Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Has Released New Trailers For The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword

Nintendo has released some brand new trailers for the forthcoming Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The new videos feature Link learning how to use his sword and Link getting romantic with Zelda. The game is released November 18th in Europe and November 20th in the United States.



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            1. Please belive me, I’m not that trollish person, but lots of annonus (cant spell it) people have the same icon, I happen to share it….with this.. thing(?)

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  1. I still can’t get over how feminine Link looks in SS… from his big lips to the eye liner. Hopefully Nintendo will make him look more manly in Zelda Wii U.

  2. I love the fluttering feathers of the birds and I’ve noticed this looks a lot lighter and brighter than Twilight Princess.

    1. To make sure you have your copy. Better off pre-order it. But it will be sold in store wih limited stock. Once sold-out you’re screwed.

      1. I live in portugal, so it’s really hard that it gets sold out, portugal doesn’t like nintendo so much, here if you don’t have a playtation you’re a shitty person uu’ i saw 2 months ago the limited edition of super mario all-stars, wich was in no other country available uu’

      1. ocarina was revolutionary for its time, just like a link to the past was for its time and same as well for the original zelda. but i think twilight princess surpassed ocarina in gameplay and epicness, and i feel skyward sword will surpass twilight as well. i left out majora, zelda 2 and wind waker because their what i like to call the “wild” card.

  3. Im playing Zelda TP at the moment, i can clerly se its a old GameCube title but still one of the best games… Cant wait for this one, Zelda Skyward Sword simply looks amazing!

      1. same, got wind waker to play b4 this game comes out. fun, great zelda game, but doesnt have the same feel i got from ocarina and twilight. i love the graphics but am not as big a fan of the cartoony figures like link, which is why skyward sword will have the best of both worlds

  4. you can see from the trailers that this game will almost definitely take the crown from ocarina as the best game of all time!!!

  5. That’s it, no more videos and details for me about this game. They should just wait till the release day is closer to show more trailers. I don’t want them to show the whole game before it’s released. Anything Skyward Sword related is dead on the water for me until I play the game myself.

    1. i know right? if im correct, which i hope im not, ive seen like 5 or 6 main bosses so far. TMI

          1. hope this game explains why the fuck there is the sheikah symbol everywhere in the goddamn world when there is always like just one alive

              1. ^ LOL It’s so confusing all the words.

                Now i hope this game explains what the Sheikah symbol is everywhere for and how Zelda becomes princess of Hyrule. I’m still wondering why theres a romance between Link and Zelda now :]

  6. So exited for the sword play. It looks like it plays a lot like the Wii Sports Resort sword play, accept a lot smoother.

  7. It’s about time Link puts a move on Zelda, after all the times he tries to save her with his many reincarnations. Just as he was about to get his mac on over the clouds, the evil something (probably Ganon) comes to C*@! block!! Damn You!!

  8. glad she fell down that black hole. anyone comming close to kissing Link.. I shall chop ’em in half! HES MINE!!!!!


  9. Lately not going to watch any of this. I want to play SS without knowing too much to enjoy it like surprise. These videos make it like forward a movie without really enjoy its freshness.

    Looking forward the LE to come (to me & myself of course)!

  10. OMG awsome trailers, AND music!! If this looks good in 340p, then imagine!!!

    Lol. The third one was like “romantic scene, lovely music, then (at like, 1:22) its all like

  11. I love the way of the game, but Zelda is one ugly bitch in this game, but it still nice that Link is finally getting some from the princess.

  12. So Zelda always used to be the princess of Hyrule.

    Now she has romance with Link. If this is a prequel, Then does SS say how she becomes a princess?

  13. Looks like Princess Zelda is getting a little frisky with Link >.>
    But it’s good that they put more of a background of the two before Zelda gets, you know, kidnapped. It makes the reason for why you are rescuing her clear because you get a sense of how good friends they are first. And it looks like they have also included a little more background on who link is as a person. That’s something that has always been missing from the Zelda series. Even if he is still quiet, I like that they have given him more of a personality. He tends to have more of a reaction and interaction with things in this game, from what I’ve seen.

  14. I honestly don’t see how you can be a Zelda fan and not be interested in this game. I can already tell this will be amazing.

    1. i havent seen a single zelda fan not want this game. maybe when it was first revealed, and many people freaked out over the cell shaded graphics (not me, i came), but any true fan can see how awesome and in depth the gameplay of this zelda game is

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