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Nintendo: Zelda Williams Would Have Got A Triforce Tattoo If She Lost Zelda Four Swords


Zelda Williams, the daughter of Robin Williams, has confessed on Twitter that if she had have lost the advertised game of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords against her father she would have had to get a Triforce tatoo in a “rather unfortunate place.”

“And to all those lamenting the loss of dad’s beard, I did volunteer to get a triforce tattoo in a rather unfortunate place if I lost.”


  1. Any excuse to post a pic of Zelda, eh? :-)
    I’m sure the bet was just safe stakes. Basically if she lost she didn’t have to do anything too bad, unless it was on her face.
    Though Robin would probably be the first dad to tell his daughter she has to get a tattoo


  2. LOL I’m thinking of getting a triforce tattoo without loseing any bets! lol and a mau5head would be really nice too :) still it’s a tattoo so I have to think about it a lot.


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