Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Repackaging Nintendo 3DS Games?

According to The Games Asylum several large retailers in the United Kingdom have begun repackaging Nintendo 3DS games to make it more clear to consumers that the titles are for the Nintendo 3DS only. Whether it’s the retailers repackaging the games or Nintendo themselves remains to be seen.



  1. Woh! Repackaging?

    It does not seem clear for people to read. Seriiously!

    It looks good but messy

    1. I’m working in a electronic store and believe me, people are that dumb and do buy the wrong thing even if its separated and written big on it.

  2. This is the same reason why people can’t read the ratings on the box. People are stupid. It’s like it has to be spelled out for them over 9000 times for them to get it. Ignorance is not bliss.

  3. I’m pretty sure its just the retailers. We saw the boxart for Resident Evil: Revelations and the 3DS bit is the same as all others. I don’t think Nintendo has anything to do with this repackaging.

    1. I work in one of the stores and it is Nintendo doing it themselves. The poor reps are spending ages changing them all over. Looks good tho

      1. Oooooor they’re just changing them before they ship them to the store you work at. I highly doubt they’d make each individual store repackage them. So unless Nintendo actually says they’re doing it, I’m thinkin it’s just the store selling the games doing it so the ignorant people will be able to tell what’s what.

  4. Whoa, wait a moment, are those prices dropped? Does that mean I can get launch titles cheaper? Street Fighter IV, here I come!!

      1. I’ve heard something about a few ps2 games working on the 360(may be wrong) but I have never heard of a PS3 game.
        If you were to do this, you’d have to install a Blu-Ray drive and actually have PS3 components and system files for it to work. Which would be stupid to do compared to just buying a PS3. Anyone smart enough to be able to do all that wouldn’t do it.

  5. This is the same reason people think 3DS is just some iteration of DS. And not a completely new console.

  6. It’s the res that go round stores that are doing this, they are trying to stop customers getting ‘confused’ between normal DS and 3DS games

  7. To be fair, there is similarity, and in half the Game stores I’ve been in, the 3DS and DS are directly beside each other, if not even together sometimes with 3 shelves of 3DS and 3 shelves of DS.

    Also – launch games going cheaper = good.

  8. You would have to be stupid to not be able to tell the difference of the DS and 3DS boxart packaging.

  9. Hmmm, so the DoA box looks to have similar censorship with Kasumi’s inner thigh. :)

    Also the new 3DS band is the same as the Wii budget collection isn’t it?

    1. The DOA box is the same as Japan expect for the background.

      ESRB was Stupid for covering Kasumi’s Thigh.

  10. It’s Nintendo changing the packaging our rep came and did it today , it looks good and ties in well with the new red 3DS

  11. As if the big NINTENDO 3DS logo on the side wasn’t enough.

    Also I’ve noticed these changes for the 3DS with the “also available in 2D” and this are only being made by Nintendo of Europe, hmm

  12. So now we’re gonna have messy box arts because people can’t differentiate the 3 between 3DS and DS? I would like to think the same dumb consumers would wonder at all why there was a 3 there in the first place, and resist purchasing.

    It’s not like the last DS games said ‘DS Lite’ or ‘DSi’ or whatever… Why don’t game shop employees just put a massive sign above the 3DS section as ‘FOR USE WITH 3DS ONLY, AND NOT DS’ :)

  13. Not a fan of this style of game box, it’s a lot harder to read the text on a red background than on the old style. The old one just looked far cleaner and better presented to me.

  14. I have not walked into a store yet where they bother to distinguish 3DS games from DS games. I myself have a hard time locating 3DS games when they’re sandwiched between DS games. The local Walmart mixes them into the DS games, too, which makes browsing a complete pain.

    I hope this new packaging hits stateside… or the idiots who stock Walmart’s shelves learn to read boxes.

  15. I feel bad for people who do buy a 3DS game and then try to play it on there DS. Imagine how embaressed they would be. But I guess parrents wouldent really know what is what unless they game themselves. 3DS should of had a different name to be less confusing.

  16. To be honest I don’t see what’s wrong with the design earlier except for the no Wi-Fi label. I don’t know who’s the smart one that thought taking it off increases sales. Some people like me usually don’t buy games unless it has online gameplay, or is Metroid.

  17. What annoys me a lot is that they can’t just put a 3D option on the regular DS games. That way nobody would get confused. They just mix the DS and 3DS games together so sometimes I accidentally pick up a DS game instead of a 3DS game. They should put the 3DS games on one aisle and DS games on another, that would make me happy :).

    But even if they did seperate the games, people are still too ignorant to tell the difference between them, even if Nintendo did change the 3DS games.

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