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Nintendo Wii U: Brand New No More Heroes Game Coming Next Year, Maybe For Wii U?

Grasshopper Manufacture CEO Goichi Suda has hinted to Eurogamer that the company has a brand new No More Heroes game in the works, and they expect to announce it sometime next year. Whether the game will be for Wii or for Nintendo’s forthcoming Wii U console is something Suda refused to comment on.

“Lots of things are being cooked up, but I can’t really say much right now. As far as No More Heroes is concerned I consider it one of the most important IPs we have at Grasshopper and hopefully we can announce something for this series next year. I’m sure Travis is not having a good time being missed, with no announcement this year!”


49 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Brand New No More Heroes Game Coming Next Year, Maybe For Wii U?”

    1. I hope they add multiple playable characters, hell maybe a couple of bosses from the old first game?

      I want Dr. Peace back.

  1. Cool! Liked the first. Have the second in my pile to play.

    Though he said previously that No More Heroes 2 would be the last on the Wii, I believe, but will probably be back for the next system.

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  3. It could also be that it’s for the other HD consoles. Then again, the Wii U would also get the game if that was the case.

  4. Wow! It seems developers are loving the Wii U.

    Ok here’s the counter for all the known Wii U developers, ohh, It blew up.

  5. I hope this Will be like the first no more heroes were u Can Do what u want in santa destroy and not like no more heroes 2, they should totally get som

    1. I’ll answer with the fact that game systems will probably not die anytime soon, if we did see Sony and Microsoft move away you can be sure that Nintendo would still be here, and hell maybe even Sega would make it’s long awaited comeback and be Nintendo’s compititor…….god I miss Sega the new competition isn’t nearly as fun :(

    2. i’ll call BS on that. because if sony and MS ditch’s the gaming industry, it would be a pretty dumb move. i mean they have such huge fan-base that leaving it would lose them A LOT of money. and i dont get the problem with the new consoles being a media system, thats good, know i dont have to have all these other system do only one task. but of course if its a gaming console they have to put gaming first.

    3. Meh, ” I’ve used my mobile as a camera more than a phone and my PS3 has seen more use as a Blu-ray player than for playing games. ”

      I don’t take too serious this article since he’s a casual…

  6. Suda 51 already said he was looking into making a no more heroes game for wii u so expect it for that. it will probably come out within the first year of the console

  7. I’m not a hater but I think Goichi Suda needs to learn something. He can’t compete with big western developers like he thinks he can. The only reason I even knew about No More Heroes was because it was completely unique for the Wii system which lacked a lot of mature games. When he ported it over to PS3 it was beaten out by western made games. Now that western developers are developing mature games on Wii U games like No More Heroes, Red Steel, and Conduit stand less likely a chance of selling well at all. The only system that I can think of where they would stand out would be the 3DS. Anyways if this did come to Wii U I would buy it because I’m a sucker for No More Heroes.

    1. The thing was that it was one of the few Wii games that was Rated-M so not a lot of people knew about it and so when it was ported to the PS3 it didn’t sell well. Personally, if it’s well-advertised and more polished than the previous titles, I think a game like this would sell well. I think the Conduit could be the Wii-U’s Halo or KillZone while Red Steel could be one of the few true 1:1 motion-controlled sword-play.

      1. The Conduit needs to step up some areas, mainly the main campaign, it is just two linear, in both games.
        Multiplayer is fine in both games thought, it was surprisingly addictive in the first one thanks to the simplicity. The second one’s added a few fun perks, and it was entertaining.

  8. travis touchdown muthafucka

    HELL YEAAH! No More Heroes is an awesome series and the thought of a third one gets me off lol. Bring back Mr. Touchdown! If not then have a new character fight Travis in a boss battle! Epic

    1. Also I should point out that it was already stated that there would be no more No More Heroes games made for the Wii so it has to be one of the new system, please be Wii U I want a game I know I’ll look forward too….along with Pikmin 3


  9. Livin Aint Easy When You Cheezy

    Yes! I feel bad for buying the last two NMH games used at Gamestop so if this comes out for a Nintendo console I’m definitely buying it new!

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