you exhaust the top 40 games (20 great and 20 above-average games) on the App Store? Spend your money elsewhere. Get that cup of joe instead; it’s more worth it than to go through a crappy game just because you paid for it and don’t want to feel like you wasted your cash.

          1. What will handheld gaming device games look like in 2-3 years? The technology is always advancing. Fortunately, it benefits us all, hopefully.

      6. Nintendo chooses not to make $1 games for a reason, because they’re not good. I’d much rather have an excellent $40 game on my 3DS, than 40 games that I’m not going to play because they don’t interest me as someone who plays real games. The market determines value, and any exceptional game on console cost between $40-$60, many of which can sell in the millions. Any cognizant person can determine that until touchscreens can replicate complex directional movements and button presses, they will not eliminate dedicated gaming devices. Plus, the most important factor for the 3DS is that it hasn’t seen it’s first holiday sales season yet, when it’s most anticipated titles will be released.

        1. On the app store you will find games with simple ideas and some how fun and a bit addicting but still only give you short burst of fun which is easily blown away by the reality of the word. There simple games with one touch or a move of your rist. There simple fun and BORING. Home consoles and portable game consoles will always be around because of the content. It is also the controls as well. The DS was a great Idea, combining the both touch and controls. The 3DS had a bad start I must say, it had a bad launch titles to be honest but it didn’t stop me buying it at the midnight launch. Nintendo respects there customers/users and with the price drop they brought the Ambassador Program. Reminding true nintendo fans that they care! What other companies do that!!!? When the Ipod touch goes down in price do apple give free software or something? No What other company might do something like the ambassador program?!
          My point’s have been said.

      7. i will pay 100 $ if i have to play Zelda, Mario; Metroid, Pikmin or any other big Nintendo games. the question here is do you want quantity or quality? talk like that and it means you do not care for any game and that you would just take anything. lol

      8. Um..I can buy a car that runs well or 40 toy cars. That’s basically what you’re asking us. Sorry for caring more about quality than quantity.

        1. It’s friggin’ video games, not real life or whatever, i do care about Quality over quantity, but for handheld gaming is to past time.

          1. No it’s not. Handheld gaming is to provide a deep gaming experience on the go. iOS gaming is the kind that wastes- er, “passes” time.

      9. You forgot about the $60 a month you are spending on the Data/Voice to even buy the games. Plus factor in taxes and ovarages for downloading the games, so now we are up to 1 retail game plus 5-7 eshop games before you can even afford one game on the iPhone.

    3. Agree. Nintendo was right about integrating physical controls and touch screen controls on the WiiU controller. You need physical controls on your gaming device or else your sweaty and oily(after gaming for a while) palms and fingers will slip off the touch screen and it is just sooo irritating. Plus the games are TOO short and finish quickly.

    4. Yup they are full of suckage, but things will change when EPIC Games games come out on it, along with other companies, they aren’t going to brush off the iphone much longer cause they see more potential there to be made.

    5. i used to throw a ton of money down on every kinda good “app store game”. i put that in quotes because app store games arent high quality. what i used to think of as “the best” games were pretty bad rip offs by gameloft and EA. i would play the games for a little while, and then a sequel comes out in a month. nintendo games are big high quality games that are worth owning and playing. the most popular iphone games are replayable games like the bird shooting one, (really cant remember the name, never actually played it) but games like mario party and other console mini games are like the mix of many app store mini games all in one awesome game with every quality of it top notch. iphone games suck compared to nintendo games.

    6. damn right!
      And there is a huge difference between a casual iphone user who plays maybe a game or two or a hadcore game who wants all the good stuff out there from A like Animal Farm till Z like Zelda,. Thats it!

    7. Apple didn’t make those claims.
      Indie games on Tablets and Smart phones are selling very well.
      You might want to research before you make a post.
      The iPhone 5 will not kill the 3DS, its a foolish claim. It will impact slightly if at all because most people that will obtain an iPhone 5 will be early adopters, these are the same people that would have bought the 3DS at the higher price point. The others that haven’t bought it yet are waiting for specific titles, or, they are smart enough to wait until christmas (considering how close it is and how fast it is drawing upon us) to grab the 3DS in a bundle.
      These 2 items are intended at the same market share of different markets. Although smart phones cross over into gaming territory, they aren’t the killers of it, they are just another challenge that any good developer will work hard to beat.
      However, only a fool would rule out the iPhone and other smart phones as dangerous competition and would make a wild claim that “iPhone games suck”.

    8. I agree, what the hell is wrong with these people? & why only Nintendo, why not also scare the PSVita? But, no, let’s make controversial remarks to only one company, so my post will be seen by many people. Normal people like fast games on their phones, which are mainly to MAKE CALLS, now, gamers, want FULL GAMES on their Nintendo 3DS. Also, I don’t see 3D on the iPhone 5. :D

    9. Nintendo won’t make money because of R4 cards, which make your console get bricked. iOS devices can be jailbroken, be played online, and not have your system bricked. I also prefer real gaming systems, but just think from a pirate’s perspective. All of my friends have a jailbroken iPod Touch. Just think about it…

  1. Seriously? With the 3ds you just pay once but with the iPhone you have to pay for 3G and a contract with your provider. I will always love the 3ds more than iPhones. Slash gear is retarded

  2. I honestly hope that when the PS Vita is available, we’ll get similar articles saying “smart phones will kill it” too, just so all this stupid hate will be equally shared among handhelds. The day when Mario games, old or new or both, are available on the iPhone, THAT is the day that the iPhone will have killed Nintendo, and no sooner.

      1. you are completely right if the 3DS dies (which wont happen until its 9th gen succesor comes out in like 10 years) the PS Vita is fucked because if nsole like the 3DS cant stand a chance against a phone neither can the Vita.

  3. It’s not losing because of other hardware. It’s losing because, 7 months after launch, its lineup is still deplorable. There’s no incentive to buy outside of nostalgia/gimmicks.

    1. Yep Its not Fun and dies soon.

      Who says no to Zelda and Metal gear solid? You cant get those best games on I phone and if they ever released it on it, it will Suck.

