Nintendo Wii: The Official Nintendo Magazine Will Have The World’s First Zelda Skyward Sword Review Next Month

The Official Nintendo Magazine has announced that it will have the world’s first Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword review in the next edition of the magazine which goes on sale Thursday October 20th. What do you predict the review score will be?


    1. I suppose a magazine that comes on a monthly basis doesn’t have the luxury of releasing a score in the magazine unless it’s a month late; in this case it will be early. Websites can upload a review at any hour. Most likely the game will score exceptionally, but this publication is only in certain parts of U.K./Europe. So a majority of the scores will come out right before the games release.

    1. No, they do that. Nintendo Power gave Pokemon Battle Revolution a 5.5. They generally don’t go under a 7 for first-party games though; however, I doubt that’s because they’re skewed. All first-party games I’ve seen have been great (except the aforementioned PBR) and deserve 7.0’s or above. I take their reviews very seriously, and sometimes they’re a bit harsher than other websites (they gave SMG 2 a 9.5 when everyone else gave it 10’s).

      1. I think a 9.8 would have been a good score for Mario Galaxy 2, simply because for it to get a 10 it should have had a better hub world, better story (like how Mario Galaxy 1 had the Rosalina back story in it) and the cinematics that Super Mario Galaxy 1 had.

    2. yeah, it’s like reading a review of Resistance 3 on the official Playstation magazine, or a Gears 3 review on OXM, i don’t see the point.
      i don’t care about reviews too much anyway

  1. It’ll be so awesome they give it the Hyrulian Crest, because a 10 didn’t do it justice. 10-point scale? 20-point scale? Over 9000 scale? The heck with them all! Hyrulian Crest scale FTW! Hyrulian Crest>100%.

  2. Meh, I think scores are unimportant. Just say whether or not it’s worth the time of fans or newcomers. Hopefully, it won’t have any minor design flaws, but I think it will be fine.

  3. Well I’m surprised that Famitsu doesn’t do the honors of the fist review. I can’t wait for the game to hit stores because the bundle pack is the only reason I bought the Wii just one week after it was announced.

  4. Sickr you had BETTER be posting the result as soon as it’s available or I will set a wolfos on you. O_O lol

    1. I agree, It should get that or higher. My brother thinks it won’t be as good as twilight princess but i think he’ll change his mind when he plays it :) I think that you can’t always judge a game until you play it but I’ve seen footage from the fire temple and it look CLASS!

  5. What is this Official Nintendo Magazine I keep hearing about?
    Up until lately, I just thought Nintendo Power was the only Nintendo-centered magazine around, but now I keep hearing about all this ONM magazine. Where/how can I subscribe to it?

    1. I’m guessing you’re not from the UK? In England we have Official Nintendo Magazine UK which is our version of Nintendo Power. As far as I’m aware, we do not get Nintendo Power magazine.

    2. Official Nintendo Mag is a England version of Nintendo Power.

      There both the same expect it’s a diffrent region.

  6. I’d rather them not score it at all. Too many people think that if a game doesn’t get a 10 then it’s not worth buying. Personally I think no game is worthy of a perfect 10, because this would suggest that nothing at all could have been done to improve the experience. At all. However, this is my personal opinion of this, other people see things differently – This is just how I see it. :)

    Hope they game turns out well!

    1. Usually for me, I buy/get games that have at the very least a 6.5, but nothing lower than that, unless I KNOW the franchise

    2. Well, there it may suggest there are some things that could have been improved, but didn’t necessarily need to be. If it’s full of those I’d think it’d deserve a 10.

  7. Reviews are objective anyways, so I never base my purchases on those except for electronics such as computers since they are more technical and not competing. Reviewers said that Metroid Other M’s story sucked, yet i loved it. I think it was gamespot who said that Twilight Princess was hard and subtracted points for that; seriously?

    I read/watch reviews on games that generally don’t interest me. I do it because I need a breakdown of what the game offers, which is usually excluded from reviews, before making a decision. Anyone remember Homefront?

      1. Twilight is a little easy i should say, But finding what to do and where to do is HARD.

        I’m stuck on Twilight princess currently where you go into a snow cave and someone said you need to kill this creature, I cant go into the blizard, Where do i go next?

  8. if (score < expected) {
    while (buying) {
    willUse (open_mind);
    } else {
    while (buying) {
    forego (all_rationality);

        1. The fact that it doesn’t feel like a Zelda game is kinda the point with this game. People wanted a Zelda game that felt different, well they’re gonna get one. And the graphics look great when you’re not making unhealthy comparisons to HD graphics.

        2. Their Impressionism approach is definitely has a more limited range of accessibility, but it nails the style. Nothing made this clearer to me than the shot of Link riding his bird toward a sky island in the distance: The way the light hits the clouds, the motion in the colors of him and the bird moving forward, the obscured, blended appearance of the island with a few spots for houses. It’s all there.

          What’s more, this opens the door for game visuals (especially in a classic franchise like Zelda) to break the simple barrier of “Cel Shaded vs. Realistic” and allows for free exploration of artistic possibilities. It may be an imitation of a style, and there’s plenty of games like Journey with their own original style, but it certainly extended this frame of thought further around the industry.

  9. I cannot wait! So excited! Also, the game will definitely get at least a 9/10. I mean come on, its Zelda, these games are always fantastic (except the CD-i ones, and Spirit Tracks in my opinion). But yeah best game franchise ever! :D

  10. Best advantage of being a reviewer, you get games months in advance to review. I think this game will get 9.7 or possible 10. I really hope it gets a 10.

  11. My prediction is in the range of 92% to 97%, ONM have never been particularly harsh on any Zelda games before, with every single review they’ve given of one being in the 90-100 range. And well, considering Nintendo owns them, I don’t think their ‘sponsors’ will be particularly happy if they’ve spent a whole ton of time covering the magazine and site with giant Skyward Sword banners and advertisements only to see said magazine say the game’s crap.

  12. Im hoping for a 98% – 100% for three reasons 1. getting a high score will send the wii out with a bang 2. The Art style and gameplay, At First when skyward sword was announced at E3 2010 i really wasn’t pushed on the route nintendo took with the art style but what can i say now i love it. I often make video’s on youtube (search hyrulian 1000) and each i make uses has Skyward Sword in it, as regards Gameplay 1:1 sword fight is what a zelda has been crying out for and 3. Skyward Sword will be my game of the year, i mean i really can’t wait for

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