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Nintendo 3DS: Check Out The Official Monster Hunter Tri G Box Art For Nintendo 3DS

Capcom has shown off the official box art for the highly anticipated Monster Hunter Tri G on the Nintendo 3DS. The game has yet to be confirmed for a Western release but should be out in Japan on December 10, 2011.


57 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Check Out The Official Monster Hunter Tri G Box Art For Nintendo 3DS”

        1. Saying a box is sexy in reference to a box art is strange. But if there was a hot lady, then you would say its Sexy.

          it’s really a joke. I lol

            1. Ugh 8/

              So a Christian husband wouldn’t call his Christian wife sexy? So long as there’s no lust, there’s no problem. I’m Christian too so please be intelligent. You should know as well as I do we don’t need to make christianity look any less appealing to anybody. If you wouldn’t say sexy in reference to a hot lady, it should be because that’s how you are as a person, or because you’re simply speaking in spite of Airbuz’s comment, not because that’s what being a Christian demands of you…

              Back to the topic. I hope this makes it to the States! I just into monster hunter because I saw the trailer for MH4 for the 3DS. That thing was intense 8) Been playing MH Tri on the Wii to hold me over…

              1. lol I love it when more comments get posted as I’m typing my response. Seems this has already been addressed. Glad you don’t seem like a “Christian” troll. You know what I mean, other “Christians” that just say really stupid stuff and make all of us look bad. Anyway, if I understand what you’re saying, you’re referring to calling a hot lady sexy out of lust so then I agree 8)

    1. The game cases are black when they reach higher age ratings.

      I think it is 16+ and higher (C & higher) with the black casing. Europe and NOA and Au needs to do something similer

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  2. I bet the US is gonna be a lame looking monster hunter standing in the middle with a single-color background. (Reminiscent of how lame the US Zelda Oot 3D box art was) :D

  3. looking forward to seeing how this installment in the series differs from its psp counterpart though tri g and portable 3rd are set in different parts of the wii title story wise, i see both doing well in NA though im not sure if portable 3rd will or has been released yet to us NA gamers

  4. Wow! At least Capcom can get box art and Monster Hunter right. Now if only they would resurrect Mega Man Legends 3….

  5. Screw capcom they won’t release this game in anywhere but japan. They didn’t release 3 for psp outside of japan, so why would they do it for this one on the 3ds a so called “failing” system. They have proven that they are idiots by not releasing the 3rd game in the best,and only selling, psp series of all time to the rest of the world so don’t expect to see this game in your country. I know I don’t.

  6. In Japan this is gonna sell like hot cakes! (sushi?) even though I think most MH players are into the PSP version more, we’ll see if the 3DS can shift these players but I’m not optimistic because the 3DS unique selling point which is the 3D might not appeal so much to the MH players to make them opt for this one, but who know? only time will tell.

    The 3G title is very misleading… Nintendo please fix this in the US release, 3DS does not support 3G!!!!!!!!

    On a side note, the character on the cover looks a lot like Nightmare from Soul Calibur, awesome :D

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