Nintendo: A Look Inside Rare’s Studio


It’s abundantly clear that Rare used to create some of the best video games ever, but since their take-over by Microsoft in 2002 the studio has failed to create the magical titles that adorned their past. Anyway, it’s certainly interesting to see inside their fabled studios even though the majority of it appears to be filled with more recent memorabilia.


        1. What? The entire week has been filled with news from the Nintendo press conference and the Tokyo Game Show. I wouldn’t have thought we will be hearing any big Wii U news until next year.

          1. I would have thought they will show some Wii u game footage soon before year goes.

            All we’ve heard about is 3DS all the time. I’ve been dreaming of Wii U recently. I want to know more Nintendo ;D Just show more Gameplay and specs.

          2. Lulz @ how the MNN community treats you like a slave. “No eat Sickr, report! No play Sickr, report! This not report I want! Bad Sickr, bad!”

    1. lol so damn true ! After N64 they just suck miserably !! Goldeneye, Conker, Donkey Kong, Perfect Dark were all amazing games on N64 these remakes are horrible

      1. Golden eye wii and Donkey kong country returns dont suck, they were not as good as originals.

        Retro studios was bacicly rares replacement making Donkey kong country returns.

  1. Really Miss that Rare… It becomes shit after N64. u.u all my Chillhood its remarked by titles like DkC, KI, Bk… u.u

      1. Nintendo always used to own it. It was released in N64. Rare moved to Microsoft then Microsoft owned Conker and Banjo.

      2. There were 2 BK games on GBA. And a Viva Piñata game on DS. And they worked on the Diddy Kong Racing port.
        I think Rare could do a game on the 3DS.

  2. Rare needs to come back to Nintendo for Wii u. Ever since Rare moved to Microsoft their games went down hill.

    Retro studios were bacicly rares replacement. Retro should primarly focus on Metroid, and if or ever Rare returns to Nintendo, They should make more good games like Conker and also make more Donkey Kong.

    Goldeneye and Conkers bad fur day were the best N64 games! The remakes were not as good! Who agrees Rare needs to return to Nintendo then make more good games!

    1. you’re joking right? No one that worked for rare back then works anymore. As far as im concerned Rare is nothing more than a shovelware shit company and microsoft can have them.
      And sickr, enough with the homage to rare already. They were an amazing dev team, but they deserve no credit in the current market space.

      1. But why did Rare just suddenly change when they join Microsoft. I’m not sure if Microsoft makes new game companys make Shovelware games.

        Golden Eye 64, Conker and BK were the best games ever made! Golden eye 64 is the 2nd highest ranked game averaged behind Zelda OT!

  3. I like Grabbed By The Ghoulies, Kameo, and Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts all quite a lot. Viva Piñata isn’t bad.

    The only problem is that they release way less games than they used to.
    They have to release more games. They released way more games in their Nintendo years. The Donkey Kong Country games were released 3 years in a row!

    While I do enjoy many of their Microsoft era games, I will always wonder what would’ve been different if Nintendo didn’t sell them away. :P

  4. Compared to Killer Instinct on the SNES or on the arcades, all of these new fighters fall short. However, they’re still alive. I don’t want Rare to create a new KI. Let’s just remember it when it was awesome.

  5. I miss the days of Diddy Kong Racing. I started with that. Then I got the Banjo-Kazooies. I also tried to get Conker’s Bad Fur Day but because of the rating my mom wouldn’t let me haha. Maybe I should go buy it somewhere now that I’m older. And I was always expecting a sequel of DKR but it never came. I was also expecting Timber the tiger to have his own game and maybe some of the others. :|

  6. rare used to make amazing games, but ever since microsoft took them over they haven’t really made anything good, because microsoft is forcing them to make kinect sports which is bullshit, they need to making good games

    1. I don’t see why Rare made Kinect sports.

      Rare was great with Nintendo, Conker. BK. Golden Eye, Come on now they went down hill with microsoft.

      Kinect sports!? Come on, Rare makes hardcore shooting games and now Kid games!

  7. Wait. I don’t understand onething. If microsoft owns rare, Why did Rare make Diddy kong racing DS in 2007?

  8. Kind of interesting, but I have to reiterate what I said on the other bit of Rare news this week: their president’s PR doesn’t change the fact that they don’t matter to the gaming community anymore.

    Their work for Microsoft over the last 10 years has received a very mixed reception. But even if you liked Nuts N’ Bolts or Viva Piñata or Perfect Dark Zero or whatever else MS!Rare’s made, you have to admit that they are not nearly as prolific and successful as they used to be. All of the old talent responsible for making the classic Rareware games that everyone loves is gone now. Microsoft has them on Kinect duty. Now they are pretty much just a bunch of random people using the name Rare.

  9. Rare is not the same company as it use to be, the games would prolly suck if they moved to Wii U.
    the Conker creator left, the Stamper bros left, the guy who did the Banjo Kazooie music left…

  10. I think its pretty stupid on how microsoft owns rare, who created Banjo Kazooie, and doesn’t take advantage of that and release a new Banjo Kazooie game that is an actual Banjo Kazooie game (in other words not Nuts & Bolts)

  11. Can’t nintendo get back rare? I mean 3ds is getting really kick ass and 3ds is really needing some great nintendo games which are to be released soon but its not fair I played banjoo kazooi 1 and 2 and I only played dk country once get ingear nintendo and get rare back! Well even though if they come back they may suck horribly like really the show futurama recently made its return and it sucks now and its no longer funny instead its Bland let’s hope if rare returns to ninty they will gain there ability to make douche lickingly awesome games

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