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Nintendo 3DS: 28% Of Nintendo 3DS Users Don’t Like The 3D

A new study conducted by research firm Interpret LLC claims that 28% of Nintendo 3DS users surveyed believe the system’s 3D feature detracts from the gameplay experience. 22% of those surveyed thought the 3D improved gameplay, but 13% decided not to use 3D. 56% of the 1600 participants stated that their ideal 3D gaming experience is a 3D-capable console connected to a TV, and only 7% preferred the Nintendo 3DS.

113 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: 28% Of Nintendo 3DS Users Don’t Like The 3D”

        1. Yeah in that sense, it makes you able to judge the distance of platforms and enemies and many other things! And hi-five I always turn my 3D to the max XD It’s simply too awsome!

      1. Same for me, 3D on Star Fox is really great ! for game-play and graphics! Andross in 3D is awesome! Can’t wait for Mario Kart and Mario Land 3DS!

  1. IMO, the 3D only sucks the battery life, and makes you hold it perfectly in place to properly view it. I hope to use it more with the upcoming Mario 3D Land and Mariokart 7. This is my initial impression from OOT, Excitebike, and the menus.

  2. I expected this. The 3D actually hinders the 3DS, with battery life and framerate and whatnot. And, although handy, glasses free 3D hasn’t had as long to be perfected.

        1. Well according to the original article at gamespot, only 22% think it improves gameplay. Even still, 13% decided to turn it off altogether and there were plenty in the middle or undecided.

  3. I only turns on the 3D usually on a cut scenes and also when it has an interesting landscape, like the space of starfox 64 3D, its like eyegasmic <3

    1. ya, i would turn the 3d on every cutscene and before every boss battle in ocarina of time, but i always use 3d with star fox because it really does help with perception and dodging.

  4. I always use it unless I’m showing someone something on it. It really improves graphics. Ocarina 3D just looks dull without it on.

  5. wait, people get a 3DS and then complain because it HAS 3D?

    Wow, just wow. I’m waiting for those who complain because it has two screens and a stylus.

    1. well im sure theres some person out there who doesnt like the dual screen and pen, but with the ds, it was a pretty revolutionary way to play games. the 3d is just a gimmick that doesnt always work too well. ill admit its cool every now and then, but nothing special for gaming. the wii u might seem like a stupid gimmick rip off of the ds to some, but it will bring many new gaming innovations and new styles of play much like the ds and wii remote did.

    1. The 3ds is shit
      I have one it’s garbage I got it for pokemon and Zelda and hoped to be happily surprised
      Oh it’s near exactly the same as a 3ds
      That’s ok!
      Oh wait theres only like 30 games for it
      That’s ok
      Oh the message system was a lie??
      That’s ok…
      Oh friends is a basically a copy paste of the crappy wii friends system??(I get why they did it for kids safety it still sucks)
      While the 3d is good when your used to it and netflix is fabulous it’s just not a good system
      I mean it has slower Internet then the first psp!!

      1. Your oviously a Sony fan, Really. 3DS is great console, JUST TURN THE 3D OFF IF YOU DONT LIKE IT i never have mine on.

        By the way DS games work on the 3DS so BONUS :D

      2. he’s not a sony fanboy you dipshits, hes just saying his opinion. one guy saids one thing about the 3ds and theyre all like “sony fanboy!”., GO BACK TO YOUR NINTENDO CAVE.

  6. I only just got my 3DS today and I haven’t got any actual games yet so my experience is purely me playing around with the basic system applications.

    The 3D so far is fun, but generally NOT necessary for a lot of stuff. I really enjoyed playing around with the AR cards so far though. It was funny watching my table being shifted, dug into and folded.

    I think that it’s best in a way that not many games rely on it too heavily as to appeal to a wider audience, but it would be nice if in time more games are made to take greater advantage of it.

    I certainly don’t hate it though. I just want to see it used better.

      1. SONY FANBOY DETECTED. Also Vita has games.. just mostly ports all of th PSP games are now nintendo exclusive and INB4 HD REMAKES. Vitas screen dimensions are NOT HD it’s standard.

        1. well one im not a fanboy, i just told him to wait so he can have more variety when the consoles are already out. you should seriously not be talking about remakes, and before posting you should’ve atleast looked up the great games coming out for the vita you ignorant child. it doesnt matter if its the screen is HD, the screen is small enough to make you not notice it, and its call RESOLUTION dumbass. btw im not a sony fanboy i play PC. next time stop assuming ppl are fanboys before you make yourself look bad.


        really, 3DS has AR games and Face raiders and also Streetpass and spotpass which Vita does not, BONUS :D and why wait until 2012 for a vita.

