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Nintendo 3DS: Super Mario 3D Land Will Feature Assist Mode And SpotPass Item Exchange

Dummy packaging for Super Mario 3D Land shows that the game will feature an assist mode much like the one found implemented in New Super Mario Bros Wii and will also feature SpotPass support which will allow you to exchange items etc with other players.

51 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Super Mario 3D Land Will Feature Assist Mode And SpotPass Item Exchange”

  1. in my country i think im the only one who has a 3ds system, i do not find anyone while in sleep mode… :(
    anyway, i like that game ;)

                1. Central Indiana, NintenDoug? I’m in Evansville, Indiana, down south.
                  So far, I’ve gotten 5 miis in my streetpass, and I’ve had my 3DS for roughly 2 months now, but I’m hoping that number climbs after this holiday season.

    1. Same as me recently. I used to get lots of streetpass before but it died off since early september for some reason :( i’m happy i just about compleated Quest just before that. I’m in a semi-large town around 130,000 population. I’ve got one from a different continent when i was on holiday to capital :D!

  2. I relly wanna play this Game! Im Gething it on Day One (November 13, 2011) and Lucky Mi that My Birthday is in November 12, 2011 One Day Before the Realese so im Goona Get this as a Birthday Present! :D I LOVE NINTENDO AND THERE AMAZING GAMES!

  3. I just love how this game is a NSMB and Galaxy mixed. That’s like the best of both worlds right there. The item thing sounds cool, but I hope you don’t force trades… I mean I wouldn’t want to trade my leaf for a mushroom.

    The help videos, won’t need those. The item trade sounds interesting, depends how it works.

  4. is Luigi going to be in the game too or is it only Mario?
    plus is the game only 8 worlds coz i remember once i’ve read that the game will be easy but after world 8 its going to be more harder but i only can see 8 worlds… or do you guys think there is more ???

    1. What they meant in Iwata Aaks is that if you just play through the game it is easy to get to world 8, but if you try to find all the Star Coins and shortcuts, it will be much harder.

  5. I think Spotpass needs to say “Streetpass” ;) You can’t exchange use content in Spotpass!
    And multiplayer sounds awesome!

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  8. I live in SW Indiana as well and I never get streetpasses anyone else in evansville IN with a 3DS my FC is 4596-9466-8142
    Swapnote me we’ll streetpass somewhere

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