Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Announces New Family Wii Bundle For Christmas

Nintendo UK has announced via a press release that it’s launching a special family Wii console. From the 4th November you will be able to pick up a new value Wii bundle, which includes a newly configured Wii console with Wii Sports and Wii Party – a perfect family present this Christmas. Nintendo has also announced a Wii Fit bundle, which is due out December 2nd, which includes a black Wii console, Wii Fit Plus and a black Wii Balance Board.


        1. No news on a Skyward Sword bundle but if Nintendo has any sense they will release one. Pricing for Wii is pretty low at the moment.

    1. Nintendo doesn’t have the greatest timing, they’re usually somewhat late. For example: I probably would have got a DSi if the 3DS wasn’t announced shortly after.

  1. Sigh… still nothing about the new 3DS colours… I really hope the white one is in before December 26th


        In the UK all format game charts, the negative critical game, called Zumba fitness was in the UK charts for 16 weeks in a row and obtained another week after a different game took over.

    1. Nope. But there’s rumors that GC games are downloadable, but if it’s true, don’t expect it to come at launch, you will need to wait 6 months at least.

  2. What’s the point of this? The WiiU is out next year, with built in wii support, and it doesn’t look like this thing is backwards compatible with gamecube. The Wii is pretty much at the end of it’s life, why bother with something like this? If ur planning on a wii U it’s not like you would keep this for too long.

    1. Yeh, it’s europe only as well.

      People don’t know about the Wii U and just go and buy it, It’s stupid because i mainly play Super Smash Bros Brawl with the GC controller.

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