    1. My iPhone apps only really get used when my 3DS or Wii is out of reach, other than that I just use it for texts and phone calls, seeing as i did buy my iPHONE to be a phone…

  4. From what I heard, the iphone 5 is the SAME GOD DAMN THING as the iphone 4. Just slightly better processor and camera. SLIGHTLY. Meaning its still weak compared to the 3DS. Slash gear, lay off the weed.

    1. Not to jerk at you or anything, but the iPhone 4 is already more powerful (processor-wise) than the 3DS. The iPhone five will be twice as powerful as an iPhone 4. Do the math.

      1. You do the fucking math. 2x iPhone 4 = better graphics. Unless iPhone 5 has something, like a sexy analog toggle, it’s still just an iPhone. Extra power means shit.

        Haven’t you learned anything from the N64…DS…Wii… Power = shit if you don’t have the gameplay.

        No offense.

          1. *sits with legs crossed, takes a deep breath, and exhales* OK , happy thoughts.

            I was a little harsh. I “do math” almost every day at work… Took the comment too Litteral.

            I’m done with this thread (unless I’ve already posted below). I think between all of us, we’ve analyzed the hell out of this topic. Lol.

      2. I already did, that’s why the 3DS is cheaper than the iPhone 5. If the 3DS had more power, it would have been more than $250.

        The iPhone needs a stronger processor to multi-task, you don’t need to do this on the 3DS. Also the iPhone needs to process the incoming network, phone calls, text messages, which will show the notifications instantly, not needed on the 3DS as well.

        Everything is not about the processor size/power, just the same as the graphics.

      3. I did the math and the iPhone 4 came in less powerful than the 3DS in Processing Power in all parts RAM, Video Card, Main CPU, and Audio Processor. Sorry the iPhone 4 can’t compete on specs only screen resolution which gets a little lost on a small screen.

      4. You did not just use the Jaguar slogan. I don’t think you realize how much you’ve degraded your own argument using that slogan. “Do the math?” If there’s anything the jaguar has proven, it’s that power clearly isn’t everything.

      5. Did any of you guys read my comment? I was stating a simple fact; the iPhone’s processor is more powerful than the 3DS. Did I say anything about great games, video ram, normal ram, or anything else? No. I simply put it out there that the iPhone 4 has a more powerful PROCESSOR (in case you don’t know what that is, it’s the part of the computer that computes the data. CPU).

        @Jaded I didn’t say crap about gameplay. You’re seeing too many other comments about iPhone gaming and you’re forgetting I didn’t say anything about gameplay. I admit, I’d probably make the same mistake as well.

        @Gamer Greg Indeed it does. However, with a dual-core 1GHz processor, you can have one processor do one process (say, take care of phone calls/text messages, one at a time) while the other takes care of your games. A 3DS will still look better/play better, simply because it’s optimized for games; however, just like I told @Jaded up there, I didn’t say anything about how games play. I was just correcting @Knots up there.

        @Deuce Jaguar slogan? Never heard of it. Not to mention it’s not much of an argument. You can argue as much as you want but the iPhone 4 will still have a 1 GHz processor and the iPhone 5 will still have a dual-core 1 GHz processor.

        @Steve B. Yeah that makes sense, seeing how the RAM has to be split up among tasks and the VRAM is less than the 3DS’s. Both are big limits on what a game looks/plays like; even if processor power is many times more powerful these two things will greatly limit gameplay performance. Which is why the 360 and PS3 look alike, even though the PS3’s processors are incredibly powerful compared to the 360’s.

  5. “The 3DS is failing right now, more than any other reason, because of smartphones and tablets offering compelling gaming experiences.”

    I’m sorry but bahaahaaha!!! If you think Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja are compelling video games you clearly have no idea what the word means.

  6. Not exactly as soon as mario kart and land comes out sale will go up a lot i know at least 50 people who say they didn’t buy it at launch because there was no games out and even now there is much out for it there star fox and zelda as soon a new game comes out that people played on the wii or ds then people will start buying them you but a console for the exclusives basically

  7. los smart phones y todo eso se estan saliendo demaciado de sus funcionalidades principales, alfinal solo seran unas consolas portatiles mas que se metan en sus asuntos y no sigan metiendose en otras cosas

  8. False, I do not own a smartphone…nor do I want one (especially an iphony). I would like a simple back button…and if your first four iterations don’t possess one..I don’t care if five finally does. Second, I will never play games on my phone as I would a handheld system PSP or 3DS. It is rather funny he doesn’t think the i5 will kill the Vita though no? Perhaps he doesn’t realize that the fault with the 3DS is game and it’s original pricing…not the competition.

  9. Was just talking to my brother during the week working out that for the price of a 16GB iPhone 4 without signing your life away, you could get a 32GB iPod Touch, a 3DS and a decent phone.

  10. Whatever, dude. These mobile device companies forget that handheld consoles and smartphones are two different devices, and two different markets. The iPhone can be as popular as it wants to, but at the end of the day the 3DS will gather more steam. They should know better than to count their chickens so early.

  11. This is hilarious. The 3DS is failing? Why? Because Nintendo’s high standards of sales were off by just .4 mill? Because they had hardly any games at launch? Because they overpriced it? Please. These things are small. It won’t stop gamers from buying the 3DS. Especially come Christmas time. The iPhone 5 is just a phone. With no buttons. It won’t bring the complex games that handhelds are known for. It’ll just release the same simplistic ones over and over again. The 3DS will be fine.

    1. I disagree. Nintendo really kicked themselves in the balls.

      Still, I agree, the 3DS failed launch was not because of smart phones, (pardon me while I die laughing)

      The 3DS has already gotten back up, starts to wipe the blood and mud from it’s face. I agree with you, that it will carry on as a great handheld system. :)

  12. So, without even knowing the actual capabilities of the iPhone 5, some random traditionally Apple-leaning blog has declared the end of the 3DS by this magical device.

    The reason the 3DS is suffering is not because of the smartphone war, but rather the lack of games on the system. The end is not nigh, the system has just launched and has a long life ahead of it, unlike the Virtual Boy.

    I generally like the articles here but geez, talk about sensationalist journalism. Would you mind filtering exactly what gets published so that it comes from non-flamewar starting places?

