Nintendo: Gamecube Tech Demo Of Peaches Castle From Super Mario 64

Unseen64 has posted a Gamecube tech demo showcasing exactly how Peaches Castle from Super Mario 64 would look like running on the Nintendo Gamecube. The footage is actually playable and was provided to developers to give them a taste of what the Gamecube was actually capable of in the graphical department.


  1. Hey, guys. Liam from Unseen64 here. Just a minor correction. The tech demo isn’t just footage, it’s a set of environments rendered in real-time that the user can explore manually, much like the Zelda Wii U from E3 this year.

    Anyway, love the site. Keep up the good work (:

  2. Interesting, but unsurprising. We already knew what the Gamecube can do, and it’s s fair amount more than that.

  3. I love these tech demos. It shows all the interesting stuff the developers are trying to showcase on the console’s power.

    Very interesting find!

        1. Well he’s not talking about resolution sizes but the level of graphics. A lot of games don’t seem to take the Wii’s full potential like Super Mario Galaxy and Silent Hill do.

          1. i know of a PERFECT example of a game that doesn’t use the wii’s full power

            hell, Gamecube games are better than this

  4. This is actually a little old.
    People seem to think that this is really good for the Gamecube, but what isn’t being considered is that these are smaller maps/areas. The Wii could run Xbox 360 level graphics if the maps were as small as these.

  5. Amazing that no devs ever pushed the gamecube to it’s limits… it was capable of so much more it only the controller wasn’t such a disaster, and the discs held more data.

  6. Anyone notice it said Peach “Castel” in the beginning? Anyway, it’s very interesting when they uncover old Nintendo stuff like this

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  8. looks amazing guys….

    Mom:Son what’s this white stain in your pants?

    Son:It’s white shampoo….?????!?!?!?!?!?

    Mom:Wait did you see the fully renderd SM64 gamecube video?


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