Nintendo 3DS: Capcom Clarifies Monster Hunter Tri 3 For Nintendo 3DS Won’t Feature Online Play

Capcom has announced via its support page that Monster Hunter Tri G won’t feature online cooperative play. You’ll still be able to use your internet connection to download event quests in the game, but to play cooperatively with other people you’ll have to play locally I’m afraid.


  1. as usual Nintendo falls massively short of the mark when it comes to social gaming. If i had to guess why capcom are leaving it out, its because the 3DS system isnt as easy to program for online play, because its not built for that. Xbox will always lead the way with social gaming because they aim their product at that. I have a few anti Nintendo posts lately. Dont get me wrong i love Nintendo to bits but they sure know how to let down the fans (post N64)

    1. i wouldn’t say that. for one it’s Capcom’s decision and i’m sure the most Nintendo can do is push for it and that’s it. Second, this is exactly how MHP is and this is what they are used to in Japan. As far as it having actual online service on the Wii, well a home console is different of course from a handheld, so they wanted to push for online play.

    2. I doubt its as hard as any other system for developing online play. Microsoft would be easier because thats their job, they work and own massive amounts of hardware for developers to use, the same can’t be said for nintendo. i would say it is mostly capcoms decision, they didn’t do it for the psp and now not for the 3DS.
      The link here wouldn’t be the difficulty of making the online, just that they don’t want to make online for handhelds (they only do it for non portable consoles).

    3. There’s a big problem with your logic; Street Fighter IV (Capcom as well) is a 360/PS3/PC port so it has an entirely different architecture than the 3DS, but they ported an almost completely lag-less experience with its online. MH3 is built exclusively for the Wii and its online, and yet despite the fact that it’s extremely similar to the 3DS’s architecture the online wasn’t ported over. The real reason? Money. The Wii version of MH3 had a subscription in Japan, but Capcom could balance the costs out worldwide (where online was free) because of its popularity in Japan. Nintendo probably didn’t want a subscription based model being on one of their biggest (if not biggest) 3DS release for the holiday season so they scrapped online altogether. This is a Japan-only game so far, so remember that as well; they don’t want to invest too much in servers in Japan, where everyone lives close to each other and local-play is much, MUCH more frequent than it is elsewhere.

  2. Guess I won’t be buying this entry in the Monster Hunter franchise after all. Shame…if this makes it to America, it’ll be the first Monster Hunter game released here that I didn’t buy. :/

    At this point, I expect online play in the series. Reconsider Capcom…you’re taking money off the table with that move.

  3. in japan this is indeed not a big deal and for now the game only comes to japan.
    I for one imported portable 3 for my psp and found a way to emulate local wireless via xlink kai to play online. I am sure once this game comes out the will be people who will develop the same method for the 3ds.
    Perhaps capcom even decides to integrate internet play when (and if) the game sees the western light since western players are highly dependend on online play unlike the japanese who like local wireless more.

  4. This is no surprise to me. I am happy enough the game is coming to the 3DS alone. It’s just a handheld system, and the PSP did no different. Quit yer bitchin people.

      1. This be true, i don’t recall any of the psp ones to have online support either, all was local.

    1. Monster Hunter Tri was originally intended for PS3, but was cancelled cause the developmente of the game was too expensive, or so they say.

    2. So the series was dead since 2006? Funny, because last game that came out earned over $4,000,000 in one month. Not bad for a series that’s “dead” huh?

        1. Oh yea i called myself a bitch, totally… Are you stupid or do you just never post on this site? The avartars are asssigned randomly unless you have an account, so know what you are talking about before you speak.

  5. No online, that’s a bummer. At least there’s still local play and hopefully capcom will announce that it’s being brought over to the west

  6. that’s stupid the only people i play monster hunter with are scattered around north america. so how am i supposed to play with them.

  7. This may be the reason why there has been no word about the game coming out outside of Japan. They may want to include the feature after the Japanese release of the game.

    1. Uh. That’s weird. What’s the meaning of playing MH whitout this feature? Well. I’m playing it anyway, but it really made me go sad. :(

      1. I think Tri is the only game in the series that supports online. Some people may not know this, but n Japan, Tri has a paid subscription. The rest of the world gets it for free because I think Nintendo helped them with that. Dragon Quest X will also have a paid subscription in Japan. Unless you’re willing to pay for those, then I don’t see how they would benefit from online.

