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Nintendo Wii: Pachter Says Xbox 360 Sales Nearly Doubled Wii Sales In September

Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter has revealed that Nintendo only managed to shift 190,000 Wii units in September, whilst Microsoft managed to sell nearly double that with 360,000 Xbox 360 units sold. Sony managed to come in second with 260,000 units sold. Nintendo also shifted 225,000 3DS units and 185,000 DS units in September.

81 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Pachter Says Xbox 360 Sales Nearly Doubled Wii Sales In September”

  1. How is the DS still selling this much? I understand some people might still not know the 3DS is the next generation (or not care, seeing how much back-catalog they can go through; they can sit years playing through all the good games on the DS), but almost the same amount as the 3DS units? That’s shocking.

    1. The DS is still receiving a ton of quality software (Kirby, Dragon Quest, Harvest Moon) while the 3DS’s most anticipated software don’t come out till October onwards.

      1. Give me the money and I’ll buy one. Actually, give me the money, I’ll buy a 360 (has more games I want anyway) and I’ll keep the rest. Scratch that, I’ll spend the money on Wii and 3DS games I’ve been planning on getting and be even BETTER off. ;)

      1. Thats a lie. My friend donnie purchased a NEW X-Box 360 and that bitch turned red on him. I looked=> I said you know my wii DOES not do this=> no tekken 6 for us today. So i walked home and popped in DragonBall Z BudoKai TenKaiChi 3 for the wii and it never stopped on me for 6 hours straight and the cat knocked it over whilst i played. It played. Smoothly:)

      2. Yeah the new ones don’t have the “Red Ring of Death”……….They have the “Red Eye of Doom”!!!

        Couple of my friends’ xboxs were pwned within a month or two. So practically everybody bought 3 xboxs so that if one fries they don’t have to worry

    1. I know people who had to buy new X boxes every 6 months because of that.

      Those People moved to PS3 because of that and it’s still working like an unmeltable piece of ice!

        1. The reason why there’s no Blu-Ray is because, by now, most people own one (You even said you did). If it had a Blu-ray disk player it would cost more. So to sum it up: You would you pay extra for something you already have?

              1. no i remember them saying it was 25gb (like blu-ray) atleast its more than the typical DVD. but 50gb would of bin better for dlc and larger content. and i dont really care about the price.

              2. It will use 25GB discs for single layer. Dual layer will be 50GB. It’s basically going to be their variation of blu-ray discs. I think what Nintendo does is they make their machines so that the discs would spin to the opposite direction of what other devices do. Having blu-ray would mean paying for licensing and using that kind of tech. blu-ray players may be cheaper now, but they’re still not as cheap and the license fee would come from our pockets.

                But yeah, dual layer “optical” discs for Wii U will hold 50GB of data.

        2. These days everybody has a form of a Blu-Ray player, whether it be there Blu-Ray player, PS3, or computer.

          Besides, the majority of people has moved on to watching movies from iTunes or onDemand. Popping in a disc is already considered a hassle.

        3. Because Nintendo aren’t about multimedia entertainment, they are about games. Besides why would you want Nintendo to charge you extra to include Blu-Ray support when you can get a decent player for much better value (or buy a PS3) if you very badly want one?

          It’s the same reason why Nintendo aren’t including a proprietary harddrive; because people can get an external one to use much cheaper than Nintendo would charge to include one.

        4. because this would push up the price on the wiiu, and we already saw how cheap most gamers are (3ds “over” price dilema) member?

            1. that’s for the games, not the system. Plus, not every game will use dual layer discs. Even among PS3 games, only a handful use dual layer and I think only MGS4 usus all 50 GB.

    1. first of all, did’nt sony patent blu-rays which would mean nintendo would have to pay them to use blu-rays. You should look up info before speaking. that’s a waste of money when most ppl have blu-rays already. Just get a blu-ray player. Problem solved

  2. “Microsoft managed to sell nearly double that with 360,000 Xbox 360 units sold.”
    LOL they managed to sell 360 000 360’s? That’s an uncanny coincidence.

  3. They should also go on and explain how the 360 is only popular in America, and I’m American and I’ll flat out say, most are idiots.

    Xbox is shitty grade tech. Microsoft should stick to their guns. Software.

    1. I’m also American and I second this. At least 80% of American “gamers” haven’t experienced true gaming. They’ve just played the fanciest looking FPS’s until their eyes started to bleed. It’s sad, really.

      1. I third this and also say I’m American. I think majority of Americans are stupid and lazy and it’s really sad. They don’t have creativity other than Guns and destruction.

        1. Yeh! Japanise are into their Role-playing, Europeans are into their party, australians are into their sports.

          AND North Americans are into THEIR GUN’S AND ANNIHILATION!

              1. Not from africa!

                Really, it’s my opinion on what contrys are into.

                Look at the sales of games. US is always an shooting game. Japan is always an RPG. Australia is mostly sports. England is usuly party, You know Zumba was in charts for 17 weeks in a row in the UK? thats why Uk is into party.

  4. I’m fine with this. The Wii is at the end of it’s lifecycle, which is why the Wii U is coming earlier than the other consoles.

  5. Do people not believe in owning multiple consoles anymore? Everybody and their mom already has a Wii…it only makes sense that they’d venture off and buy other systems other than the one they already own. Not saying this is the case in this particular situation but sheesh!

    1. Those are the standard boxes for Wii. One of them has the main unit and some components and the other one has the manuals and the rest of the components.

    1. Holding out on releasing games in Europe in the past didn’t decrease console sales and I doubt it will here for America.

      “Why not North America?”

      Because Nintendo crunched the numbers and figured that it wouldn’t be worth the costs to localise it there. A tiny percentage of hardcore gamers crying for a release won’t balance out the costs if the audience as a whole won’t buy it.

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    1. reason why ps3 sold 53 million: they where late.

      reason why 360 sold 55 million: they where early.

      reason why wii sold 88 million: they sold it to family’s, casual gamers and nintendo fans.

      1. Wait, they were late? The Wii was the last system to release and the 360 was released a full year before the others. As for families and fans thing, the PS3 was sold to non-gamers who wanted a cheap blu-ray player and Sony already had a big number of fans. In contrast, the gamecube didn’t generate a large userbase. You could argue that price was a big factor, but people were shelling out over $500 for a wii on ebay. Even now, the PS3 is at $250 and it’s not doing as well as it should for that price.

        1. well we all know that Nintendo was looking towards a new demographic, and that was the reason they hit gold. and i disagree, the PS3 is doing pretty good, give more time towards the holidays and you will see some good sales

            1. The PS3 is doing very well for its new price. Here in America it’s only 2nd to 360 sales. And remember 360 is only most popular in America while Wii and PS3 sell WAYY more than 360 in other countries. Xbox only sells on average about 1000 units per week in Japan while Wii and PS3 sell on average 30k-50k a week. World wide speaking, the PS3 did surpass 360 sales. :)

  7. Well everyone would have a wii by now. that thing was HOT when it came out and was always sold out when I tried to get one. Remeber when they only sent a few each month? so anyways im not surprised by the Wii sales. Pretty surprised that DS is still selling well (maybe they should stop making them) and happy that 3DS is doing great and PS3 :)

  8. Yup and the 360 dosent seem close to ending so I can play wii and 360 with no worries BTW I bought the 360 last month but I’m in canada

  9. That REALLY is threatening. Considering Wii U is coming out next year, the 3DS recently came out, Microsoft is an AMERICAN company with FPS’s loading their library, and that everyone already HAS a Wii. This means that the Wii is selling VERY well. Thanks Pachter.

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