Nintendo 3DS: Check Out These Mario Kart 7 Trailers Showcasing The Shell Cup And The Mushroom Cup

Nintendo has released two new videos for Mario Kart 7 on the Nintendo 3DS. The first video showcases the game’s Shell Cup and the second gives a look at the Mushroom Cup. Mario Kart 7 is released December 2nd in Europe and December 4th in North America.


    1. Same here.
      I’ve watched both cup trailers multiple times now and i get more excited each time!

      Please stop hurting us with these lovely trailers Nintendo and just take our money!

  1. Am I the only one who’s extremely disappointed by the Shell Cup? We got Luigi’s Raceway is a welcome addition, however we got that version of Bowser’s Castle in Mario Kart DS, and Luigi’s Mansion and Mushroom Gorge are really recent tracks. I’d rather have a Retro Cup where there’s tracks for systems that aren’t still around, like the SNES and GameCube.

    Also, SNES tracks will work better now, cos coins are back.

  2. On that note however, I will say that the new Mushroom Cup looks AMAZING! I’m so glad it’s back to 8 Racers, less chaotic and less based on luck this way. All the new tracks look perfectly crafted. I’m really looking forward to this game all the same, probably gonna get it upon release :).

      1. I fall off 70% of the time

        Oh wait, it’s the internet, I’m not supposed to have opinions.

        1. I didn’t say there was a problem with your opinion I just like mushroom gorge. if you fall off 70% you kinda fail.

          1. The problem is i suck only on that course

            I an amazing on all the other courses and i mastered rainbow road

            1. But mushroom gorge is so easy i have almost never lost. do you use wii wheel or nunchuck because nunchuck makes mushroom gorge MUCH easier.

    1. Can’t agree with you there, but I do think that Super Mario Kart for the SNES and of course Mario Kart 64 had the best music

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