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Nintendo 3DS: Level 5’s Time Travellers For Nintendo 3DS Story Detailed

This weeks edition of Japanese gaming bible Famitsu sheds light on Level 5’s upcoming game Time Travellers. The game is being developed for Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation Portable. Time Travellers is currently geared up for a 2012 release.

The story behind Time Travelers kicks off a few years in the future as a mysterious hole called the “Lost Hole” appears in the skies above Tokyo accompanied by an explosion. Central Tokyo is destroyed, and many lives are lost.

Things jump 18 years, to 4/28/2031. Tokyo is a futuristic city, with holographic signs filling the streets, and a building called the “Space Elevator” rising from Tokyo Bay. While there’s a “space” in the name, the building is only 2,000 meters high. It serves as a power source for the city.

14 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Level 5’s Time Travellers For Nintendo 3DS Story Detailed”

      1. level 5 is pretty funny with western releases. They always release in the west, but they don’t rush to do so, its always a “when we get around to” sort of deal which makes me sad :(

  1. very intruiging, i hope Level 5 can pull of a futuristic rpg, i wasnt a big fan of ff13 for this but since i need games on my 3ds ill give this a try

      1. Nah those graphics look like they work perfect in the 3DS, maybe the Vita will just have som better textures but overall I think they’ll all look very similar

    1. I’m pretty sure that’s the Vita version, but the 3DS version shouldn’t be too different save for the lessening of resolution.

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