  13. Now that’s just bull! The 3DS is completely different, and Nintendo fans DO care about it, and will continue to care about it. There’s no way that the iPhone 5 will hinder the 3DS. It’s failing, but it’s been picking up speeds drastically, and will continue to as more software that we all want comes to the system. The iPhone may beat the 3DS on sales, but that’s simply because it’s a PHONE. It’s a multipurpose device. The 3DS was made SPECIFICALLY for games, and that’s why it’s better.

    1. Ocarina of Time is better then Angry Birds long way :D

      How does angry birds beat 30 hours of game time? I own angry birds on I phone 1. And Angry birds coming to 3DS soon. Really 3DS has the games I phone has. 3DS/DS has flight control and soon angry birds.

  14. Oh yes, I’m sure that Mario, Link and Samus are shaking in their boots at the prospect of going head to head with the complex, challenging gameplay and incredibly detailed, thought provoking, in-depth plot of Angry Birds.

    It doesn’t matter how good the iPhone becomes; it only has mini-games. And while mini-games are very enjoyable, Mario Party is not better than Super Mario 64. Chocobo Racing was not the highlight of Final Fantasy 7. The Archery range was not the greatest moment of Ocarina of Time.

  15. Personally, I prefer games that last more than 5 minutes and actually have a story and music, but that’s just me.

  16. Battery lives are already pretty crappy on portable devices anyway, so the last thing I’d want to do on my phone is waste power playing a “super high tech” game when I could be making very important calls. I don’t think these guys really understand the importance of having a phone.

  17. iPhones don’t have Super Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda, Animal Crossing, Star Fox, R.E, S.F., Nintendogs, etc etc etc Hooray for the 3DS!! :)

  18. It’s not that apple or nintendo are different religions.
    They belong to the same religion, just different orientations.
    Like catholics and evangelics…no?

  19. COME ON! mobile gaming sucks, look at mobile gaming on Iphone and tell me a game better then Star fox 64 3DS or Zelda? The games on Iphone are just nothin really and I own I phone 1.

    I peffer having 3DS and a cheep phone, over having an expensive phone. Why would I pay $400 for a I phone when i can get a 3DS for $170 which has better games.

    If this news is true then PS Vita is aslo Screwed D:

  20. I guess he missed the sales jump of the 3DS and the 3DS conference altogether to make these claims. At the moment, I’m playing through The Legend of Zelda that was offered to Ambassadors (it’s a hard game), and I believe that games is better than anything I’ve seen on smartphones. Touch this and touch that kind of games are not enough.

    1. True. Even Simple NES games are better then I phone games! And we 3DS ambassadors have got them for free. Really, the legend of zelda is brilliant on 3DS, and on Eshop Links awakening is only a few bucks. Links awakening is worth endless $3 I phone games

  21. Sigh. Why do the press and all the investors think it is the smartphones that are causing the 3ds’s low sales? It’s the lack of games. What’s even worse, is the fact that they thing the iPhone offers compelling gaming experiences. How can they say that? You can’t have a compelling game experience without buttons.

  22. LOL This article actually made me laugh out loud. Who snorted crack up their ass to come up with that preposterous theory/statement? Last time I checked, majority of people buy an iPhone to make calls and listen to their music… Not to mention, use FaceBook and whatever apps are actually, well… Useful! Nobody–including myself (I HAVE an iPhone)– buys an iPhone specifically for gaming. I’m seriously willing to bet money on that.

    Second, “Nintendo consumers do not and will not care about the 3DS”? I really doubt that considering it’s doing so well right now, and also, since the new Mario game for 3DS is hotly anticipated. I think this “Slash Gear” needs a reality check… Like a swift kick to the nads.

    1. Your Icon makes your comments stick out. I see comments better with a great icon. my one makes my icon look like a QR code :S

  23. I totally forgot about how much story there was in fruit ninja, and tinywings. Might as well just throw away my 3ds you know cuz it’s gonna be obsolete and such. In other words Apple: STFU you don’t know shit about video games. I mean you can’t even make a phone unless it’s everything else… And a phone.

  24. If the iPhone 5 is more powerful than the 3DS then Nintendo is in trouble. But then again the iPhone 4 beats the 3DS at everything except the GPU, and some Andriod phone may have already out performed the 3DS

    1. You’re a dumbass, stop trying to defend smartphones. They have terrible gaming, that’s it. I have zero games on my Evo, I have nothing but music and movies on my iTouch. Processing power means nothing about gaming if you release crap with no story or interesting gameplay. The 3DS doesn’t need as much power because it, not multitasking, all it’s doing is playing a game. Smartphones are constantly receiving data while you’re watching Youtube or surfing the web. Portable gaming isn’t going anywhere, you can’t beat Mario or Zelda with throwing birds at pigs.

      1. Coming from the guy who name is “Nintylover” so whatever i say won’t enter your thick skull. If the iPhone 5 is more powerful than the 3DS then developers will see not much reason to make game for the 3DS, sure the iPhone doesn’t have buttons but the Vita does, it’s that the reason the Wii had no third party games because of it’s processing power?

        1. Not necessarily though. The 3DS has many advantages to develop for. Development is only slow due to the low install base. When this grows, more games will be there. This holiday season should increase those numbers.

          “Wii had no third party games”. It had a lot of third party games, just not the not violent ones. Developers stated it was due to the difference in graphic power. It was not worth developing 2 completely versions all of the time.

          Wii had COD, Guitar Hero, Just Dance. Those seemed to do really well. They also had Madden and Tiger Woods. The main ones that missed out where GTA, Assassin’s Creed, Mortal Kombat and some others.

        2. Hmm… don’t you think a video game developer would rather make a deep gaming experience on an actual gaming device where their target audience is? Why would they develop that when most iPhone owners are extremely casual gamers, games they would play for 5 mins or less?

        3. First of all, learn sentence structure you sound like you’re 10. Second, when did the Wii come into this, we’re discussing portables vs. smartphones?

