Nintendo 3DS: Monster Hunter Tri G To Be Released Fall 2012 In Europe

According to the Official Nintendo Magazine the highly anticipated Monster Hunter Tri G for Nintendo 3DS will be coming to Europe sometime late next year. I would imagine that it will be published by Nintendo in the West much like Monster Hunter Tri for Wii. Hopefully we will hear more information regarding a Western release soon.


    1. It’s incorrect anyway, ONM guessed a time period for release – living in the UK I know this because the magazine guesses all the time at when THEY expect it to be released IF it is released. I know the magazine very well and they not fact, just guesses – please edit the article to show this, otherwise it could be like a huge bomb going off across the net.

      1. **they’re not factual dates** I mean – The only factual dates are when they give specific day and month or they’ll say in the article “XXXX company says the game will be released in XXXXX”. Trust me, you’re raising people’s hopes now and it’s unfair on everyone.

    2. Do you remember what happened with portable3 most of us fans spent half the year waiting for the release only for capcom to pull out at the last minute. trust me don’t get your hopes up!

    1. None of the hand helds have had online… it’s called local wireless multiplayer, it has been in every portable MH game ever

      1. That’s outright wrong. All PSP MHs had online, using a PS3 connection. Besides, why not implement online? They clearly have the necessary infrastructure and it woul be a major selling point.

        1. Huh, so you mean that no, they did not have online by themselves. You needed to use either Ad-hoc party with the PS3 or Xlink Kai on your PC to go onlne with them, because the games DID NOT have online built on them. So you had to go and do all sorts of crazy shit to actually get online.

    2. If you want to play it online, get it for the wii then? Same game, just online and far less portable so you’re far less likely to be able to have it on you when you’re with friends. This version, is the other way around.

    3. Are you kidding! Monster hunter tri G has a tonnage of new content mainly a s**t load of monsters from the old series plus new subspecies of most of the featured monsters. Its a clash of new and old don’t miss out!

  1. Let’s hope they add online; just like how Japanese we’re OK with paying subscription for MH3 (on Wii) but the West (every other country) wasn’t, Japan migh be OK with local-only (because of their high-density populations) but the rest of the world isn’t. They removed the online for non-Japan versions of MH3; they should add online for the non-Japanese MH3 games. Plus it would put players on more equal grounds, since the Japanese would probably wipe the floor with our butts if we tried to play them online.

        1. they said that the japanese version wont be online dumbass, they never said anything about other regions.

          1. Localization costs enough and takes enough time as it is. There is literally zero chance that they’re going to add a completely new feature for a game which doesn’t have anywhere near as much footing in the Western market as it does in Japan.

            1. And yet they keep the western servers of MHTri free. Apparently Capcom is trying to make the series popular in the west, releasing the TriG without online wouldn’t be a smart move in that direction.

    1. I don’t understand the logic though. Is it not pretty much the same game that’s on the wii?
      If you want to sit at home and play it online, then it’s already waiting for you on the wii, on a bigger screen.

      1. I’d rather pay for one, superior version on my 3DS then one inferior one on my Wii. Not to mention the 3DS’s online is much better than the Wii’s, so you’d be getting a superior online experience as well (if they ever implement the online -.-).

  2. Lack of online kills it for me. Hopefully, they use that time to add online and not JUST translating the stupid text.

        1. Nope. Post this wasted their time on putting a Vita Video on a Nintendo site. what if people then put 3DS videos on a Vita site?

  3. For all you people who wouldn’t buy it if it doesn’t have online, you will be missing out on a fantastic game.

    1. Playing only the single player mode is like playing only half the game you paid for. Unless you can easily find other people near you with Nintendo 3DS AND the game. But since the west is not Japan, that would be pretty rare.

      1. I completed half of Freedom Unite alone and the same can be done with tri G. You don’t necessarily need friends to complete the game, it just enhances the experience.

  4. Fall 2012 is very late really for it alredy being annouced a month ago.

    Where on Earth is North Americas release date? :(

  5. i have the wii tri version an im in america, i have to say i love the online experience n hopefully it’ll come to the west again. Both tri-g and mh4

  6. i dont like how capcom has to make a mh game for every new system that comes out. I also hope that they confirm a release date for this game soner than later so i can decide weather to get the japanese version sooner than later or wait for the english release. as far as the game goes i think it will be insanely fun. buying it is definetly something i will be doing

    1. I agree that the game should sick to one console (With the exception of MH4) and also that it is tempting to buy the Japanese version and use a patch but it just isn’t as good as getting the English version.

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