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Nintendo: Zelda Is 25, Here’s What The Guardian Has Learned

The Guardian has written an entertaining piece detailing the 25 life lessons from The Legend of Zelda series to help celebrate the franchises 25th anniversary. The many lessons learned include ‘Woman Rule The World’ and ‘If It Ain’t Broke, That’s The Best Time To Fix It’. It’s well worth taking the time out to read it.

12 thoughts on “Nintendo: Zelda Is 25, Here’s What The Guardian Has Learned”

  1. Oh I giggled. :3

    I am definitely one of those Zelda players who can spend hours on the fishing minigames xD And the bit about peeps tripping over themselves to help silent Link had me cracking up. ^_^

  2. Number 10: Case and Point lol. I’ve been arguing Wind Wakers case forever. Once people realize that change is a good thing, it’s much easier to see just how amazing that game really was. It was the first Zelda that was legitimately better than OoT imo, as it should have been.

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