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Nintendo Wii: Fancy Winning The Last Story And Pandora’s Tower For Wii?

Nintendo Europe is currently running a competition in which you could win a copy of The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower when both games come to Europe next year. To be in for a chance of winning all you need to do is submit what you think is the best thing about Xenoblade Chronicles to Nintendo’s own Xenoblade Chronicles YouTube channel. The closing date for the competition is October 18th. Best of luck!

23 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Fancy Winning The Last Story And Pandora’s Tower For Wii?”

  1. Soft-modding is where it’s at.
    If people REALLY want those 3 games they must soft-mod their Wii.
    But then not all Wii’s can be modded. :\

    1. of course, because in no way, shape, or form can any -good- rpg not resemble the ‘almighty’ FFVI.

      Regardless, the game does look fantastic, and I will be soft-modding my wii as well to play these games (being Pandora’s Tower, Last Story and Xenoblades) until I can purchase them in the States!

        1. ofc tehy not care about NA tehy just want shooting games , like gear of war, resistance,call of duty and etc all those stuff

  2. Too bad for us, we will never see any of these titles here in the states. Well, I’ve waited long enough for the NOA to announce the release date for Xenoblade, after a huge hit in Europe. Still nothing, wait no more, im going to import all three titles from Europe.

  3. So much goodness in this game, it’s easier to ask me what I DIDN’T like: character name changes in the localized version. Sharla instead of Carna? Gadolt instead of Gad?

    1. Same here, Juju was like “Carna Carna!” Subs were like “Sharla Sharla” I was like “What the F is wrong with the original name?” :)

  4. Sometimes I feel like NOE likes to mock me. They are like throwing these games on the street and we don’t even get a good explanation from NOA! WTF?!

  5. I wish NOA would just bring these titles to the states already… i dont understand how Xenoblade can sell so good everywhere it goes but they still refuse to bring it here.. )=

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