Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Announces The Official Name For The Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Attachment

Nintendo UK has announced the official name for the controversial additional 3DS Circle Pad attachment. The device will officially be referred to as the Slider Pad and will be fully usable with the forthcoming Resisident Evil Revelations which is due out in North America on February 7th and in Europe January 27th.


      1. It is not necessary. It will be supported by games like Kingdom Hearts for example, and provide another control scheme that feels more.. traditional? I doubt any game dev will make a game require it without bundling.

      1. could mean itl be compatible with metal gear solid snake eater 3d, i for one look forward to it

        1. MGS 3D is already confirmed to be compatible with the Slide pad.

          Monster hunter G is confirmed to be compatible with the slide pad.

        1. Andrew: Nintendo realizes It is essential to have the machine built with 2 analog sticks and practically every developer requires one. Nintendo seems to be one generation behind sony, it seems very sad. Their defenitely stuck up in the past.

          P.s This Is coming from a Big Nintendo Fan.

          1. Not exactly stuck in the past, just a clear mistake they made. thankfully they have addresed it and no doubt when they make a 3ds Mark II, it’ll have all the functions as this.

            1. nintendo didnt desighn it they just aloud it to be made origionaly 4 monster hunter i think it doesnt matter psp was called perfect with 1 but 3ds is rubbish with 1 that makes a lot of sence dont it

      1. the fact that not everyones first native language is english doesnt mean their lazy you fucken retard. But the fact that they take the time to learn another language does mean their better than you’re simple ignorant good for nothing ass

          1. their= ownership, as in “that’s their 3ds”

            they’re= “they are” as in “they’re playing a 3ds”

            there=location as in “The 3ds is over there”

            if you’re going to correct someone make sure you know what you’re talking about.

    1. Guaranteed it’ll be bundled with relevant titles all throughout the next year for no extra charge. In addition, Nintendo will release a 2012 version of the 3DS that’ll include the Slide Pad pre-attached. Count on it.

      1. That’d suck for the people that already got a 3DS. Like, you know… me. Of course it’s a smart move for Nintendo, and necessary in the long run, but if they keep on making it so early buyers have disadvantages in the long run, I’ll be really disappointed.

      2. I think they’ll an upgraded 3ds later than 2012. I think when they do, it’ll address the problem people have with the current 3d and be a much more improved version of it.

  1. Nintendo has already put out a $20 price tag and said it is not a necessity for games other than monster hunter.

      1. Again I said necessity…that means mandatory, must use…etc.

        I did not say it wasn’t going to use it I said that you didn’t have to have it.

    1. It allows developers have a default control system for the Psvita and 3ds, if the developer is creating games for both.

  2. Meh, I wont buy it if it’s necessary. I actually don’t see the need of it. Gamecube played Metroid Prime only using on joystick to control Samus, the c-stick wha just to change weapons! I don’t know and 3DS has the advantatge of a touch screen. We’ll see what use it’s given and what games. Afterall I trust Nintendo.

    1. Apsalutly.

      the circle pad makes me think that nintendo is doing something with Wii U, and 3DS combinated

    2. The extra stick adds more versatility to the controls, allowing you to move and aim at the same time. I like Metroid Prime Trilogy more the the Gamecube versions because it allowed you to do this using the pointer controls, it was just easier and more fluid.

      1. compensating for their mistakes.
        People have large problems with camera angles in games, so it sorts it out. also, you get two extra L/R buttons. it will generally make games more accessible.

  3. Too bad I sold my 3DS. I’m waiting to the 3DS lite with improved battery and sliders built in.

    1. If theres a 3DS lite, It wont come out until at least 3 years. the Attachment has a battery.

      Has anyone heard of the 3DS lite coming sooner?

      1. Nintendo said that there wouldn’t be a “Lite” version, which means there will be a “XL” version, which it would have to be with two sliders. Plus a bigger screen for Movies and Sky would be better

      2. Yeah, but I’m at a stage where Mario games no longer excite me, and the only reason I would want the 3DS Lite is for MH4. I’ve played enough Mario for now. Although it’s probably going to be a great game and all. I still love Nintendo. :)

    2. So much for Reggie saying everything is “packed” from day one, when people are complaining bout the battery and Nintendo sort of admitting a second slider pad is crucial.

      I don’t know if I should wait for an upgraded version that’s inevitable or just settle for the red one?

  4. I’ll buy one if I can use it as a Wii U controller, or if a game I want plays much better with it. Glad to see it’s coming to America and Europe :)

  5. If they release a 3DS lite or something like that, will there be enough space on the console for both slide pads? :\ with the YXBA buttons, it just seems a little awkward?

  6. I will be watching that “Resisident Evil Revelations” (seem like the one who said is in a hurry haha) and Slider Pads look like pretty useful to me. Thanks for the review!

  7. why couldnt nintendo add another circle pad in the first place? it could have gone above the buttons

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