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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Is Now Highlighting The Fact That You Can Play The Nintendo 3DS In 2D In Latest Advertisement

Nintendo Europe’s latest advertisement for the Nintendo 3DS highlights the fact that you can play Nintendo DS games in 2D and that you turn off the 3D whilst playing Nintendo 3DS games. Whether this is evidence that Nintendo are moving away from highlighting the 3D functionality of the machine remains to be seen.

180 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Is Now Highlighting The Fact That You Can Play The Nintendo 3DS In 2D In Latest Advertisement”

          1. Are you an idiot? who the fuck told you that? Sarcasm is by no means the “sign of a weak mind”. But you know what is? Not using proper grammar. You’re sentence should have been “Why, when sarcasm is a sign of a weak mind” You’re missing a comma. I’m no grammar nazi, but that’s far more of a sign of having a weak mind than using sarcasm. Idiot.

            1. WOW “You’re sentence” – GOOD ONE GUY enjoy correcting someone’s grammar while making mistakes yourself!!!! HANG IN THERE BUDDY!

            2. “You’re sentence should have been.”

              Should have said: “Your sentence should have been”

              By the way, since we’re on the topic of literary devices, that’s called irony. That’s not the only grammar error you made either.

              @Christian: I assume you were joking?

                1. Agreed, almost everybody does that. “haha you spelled that word wrong, you fail” if that’s suppose to make you feel great and intelligent, then awesome. I’ll give you two thumbs up

            3. You’re or Your? Be extra careful when you’re correcting someone else. Here’s a real quick test. If you replace “You’re” with “You are” does the sentence still make sense.

    1. I never use the 3D on the 3DS expect 2% of the time.

      After a while you will consider the 3D Is an extra Gimmick. I did not buy the 3DS for the 3D at all. I bought it for the Graphics and games. The 3DS did not badden my Eyesight, My right eye had bad eye sight for years and the 3DS did not worsen it still. People who say their eye sight is bad after playing on the 3DS screw safety and play on it for hours continuisly, all game companys say you must take a break every hour or with 3D on, Half the time

  1. I think they need to do this. After all the bad press release saying that the 3D gives severe headaches etc. People are put off buying it. I have to say though: the 3D doesn’t cause headaches (at least for me)

            1. Wow, I’m from “America”; and I can tell you didn’t capitalize the proper name of a country (U.S.A) and a major continent (N.A).

  2. this is for ignorant people, in my honest opinion.
    i play my games in 3D and when i get tired, turn the 3D off, and i’m ready to play more.

  3. Well, at least the Big N isn’t pushing 3D as big as it did back around launch – now it’s all about the games (what it should’ve been).

    Don’t get me wrong, (glasses-less) 3D is awesome but Hollywood made it a bad taste on the mouths of people.

  4. Ther not moving away from 3D ther just trying to say to the people who belive that 3d gives headaches etc…. That u can play games in 2D

  5. I wish Nintendo would stop things like this. In my opinion it could decrease sales by making them sound to desperate to sell the 3DS

    1. ummm how is that desperate??? How about you try to sell something you invented like say…..a robot cleaner that sweeps your floor all day long. ppl think there’s no way to set it on intervals so they won’t buy it. Now you put an ad explaining that in can be put on set intervals……….Oh wait Now You Sound Desperate Too. OOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!

  6. There is one major flaw in their wording for this advertisement. They say: “Play Nintendo DS software in 2D!” which yes, is the only way to display Nintendo DS software. However, they forgot to mention that you can play Nintendo 3DS software in 2D – Which is what I think they meant to say?

  7. I guess this is for people who don’t like 3D but thought the 3DS only played games in 3D. There are people like that.

          1. First of all, good sir, his “statement” was a question. The problem here is that it is irrelevant to the comment above his, and as such, should not have been a reply. Perhaps a fleshed out individual comment would have been better if the poster in question was attempting a provide a counter-argument. As it is, the poster is merely sparking fanboy debates for no particularly good reason.

            Good day, gentlemen.