        Still, Vita has better graphics but it’s launch line up is worse then 3DS, No intresting, 3DS had Steel drive and Streetfighter.

        And off topic, Why does Vita sound like a brand new low fat yourget :/ really, Vita (VITAmins)

        1. Well, Vito, when you tell someone who just got a 3DS and is perfectly happy about it that he should have gotten a Vita instead, that certainly makes you SOUND like a fanboy.

        2. Well one, I was only giving an opinion and im not a sony fan (PC fan). but if you wanna get specific then lets go.

          psvita has near, party, liveare and activity. all of which are more advance than streetpass and spotpass.

          The 3ds launch consisted of less than 20 games, most of which weren’t so good. the psvita launch is going to consist of 100 games with a good amount of variety and quality.

          but considering the price of the 3ds, comparing the two doesnt mean much, please get your facts straight sir

          1. The PS Vita will not have a launch line of 100 titles. Its called market-flooding, that’s a bad thing. As great as 100 sounds, expect more like a fourth of that.

          2. Streetfighter and steeldriver were GOOD. But lots of them were bad once again. Its not the same with Wii U. GHOST RECON ONLINE AND KILLER FREAKS FROM OUTER SPACE! WOOT

      3. Because I want Ocarina of Time 3D, Mario 3DS Land, Mario Kart 7 and Sonic Generations. Are any of those on Vita?

        Lol, I could understand you plugging Vita if maybe I’d said something anti-Sony, but I just haven’t really liked their consoles or games since the PS2.

        The thing is I actually ENJOY Nintendo’s games and most of the Sonic games released on Nintendo systems (when Sega actually try). My issue isn’t with Nintendo, it’s lazy 3rd party developers.

          1. Who tried to say that they were? I said that they were the games *I* want. If the Vita floats your boat, fine, just don’t try to force me to think your way. It’s my money I’m spending and I’d rather spend it on systems and games that I enjoy.

    1. True. I got the 3DS not for the 3D as i only use it 2% of the time, I bought it for the Graphics and games and new features, NOT 3D

  7. I seem to be the only one who thinks Ocarina of Time looks much nicer in 2D… the 3D looks cool for certain cut scenes, and when Link holds up a new item, but in general it makes the lovely enhanced graphics look blocky and pixelated for me. :/

    1. I know what you mean, actually. The 2D seems to be aliased, but the aliasing goes away when one turns the 3D on. I thought it was kind of a cool idea, because both seem pretty great to me. Depth vs Smooth.

      Strangely, Starfox is the opposite, where the game is jagged in 2D and the edges look smoother in 3D.

      1. TRUE. I have star fox and its like that. thats the only game I use the 3D around 20% of the time on because it looks sharper and less eye strain.

  8. I like 3D but it really can detract game play especially in games requiring you to move your device for control (like OoT during boss battle). It’s difficult to maintain fix in my vision and not seeing double image.

  9. Not suprised. I love my 3DS and I only use 3D 2% of the time.

    I Baught the 3DS at launch.

    I baught the 3DS for its graphics and new features, NOT 3D so count me as im not intrested on 3D.

  10. After getting tge 3ds and playing pilotwings, resident evil, oot and starfox plus seeing the e3 trailers in 3d I actually prefer 3d gaming over 2d gaming….very excited to play sm3dl in 3d

  11. I’m one of the 22% that likes the 3D on the 3DS

    But I’m also one of the 56% that like my ps3 to have 3D with glasses over the 3DS.

  12. I bet it depends on the game. Like, for the few 3DS I’ve played, it adds to the awesome, but doesn’t add anything to the game. But, it’s still awesome.
    I own these 3DS games:
    Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
    Nintendogs & Cats
    Splinter Cell: 3D
    Resident Evil: Mercenaries
    Bit.Trip Saga

  13. Well, i actually hate to disagree, but i think the 3D is pretty awesome! And with the upcoming Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Paper Mario 3D, the 3D feature is going to make the gameplay a hell of a lot better. Not to mention the fact that it makes it more like a movie. I love the glasses-free 3D, so much easier considering i don’t have to adjust a pair of glasses over the glasses i already wear. I hate when i go to movies and have 3D glasses to try and fit over my glasses just to watch a 3D movie, in 3D, its bull ****, the 3DS is a step in the right direction, i mean, really, no glasses required, sure its not “perfected” yet, but then again, what technology do we have right now that IS perfected? absolutely nothing is perfect, its always improving, so people shouldn’t complain about it honestly, because nothing in this world is “perfect” considering everything changes, computers, tvs, graphics, cars, even the clothes you wear, the food you eat, the drinks you drink, that changes all the time as well, everything has changed at some point in time. none the less, despite all of that, i’ve enjoyed my 3DS experience, and when i play Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D, i use the 3D feature.