          Anyway, as I stated in my comment that you obviously didn’t read properly, the processing power doesn’t equate to the quality of the game that is produced, it’s what you can produce with the tools given to you. It’s near impossible to translate a game like Zelda (complex controls and gameplay elements) on a tiny, button-less screen, that’s why most mobile games are pieces of crap with one dimensional gameplay and no plot. Yes, they “pass time” as you say; however, with portables games, you get that same time passing quality with the addition of an absorbing story and interesting gameplay thanks to the use of buttons, touchscreen, etc. TL;DR: Quality over quantity.


  25. Yeah I’m officially calling SlashGear a bunch of pretentious @#$%s. In fact, with this comment, I’d say they’re as bad as SONY. Just for that smug display, both SlashGear AND Apple can forget about me buying an iPhone5 anytime soon.

  26. Dude i just spilled my coke after reading this BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA iphone killing the 3DS?????????? LOL the PSP couldnt do it theres no fking way the iphone will LMAO now tell me what awesome gaming titles iphone owns? LOL angry chickens? HAHAHAHA

    1. dude the PSP was released during the era of the gameboy advance and it couldnt beat the gameboy so if the PSP couldnt take out a weak handheld such as the GBA a phone wont stand a chance against the 3DS

  27. I’ve been a gamer every since the N64, faithfully buying all of Nintendo’s consoles and handhelds. I’ve enjoyed all of the Nintendo games like Mario, Pokémon, Zelda, Metroid, etc.
    This past year, I finally got an iPhone 3GS to use Facebook, Twitter, and other cool apps (not to mention to keep in touch with my parents while I went away to college :] ). Yeah, I play Angry Birds, Words With Friends, Tap Tap Revolution, Doodle Jump, and all those other games for the iPhone, and, guess what–I STILL got the 3DS. Nintendo makes the really in-depth games that you play after getting home from work–Ocarina of Time (3D), Star Fox 64 (3D), Super Mario Galaxy. The games on my iPhone are for those short periods of boredom, like waiting for an elevator, riding the bus to work/class, and the like.

    So, no, the iPhone will never replace traditional handheld gaming. If anything, smarter gamers will allow it to co-exist with the 3DS, Vita, DS, GBA–whatever handheld you enjoy.

    smh, those dumbasses at Slash Gear…

  28. I highly doubt that.

    Never will I “game” on a phone, they are ment for calling people (well texting now adays xD)! Plus i prefer my Android, at least it has flash :P

  29. i use a phone for calling and send sms. i want to have enough battery in the phone for important calls.
    i use my 3ds ONLY for playing

    Sorry, but i don’t think that the 3ds and the iphone 5 is in the same league…the pocket of this guy is full with apple money
    let`s see what happens this christmas…

  30. The iphone has absolutely nothing to do with the 3DS. A portable gaming device with 3D and Nintendo games and a phone with crappy games… And I don’t understand all this 3DS-hating thing. I just bought one today, and I’m sure I’ll be satisfied.

    1. I know. Soon i would hear things about Vita is going to be killed.

      If this news is true and the 3ds dies.

      Sonys PS Vita is Screwed!

  31. because i would definitely find an iphone in gamestop. even more soo id pay a couple hundred bucks for a PHONE!! or kids would much rather have aphone with no contacts, or even have the capacity to find out what it does rather than a simple 3ds to fill them with joy. yes i have an i phone, it does about a million things, but when i want to play, my 3ds is right here. my second most important thing in my pocket

  32. What?! It’s a phone, you idiots! It can’t kill and handheld system! What dumb ass said this? IT’S A BLOODY PHONE.

    1. If i was looking into the future, Sony’s Vita would be the last handheld they produce, Nintendo will continue making handhelds because NIntendo never gives up.

      1. The reason Nintendo has not made a phone or a 3g connected device (like the vita is) is because they believe it cant reach the masses as easily as a handheld can, they really don’t want to hinder players with a monthly fee to play, that’s the only reason, that and in Japan, there are so many Wi-fi spots, that having a phone connected to the internet forever is not necessary at all, and in bigger cities in the US the same, so until 3g or 4g, (or 5g whatever the frak is next) because really cheap, then i don’t see Nintendo making a phone ever.

  33. i definitely don’t see the point on this post. apple is one of the worst software and hardware developers. why should an iphone kill off the 3ds? i don’t have to mention, that you will have to wait a couple of years to buy it for a fair price. And if Apple isn’t making any drastic changes to their phones, the i-phone will die out first. Iphones are chick-phones anyway

  34. WTF is the world coming to when people can’t even see the difference between a BRILLIANT GAMES CONSOLE and a PHONE… its a fucking PHONE… not a games console.. seriously…. just wtf!

  35. iphone wont compete with the 3ds its a phone just cause it has games doesnt mean everyone uses iphones most people have androids and the ipod is the same thing as an iphone but ipods are better though

  36. The thing is, games that aren’t specifically designed for a touch screen don’t play as well as with actual buttons. For example, GTA chinatown wars plays much more comfortable on the DS and PSP than on the iPhone/iPad.

    Also the games that are designed for smartphones are worth what they cost, a euro. They are for moments of boredom in school or at work during a moment you haven’t got anything to do.
    But the 3DS games are totally different, a game like OoT3D, you pay forty euros and you play it for hours on end. Personally I’ve spent over 80 hours in it, and still haven’t completed the master quest.

    The 3DS is just so much more indepth that most of the games for smartphones. They control better most of the time, cause you’re physically feeling what you’re doing and they have much more content to play.

  37. Well it can. I grew up with Nintendo and had the 3ds and sold it as I was not playing it. I dont have an iphone, but an ipod touch 4th gen. Yes some games on ios are not up to par just as some of Nintendo’s are not

    One of the top ios games is zombie gunship and top for Nintendo is Mario. The 3ds is cool, but we just recently got a 55″ 3d tv…yes you have to wearbtje glasses, but it’s the same glasses from the movies. And it converts 2d to 3d, so gaming glasses free on a 3″ screen compared to a 55″ 3d tv you cant be beat.

    So with that a .99 game thats in 3d and on a bigger screen (iphone 5) compared to $30 .

    It’s ok to be passionate, but it’s ok to be realistic.

    1. -_-………………………. u saying it like every can buy a 3d tv thats gona cost loads plus only some games are in 3d like sonic generations when it comes out

    2. For one thing you don’t make any sense at all… You can’t compare Nintendo games to iOS games… How about some nintendo games are not up to par and almost all iOS games are not up to par.

