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Nintendo 3DS: New Nintendo 3DS Firmware Update With 3D Video Recording Is Coming November 4th

Nintendo has announced today that the next big Nintendo 3DS firmware update will be arriving on November 4th in Europe. The firmware update will see 3D video recording, a new StreetPass game and improvements to the StreetPass Mii Plaza and the Nintendo eShop.

120 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: New Nintendo 3DS Firmware Update With 3D Video Recording Is Coming November 4th”

    1. Same reaction for me.


      Ah Dang…. I’m going on a day trip on November the 3rd and recording would have been great… oh well.

    1. +1

      Their whole internet service is awful from the eShop to the lack of social functionality between friends. I mean how hard is it just to implement a messaging & invite system? As for the eShop why don’t they just have the catorgories “Latest”, “3Dware”, “Dsiware”, “3Dclassics”, “Virtual Console” & “Videos”? Each of these could then have a few sub catorgories.

      1. Picky Picky Picky ¬_¬

        Get over it. eShop is fine. And if you want social interaction, get of your bum and go call one of your friends, you know, with a cell phone. Who knows, maybe you’ll even get together IN REAL LIFE ºOº

        1. EShop is not fine.
          1. No more “storage” for DSi games on my 3DS
          2. No 3D games to by. (got golf and classics already, draining Nintendo’s massive 5-title 3D game inventory.
          3. Poor communication regarding download titles coming soon.

          eShop needs more than an upgrade.

          I’m curious if the 3D video recording will include audio… Am I being too picky now?

            1. Ok genius.

              3D video with outer cameras.

              Audio with mic pointed the opposite directionnof the 3D cameras.

              You don’t have to be an A/V specialist to understand the problem here…

              Not saying Nintendo won’t overcome the issue, but I hope they do…

        2. Masterjoe116: That is no excuse, this is eighth generation now alot of Nintendo fans forgave them for a lack of online system last gen. But now they should focus it on this generation.

        3. Yes, because having radon categories like “Big hits” or “Get ready for action” is a great way to manage an online shop. It’s just a clusterfuck of random categories when it could simply be “3DSware” or “Virtual Console” Much more simpler and neat.

          Also, what happens if some of your friends live far away or your friends are online friends and you just simply want to chat with them using your 3DS?

          1. Dude. SHUT UP! The website is called ‘My Nintendo News’ for a goddamn reason, okay?! Now if you hate the 3DS that fucking much, sell it! Okay? The eShop is fine! You’re lucky Nintendo even HAS an online store, okay?! I’m tired of going on this site every day and seeing people like you ruin my day! Gawll…

            1. Are you implying that Nintendo sucks so hard that they’d be lucky to have even the barest bones of online? Because if they don’t suck, then clearly they’d be able to do more than this, assuming they don’t have any beneficial reason to be doing whatever they’re doing now.

              1. Are you implying that nintendo should be like every other company and do things the way they do them? I mean sure there could be improvements but its nothing to cry about. Or maybe you want nintendo to stop making their ”kiddy” games and jump on the fps ”hardcore gamer” bandwagon cause your a man and don’t want to play that ”kiddy” crap anymore. I personally don’t mind the eshop besides the lack of 3ds specific content. Just be happy nintendo knows how to make great games and is working on improving in these other areas.

              2. If you’re talking to me, I mean I love Nintendo. He’s a twin bro to me. I’m saying that if that guy does’nt like it, he should sell it. I’ve had my 3DS since day 1, and I would never let anyone criticise it. If you’re not talking to me, oops, mistake in communication. Sent with my 3DS, by the way.

                1. same thoughts here man i have been saving since day one to get a 3ds and now that i finally got one 2 months ago i cant put it down, i like how everything is organized i like the feel of the console the image quality, everything , if anyone wants to criticize nintendo go ahead and do it right after you trade in for a psp and lose netflix and streetpass and the built in cameras and the soon to come 3d movie making you will be able to do on them and everything else that nintendo has pioneered for the portable gaming market

              3. hi there skip games were are my 3 hour 3d movies for my 3ds no 3d movies yet i hope future we get 3d youtube app and 3d netflix

      1. I wasn’t complaining about the games or anything, I was just saying that the layout of the shop is rubbish and confusing and that they’re missing simple communication tools. I LOVE Nintendo for WHO they are and do not want them to compete directly with Sony or Microsoft, I merely just want to communicate and play with friends who live far away. Luckily they are listening to their customers and are now bringing these features so I have no more complaints.

  1. Amazing timing Nintendo… just finished the Puzzle Game (all 7 puzzles) today, and I’ve had StreetPass Quest finished twice for around a week. Really nice timing… although I would’ve liked a little time to save up coins… but that’s a bit self-centered. Bring on the new game!

    1. There’s only 7 puzzles? Didn’t know that.

      I have 270 coins in the bank, it’s only when they are maxed out do I spend 50-70 of them, then replenish them.

          1. Dude, where are you going to get porn for the 3ds? It doesn’t even use the same 3D software as normal 3d with glasses. Do you expect to nintendo release 3D porn? you didn’t win shit dumbfuck.