  14. Well of course the 3D doesn’t make the “gameplay” better, because most of the games are ports. Mario Land will most likely have levels where you need to be able to tell how far away stuff is, and there was a statement saying the next 3D Zelda will rely on the 3D quite a lot.

    So for now at least, all you have to go on is whether it improves the graphics and overall improves your own enjoyment of the game. I don’t see how 3D on a TV can be any better than on the 3DS…What, because it’s a bigger screen? Gimme a break.

    Ocarina of Time looks stunning in 3D. As does Starfox. But unfortunately it’s just a matter of opinion. People shouldn’t moan about it though. It’s not like you HAVE to have the 3D on after all, so what’s the issue? Personally I love having it on. Could this just be yet more evidence of people having the 3D slider all the way up and the screen an incorrect distance away and then complaining about it not working? Most likely. I have the 3D slider pushed up a tiiiiny bit and hold the console slightly further away than I would hold a DS by default – makes the 3D perfect for me. People need to use their common sense.

  15. Hello?! Anyone like me, and find it fantastic to have the OPTION of 3D? Some times I use it, sometimes I don’t I LOVE having it available when I feel like it.

    FURTHERMORE: 3D Pictures kick ass. I have so many 3D pictures that make me smile. My dog, some scenic shots. 3D video is coming.

    3D is an amazing feature. For gaming? Not always, but sometimes it’s pretty damn sweet. Pics? Definitly.

    To truly appreciate the 3DS, people need to think outside the box. Nintendo is again, ahead of their time.

    1. Ummm, I’ve played Star Fox 64 3D for hours with the 3D turned up full blast, and I have never, ever gotten even the smallest headache.
      Maybe you should put your glasses on, old man?

      1. Lol lol damn that comment mad me crack up, cus its so true lol all you ppl complaining are just some weak ass humans lol

      2. Or maybe everyone’s eyes are not your eyes. I am 15, with above-average eyesight, and looking at the 3D for more than a couple seconds HURTS.

    2. Nope. I play on my 3DS and im fine with the 3D. But i never use it however, I’m not intrested i only baught my 3DS for the Graphics and games.

      The 3D effects people diffrent, and i never get head aches from it.

    3. May I just clarify my comment:

      Nintendo suggest that the 3DS slider should be adjusted for each individual person. If you can turn up the 3D to full blast and not get a headache, that is fine. I am talking about the small number of people which do not take notice of this piece of infomation, and just keep it full blast without adjusting it, giving them headaches and blaming the console, when in fact it is there own stupidity which caused it.

      1. People who have things like one eye has a diffrent focus is what could be a problem. I know someone who cant see the 3D on 3DS as he has focus problems.

        My right eye has quite bad vision but my left is completely fine, i Don’t wear glasses though, but I’m still fine with the 3D.

    4. Neva Eva Eva Eva Eva have I gotten a headache, and probably the longest I’ve played with the 3D all the way up without stopping is a good three hours

    5. If you get headaches then maybe you should get glasses. They proved that headaches are usually the result of untreated eye problems, 3D has nothing to do with inducing headaches.
      If you truly believe that what 3D does then well how the hell are they able to market 3D movies as well as sell Sony’s 3D HDTV if they knew there were serious health problems.

      1. I don’t know why, But why do 3D movies at the theatre give me more headaches then my 3DS :l

        It’s probibly i’m used to 3D effects on 3DS.

  16. It depends on how it’s used. Dead or Alive Dimensions doesn’t really need 3D, but the 3D that they used in that game is impressive; The Mercenaries 3D… not so much. Ocarina of Time felt natural. In fact, I wasn’t interested in Need for Speed the Run or Ace Combat at all, but I’m getting those for my 3DS solely for the 3D. I had to get used to 3D at first, but now it’s hard to go back to 2D.

    As for a game not improving gameplay, go watch the E3 trailer for Super Mario 3D Land. There is a section of the trailer where Mario is walking straight forward on a rope. At one point, there is another rope positioned horizontally. In 2D, the rope looks to be at the same level as Mario. In 3D, the rope is clearly above Mario. Or the part where he jumps down using a cube-like power up. He’s going down and the 3D looks great. It adds to the experience/gameplay. It just depends on how it’s used, and most companies don’t even bother with it, so it usually looks like crap.

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  18. That’s because people are stupid. They see Avatar and expect arrows to fly at their faces. The 3D on the 3DS works now with things popping up at you, but hings moving away. Example: On the 3DS menu, when looking at the graphics when you are about to select something, the backround becomes more like a cylinder, and titles stand out from the animations by not moving forward, by by the animations moving backwards.