      Gaming on a TV is totally unrelated to mobile gaming. And there is no 3D on an iPhone..
      99 cent games do not last long at all, and they usually have bugs or issues, or they force close, or even freeze. They are just mini-games; nothing compared to real videogames that cost $30 or $40 or even $60 sometimes which are totally worth the price.

  38. Implying that there are any games of substance in the app store…

    Give me Angry Birds, I’ll be entertained in small doses for a couple weeks. Give me a new good Pokemon ds title, I’ll be good for hundreds of hours

  39. Okay, anyone who plays Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, and calls themself a gamer, is a joke.

    An iPhone cannot ‘kill’ anything, unless you choke someone with it, or stone a cat with it. The claim that an phone can provide a ‘compelling gaming experience’, is ridiculous. At the very most, Plants Vs. Zombies, but that’s on everything now.

    I don’t see why everyone feels like they need to bash around Nintendo and it’s products. I know there’s competition, but there’s better methods.

    1. An I phone is a phone that wants to be a Games console that fails, seriously.

      3DS owner: “Look I’ve got Zelda for $50 and i’m 50 hours into it, I’ve heard i’ve got 70 hours of gameplay in it!”

      I phone owner. “Wow really?! I’ve got a game on i phone for $10 and i only played it for a hour in total and it’s great!”

      3DS owner: ” Why not give Zelda 3DS a go?”

      I Phone Owner. grabs the 3DS and gives Zelda a go ” WHAT?! this is way better then my $10 game on I phone and its like this for 70 hours! The graphics, my Phone sucks on graphics compared to this, I’m selling my phone for 3DS!”

      I owned a I phone. I’ve baught a few few buck games, I only played them for 30 minuites and baught another one. My wallet is always empty my 3DS fixed it. I Phone Will never beat 3DS for gaming, If this news is true then PS Vita is also Screwed D: !

  40. Hmm, let me think, pay monthly payments for extra features I don’t really care about to get for the most part, low quality games that don’t make shovelware on 3DS look good or pay 1 flat fee and get the strong AAA titles not just from this gen but handheld past?

    While the decision is hard, very very hard to make…. I’m going to stick with my Nintendo handheld.

  41. Who gives a crap. These are two different devices. I play 3DS for games and iPhone for apps. I would buy a Vita before an iPhone for gaming.

  42. you pay for what you get, you know? a 1$ game vs. a 40$ game i always pay more for a great game! and by the looks of it some great ones are coming! now lets see your phone do that!

  43. Umm, who would really get an Iphone for games? You buy a 3DS or Vita is you want high quality portable games. Yeah the Iphone’s are cheap, and yeah there are some fun ones like Angry Birds, but they get boring really easily.

  44. I will say playing final fantasy tactics on my iPhone is far better than any DS game I’ve played.

    But 1 game (that I personally like) does not tackle down a whole plethora of games.

    (and yes price does make a big difference)

    1. Yeah, it was good on the PSP too. And it was good on the PSN. And it was good on the PSOne. It’s good because it’s Final Fantasy freakin Tactics, not because it happens to be on a phone.

  45. When did trolling become journalism? They must be apprentices to Fox News. Douchebags. I would rather have my 3DS than an iPhone.

  46. Last…. What??? If someone is going to be first someone is going to be last… I’m just saying

  47. It’s great that most people are speaking ill of 3DS. So, Nintendo has time and ideas to improve the best handheld console in the world!

  48. No one gets a phone for games. That is just idiotic. And when they do get games, they spend the pure minimum of money possible. I have only ever payed 71p on games for my Android device. I have payed over £80 for games on my 3DS.

    I admit, if I knew the 3DS would have a bad launch, I would have waited for the price drop. But I would still had got it. And I would still have payed over £200 for games on it in the first 12 months.

    Tell me, are Anglry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Doodle Jump, Zenonia and Age of Zombies half as good as OoT, Star Fox, Super Mario 3D land, Tales of the Abyss and Metal Gear Solid 3? No. So STFU ‘Slash Gear’, and GTFO of topics you have obviously done little-to-no research on.

    Also, shouldn’t they be saying this about the Vita as well? Logically, if the 3DS is going to fail because of shitty phone games, why won’t the Vita?

    This is obviosly professional trolling at its ‘finest’. Do not take any notice of it.

    1. I have played angry Birds on Android, and angry birds is no where near as good as Star Fox 64 3DS or Zelda 3DS, Star fox and zelda are 100 times better as they are replayable and Zelda has 70 hours of game time. Seriously, Sony Experia play is the only phone thats got decent games. I Phones and Androids Suck at gaming, They wanted to become the future PSP but failed!

  49. I didn’t know there was still such a thing as a nintendo fanboy… When will this company’s poor product line finally bring about its demise?

  50. this guy bought an iphone 4 and found out it sucks saw the 3ds and tried to trash talk … 3ds+everthing else wins

  51. Everybody like to ride Nintendo’s ass all the way to the top. Why didn’t this idiot mention the PSVita? I guess that’s just the way it is when your the best video game developer in the world.

  52. Yeah, I will buy overpriced iPhone and play shitty games. Without buttons. Can’t fucking wait. This is the future of gaming!

  53. Honestly, I’ll never pay 600€ (or 400$ whatever), for a phone, as I don’t use it much. My brother has an Iphone 4 and I don’t see anything special about it, I’ve played around with some games and those don’t really get my attention. I like some of it’s functionalities, but that’s not worth it’s valur. Now, I’ve been waiting for something to catch my eye in the 3ds, which happened when an extra circle pad and more importantly Monster Hunter 3G and 4, plus Kingdom hearts were announced. Anyway, I don’t care about no Iphone 5, 6 or 10, but Nintendo will have my support whenever it releases something good.

  54. The iPhone is great in its own way and the 3DS is great in its own way. There’s a huge difference between them. It’s like saying a new toaster is going to kill off microwaves.

    1. “my toaster can toast toast in a minute”
      “well MY microwave can heat up leftovers in 30 seconds”

  55. “Compelling Experiences”. While the games are fun the iPhone games are brief experiences that lasts for a few moments, like arcades. It’s good for time killers but they don’t offer the long, massive, and fun game experiences that Nintendo offers with Mario and Zelda.