        1. False, there is Monster Hunter Frontier 1 through 10 on PC that supports online (Japan Only). I am sure that you already knew that though.

  8. Has noone else learned that capcom just isn’t very smart? The game won’t feature online play ever and it won’t release outside japan ever. Capcom is slowly retreating from the world into retirement, and if this is the way they treat their fans then they should. Monster Hunter will never be seen outside of Japan again, get use to it.

  9. Name one MH game that had online play other than Tri. And don’t tell me about that nigger rigged x-kai online play. Seriously give me one title that had online built in other than the one for Wii.

  10. I love Monster Hunter, I really do, but how I am supposed to support the only game on the WHOLE DAM FRANCHISE that lacks online co-op play?????? how??? MH1 have online on the PS1, MH2 on the PS2, Tri you know the answer. Portable games since Freedom 2 have online capability with the need of a PS3, but the reason was because the psp online was’t strong enough. So why Capcom?

  11. As long as 4 has it, we’re good.

    Still, I’m sick and tired of the 3DS’ online not being utilized. It has the potential, but beside Mario Kart Nintendo isn’t showing too much support for that and most other companies won’t take the plunge.

    1. RE The Mercenaries, DoAD, SSF43D, etc all have online. Need for Speed The Run will have online. Heroes of Ruin will be focused on online. Dragon Mark of Death will be heavenly focused on online (maybe and MMO?). I really don’t see where you’re coming from with this. Plus, MH3G is a game that has been announced for Japan only at this point. In Japan, the ability for portable game does not rely on online, unlike everywhere else. They do local multiplayer so that friends will buy the systems and the games since they know each other. It’s a different market. If you want online, then play the Wii version.

      1. I said most, not all. I’m very pleased with games like Heroes of Ruin and that slew of fighting games that came early on that manage online well. There’s just been too many instances within these starting months where developers have been afraid to take the plunge.

        On the note of local, I wish more companies handled local multiplayer that well. To take a console example, Gamecube was the hub of many great local mulitplayer experiences, and I still love them now. I just would like to have a healthy amount of both, and I’m just not seeing that at the moment. I’m trusting that will change, but we’re talking about what we know at the present.

      1. I said MK7 is an exception, and I wish more companies would take the leap of faith and follow suit. There’s some giving the 3DS’ online a chance currently, and we’ve got stuff like Heroes of Ruin on the way, but I’m just keeping my hopes up that we’ll hear about more about online support at next E3.

  12. Sucky move Capcom… There’s a reason why I got bored with MHFU on PSP: no one I knew played Monster Hunter!! No online co-op, no purchase. It’ll just be another hollow PSP experience.

  13. WOUW!
    I was planning buying a 3DS for this game alone. I assumed and I think most of the people did, it would have online wifi-play. Well, now I know this, Capcom can kiss my butt. I won’t buy this game nor the 3DS.

    1. If you were basing the purchase of a whole system on the port a game and nothing else, then there is something wrong with you. Not to mention this port has never been confirmed to come out outside Japan. We are talking about the Japanese market, where they buy these games so that they can convince their friends to buy and play co-op, which will ultimately give Capcom more money. It’s been like that for all PSP MH games as well.

  14. Well this absolutely sucks! Seriously Capcom you are being really dumb this generation. First RE: Mercenaries 3D, then cancelling MML3, and now this! Why do you hate us?

  15. I think this is because if you want to play online, you’ll already have it on your wii. For those that’d rather whip it out and play with real life friends at any time, and have fun in a real life party, there’s this game.
    Obviously it sounds orientated to the Japanese where that’s far more likely. (I still have friends playing PSP ones together, and many at uni talking about having to get a 3DS just for this.)

    1. That seems to be the case. Since this is a port of the Wii version, then you can get that one for online play. It’s funny because I just started watching Boku Ha Tomodachi Ga Sukunai. They form a club to make friends and in the second episode, they strat playing Monster Hunter on their PSPs. That’s the kind of market they’re aiming at with this. The anime is pretty hilarious too.

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