    1. If the 3D came out of the 3DS screen. it would cause more eye strain as people are used to it being inwards.

      Dead or alive dimensions crossed the 3D to inwards and eyepopping, It does not work for me with eye popping.

  19. It depends on the games, I like the 3D on. it improves the graphics. The only game I had a problem with 3D was mercenaries. I could’nt hardly see with so many zombies coming at me.

  20. i love the 3D effect! it does add to the game and i usually have it all the way up. i have no problem holding it still. you get used to it!

  21. 3D is great, but nintendo is eventually gonna have to move away from it to compete with sony. 3D isnt needed for every game. Some games will be enhanced by it, others wont.

    Nintendo needs to let developers leave 3d behind for certain projects. Not having to do 3D gives developers like double the resources they currently have developing in 3d. Some big name titles on the vita would be easier to move over to the 3ds this way. Then we can get games like marvel vs capcom 3 and who knows what other games that may require a fair amount of horsepower to run.

    the 3ds is about 3d gaming…so that should always exist. But if nintendo want to make sure they dont let Sony take this round, they are going to have to leave the 3d alone depending on the title, so that developers can squeeze more out of the system and have titles that are much closer in graphics to the vita.

    1. “move away from 3D to compete with Sony.” No. I disagree. I do, however agree with the spirit of this post.

      Nintendo shouldn’t NEED 3D for every game to beat the competition. Example: Devil Surviver 3DS. FUCKING great game, but only 15% is in 3D… THAT’S OK!!

      I stand by Nintendo’s 3D break-through. Use it as you will, when it suits you. It’s a gaming experience you won’t get anywhere else… For now.


      1. well obviously when i say move away from 3d i dont mean completely…as the rest of my post suggests..nintendo should definitely not make 3d a priority for every game

        and as far as competing with sony…nintendo needs to be careful..we have already heard of developers losing interest in developing games on the 3ds…and that some games have been dropped even….its not unthinkable to think that some of those resources have gone to Vita development.

        at the very least by pulling away a bit from 3d and leaving room for 2d games to be developed on the system…there may be a chance for developers to do more multiplatform development between the vita and 3ds with the extra processing power that would be available when not rendering games in 3d.

        yeah…3d shouldnt be needed for every game…like the example you gave when you brought up devil surivivor 3ds.

        but i would like nintendo and developers to take it a bit further than that. eventually we will come to a point when the 3ds has hit its limit in terms of processing power and what developers can accomplish…and introducing games meant to be played in 2d later on in the system’s life..or now even…will ensure that the 3ds can muster up enough horsepower to run the types of games the vita will be getting….or possibly exclusive games that are within the same ballpark graphically or in terms of complexity

        graphics arent everything…but extra processing power can benefit in ways beyond just graphics. So whether its now or later i think its important for nintendo to take some of the focus off 3d.

  22. i always leave it on full blast, i never turn it off or even leave it in the middle, and i dont really see why you wouldnt do it that way

  23. And that’s why Nintendo put a slider in for the 3D. If you’re one of the 28% they’re talking about, you can just slide it all the way down and never use it again. There really isn’t a need to take it out of the system entirely, because you can already have that. You’ll still have a DS Advance, and that’s a very good thing.

  24. I’m one of the many that have gotten used to the 3D and keep it ALL THE WAY UP.

    It REALLY depends on the game whether it adds anything though.
    So far, the only I noticed an actual difference in (and I don’t have Starfox yet, so I can’t judge on that) is Pilot Wings Resort… that one challenge where you had to avoid the floating mines way high in the sky.
    Normally you use object comparison or shadows to really judge the distance between you and another object, but with the odd angle and no shadow in sight (considering that they were in the sky) – you couldn’t really judge distance accurately unless you had the 3D on.

    THAT is how the 3D should work.
    …though it’s also nice at making certain games feel deeper than they actually are.
    Many people complain about the size of a handheld screen being too small for epic games, the 3D makes the world inside the screen seem far larger and more alive – breaking the barriers of the “small screen” : THAT adds to the experience – THAT’S another way the 3D in the 3DS should work.

  25. I play in 2D; I watch cutscenes in 3D. I think the 3D is cool but just too much strain and has to be held too still for usual gameplay.

  26. I’ve heard the 3D causes strain. In my opinion, any kind of game that causes stress to my eyesight takes away from the gameplay. I’ve never played the 3DS (yet) but I feel like if I did I would eventually turn the 3D off at some point. Just seems too gimmicky.

  27. By the way everyone, this study was only on adults ;) Adults rarely like portables unless there hardcore players, who won’t buy a 3DS.

  28. I was in my local game store and someone said the 3DS sucks because of the 3D.


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