  56. Really?

    Sounds like someone put on their big boy knickers and is trying to overcompensate for something.

  57. I think Nintendo has a shot if they make a smartphone/gaming device for the next gen handheld. Times are changing and people want more in one device. Might be something to consider. Maybe use Android or make a really good OS of their own.

  58. When will they realize that mobile gaming is a shit load of shovelware? Nobody really cares about it. They’re cheaply made, half-assed games that are pretty much all the same and rip each other off. Just because smart phones are successful does not mean it has a massive gaming market. There are a select few titles people like, such as Angry Birds (also available on PSP, PS3, etc.) Tap Tap Revenge (which also shovels out different variations), and a few others I probably just don’t know the names of.

    Nintendo and Sony both have developed fantastic portable games for PSP, Vita, DS, and 3DS. The 3DS may not be making as huge an impact yet, but once Nintendo’s library expands, that’ll surely change. They really can’t think they’ll overtake NIntendo in the handheld gaming market, especially when their idea of games are things anyone could develop and throw on iTunes.

    1. “They’re cheaply made, half-assed games that are pretty much all the same and rip each other off.”

      It’s just like every flash game on the internet.

  59. Wow… I have to say that article at Slash is one of the most ridiculously pointless articles I have ever read.?Anyone with two eyes and a brain can see that, while Nintendo def had a tough start for the 3DS (that’s what crappy launch titles do for system launches), it has absolutely blown up sales since the price drop. With that, plus a tamped up holiday season on the way, as well as some awesome new first-party titles one the way, the 3DS is easily on it’s way to the top. What a waste of article space Slash Gear.

  60. One reson Nintendo did the right thing for not developing for I phones was because the I phone games already suck.

    Ok I phone games don’t have the hard drive to hold Zelda. Zelda Ocarina of Time 3DS makes the 3DS stand out compared to Phones. Who wants to pay $400 for a I phone if you can pay $170 for a 3DS and another $30 for a phone? I hate i phone games, I own the First I phone and can see the games suck. Phones were made for Calling and Texting, Not games.

    Sony experia is the only good phone for games.

    The I phone is a phone that wanted to show off and become a PSP. But it failed.

    If this news is true all that time, PS Vita is also Screwed D:

  61. Im willing to bet that they will say the next one (ipad 3 or iphone 6 or whatever comes out) will wipe out the wii u, which is tottally not gonna happen.

  62. I can’t wait to play Revelations in 3D on my iPhone 5!

    Of course, by the time that game is released we’ll probably be on the iPhone 9 GS (which will be released with minor and largely inconsequential changes from iPhone 8, mostly to do with antenna placement).

    And… not in 3D.

  63. As much as I love Apple, I even plan on getting an iPhone 5 next year, this is the biggest load of bologna I have herd. I just got my 3DS and I already have 9 games, with plans to get 29+ by March of next year. Such statements are made by ill informed people with very narrow views of market demographics. The 3DS is going to keep selling, and the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3D will be a huge shot in the arm for the system’s popularity.

  64. Question: Has there always been predictions of Nintendo’s doom or is it just this generation? I mean come on! All this talk of Nintendo dying out is getting me sick.

  65. “…smartphones and tablets offering compelling gaming experiences.”

    when I read that part I was like LOL.. what? Okay some of the games are kinda cool and fun for like 4 minutes.. maybe 5. but I have yet to see a COMPLELLING gaming experience on a iOS/android device.

  66. Hi everyone, I’d like to share a bit of my story and hope that the ones who have more time than me in these sites and forums could give me some light.

    I started to visit sites like this searching for more information about the Wii-U of Nintendo which to me was amazing from the E3 videos. And then I started to learn about the 3DS that now I want to buy one hehe. To me Nintendo, with these products, are doing amazing things. A portable console with graphics in 3D glasses free, come on man, that’s just amazing! And the Wii-U looks like a totally new console, that truly would give us new ways to play video games. It’s for these kind of things, that Nintendo are doing, that I recover my interest in video game consoles. The last console I had was, when I was a child and it was my favourite console of all times, the Super NES. Then I grow up and having another console was too expensive for my parents and having a computer was something more logical and useful. So I started to play video games only in the computer (I started with Warcraft 2, then Starcraft and some Metal Gear PC versions and now only play Starcraft 2 hehe). I enjoyed several games (those were my favourites) on the PC and never consider to buy a Play Station or XBox because they don’t offer game experiences much different from the PC (or even more restricted). This was until I saw the Wii-U videos and now, after some readings here and there, I give as a present to my parents a Wii, which they enjoy a lot. My father likes a lot Red Steel 2, metroid Prime and Resident Evil 4 and my mom really enjoys Mario Party and Grand Slam Tennis just to say a few. The thing is Nintendo make me comeback after many years to the video game consoles and its games, and I have to say thanks Nintendo for that.

    Now I’m very interested in playing games that I couldn’t enjoy before like Star Fox 64 and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I need a Nintendo 3DS hehe (I belive you do agree) and also I am very interested in the new Mario Land 3D and many other games that I would adquiere soon after my 3DS. Because of that, I visit from time to time this sites, looking for new games and news about the system (that 3d video capability sounds great). But also, apart from the news, I found many bad rumours, non sense comentaries, totally partialized articles against Nintendo or against the Nintendo 3DS, sites almost completely dedicated to make anything from Nintendo as bad and something from Microsoft or Sony as wow that’s the best thing on Earth (I’m exagerating here, but I’m sure you got my point, I think) at first i was finding this kind of reports with surprise and now like: that again, is that really…?

    Do you know why is this? I feel like Sony or Microsoft pay to some sites to make Nintendo look really bad (when certainly most of the time it’s great) and make anything bad from Sony and Microsoft irrelevant or understandable. I don’t believe Sony or Microsoft do it but it gives that sensation. For example sites like IGN make me understand why there is so many people that refers to Nintendo as a casual gamer company and Sony and Microsoft as hardcore. They just repeat that to infinite until it seems to smash in several people head. Phrases like ‘Nintendo is low tech, Sony gives me a power house’ are repeated so much that one just get tired. I mean look at Nintendo, yes the Wii is less powerful than the PS3 but look what they have achieve with that! They make posible new ways to play a video game, giving us some gaming experiences with great immersion that was never reached before and is really cool and fun.

