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Nintendo: Yuji Naka’s Promising Rodea The Sky Soldier For Wii And 3DS Is Complete, Waiting On Publisher

Yuji Naka, the creator behind Sonic and Nights, has told Siliconera that the extremely promising Rodea The Sky Soldier for Wii and Nintendo 3DS is 100% complete but he’s waiting on Kadokawa Games to announce when it’s going to be released.

“Rodea the Sky Soldier has been finished for awhile now. My part at Prope has been done. Now it’s up to Kadokawa Games to decide on the release strategy whether it will be come out for North America, Europe, and Japan.”

“It’s finished as Wii title and as of now we have no plans to bring it to Wii U,” Naka answered. “Rodea was made specifically for the Wii so players could enjoy it by flicking the remote. If we tried to incorporate those controls into the large Wii U controller it wouldn’t be the same. I would really like for people to play and enjoy it on the Wii as I had originally intended.”



  1. Wow WTF? They showed a trailer once and then the game just disappeared. Just the other day I was looking for more info on this and found nothing. The moment I saw it, I wanted it. I like the art style that they showed. It kind of looks like anime figures that they sell. I hope they bring it over to the US. I’m getting for my 3DS if that happens.


  2. Definitely wanna give this a go. And if they do make the decision to launch it right before or alongside the Wii U, at least it’s backwards compatible.


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