Nintendo Wii U: New Call Of Duty In The Works For Next Gen Console At Treyarch

Call of Duty developer Treyarch has posted a job listing for a senior software engineer to join a team “bringing our hugely successful game to a new console.” Whether that “new console” is the Wii U, or Microsoft’s next generation console remains to be seen.


      1. Has there even been any new games officially announced yet for the wiiu?…. Regardless I happen to enjoy cod games black ops being my least favorite but cod is def not the best game or the only game I play.

      1. Highly doubt thats how that would work. Come on its one game… I just hope they make a COD that stands out from the old unlike mw3.

        1. Yeh! MW3 is going to be good as MW2 was the best. But bring back original Zombies at least.

          the MW series was the only to leave out zombies. Wii U version is going to be completly diffrent.

          1. Technically, Airbuz, the zombies are the anomaly of the series; World at War was the first game to have them followed by Black Ops. MW isn’t “the only one to leave out zombies”

      2. Hardcore? No offense if you think this, but you’re not hardcore if you play CoD. CoD is “casual,” not “hardcore.” That’s why it sells so well.

        1. agree, COD is casual in the sense its pick up and play, it has simple controls and it really is a pick up and play game, now if you play hours on end, then COD can become a hardcore game, like any other.

          What defines a hardcore gamer is how long and how well u play the game, doesn’t matter the game, it can be scrabble if u play it that much.

          1. I’ve seen many people try to pick up and play cod and they can’t aim the gun and get shot every 2 seconds….if cod is casual than most games are.

            1. its casual cuz its pick up an play, u just boot, pik a map, an roll. difficulty just depends on the person, and the controls and concept is simple enough that given enough time, any1 can play at a mediocre lvl.

        2. COD is like hardcore to me. 3 days & 17 hours on online with Black Ops.

          im a hardcore gamer. i play COD first played blackops however so im a little new. With MW 3 coming up i will need to play MW2 & 1.

      3. look Nintendo will still rember casul to but thay want hard cor to basickly thay want to win next geen be for it comes out witch wood be good for them still not what price will be

  1. Maybe a Wii U version of MW3?
    Other than that, I doubt it’d be anything to do with Wii U as I don’t see them going out of their way to create a game specifically for the Wii U when most of their customers are probably XBox and PS3 owners…

      1. Actually it’s a mix of companies: sledgehammer, ravensoft, some IF left and treyarch. Treyarch is working on wii version specifically and I believe n space is working on the ds version.

        1. Facepalm yourself…IW is the main dev for mw3 who cares about the wii and ds versions….and it would be a good thing to have cod on wiiu…name another fps that sells more.

          1. Andrew: Infinity Ward is not the same Infinity ward who created Modern warfare 2. They had a legal troubles with their publisher activision, and most of the members at infinity ward left because of that. Infinity ward Is CO-DEVELOPING which means their not really making the game but instead sledge hammer is making the game.

            And Wii and ds versions are taken care by Treyarch. Not infinity ward or sledge hammer.

  2. This could be a test of the Wii U’s power…
    Maybe bring those “Hardcore” people closer to Nintendo.

    1. not really, those gamers probably already have the 360 or ps3 version of a game.oh and by the way i said gamers, not that word..

  3. Call of duty is a game for scrubs with no gun game anyway. Having it on the wii U would be worse than not having it.

      1. I agree, I mean this is were Nintendo has a huge edge compared to the other consoles, if the Wii-U gets huge 3rd party support, EA, activations, Bethesda, and more, then Its GG, with Nintendo’s huge first party titles meet up with AAA third party titles, its over, no other console can do that.

        1. You would think a person that tells me to facepalm because I didn’t mention the other devs working on mw3 would be smart enough to realize this would be a good thing for nintendo….

  4. To me, this actually a want.

    It would be a great way to put the system to the test with a similar experience to the PS3/360 versions. Not to mention the supposedly good online network as EA proclaimed.