            1. How is it irrelevant??? I’m just asking nexus apparently every new piece of hardware that’s innovative is called a gimmick so therefore ps vitas new back touch pad would be a gimmick. Microsofts kinect would be a gimmick…..that’s all

              1. “apparently every new piece of hardware that’s innovative is called a gimmick”
                That’s not what Sjw said, though. That’s a little something you cooked up yourself, which has no bearing on the post you replied to. As such, it is irrelevant.

                Enjoy your day.

                1. I guess you can’t broaden your mind to see the whole picture. Your just stuck on one simple thing which is PS Vita. I’ll just leave it at that.

                  Enjoy your weekend

                  1. This is indeed a comment. Perhaps if the consequences of this particular reply disrupt the seriousness of the above conversation, then maybe I won’t care.

                    Enjoy a time period gentlemen

                  2. Interestingly enough, I did not mention the PS Vita in my last post – you did. As for broadening my mind, you completely ignored the fact that your post was off topic. I believe this is because you have no justification for doing so, which is understandable because there is none. Your post was irrelevant to the original comment made by Sjw. My hypothesis that you were attempting to turn this into a fanboy debate session has been proven to be accurate. Just saying.

                    I wish you well in your future endeavors.

    1. Well a gimmick is not necessarily a bad thing. The 3D actually adds to the gameplay experience. I do understand what you mean, though, but Nintendo was trying to give 3rd parties a chance. (And we know how that turned out)

      1. +1. There is a difference between a good gimmick and a bad gimmick. People don’t seem to understand this concept in the modern gaming world.

        1. I know. A gimmick is just a feature that gets you to buy something, that’s it. The word gimmick has been overused recently, and wrongly at that. An example of a bad gimmick would be if the 3ds came with some Mario stickers, in which case would add nothing to the usage of the 3ds.

  8. The problem is that now that they’ve done 3D on handheld, they’ve backed themselves into a corner in which they can never make a handheld system without 3D EVER AGAIN.

        1. yea true but it’s not the same as the wii mote was. The Wii mote was more like an extension of your arm so to say…..well in my opinion i guess

    1. No, they just need it on the next system (if they want to maintain compatibility). Note this does not mean the 3 iterations of the 3DS to follow, just 2 full successors of it.

      I’m wondering how they’ll go back or change their dual screen setup, or if that will forever be there.

  9. i think this is a smart move on nintendo’s part. Hopefully it leads to releases of 2d games for the 3ds at some point. if a game is created in 2d the developers will have about double the amount of processing power to work with. With talk of developers dropping 3ds development, a move by nintendo slightlly away from 3d gaming could benefit them. with the added processing power, multiplatform gaming may be more likely between vita and 3ds. which means more games for 3ds users down the line…and more complex and or prettier games on the 3ds

  10. Wow the 3ds can play in 2d…..can I also play the 3ds games on my ds? I also really wish nintendo would come out with a new console with HD graphics instead of just a new control add on with a screen……

    1. This….. is one of the most idiotic comments I have ever seen.
      You basically just got everything that you just said completely wrong.
      Hey kid, do you know anything about the Wii U? OR the 3DS? Because, normally I’d explain to you just everything that is incorrect about what you just said, but I doubt you’d take the time to read it, and just post more moronic trollbait.

    2. Most idiotic comment ever! The 3D is a gimmick, And i never play on 3D, because i’m not bothered… it wastes battery. I never get headaches with 3D.

      Can you do your research? Now your going to say that you never known the PS3 had PSN *_*

      1. Are you fucking kidding me? Does that mean I can play online with my ps3? Is it free? I’m suprised Sony hasn’t made a motion control yet it would be so awesome playing resistance with a zapper like the wii has.

  11. this is essentially to convince the retarded imbeciles who believe that gaming creates murderers and 3d will make you blind that actually the 3ds isnt all bad. i think its an awesome machine with or without the 3d

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    1. No, they marketed it well enough. When they first showed the 3DS off at E3, they showed you could adjust the 3D to your liking. It’s the simpletons that are the blame for this ad.

      1. E3, are you serious? It’s not like the people of the world should watch video game conferences or buy Nintendo magazines. That’s just an initial part of the marketing, that doesn’t target the masses. It’s not a part of the marketing after the product is in stores.

