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Nintendo Wii: The Last Story For Wii Is Coming To… Australia

Mistwalkers highly anticipated Japanese role-playing title The Last Story will definitely be making its way to Australia according to the Australian Classification website. Sadly there’s still no news regarding a release date for either The Last Story or Xenoblade Chronicles for Wii in North America.

62 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: The Last Story For Wii Is Coming To… Australia”

    1. Yes, I’d rather buy a game for $30 cheaper than to import it for… $30 more than the price in the US (from Europe), not to mention illegally hacking my Wii, and possibly bricking it. We can wait for the game to come to our shores, seeing how it’s not an online game, and won’t be any different a year from now than it is now.

  1. I hope it’ll come to Europe too.
    I saw trailers of it and it looks truly amazing.
    And the soundtracks of it are just fantastic.
    Australians are very lucky to get this game.

    1. Forgot to mention the wonderful character designs.
      Would be really sad if the whole world wouldn’t get the chance to enjoy that game.

        1. Being Europian, japanise or Australian in this situation is just lucky.

          Look at what the North Americans have to put up with.

          Now the Australians are going to show off saying they got something before North Americans for once.

            1. I think you have the right to do so, really.
              As far as I know the Australians usually have been in a disadvantage in things concerning videogames. You deserve it to get awesome games too. :p

    1. i honestly dont care for these games anymore, im more excited for kirby, R.E., Zelda, and a few othet ps3 games, so if these 2 dont make it state side, more money in my wallet lol

  2. For once in my life, in regards to technology and media, it actually feels good to be Australian. Normally we’re the ones that get a bit screwed over, especially in regards to release dates.

  3. Isnt it a possiblity that Nintendo is secretly planning to release all three of the rainfall games as launch titles for the Wii U?

    Hear me out. The Wii is nearing the end of their lifecycle right? So maybe everything else is being released for it just so it can live a little more.

    Who knows? At this point, the developers of Xenoblade Chronicles, Last Story and Pandoras Tower are upgrading the games to HD graphics and a new way to play with the systems tablet controllers. Surely Nintendo’s first and second party developers get the Wii U Development kits first right?

    If thats the case the Wii U will have the strongest launch title library in Nintendo history

    I guess this is wishful thinking though, but if they still won’t release all three to NA next year then it may be true…meh

    1. What honestly is the likelihood that all three developers, two of which have nothing to do with Nintendo, are all revamping the game behind the screens even though the original Wii games haven’t even been released in America yet, but have in other regions. That is wishful thinking. Very wishful….

  4. This is basically rubbing salt in the wound because I know being released in Australia means Yahtzee will review it and tear it apart like the anti-Nintendo biased chode licker that he is.

    1. You should be lucky you got xenoblades while NA has not got it.

      You know, I’d say being a gamer suck’s so bad in NA now and rocks in EU.

  5. Didn’t realize people were still checking for the Rainfall games in NA. I don’t hear people talk about them anymore.

    1. We understand how our fans are feeling, and we at Nintendo understand better than anybody else. We’re giving American consumers every incentive to hack and modify their Wiis to play European games if they choose to do so. So before you complain about similar situations in the near future, remember that we don’t care about you. If you do, I’ll kick your ass, take your name, and steal your games.
      Reggie Fils-Aime

      1. Dear Mr. Reggie of NOA,
        I would like to thank you for respond to my comment. I was suprised to see that you actually responded. If it is indeed you?

        I just wanted to let you know that I am a BIG FAN of NINTENDO, that was just my expression, to let you know that a FAN like me is upset becaused you are not releasing those three titles in the US. No, I don’t want to hack or mod my wii. I want my US wii system to play with my US wii games. If I want to play the Europen version, I would do so along time ago. If you are not going to release it, just say so and not keep us hoping that one day it will come. So I can be satisfied.

        You said you understand better than anyone else. But when I express my opinion, you threathen to kiss my ass and take my games. Thanks for understanding.

        Sorry, I will not trouble you and NOA any futhur.
        Your ONE FAN and SUPPORTER.(WAS)

        1. Don’t worry, you are right. I do understand your concerns with NOA and I’ve already begun a process to solve all of them. I’ve taken your name, and found your address. I hope your body is ready because when I get there, we’re going to be playing with our Wiis together. See you soon, valued customer.

  6. Dear Mistwalker,
    If you want your games played, please, never collaborate with Nintendo again. Thanks.

    people who very much want your game

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