  5. i’m thinking it’d be XBOX.
    Activision and their cod teams, both IW and Trey have been very loyal to Micro.
    Nintendo has basically been just a thing they were like: well OKAY i suppose we COULD put it on their console but meh, not really a big concern. type of deal.
    BUT wii U is the only one announced and i’m thinking the next micro would be in ATLEAST 2 more years…
    then again these are all fairly old so who knows. personally, i still like how everything is right now.
    oh well, another game that i can HOPEFULLY play moar zombies in!
    … i hope Trey didn’t leave it all at black ops :(

    1. That’s sooo untrue, You forget that the only reason xbox looks favored is because they signed and payed quite a bit of money on a contract to have COD and it’s features first

  6. Well the wording leaves it open for interpretation as being Wii U. First it doesn’t specify the console since they may not be allowed to advertise like that. Second it states “console” singular which means it could be the Wii U, since are the next XBox and PS due at the same time. And third, it says “successful game” and not franchise which may mean it’s a game that’s currently out or coming soon.

    Or maybe I read too much into it as is being done by others. :) But haven’t played the CoD games anyway.

    1. well i do agree the cod is mediocre, but is metroid really the only fps you like?! i mean dude there is so much more great fps then the typical ones (bf3, cod, MoH, halo, etc..). portal and half-life are great examples, others too like bioshock, deus ex, system shock, fallout 3 where amazing. i know this probably has nothing to do with your comment, but every time a nintendo fan talks about a fps they talk about how great metroid is (even though is obvious), im not hating i like metroid too, but i mean haves some variety (assuming you dont).

  7. WHOHOO!!!!!! Imagen spy planes, and that screen interactation.

    PS And XBox fans Will be screwed if this is an exclusive!

    Hope this releases soon after launch!

    1. It won’t be exclusive; CoD has become a cash cow and the only reason they’d make it for the WiiU is for another stream of revenue.

    1. Really? Why is everyone complaining about COD on Wii U, it would really attract the hardcore if its an exclusive!

      So do you say Yes! No! or I don’t know?

      1. The key word here is “exclusive.” CoD has become too big to become exclusive to one system. It’s like saying that GTA 5 will be exclusive to one console. I think GTA 4 cost 100 million dollars to make. The only way I can see an exclusive is if Nintendo are the ones publishing it, just like MS did with the first Mass Effect. Maybe not GTA 5, but a franchise like Co that comes out every year, they can do that. That way they would have an FPS ready for the system.

        1. Sorry I didn’t catch that he said exclusive…but cod on the wiiu would be a great idea even if it’s not exclusive…like I said the more 3rd party AAA games on the wiiu the better especially mixed with nintendos great exclusives.

      2. not really.

        1. activision likes money, going multi-platform makes a lot of money.

        2. it wouldnt attract the “hardcore” if those gamers are already playing it on xbox 360 and ps3.

        so i don’t know…

  8. hmmm… i just want MW3 on 3DS/DS, but if it’s on wii u then hopefully people will stop treating nintendo as a kid gaming company though compared to sony and micro, they still do, and i still love nintendo and hope the wii u is a success

  9. Meh, unless they bring major gameplay changes, I probably won’t get it.
    I bored of it a few months ago.

  10. if a cod game comes for wii u with better graphics than the ps3/360 and better controls then microsoft and sony are screwed because everyone i know that owns a ps3 only bought for cod

    1. I wouldn’t expect much of a graphics bump on wii u, since I dont think PC COD is that much better graphically. They are more interested in keeping it at 60fps on all platforms.

    2. wow, they only bought a ps3 for cod? lol. i dont exactly agree because a gaming PC has better graphics than any console plus you could insert any type of control into it, but i dont see PC in all my friends houses as i see 360/ps3. and its not only about controls/graphics its also about exclusive, only system, and gui (interface).

  11. Not much of a fan of the CoD, but some interesting things could be done using the controller and the “hardcore” gamers are going to be happy. So we all win…

  12. Let’s just face it, its for Wii U. It’s the only next gen console coming out next year. Next consoles from Sony and micro aren’t coming till 2013-14

  13. Play this on my xbox 360, like to see it on the wii u tho just to see how the gameplay is changed by using the wii u, cant imagine the graphics will be that much different that the wii is now.

    1. u realize the graphics for cod have not improved much is kuz the 360, devs make the game for 360 and just port it over to the other consoles. why? 360 is the easiest console to make games on and, (other than the wii) has the worst hardware, so the philosophy is if it runs on 360, it runs on evrything.

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