        It does show that Nintendo has failed in marketing the console from the very beginning. It doesn’t mean that they have “EPIC FAILED” as you would think. People doesn’t know what it can do or how it works. It shows that they have given confusing messages about how it actually works.

        You might think “I don’t give a shit that people in my class doesn’t know about Xenoblade Chronicles, it’s their loss” (because most probably don’t). That doesn’t mean that trying to target them with marketing is wrong. Most people aren’t here. If you asked random people on the street, you’d probably be surprised of how little they were into video game news. People are into different things: Fishing, cars, hip-hop, movies, etc. That they aren’t interested in reading specifically about video games doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t be interested in buying a handheld gaming console.

  13. Hey I have a question! If you download a game from the eShop and it’s in your SD card, can it still be able to play in other 3DS systems? Has anyone tried it? Please reply D:!

      1. I still remember when the ignorant people thought it was just a 3D DS. I recall telling people how they should research before drawing such stupid conclusions. However, Nintendo might have prevented this if they didn’t put DS in the name.

  14. I saw a similer EU Commercial one month ago where Nintendo is saying ‘This is not DS, this is 3DS’ And they never say anything about 3D, but they promote the upcoming games and graphics and functions. Is this the one its talking about or is there a newer one for EU now?

    Nintendo now needs to promote NOA and Japan and AU now! Nintendo is only caring for Europe now :(

  15. This is utterly depressing. In fact, I have the nagging feeling that the 3D part of the 3DS might be discarded entirely any time soon, in part thanks to all the fear these silly tabloid papers brought on.

    1. 3DS is really struggling in UK sales. Blame the Sun (The best selling lying paper)

      Really, The Sun said about the 3DS “It drops your IQ points, and English becomes gibberish” Redicilous, isn’t it? Now lets get the Sun to start hating the PS Vita now! D:<

  16. That’s embarrassing.. honestly. considering they gave a big check to 2D like it was a special feature. I understand they’re trying to say that can change games from 3D to 2D , but wasn’t the slider obvious enough.

  17. I worked in retail for years and yes, I kid you not, this poster may help the system sell because people are really really dumb and won’t read fine print in retail stores.
    Even if the print was clear as day they’d only read the only thing they see, In this case all they see is “play in glasses free 3D” not “adjustable 3D to 2D slider”.

  18. It doesn’t seem like most of you people know anything about marketing. Retarded comments with conspiracy theory kids that has nothing to say but short sarcastic remarks based on their “clever” analysis.

    Most likely they have done surveys and found out that people aren’t interested in the 3DS because they don’t care about 3D, or something similar. It’s not because they don’t want to continue develop 3D games.

  19. I’ve shown about 30 people my 3DS in 3D mode, they all loved it! Except one who has eye problems and couldn’t really use it. I do think this is a smart move though.

    1. I’m afraid you’re the idiot. It’s for people that does NOT own a 3DS. It’s to show how easy it is to swap. Did you know that before you learned it? Most buyers doesn’t read IGN, Nintendo magazines, or similar. Very few probably do.

      1. Hello, it’s nice to see that your commenting on your own comments again. Oh, you have the same icon, and you change your name, so that’s why I’m calling you by your website. You should stop commenting on your own comments, it makes you look needy.

  20. I just think that its turning away from 3D. My guess is that they mentioned the 3DS’s ability to play in regular DS games for people who think the 3DS only plays 3DS games.

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  22. They’re not moving away, just pointing it out for people who maybe are discouraged from the 3D, as they’re trying to work out and solve possible reasons for the 3DS not selling.
    May be people who’ve heard about the sweet spot/viewing angle,
    People worried about headaches, parents who’ve seen that the 3D is unsuitable for children under a certain age and are deciding not to get a 3DS at all instead of using parental controls to block 3D… etc

  23. As facepalm-inducing as this reality is, it’s actually necessary to highlight this.

    More than for the sake of informing consumers they don’t have to use the 3D feature, it’s a measure to shut up those who keep demanding a model with 3D entirely removed. It’s already there, all you have to do is set the slider all the way down. There really wasn’t any need to validate their whining with a response, but here it is.

  24. I am probably the last person to comment on this but some of you people are just sad with the insults. you call yourselves adults!?

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