Nintendo 3DS: Heroes Of Ruin For Nintendo 3DS Is Coming To North America In The Spring

Heroes of Ruin, nSpace’s role-playing collaboration with Square Enix for the Nintendo 3DS was originally scheduled to come out early 2012, but it’s now had its release date pushed back slightly to Spring 2012. Square Enix also announced that it has plans to bring Heroes of Ruin to this years Comic-Con.


  1. Hope this is to make the online play better and to make the game run smoother. I for one am not complaining if that’s the case or for whatever reason they moved it back.

  2. didn’t know it would have online. sorry if that was a well known fact haven’t really been following this game

  3. I really want this game. A full blown online RPG with drop in and drop out online plus a bunch of other features is truly awesome.

  4. Wish it would come sooner but if it makes the game better then all the more reason to wait. I cant wait for online play, voice chat, and a whole ton of custimization!

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