    Another question that I have is if this phenomena: sites claiming the dead of Nintendo or saying non-stop Nintendo is bad, everything else is cool, or implying that Nintendo gamers are not real gamers Sony is the best, etc etc, is this phenomena something new? Have appeared when, why? I remeber the time when having a SNES was amazing, having a PS1 was great and having a N64 was great too. I remember afternoons with friends playing Mario Kart or Street Fighter Alpha or Smash Bros depending of the house of who and having fun all of us. But now, why is this constant state of war between gamers in forums or internet? To me this seems so stupid. Can’t people enjoy in peace what they like? Gaming sites couldn’t provide more information, less rumors and provide all information objectively?

    I have many questions, that normally I would say that this is not so important to take care, is just people in internet maybe most of them just children and fanatics of some kind. But all this whole phenomena looks like something interesting from a social behaviour point of view and I’m curious and somewhat concerned. If you could give me your thoughts from what you know and think would be great.

    Happy gaming to all of you.

    1. I hope that you will enjoy the experience of gaming, my friend. It is a fun one. ^_^

      I do agree that wars are dumb, but I do think that some competition is needed in order to help lower costs and raise quality.

      I wish the best for you!

  67. if apple killed the handheld market it would have already done so with the itouch. the iphone 5 isn’t getting bettter in gaming its getting better in text speed and camera stuff. i am writing this from my 3ds AND PROUD OF IT!

      1. The 3DS also uses an ARM processor.

        @Bas It’s still ARM. ARM is used in most, if not all, mobile devices (and the Wii). The problem (and reason it isn’t used elsewhere) with ARM is the OS has to be optimized for ARM. That’s why Windows and OSX don’t run on ARM. Yet, that is. Windows 8 will be optimized for ARM, and hopefully OSX will follow suite. Since ARM is a lot faster and uses less power than conventional processors, computer speed will jump exponentially (and get a hell lot cheeper) once Windows 8 arrives.

  68. I swear I’m gonna catch a case if I see another one of these things… far as people who like playing the latest games whether it’s on 3DS, Wii, PS3 or 360. You will buy the system with your favorite games. I’m not saying iOS games aren’t good but I swear I never heard somebody say “I can’t wait to get an iPhone so I can play ______!” you buy a phone because you want a phone. The apps and games are extra icing on the cake. These arguments are dumb, have a 3DS Vs. Vita or if it has to be a phone do iPhone games Vs. Windows Phone 7 games :P

  69. whats funny is that i only buy handhelds for exclusives (pokemon,monster hunter, etc). and i probably never take one outside because i never use it..outside. i always carry my phone because is an essential thing, and the reason gaming in android/ iphone is pretty “popular” is because ppl have there phones all the time so they might as well play with them. thats why i only play handheld for exclusive, period. if i want to game i rather turn on my ps3. pretty obvious.

  70. I don’t deal with hand phones cause I don’t really need them. For me, phones are for communicating than gaming. Me consider myself a gamer still prefer a real game console and I like to collect hardware (CD/Cartridge) than software (virtual console/download) even means that cost more.

  71. the iPhone doesn’t even have any basic gaming features like actual buttons and how could you ever play a shooter and have a real gaming experience and their apps will never match nintendo’s games

  72. as much i heat this but is true nintendo dont offer good things 2 us fans they think only 4 them not to us n proboboly im moving 2 iphone n vita nintendo is getting me tire of all the bu shit they du

    1. What is wrong with you? One person writes a biased article and you just turn against Nintendo.
      Never even heard of the Ambassador’s Program?
      What did Sony do when PSN was down for like a month? They gave a free game to people in the USA. ONLY PEOPLE IN THE USA. I don’t even think they said sorry.
      Satoru Iwata (CEO of nintendo) cut his own wages in half because he lowered the price.
      Steve Balmer wouldn’t do this if their next console made a mistake with the launch . He probably would ignore complaints and tell people to grow up.
      Now say that Nintendo only think of themselves and don’t offer us fans anything.

    2. Allow me to translate.

      “As much as I hate this, it’s true. Nintendo don’t offer good things to their fans, they only think for themselves, not to us. I’m probably moving to the iPhone and the Vita. Nintendo is making me tired of all the bullshit they do”

      You’re an idiot. Nintendo offers PLENTY of content to us.

  73. Seriously? No way. iPhone 5 will be just ‘faster’ than the 4. And it’s ridiculous people say the iPhone is an gaming device! It’s a corrupted music player with 3G!

  74. Anyone here a member of Alkaida? If so could you please try to blow up all the Apple Headquarters in the world. Seriously its worth it!

  75. iPhone games are little mini games
    i like them but not as Zelda, Mario, Uncharted, Arkham City

    nope not at all they are only better because they are 99 cents
    other than that they are pretty much sucks

  76. I read the title thinking one thing: iPhone 5 will have buttons. Then I look at the picture and see the same old same old design. Sorry, but without a d-pad the iPhone competing with the 3ds is just a pipedream. No buttons = no care.

  77. personally im not an iphone fan….and i do not see how they could possibly put something into a mobile phone that works like the 3DS. I guess we shall have to wait until it comes out and see what it has to offer but as far as my opinion is concerned it just going to be a bit more glammed up than the iphone 4.

  78. Honestly I think the 3ds will last like eight years like cmon there is gonna be vid recording a second analog pad that is gonna help it sell a lot. Besides I have the ipod touch and I bought it for music and to find a wide selection of games but what I really found was a shit handheld music device I had to jailbreak it to enjoy it for a couple minutes and groan and push it away and play my 3ds and dsi and I thinl resident evil revelations for 3ds will sell awesome! The graphics on the demo from mercernaries 3d was amazing of course the short gameplay was amazing its one of those games you spend like 20 minutes looking at every detail a good example is dead space for wii the 3ds is getting to be one of the most amazing console I have ever played! The upcoming games and the updates and features are awesome I have purchased ever nintendo ds redesign I’m so excited I’m fuckin worried about the games and the updates coming out for the console!!