              1. there are already 3D porn sites for the 3DS so lol you fail ahsahdhsyadgsakdbgsdhkfuiabi AHHAHA sahdfgifhgsb HAHAHAAAAAHAHAHjhsdhfiusffhdufhdusi THERE ARE ALREADY HD PORNSITES FOR THE PSVITA GET WITH TEH TIMES BRO

            1. dude i have already downloaded some ther are a few sites with it and some have been out since the day after the 3ds was released

  2. That would be nice, IF the 3DS had DECENT CAMERAS in the first place. Will probably look like someone trying to replicate 3D using two crappy webcams. Instead of adding something that only appeals to the 3D gimmick, why not give us something useful like FLASH PLAYER for instance?

  3. good for Nintendo! they are taking seriously this updates-often seriously. vetter than the Wii updates. i’m hoping for an update that includes a freshnew online PictoChat… too much?

  4. Sounds good to me, I’m still hoping for some better social functions. 3D Video is nice but I have my EVO 3D.

    Just hoping they didn’t block out some of the DS Flash Carts so I can carry my DS games on one cart and save space for 3DS games.

  5. Full movies would be nice. Perhaps a free movie of the week thing on eShop? Or even a movie rental category like on the PSP? Come on Nintendo, this is the 21st century.

  6. what about america? maybe the 3rd? since it’s a Thursday? but I was hoping for the 10 gba titles but maybe that’s why there’s a conference Friday

  7. No Account system
    No Message system
    No Chat
    No abilty to add people you play online
    No Facebook, Twitter ect.

    It’s almost 2012 not 1997 Nintendo…

    1. You can just use the browser inside the sistem to check facebook and twitter, they dont need to be special apps. But it would be nice to have youtube, or at least flash on the browser.

    1. DLC is the WORST THING EVER INVENTED, i mean sometimes is good for expanding game experience like in assassins creed brotherhood, but sometimes is bullshit like paying for information that is already on the game disc!

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  9. I honestly don’t know why people continue to moan about Nintendo not including extensive social options when they’ve NEVER been about that nor promised anything of the sort. If you bought the 3DS expecting some massive change to Nintendo’s online and social structure you were only fooling yourself. Surely there are enough gadgets out there now that can allow calls/messages/IM/etc AND do it better than Nintendo would waste time trying to implement.

    Plus I’m sure that even IF Nintendo upped the online options people would probably just moan about how restrictive it was compared to what other systems offer anyway thus negating the point.

  10. Its Nintendo, they are a video games company NOT a computer/all around media company.
    I like the way that Nintendo is moving along!

  11. I find it quite funny that people can’t seem to take any criticism. I love Nintendo but, jeez, accept the fact that Nintendo lacks online support and other things. They need to vastly improve in these areas. If Nintendo wants to survive it needs to adapt to a society that enjoys having devices that can do multiple things. Plus, the 3DS camera quality sucks, and the video, unfortunately will also.

    1. Yeah but the direction of video games is being tarnished by these so called ”necessities”. I just don’t think they should be criticized for not doing what everyone else is doing. They make great games for great gaming hardware. They are the only true gaming hardware company.

    2. You’ll notice that many things in this world are still good despite the fact that they don’t have any of that “up to date” crap you’re spewing out. We acknowledge that Nintendo doesn’t have those things, but unlike you, we don’t need to see it as a problem.

      1. You guys are right that Nintendo is a gaming only company (the only one left) but, if you’re going to give us online, don’t half ass on the features. I don’t need a gazillions apps. That’s what my phone is for…but for the love of Pete, can we at least get a browser that doesn’t suck, better video quality, and be able to instant message the people on our friends lists? I love Nintendo, but I think this is why people complain. Some people take it further than others, but I feel as though it’s valid for people to complain about certain things. When people buy new consoles, they want to see that effort was put into them. I love my 3DS, but some of the features seem a little half assed by today’s standards.

  12. I wish they’d give us an instant messaging system and a better browser (with flash). I’d love to talk to my peeps in between games. :)

  13. Heh, considering the camera’s quality I’ll probably play around with it for 3 or 4 minutes and then in all likelihood never touch it again.

    Oh well, nice to know they’re making some progress. Although I think a more socially friendly interface is in order.

  14. Yay, I’m glad. But I hope the eShop is made stronger. I think the layout needs a little work, and a few more things need added to enhance. I know it’s fine, but it seems kinda bare. And I hope the 3D video recording has sound, even if it won’t be loud :|

  15. -_- $250- no good games, sucky camera, browser sucks ass, e-shop still new and not many titles
    I should have bought the iphone 4s- HD video, web browser with flash, games too keep me busy for a while, many great apps, way more portable.
    Nintendo u failed this year
    i love nintendo but really u disappointed me this year and i wasted $250 on worthless thing
    20 free game sucked only played ’em once and then deleted ’em

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  17. That’s very good news!


    As much as I’d love that new software, I frankly don’t give a fuck. Everything Nintendo makes is mainly video games. The NES didn’t have social functions, did it?

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  19. @piplup0122
    you obiviously have never played the classics. you bought the system so obviously you have a job. how old are you? mabey 20ish? yous sound 10. along with everyone else who cant have online. i personally think the 3ds is good enough with out it. i preffer a great 100% single player game than one that has both half-assed single and online play. for example look at call of duty. once it hit online it started to suck besides, i dont think cod has changed the online formula since mabey their second game?
    fantendo the the endtendo

    1. it says Nintendo 3DS firmware update will be arriving on November 4th in EUROPE!!!!!!!!!! It says nothing about america

  20. hi there i have a 3ds getting lg thrill 3d for christmax unfortantly nintendo will only be partualy funtional even affter a year wich is too slow of a pace

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