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Nintendo 3DS: Leaf Green Nintendo 3DS On The Way For Luigi’s Mansion 2?

Is Nintendo preparing a limited edition Leaf Green Nintendo 3DS to launch alongside Luigi’s Mansion 2? From the look of this scan it’s a possibility. Personally I’m not sure if this is just the Aqua Blue version of the console, what do guys and girls think?


89 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Leaf Green Nintendo 3DS On The Way For Luigi’s Mansion 2?”

                1. And me! I didnt read it properly and almost freaked out thinking they were making a 3DS remake of FR/LG!!! lols

      1. Your all retards, u see green and think pokemon so lame. What about Green Lantern, Lugi, or just the fact that green is a liked color. Also if your grown and pokemon is the first thing that pops in your mind when u see green 3ds. Then your really lame cause my 9 year old son saw green and thaught it was to promote recycling… Such children pokemon of all things…. lol

        1. we saw LEAFgreen, the name of a pokemon game. By the way, not like Green Lantern is much cooler. Video game vs comic books. we are ALL nerds here.

  1. in my honest opinion, I’m more interested in that accessory that gives another thumb-disc rather than the new color. =3

  2. Its fake. One of the titles listed at the top is Metal Gear Solid 3D and the paper says its coming in November but Kojima already confirmed that MGS 3D isn’t coming till 2012.

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  4. Who cares about the color! If this is a freaking real picture then Luigi’s Mansion 2 freaking uses the second circle pad!!! THATS FREAKING AWESOME!!! Now all i need is confirmation that Kid Icarus uprising uses the second circle pad and my life will freaking be complete!!

  5. Would make sense if they released it along side Luigis Mansion 2.
    Anyone else notice the similarity? “Flame Red” and “Leaf Green”? Maybe thats just because they own those names?

    1. Good catch, wasn’t paying attention to the slider pad attachment. But hey if this original you provided is real, it still confirms the Leaf Green 3DS, just not in picture. It will be coming out in March in Japan. Expect it to look somewhat similar.

      1. Huh, you’re right. I don’t know a lot of Japanese but I definitely see ‘midori’ on the 3rd from bottom line…

        But why would someone photoshop it if the text below it confirmed it? XD

  6. I hope they’ll sell a purple model along with Majora’s Mask 3D, which I also hope they will sell someday. I would buy both.

  7. that 3ds certainly LOOKS green. Im more excited though by the slider pad being there, implying that Luigi’s mansion 2 will use it!

  8. If there is a bundle that comes with Luigi’s mansion 2, extra circle pad and a green 3ds… i will probably throw the biggest fit ever and freaking punch a hole in the wall for not waiting for this bundle. 20 free games could not make up for that… =(

  9. Even thought it may not look like it, I’m pretty sure it’s green here. Think about it; when a new color comes out for a game console, (and the 3DS has been no different), usually 1st party title advertisements are showcased on that new color. Example 1: Starfox 64 3D being shown on a RED 3DS in all advertisements. So why then, if there are 2 new colors coming out for the 3DS before Luigi’s Mansion 2, would the game not be showcased on a white or pink one? Why would they go back to the blue 3DS? And the 3DS in the picture is obviously not white or pink, so that must mean Nintendo IS planning on releasing a new “leaf” green (probably not the official name) 3DS sometime before Luigi’s Mansion 2 comes out but after the white and pink ones come out.

    Then again, this whole paper could be faked and/or shopped, so if it really is, then scratch everything I just said.

    1. Just found out that this picture is faked, so just ignore everything I stated above. However, it could teach you something if you’re relatively new to the vg community.

  10. Am I the only one that cares more about the white monster hunter 3ds with tribes on it? i mean i looks freaking awesome! And such a bundle would be absolutely crazy!

  11. You know, with all these new colors they’re coming out with, why not make a new model that already includes the second analog stick..? Maybe? At least for the Monster Hunter one..?

  12. Translation:

    [Pic of Monster Hunter 3G]
    Misty Pink Nintendo 3DS (released 20th October)
    Super Mario 3D Land (released 3rd November)
    Ice White Nintendo 3DS (released 3rd November)
    Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D (released November 2011)
    MarioKart 7 (released 1st December)
    New LovePlus (released 8th December)
    Monster Hunter 3G [something something] Slide Pad Bundle Pack (released 10th December)
    Moster Hunter 3G Special Edition Bundle Pack (released 10th December)
    [picture of 3DS, Side Pad accessory and Luigi’s Mansion 2 logo]
    [I don’t know what the first line says] (released February 2012)
    Luigi’s Mansion 2 (released March 2012)
    Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Slide Pad Bundle Pack (released March 2012)
    Nintendo 3DS Green Leaf (released March 2012)
    Mario Tennis 3D (released April 2012)
    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (released April 2012)

    Just an fyi, according to this the Green Leaf 3DS exists, but will not be a bundle with LM2.

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  17. You guys, I emailed Nintendo and asked when and if they were going to make a green 3DS. They said they weren’t but would put it in their suggestions box or file or whatever you call it. You just have to ask. You could argue that they were just not wanting to tell me a secret, but I don’t see their motive. All you gotta do is ask.

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