  79. Things like that i heard many times in the past (N64, GBC, NGC). Apple know about devices a user experiences, but doesn’t know about GAME experiences. You can’t compare angry birds with Starfox64 3D, or Super Mario Land, Zelda, Kid Icarus or any other game with more than 6 hours of gameplay to enjoy. Please do it a favor to yourself and stop playing in the iPhone and PLAY REAL GAMES!

  80. I think i know why this guy said the iPhone 5 would beat the 3DS… The iPhone 5 will ship with *two* circle pads built in. There is no chance to survive, make your time

  81. I’m gonna buy the iPhone 5 but only as my phone, and i’ll use my 3DS to play games then next year i’m getting the Wii U.

  82. The only problem with nintendo today is Reggie Fils- Aime. The I-phone SUCKS so does apple. Satora Iwatta (sorry if bad spelling) and Shiegira Miayamoto (again) are two of the smartest people on the planet when it comes to gaming

  83. I have a feeling iphone 5 will fail. Everyone already has an Android, and they aren’t interested in upgrading. Trust me, most everyone I know has an “old” version of a phone. They simply come out too often to be special. Now with video game consoles, everyone I know has the latest ones because they add more than just a new button to the next gen. product :P

  84. Apple are missing the point a touch i think, I mean Comparing a mobile to a game console is much like comparing a motor home to an actual house. Sure there both technology but theres a clear difference in the market aim as well as use.

    The 3ds is stuggling for one reason only in my opinion and thats game choice, Atm it is just so much easier and cheaper to own an normal DS / DSi. Much like consoles struggle during first release if they don’t come out with a massive choice of games nintendo faces this. Mobiles dont.
    Im not a fan of the iphone, nore the 3DS atm, and thats mainly because im pretty much besotted with my DS. i have no need for 3D if i want that ill go look at a tree. But once theres a few games out there and the price is more User friendly ? Well watch them fly off the shelves apple.

    I hate playing games on mobiles, the only thing more annoying than that are board games and even there easier to play. I get a feeling that phone’s battery life will continue to degrade as phone makers try to make the handset do much more. How about developing a battery that can actually withstand use rather than Coming up with Fantastically pointless things for mobiles to do.
    Most phones nowadays need charging every 6 hours, seems pretty pointless considering a mobiles supposed to be a MOBILE connecting device but what ever.

    Haha rant over

  85. Anyone who buys a phone for their child is a terrible person! They’re giving their kid free brain tumors. Handheld game systems don’t do that, which is why they’re much better. Kids don’t even need to have phones, it’s so stupid, I hate parents who buy their children cancer machines aka phones. Down with iPhones!

  86. Ok, I’m just gonna say 6 things to summarize how I feel:

    1. The Nintendo 3DS is a GAMING CONSOLE, the iPhone is FOR PHONE CALLS, PHONE CALLS, the rest is EXTRA.

    2. The Nintendo 3DS has COMPLETE, LONG & HARDCORE GAMES while the iPhone only has small fast games you use to spent little time without thinking too much & without doing much. Make it like World Of Warcraft vs. Solitaire. Or Super Mario Galazy 2 vs. Wii Sports.

    3. WHY only “Nintendo is doomed, iPhone coming!”? Why not PSVita too? Or the Wii, or the PS3, or the PC, or the Xbox 360. These articles are so stupid, it’s like saying THE PC IS DOOMED, BECAUSE PEOPLE PREFER NOW TO PLAY EASY GAMES LIKE ANGRY BIRDS THAN COMPLETE GAMES LIKE STARCRAFT & WORLD OF WARCRAFT! It

    4. Even if peope prefer to play Angry Birds than Mario or Starcraft, it doens’t matter. Ummm… people prefer to listen to Lady Gaga than to Annie Lennox, but it doesn’t mean that popularity means quality, so most of the people are just idiots who follow popular things because they can’t think on their own, but there are intelligent dedicated people who want & buy quality items, like us REAL gamers who buy REAL games.

    5. STOP THIS NINTENDO HATE PORN! These blogs & news stuff only want to scare Nintendo, & it´s like a media attack against Nintendo, think it like this, the more we have news about Nintendo is doomed by the iPhone, the more the people will believe it & follow it jsut because an idiot thought about it, not because it’s happening, & people report this news because it’s scandalous & controversial, & at the end it is ony hurting a great company who is doing great & is great. So, an idiot or Apple made these horribe fake news to scare peope & people are following this bandwagon JUST TO BULLY NINTENDO & IT’S FANS BECAUSE THEY FEEL SO FUCKING POWERFUL BY TRYING TO DESTROY AN ENTIRE COMPANY.


    Sorry for writing so much, it’s just that I’m sick & tired of this & these news people are putting around. The only thing Nintendo NEEDS is MORE & BETTER GAMES, real gamers will always buy Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Goldeneye, Kirby, Baten Kaitos, World Of Warcraft, etc… & buy consoles, & buy portable games. & one word, people, one word, POKEMON! That’s how Nintendo will always rule. :)

  87. When i see a main Pokémon, and a main Monstre Hunter title running on a Iphone 5 i will say that the 3DS is over. until then i will be playing Mario Kart 7 with other 6 million people all over the world.

  88. I got a 3ds. I played it some. I was excited for a minute. I have an android. I’ve never had an iphone nor will I. I didn’t think it was a race. gameboy is fun. I work for a dot com and we often wonder why people who use apple seem to have this certain attitude. who cares. thanks for the read and making me have to comment.

  89. iphone 5 killing 3ds? PUH-LEASE thats like sayng sony is gona invent an attachment that is gona play xbox360 games ITS NEVER GONA HAPPEN! so go screw you self apple fans and apple company for trying to scare nintendo the 3ds is doing good right now it had a weak launch because gamers wanted to start of with awesome games but instead god nintendogs’ncats and other kiddy games but now nintendo said fuck it and is going ith hardcore games like the resident evil series ad kingdom hearts the legend of zelda mario kirby startfox all the epic games so guess what apple dicks! the 3DS AND THE PSVITA ARE GONA KILL! THE IPHONE 5 AND!!! ITS NEXT GENERATIONS!